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AutoSuccess Apr08

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Presents the 2008 Synergy Sessions, Details Inside Volume 6 • Issue 9
  2. 2. Always Be Closing 8 TomHopkins Kill the Wolf 10 MarkTewart on the cover Are You Skipping Steps With Your Internet Customers? 11 JeffKershner Sean V. Bradley CEO of Dealer Synergy and Pioneer of VSEO VSEO King of Search 12 An Interview With SeanV.Bradley Visualize and Realize 14 D.J.Harrington You Can Beat ANY PRICE... Without LOSING PROFITS! 18 MichaelYork Outsourced Chat 22 DaymondDecker Improve Your Next Direct Mail Event 24 PhilCalvert Speaking Her Language on the Service Drive 26 JodyDeVere Internet Sales 20 Group IV 28 SeanV.Bradley From the Roof to the Rims: Giving Customers the Vehicle They Want 30 ChrisSchueller Back to the Basics 31 SusanBurke 2008 Synergy Sessions Update 32 KarenUriarte helping to support... God is the source of all supplyProverbs 22:11 - He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend.Susan Givens, Publisher Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor Brian Balash, Sales-improvement bb11@autosuccessonline.comThomas Williams, Vice President & Creative Director Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Scott Schaeffer, Sales-improvement Strategist God is the source of all 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B | Louisville Kentucky 40220 | phone: 877.818.6620 | fax: 502.588.3170 | AutoSuccessOnline.comAutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $69 per year. AutoSuccess welcomesunsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those ofAutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which this magazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counselbefore implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ namesavailable to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3834 Taylorsville Rd., Building A, Ste. 1B Louisville, KY 40220.
  3. 3. STS TomHopkinssales&trainingsolution Always Be Closing The actual closing of vehicle as if he or she already owns transition from lot to desk, you need to keep the sale is by far the it. “Wait ‘til Bob sees me in this new them focused on ownership. Do a brief recap most important step in the selling process. truck.” “I can pick up more of the kids of what they liked about the vehicle. Keep Without it, you haven’t sold anything, have after soccer practice with this van.” them talking in the positive and thinking you? However, it should also be the most positively about the investment without natural part of the process. Everything else • The clients relax their body language. making any promises. Don’t say, “Our you do leads to that point. They may have been standing back a finance guy is great. He’ll get you a good couple of feet with their arms folded, deal.” No, no, no. You may have the greatest I teach lots of techniques for prospecting, but are now leaning against the vehicle. finance wizard in the business working with meeting people, qualifying, presenting, Or, they may have been sitting back in you, but just that little change in the client’s demonstrating and addressing concerns — their chair, but lean forward over the mind from “I love the color, the features and and they’re all important. But, unless you paperwork. that new car smell” to “here I go writing yet can close, you’re like a football team that another check at the end of the month” can can’t sustain a drive long enough to score. • Clients begin asking more questions quickly and easily kill the sale. or asking you to repeat information. The biggest complaint I hear from most They want to be certain they The salespeople who close sales and keep salespeople is that they don’t know when understand because they’re thinking them closed remained focused on the present to start closing. Those people just don’t ahead to ownership. These questions moment. They kept their conversation in understand the simple fact that a true might include warranty information, line with the client’s thoughts and kept them champion salesperson is closing all the or how to work the radio, or about the excited about ownership while taking the time. He or she is constantly trying test upgrade options available. long walk down the hall toward the financial closes and will go into the final closing details. They were then able to change gears sequence anytime they sniff the sweet smell OK. They’re ready. You clearly see that the and move to their paperwork smoothly of success. time has arrived and you start walking into after everyone was settled into the proper the dealership…to your desk or conference environment. The problem with too many salespeople room. This is where most vehicle sales are is they get so wrapped up in the steps of lost. You are thinking ahead to filling out Careful thought must be given to the how their selling sequence that if the prospect paperwork and getting the numbers. The and when you’ll produce your closing wants to go ahead with the purchase before clients have their own thoughts. Most are paperwork. Many prospects will tighten up they’re finished presenting, they lose their thinking about how to finance the vehicle. and try to change gears when they see you momentum and go tripping awkwardly into They’re getting anxious thinking about pulling out forms. Don’t risk upsetting the the close. This can cause tension and make what the final amount will be after all the emotional balance that’s tipped in your favor. the buyer hesitate or decide to re-think their fees are added up. They wonder if they can If at all possible, get into the habit of writing decision. truly afford the monthly investments. What brief notes during every presentation. Your kind of interest rate will they qualify for? prospect will get used to seeing you writing Believe it or not, there are prospects out They fear they won’t be good negotiators and not be put off when you begin writing there who want to make a decision quickly. and won’t get a “good deal.” on the actual agreement. If you keep talking instead of closing, you’ll run the risk of un-selling them just as fast. So, while you’re thinking ahead to the So, during every step of the selling cycle, detail work, ol’ Mr. Fear is creeping up on you must keep one eye on the prospect at all their shoulders and whispering in their ear. times watching for cues as to their readiness My advice: Forget the details until you’re World-renowned master sales trainer to go ahead. actually sitting at the desk working on Tom Hopkins is the chairman of Tom them. Hopkins International. He can be The most common cues include: contacted at 866.347.6148, or by e-mail • The client starts talking about the During those critical minutes it takes you to at
  4. 4. STS MarkTewartsales&trainingsolution What’s the Kill the Wolf Emotions are key to everything in life, the way you have always done it or because common image of a including sales and the buying experience. of the worst philosophy ever spoken – “If it salesperson? The big bad wolf. ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” In marketing and sales, you must constantly The big bad wolf seeks and destroys. It’s a remove the barriers of entry for a customer. Create a selling philosophy and process that predator who pounces on its prey, eats the Picture a road with potholes, detours and becomes a part of your brand, your defining weak and leaves a bloody mess behind. obstacles and the emotions they create when message and your culture. I guarantee it’s This image makes the job of salespeople a encountered. This is exactly what a customer easier to recruit, hire and train winning lot harder than it should be. The good news feels every time they encounter a barrier in salespeople with this philosophy and process. is that this creates an opportunity to kill the your buying process. wolf and turn the negative into a positive. Begin by analyzing everything from the Begin to think in terms of proactively initial contact on a phone call, a visit to If you were to ask 10 customers what they eliminating each barrier. Now take this a step your Web site or when they pull into your hate about salespeople and the buying further and begin to promote the differences business. I can think of at least five negative experience, you’d get an earful. Take each in a manner that separates you from the things that occur in a traditional meet and of those answers and list when it occurs in competition in a manner that is positive but greet and 10 absolute deal killers that occur the sequence of your normal sales process. not arrogant. Create a funnel process that at least 50 percent of the time or more when Begin to review the list and sequence with a allows the customer to move effortlessly and you are profiling and interviewing customers. TLC Mindset (Think Like a Customer). positively through the process. For a list of these deal killers, along with 10 suggestions to improve your process, feel Picture your customer, or even yourself as Old school training methods that are based free to e-mail me at the address below. a customer, in the buying process and the upon closing deals rather than opening negative experience. Remember, perception relationships are dead. Consumers are too Mark Tewart is the president of Tewart is reality: Selling is nothing more than helping educated, have too many choices and demand Enterprises. He can be contacted at customers solve problems in a manner they a better experience today. Don’t continue 866.429.6844, or by e-mail at feel positive about. The key word is “feel.” your current sales process just because that’s your advertising not working? stop the madness Big Marketing and Visible Customer, two Automotive powerhouses, have partnered to bring you the most effective One-to-One marketing tools in the industry! Contact us TODAY to discover how to: * INCREASE your overall GROSS PROFIT and eventually * Cut your Marketing Budget in half! announcing the partnership of: 1-866-588-3905 1-866-XXX-XXXX10 Schedule An Appointment By Calling 888.467.4888 ext. 105 or email:
  5. 5. STS JeffKershnersales&trainingsolution Are You Skipping Steps With Your Internet Customers? When you’re dealing online, this doesn’t mean they don’t deserve with the Internet the opportunity for you to show them the consumer — today’s consumer — it’s easy features and benefits of the vehicle they’re to assume they know exactly what they getting ready to spend thousands of dollars want. After all, they’ve done countless on. Who knows? Your customer might be in hours of research. They know exactly the wrong car. what they want down to the color, trim and options, right? Yet recent studies show, only Are you presenting your customers 23 percent of consumers actually purchase inventory options to help them save the vehicle they first intended to. money? Many times this is done during e- mail or phone communication, but it doesn’t When I was on the floor as an Internet sales hurt to offer it again in person. Always representative, I sometimes found myself offer your customer several ways of saving tip-toeing around the customer for several money, whether it’s a model or trim level reasons: down or a certified pre-owned vehicle of • I thought for sure the customer knew the same model (this will help you when it exactly what he or she wanted. comes time to close). • I figured the customer already had pricing from Edmunds or another Are you walking your customers through consumer Web site. your service department? Build value in • I didn’t want to come off as the typical the dealership and its service department. “car sales guy.” Be sure your customer is aware of the convenience features of your service Of course, I don’t think anyone reading this department. Whenever possible, introduce would want to be seen as the typical sleazy every customer to the service manager or car salesmen. But, you are there to sell a car, service representative. which does at least make you a salesperson, right? Are you sure your customers are aware of all the different purchasing options Now, in trying to be different and better, available to them? Many times, the price of by giving your customers a joyful buying the vehicle is negotiated over the phone or e- experience, is it possible you’re not being mail. This doesn’t mean your customers do fair to the customer or yourself? When not deserve the opportunity to review other I say “fair,” I mean you could be short- buying options that are available to them. changing your customers by not offering Even if they are cash buyers, always present them outstanding customer service and all purchase and lease payments as options for the options that are available. your customers. You never know — your customers might be interested in leasing I bring this issue up after having the even though this had never come up in past opportunity to visit many dealers, watching communications. their Internet and sales process and reflecting back to my days on the floor as an Internet Of course these are just a few of the major sales representative. I often found myself steps that I notice many Internet sales focusing so much effort trying not to be representatives taking. When you shortcut the stereotypical car salesman that I would the customer you’re shortcutting yourself catch myself taking too many shortcuts. — and your paycheck. Next time you have an appointment with a customer whom you have been working online, take a step back and be able to recognize if you’re taking shortcuts. Jeff Kershner is the corporate sales trainer for MileOne and founder of Are you giving your customers a million- He can be contacted dollar product presentation? Just because 11 at 866.847.1893, or by e-mail at your customer has done hours of research the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional
  6. 6. FSfeaturesolution It wouldn’t feel very good, would it? But We are first to market with VSEO. My There are also Competition Annihilation it is happening right now as you read this partners are literally the people who invented videos. If you are a Ford dealership, for interview; dealers are succumbing to other “Video Search Engine Optimization.” example, get one of your very happy Ford dealer’s VSEO campaigns. There are a lot of dealers who are operating clients who switched from something else on antiquated technology and bad advice. to give you a testimonial about how much AS: That sounds a little aggressive. Is that Regular SEO and SEM are obsolete next better the Ford is than their old make, and legal? to VSEO. All of the search engines are how your dealership is the best in the area. consolidating to Universal Search. Video With a VSEO campaign, when someone SVB: It is aggressive, but if you want the content is Platinum or Diamond to the goes to and types in that things that most people don’t have, you search engines, where regular SEO or SEM other make of car in your city, your video have to be willing to do the things most is bronze or silver. testimonial of your happy customer pops people aren’t to get them. And yes, this up, saying how wonderful a FORD is over is 100 percent legal and ethical. I am not AS: Are there any other companies that are that other brand! suggesting that you lie or mislead anyone. offering VSEO? I just think a dealership needs to secure an AS: Are there any guarantees? opportunity, and secure visibility; if you SVB: Absolutely not. We are first to An Interview with SeanV.Bradley are not visible, you are invisible. market. I have been writing about VSEO SVB: Absolutely! We guarantee first page for almost a year now in various national results and exclusivity. Susan Givens, publisher of AutoSuccess, sat AS: So, if the highest quality leads comes engines, with organic results, and on the AS: Would a VSEO campaign work for and international publications. VSEO down with Sean V. Bradley, CEO of Dealer from a dealer’s own Web site, what are the first page, guaranteed. VSEO can also do it any dealer? has been the hot subject for me to talk AS: What type of campaigns can a dealer Synergy and pioneer of Video Search Engine different ways that dealers can drive traffic in a fraction of the time conventional SEO about at every major event where I have initiate for VSEO? Optimization to interview him about VSEO to their Web site? takes to fully propagate. A dealer can see SVB: Absolutely. Every dealership would spoken, including the JD Power Internet and what it can mean to dealers, now and in results in three to 14 days. Sometimes even benefit from a VSEO campaign. Around 87 Roundtable, more than 41 NCM and SVB: There are six main campaigns the future. SVB: There are several ways, including within hours a dealer can have their videos to 97 percent of Americans go online before NADA dealer 20 groups in the last 10 that a dealership can participate in, per Pay Per Click (SEM), Organic Search show up on the first page of Google. they ever set foot into a dealership, so to months, and to 1,000 dealer principals and franchise: New Car, Pre Owned/Certified AS: Let’s get right into it — What does it Engine Optimization and Banner ads. be on the Internet makes a ton of sense. It GMs in less than a year. And VSEO has Pre-Owned, Finance/Special Financing, mean to be “King of Search”? Here are a couple of examples of VSEO is the most efficient and popular way for been the main intrigue. Fixed Operations (Service/Parts), Pay Per Click (SEM) is not a good tier- results: Go to and type people to communicate, not to mention Public Relations, and the Competition SVB: Video Search Engine Optimization has one initiative; after someone clicks the “Chevy Detroit” and watch what comes that Internet advertising cuts a dealership’s Dealer Synergy has gone from a consulting Annihilation Package (this, of course, is dominated the industry. It is more powerful link, there is no residual value. You have up — two thumbnails for the Dick Genthe average cost per sale over 50 percent. We and training company to a full-blown the most popular package). than regular Search Engine Optimization to keep paying money to the campaign. Chevrolet dealership. Now go to Yahoo. just covered that the most powerful way to technology powerhouse, and I will be (SEO); it is more powerful than Search There are a lot of dealers who are bidding com and type “Special Finance Indiana.” drive traffic was through Search Engines conducting a workshop about VSEO at AS: Is this just for car dealerships? Engine Marketing (SEM / Pay per Click). on keywords, and, furthermore, third-party Two thumbnails show up on the first page. and VSEO the upcoming Synergy Sessions in New providers utilize SEM, and their greater But what is amazing is that if you click one Orleans. We estimate that we are at least SVB: Absolutely not! We are working AS: What exactly is “Video Search Engine resources and budget makes competing of those, they don’t drill down to another AS: How difficult is it for dealers to initiate a year-and-a-half ahead of the entire world with several large automotive vendors Optimization,” or “VSEO”? with them difficult. What is also interesting page — a video expands right there within a VSEO program? with this technology. As I mentioned before, and technology providers in the industry. is that only 20 percent of people click the the actual search listing! most dealers are still trying to figure out My partners are in many other verticals. SVB: VSEO is the management and sponsored links. SVB: It’s easy to shoot a video and upload regular SEO and SEM. But dealers have My focus is automotive, which means distribution of rich media (i.e., videos) across The possibilities are surreal. Imagine if you it to YouTube or other video engines; been working with SEO/SEM for over franchised and independent dealerships, the Internet. This management includes Organic Search Engine Optimization were “Bradley Toyota” located in Bristol however, it is difficult for a dealership to seven years now! That’s not something OEMs, automotive vendors and automotive creation of the descriptions, metadata, (SEO) is much better than SEM because Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia). upload in volume to make it effective. For new; VSEO is, and it’s powerful. technology providers. keywords and category tags. This means it’s free, plus 80 percent of people will With a VSEO campaign, whenever someone example, we have a state-of-the-art video your videos show up in natural placement click natural versus sponsored links. types in “Bradley Toyota,” “Bristol production facility and proprietary, patent- AS: What types of videos should dealers AS: How can someone find out more about on all of the search engines — not just Toyota,” “Philadelphia Toyota,” “Bristol pending software and technology. With have for their campaigns? VSEO? the video search engines such as YouTube The problem is that it takes between four Nissan,” “Bristol Honda,” “Bristol Ford,” these tools, we can do in minutes what it and MySpace TV, or future video sites to six months for organic SEO to “kick in” “Philadelphia Nissan,” “Philadelphia takes a team of people a full week’s worth SVB: Dealers should have a diversified SVB: They can go to www.dealersynergy. like Facebook. VSEO is now breaking all and have any relevant value. After the sites Honda,” “Philadelphia Ford,” or any other of work to do. This technology allows us to library of video content, such as: com, call 888-3-SYNERGY, or they can boundaries and unifying search results for are built, they have to get submitted to the combination of anything you want, your create amazing video content. For a sample • Testimonials of their happy clients sign up for the upcoming Synergy Session all of the major search engines — including search engines for “ranking.” That process video testimonial (or any other type of of our video production capabilities, type (These are the best videos, I believe) in New Orleans May 13 - 14 at the W Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and takes almost six months to take full effect video you want, such as a walk around, “Drew Finnie” into YouTube. Our clients • Walk-arounds of vehicles by the Hotel by visiting www.synergysessions. — through Universal Search. and for a client see true relevancy. a commercial, or a guarantee) will show include the Walt Disney Company, Sony dealership — NOT the OEM com. I will be presenting a workshop and up on the first page, and it can happen and Buena Vista, so our video production • Biographies of its managers, demonstrating the full power of VSEO. AS: Where do the best leads come from? All I am going to say about banner ads is immediately. needs to be at the caliber of Sony, Disney salesman, Internet/BDC team, etc. that they have about a .01 percent click- and Pixar. • Messages from the owner/GM SVB: The highest-quality leads come from through ratio. There are a lot better ways to I ask the skeptics that are reading this a stating, “Why buy here.” a dealership’s Web site. All of the statistics spend your money on digital marketing. simple question: Imagine going to Google, We can also watermark toll-free numbers, • Community involvement videos point to this: AOL, MSN, Yahoo,, YouTube, as well as URLs onto the video; create • Videos showing the dealership, • Six percent closing ratio for an OEM AS: What would you say to the skeptics MySpace, FaceBook or other search Sean V. Bradley is the CEO and founder custom keywords, descriptions, metadata interior/exterior/inventory/service/ of Dealer Synergy. He can be contacted lead (within 30 days) reading this? engine and typing in your dealership’s and tags; automatically upload to all of sales, etc. at 888.815.9409, or by e-mail at • Eight percent closing ratio for a third- name, franchise or town, or anything the video engines; and consistently and • High-end commercials or high-end party lead provider SVB: It is what it is. There are always that you can think of that the average or methodically create videos and upload animation (From our studio) • More than 70 percent of the traffic people doubting or saying something advanced Internet user would type to find them every month. We also provide a FREE • Funny videos that third parties generate for dealers negative. Imagine if you were the person you. How would you feel deep down when digital video camera to the dealership, as • How-to videos (how to buy a car, Susan Givens is the publisher of originates from search engines who passed on investing Starbucks because you saw a video testimonial of your direct well as advise them on what videos they lease vs. finance, what to look for in a AutoSuccess Magazine. She can be • 16 percent closing ratio for a you preferred tea. With VSEO, a dealer can competitor’s happy customers show up can easily create at their dealership, such dealership, how to properly maintain contacted at 866.855.6616, or by e-mail at 13 dealership’s Web site12 be in the top 10 listings on the major search on the first page of your search results? as testimonials, bios and walk-arounds. your vehicle, etc.)
  7. 7. STS Visualize D.J.Harringtonsales&trainingsolution I want to share and Realize Georgia, calling on the World Headquarters two little friends with her. They didn’t know a phrase with of Coca Cola, we had an appointment with I was there and I could hear every word they you: “Picturize, prayerize, and it will the head person of purchasing for all of said. My daughter began to mimic me. materialize.” Coca Cola Worldwide. Oh, yeah! A few years ago, when I was speaking in The sales person accompanying me on this Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, I had the trip asked me what do I think about before “Now, here will be the movie theatre,” she afternoon off. My family was with me on calling on this large of an account. I told explained to them. “Over here, and there will this beautiful resort property. My daughter him if it’s a large account like Coke, or a be the ice cream bar, and this will be where and I rented bikes and started a father/ small account where a husband and wife run the pool table will go.” She told one of her daughter ride. We talked about life, boys the business, it’s all the same. friends to step back because she was now and cheerleading. As we rode on that sunny standing where the jukebox was going to be. afternoon, I saw a beautiful white four-door I first picture the buyer as a nice person and And yes, there would be a dance floor. Lincoln Continental with a dark blue canvas they like me. They trust my company or roof. It was awesome. firm and then I see the buyer in my mind, Now, my daughter is all grown-up, and signing a very large purchase order. let me tell you, as I write this article, the I asked Erin for the camera, and I walked as basement is exactly the way my daughter close as I could to the car to take a picture or And then guess what happened? He did described. two. The owner came out of his very large just that. It was one of the largest purchase estate to tell me I was on private property. orders that we ever had. He was a nice There is a movie theatre with real movie My daughter loved it — I was being person — the sales call made in Heaven, or seats, a dance floor with black and white tile, reprimanded by an adult. I moved back fast should I say, made first in my mind. a pool table and an ice cream soda fountain. to my bike and to the trail. That night at The only difference is that we did not get an dinner my daughter told my wife the whole Tiger Woods, the famous golfer tells old jukebox. We instead have a 1973 Ford story. everyone that he first sees that ball spin into Thunderbird — a rare find — and it makes the hole way before he pulls his putter back for a great sounding jukebox. I took the pictures and put one on my mirror and does his slow and even stroke. in the bathroom and one next to my desk My wish to all of you: Learn to picturize. in the office. Six months went by and my It’s called “Picturize, prayerize, and it will Picture in your mind, first the car, the home daughter and I visited a local Lincoln materialize.” and your business or career. Then pray, Mercury store. The general manager said, think, meditate, and then get ready for it to “The car that you wanted and were dreaming Let me give you one more true story: materialize. of — you’re not going to believe this, but a Visualization and expectation is when you retiring judge just traded in that exact car expect things that you want, and try not It’s all part of the success package that my last night, in order to buy his wife a smaller to expect the things that you don’t want. colleagues are speaking about. When I was car.” When we purchased a nice home in the young, my dad said “Whatever the mind Atlanta, Georgia, the basement was not of man can conceive and believe, he will My daughter was in shock. She said, “What finished. It was in a “Fake it until you make achieve.” He was right. And I know that ever you think about, comes about, right, it” neighborhood, where most of us bought by reading this article, you are on the right Dad?” more home that we really needed — and track. had no way to fill it with furniture. Yes. I want you to learn to “Picturize, D. J. Harrington is an author, journalist, prayerize, and it will materialize.” My daughter was eight years old at the time. seminar leader, international trainer One day, I was in the corner of the basement and marketing consultant. He can be I have been a sales trainer since I had brown in a section where I had put up a wall and contacted at 866.855.5781, or by e-mail hair and had hair. One day, in Atlanta, made it into a make-shift workshop. She had at • Do you want to capture your floor traffic in an easy and intuitive manner? IF THE ANSWER IS YES • Do you want to hold your sales staff accountable? Sign on to: CRM, DESK TOOL, INVENTORY CONTROL • Do you want to close at a higher percentage? for a free 30-day trial or • Do you want to have a cost effective CRM that delivers? CALL 866-583-1434 WEB BASED TECHNOLOGY,14 ACCESS FROM ANY INTERNET CONNECTION • Do you want to deal with a company that is car driven? TO SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE
  8. 8. See our article on page 30
  9. 9. STS MichaelYorksales&trainingsolution You Can Beat ANY PRICE... Without LOSING PROFITS! “We’ll Beat Any owners or majority of dealers or majority mulch…and give me that $1,000 Japanese Price!” of anything, you’re on the wrong side of maple tree over there.”) radical success. There’s an ancient script You’ve heard it, maybe even said it, but that says “be not conformed.” Don’t be like Price takes a back-seat to THE what it means is you’re usually beating everyone else, but be transformed by the EXPERIENCE or the desire or the passion. profits down as well. The bid process is a renewing of your mind. dangerous place to play. I much prefer the Disney knows it. Las Vegas knows it. Harley auction process where people are trying to Even though most everyone you ask would Davidson knows it. Ferrari knows it. And as “one-up” everyone else and win the prize. tell you that they want to be successful you’re reading this you know it too, because Looking at the low bid or lowest price is (you mean profitable?), the most successful at some point in your life you’ve done it. not as much fun as watching competition individuals are certainly in the minority. You have experienced the passion formula bidding up the price to see who wins. And And they are constant learners, always in at work. no matter who wins that bidding war, YOU search of new ideas. What’s the last great WIN. idea you learned about? All too often, just lowering the price means lowering your standards or lowering the You’ve seen it at your local auction when In the past few weeks, I’ve seen passion beat value you provide to the marketplace. And that certain vehicle rolls down the lane. price with a Crossfire convertible with all the if there’s nothing very special about what You’ve seen it on TV with Barrett Jackson “wish list” items my son wanted in his next you do or how you do it — in essence if or some other BIG SHOW that puts a car (P.S. — We bought it ONLINE and flew people aren’t very passionate about it — vehicle in a certain light and while the circle 300 miles to pick it up). I’ve spoken at an then you’re just selling a commodity that of buyers grows smaller the price goes up. exclusive cigar dinner with the parking lot they can get somewhere else. What a concept. “Sure that works for them, so full there was nowhere to park (wonder but not for me,” I’ve heard dealers say. “I if they know what the price of gas is now?) If everyone else does what you do, why can’t do that.” Why not? Lots of dealers and and they snapped up over 100 boxes of does this marketplace need YOU? Tough individuals are doing it every day. premium-priced (nope, no discounts) cigars, question. But asking the tough questions many of which were signed by the cigar- forces you and me to get better — or go It’s called the PASSION Formula. And maker himself, who attended the dinner as home. in this marketplace — and in most every the special guest. economy over the last 100 years — there This is the most sophisticated marketplace are examples of how passion beats price and My daughter just drove four hours round- the world has ever known and the economy profits go up. trip to attend a Broadway play with a friend is not the problem. Not adapting to economic and I just returned from six days at Pebble conditions is a much greater problem. The For the majority (pay attention to that word) Beach where I played a course I’ve had on lack of new ideas and can-do attitudes is a of dealers or businesses today, beating price my goals list for almost 20 years. much greater problem. Sometimes we can means shrinking profits, it’s called a reverse- be our own worst enemy and get caught up auction or more commonly called “a sale.” Boo-Yah, I LOVE this country. Every day, in the list of excuses and who’s to blame for Even though the sales it leads to produce sun-shining, birds-singing, and profit is why we’re not doing better. very little profits. If this continues over a going on! long period of time it’s called a “Going Out Don’t fall for that one. Create passion in Of Business Sale,” because no business can None of these events were accomplished your prospective buyers. Do something survive for long without profits. because of price. Price was certainly part of remarkable in the way you show it, sell it, the equation, but was trumped in a big way deliver it, service it or attract people to it. In declining (or times where everyone calls because of passion. An overwhelming desire Commit to getting better and the marketplace them “declining”) markets, selling high- to buy, attend, purchase, status, positioning, will notice and write you bigger checks. volume with low margins is a bit risky. Who travel, play, stay,… you fill in the blank. are we kidding? Being in business is risky; If you’d like my short list of other “price- selling with low profits is dangerous. Maybe the best I’ve ever heard it described beaters” that generate BIG PROFITS, e- is by CEO Robert Tillman of Lowe’s. He mail me at the address below. In the words of that great American said “Michael, someone who is passionate entrepreneur Mark Twain (amazing self- about gardening will pay $1,000 for a promoter), “Whenever you find yourself on Japanese Maple Tree…but they still want Michael York is an author and the side of the majority, it is time to pause the cheapest mulch. Because no one is professional speaker. He can be and reflect.” passionate about mulch.” contacted by e-mail at, or visit18 If you are like the majority of business (“Yeah, I’ll take 10 bags of your $1.99
  10. 10. MS DaymondDeckermarketingsolution Outsourced Chat Ever send a question need so that the potential customer researching on the site about a vehicle or your dealership. via e-mail to a the cars on your Web site becomes the person Trained agents are there 18 hours a day to company, but didn’t get an answer for three driving a car off your lot. engage your customers and alert you as soon days, or never got an answer? as the customer is ready to buy. With a “live chat” button on your Web You’d never let that happen to your customers, site, the visitor can immediately contact an Just like the irritation you feel when you right? Well, outsourced live chat makes sure agent to ask a question or just get general call a customer service number, only to get your customers get all the information they information they may or may not have read a computer trying to answer your questions by asking you to push buttons on your phone, online car shoppers want to talk to a real person, but they may not want to pick up the Get more leads from your phone. With live chat, they can speak with a person while they perhaps do something else website and online classifieds! on their computers, like work (nobody wants their bosses to hear them calling about a car on company time). Live chat gets real results: 63 percent of No buyers are more likely to buy from a dealer Long Term if the Web site has live chat. Chat prospects Contracts are serious buyers: 88 percent plan to buy a vehicle in less than a month. Top dealers are closing 15 to 30 percent of live chat customers per month. And customers are less likely to walk away: 60 percent will go elsewhere if they don’t get an answer within an hour. Multimedia Outsourcing live chat means you don’t have Interactive online video presentations to hire any additional staff – you pay a small fee and trained professionals take care of your Provide a virtual walk around for any vehicle on your lot customers the way you want them to. During New Products the course of conversation, they will capture Enhanced technology featuring 360° Virtual Interior 12 different data points from the customer and Exterior tours of your actual inventory and alert you immediately when the buyer appears to be “in market” now. At the close of each conversation, the Mobile Marketing provider will send you transcripts of the chats, so you know exactly what went on. Turn any ad into a dynamic vehicle brochure They’ll tell you about vehicle specifics, Instant access to vehicle details and photos financing options and trade-in data, and they can even schedule appointments for you. Generate a consumer lead with every text And don’t worry about the agents; they’ll represent you well. They’ll get to know your dealership’s brands, personality, inventory eBay/Craigslist Listing Manager and methods, as well as have a strong understanding of the automotive industry. Manage eBay and Craigslist listings from one convenient They take care of your customers the way location: your Inventory OnlineTM (IOL) account you want them to. eBay Certified Marketing System Live chat gives your online customers the same personal care that they get when they Craig’s List Distribution walk onto your lot, so that they don’t just continue surfing until they get the information 866.653.1155 eBay is a registered trademark of eBay, Inc. they need. You can stop them in their tracks and they won’t bother going anywhere else. 220 Willowbrook Lane | West Chester, PA 19382 Daymond Decker is the product marketing manager for ADP Digital Marketing. He can | salesteam@homenetinc.com22 be contacted at 866.507.9577, or by e-mail at
  11. 11. Who Do The 5 BiggestDealer Groups On EarthRely On For World-Class Used Car Events? WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER Most Average Largest Sale: Dealer R.O.I. Most MostVehicles Sold: $ 1.3 Million Sales Over Sales Over 325 647% After Gross Commissions $ 300,000 $ 500,000 in 10 Days in 10 Days Gross Gross If the answer surprises you, maybe you should get to know G&A. We’re not the loudest. We’re not the cheapest. But if you’re looking for a reliable, hi-performance partner with over 8,000 promotions under their belt, maybe we should talk. Contact Matt Baker today at 1-866-460-0539 or and ask for your free used car market analysis and event projection. World Class Staffed Promotions and Direct Marketing for the Automotive Industry 1001 Ford Circle • Milford, OH 45150 1-866-460-0539 •
  12. 12. MS PhilCalvertmarketingsolution Improve Your Next Direct Mail Event In the past 12 years, I Now, let’s get ready for a successful sales has a start and a stop date, which creates have seen a dynamic event. Clean the parking lot and have plenty urgency. This is where CRMs, IVRs and shift in the direct mail business. Years ago, of parking available. Paint special messages call-recording systems fail; these products almost any mail piece would create enough on your showroom windows relative to the were never designed to increase sales during response for a decent event. Today, mail is marketing campaign. Place balloons on every an event. more sophisticated and demands that we car in the showroom and keep fresh popcorn not only create a more campaign-specific in the popcorn machine. Hang special event For most dealers, I recommend the use of a response, but also manage it properly. signs on the front line. Hang tags from the professional business development company mirrors relative to the event. Make an event when it comes to handling inbound calls and The seven steps to improve your next direct evaluation checklist and use it. follow-up. Today, most mail pieces have a mail event are: toll-free number printed right on the front of the mailer; some even inform the prospect 1. The Right Direct Mail Company Using this process to call the toll-free number and schedule an When choosing a direct mail company, there can change the appointment. Handling those calls properly are four important questions to ask: is critical. If the mail piece says we are • How long has the company been in final results — having a tent sale and the prospect dials business? disappointing events the toll-free number, the call should be • Can the company provide you with a answered, “Are you calling about our tent comprehensive reference list? become good events, sale?” During the event, any prospects that • Does the company have experience and good events leave the dealership without purchasing in new, used, prime and subprime become great events. should be followed-up on immediately, and marketing? given the opportunity to come back during • Is the company an active member of Most people believe the event. the local Better Business Bureau, and at the end of the in good standing? 7. After the Mail Event three- or four-day Scenario One: It’s Monday morning and Once you’ve identified the right direct mail event, the opportunity your three-day event was a success. Your company, sit down with them and organize sales team is busy finalizing paperwork and a plan to meet your objectives. to purchase is over. scheduling deliveries. Everything is good That’s not the case. because everyone made money. 2. Dealer Objective Most dealers really only want one thing: 5. Sales Personnel Scenario Two: It’s Monday morning and to sell more cars during a mail campaign. Today, many sales departments have been your three-day event was disappointing. Meeting a dealer’s objective of selling experiencing a slowdown in showroom Your sales team is busy talking about what more cars is generally met with two types traffic. A direct mail event can change should have or could have happened if of mailers — the saturation mailer and the that, but don’t let your team miss sales things were different. specifically targeted mailer. At this point, opportunities. Prepare your sales team before a dealer should select a proper amount of the event starts. Review the type of mailer Regardless what the results are, I always mail in order to realistically meet his sales and number of mail pieces that have been recommend a BDC post-event program. objectives. sent out. Try to forecast what percentage Monday morning, professional business of people will show, based on the size and development agents start calling prospects 3. The Plan type of mailer. For example: A 10,000-piece who decided not to buy during the event. A sound direct mail marketing plan consists mailer should result in a show rate of 0.5 to During the conversation, agents offer of four main components: 1.5 percent, or 50 to 150 people. Your sales prospects an opportunity to come back and • The list — derived from the dealer’s team must be prepared for the increase in purchase any time during the next four days. database or a purchased list showroom traffic. Using this process can change the final • The offer — the reason to respond results — disappointing events become • The presentation — the mail piece Your sales process should be designed good events, and good events become great itself relative to the marketing campaign, as well. events. Most people believe at the end of the • Lead process management — inbound- For example: A customer-appreciation event three- or four-day event, the opportunity to call live response and unsold follow-up will be very different from a tent-sale event, purchase is over. That’s not the case. Having because of the type of prospects. Thus, a proper follow-up gives new life to your 4. The Dealership your sales process should complement the event. The next time you pull into your dealership, mailer. stop and take a hard look at the parking lot, Phil Calvert is the president and founder the inventory, the building and the messages 6. Lead Management of Pinnacle Direct Marketing and painted on the showroom windows. What is Managing lead flow for any event is very He can be contacted24 the image you see? Ask yourself, “Would I different from managing showroom leads on at 866.855.5925, or by e-mail at buy a car here?” a day-to-day basis. Generally, a mail event
  13. 13. MS JodyDeVeremarketingsolution Speaking Her Language on the Service Drive Not only do women Some of the most frequent concerns from to her, without interrupting her. account for more than women are about repair terminology and half of all vehicles sold in the U.S., today the manner in which they are approached Women talk twice as much as men, and they are the driving force in the service by service advisors. They report feeling it is imperative that you listen to them department. Check out these facts: intimidated and confused, and sometimes effectively. It is important that you allow • 83 percent of women are responsible they are even spoken down to by the advisor. her to express her concerns and not try to for the maintenance of their own The lack of patience some advisors display answer her questions before she finishes vehicles is considered by women to be extremely asking them. The most important thing is to • Women represent 73 percent of service unnerving and rude. talk to her with respect, using plain English facility customers explanations and terminology, and do not • Women carry 76 million credit cards; Here are a few tips that will help you talk down to her. If you take the time to eight million more than men communicate more effectively with patiently explain the repairs and the benefits • 85 percent of CSI surveys are women. Whatever you can do to establish of having the work done, you will be much completed by women and maintain a relationship with a more successful. woman customer will make her feel more The service department is crucial to comfortable, and therefore build a trusted Communication is the most important the profitability of your dealership. It is long-term relationship with your service aspect you need to work on. Women — important to your sales to be an effective organization. Establishing a connection especially working women with children communicator with women customers. should be your primary goal. If you do that, — are on a very tight schedule, so providing These skills require some rethinking of your the sale will almost take care of itself. One them accurate information on the time their approach to be more successful. of the first things that you need to do is listen vehicle will be ready, and respecting
  14. 14. time, will go a long way in building a strong with the benefits of having the work changes go a long way in helpingrelationship. done. Do not just tell her what needs women feel welcome and appreciated to be done and expect her to take you at your dealership.Sometimes just being truthful isn’t enough. at your word.Many women want validation from others • Focus her on the need for her to keep These tips are just a few that will help youon what they were told at the dealership. current on preventative care to avoid establish a long-term trusted relationshipThey don’t necessarily think you are lying costly repairs and keep her safe on the with your female customers in your serviceto them, but their frustration or concern road. Keeping her vehicle up to date organization.comes from the way they are being spoken on her regular service intervals avoidsto. When you spend the time to explain break downs and being stranded alone Jody DeVere is the president of thethe process in a common sense, respectful on the highway. Woman’s Automotive Association International and president of AskPatty.manner — and avoid being patronizing — • Have a child play area available com. She can be contacted atyou avoid the doubt and the distrust. in your waiting area and provide 866.849.9973, or by e-mail at women’s magazines — these small Most people make the mistake of addressing the man and ignoring the woman. About 85 percent of the time, she is the final decision maker on the family budget and expenditures for repairs on the family vehicles.The next important tip is to make sure thatif a man and woman come into the servicedrive together, and it is her vehicle, youaddress her. Most people make the mistakeof addressing the man and ignoring thewoman. About 85 percent of the time, sheis the final decision maker on the familybudget and expenditures for repairs on thefamily vehicles.Some other ideas to help you build arelationship with your female customers: • Respect her time and time constraints. Understand that she is usually on a tight time frame. Look for evidence of children — that may be a clue to some of the activities that she is working around. Respecting her time will go a long way to foster a strong relationship. • Ask her what her concerns are about the service, and then listen and do not interrupt. • Take the time to explain the work that needs to be done and, if possible, show her on the vehicle or a picture of the system why the repair is necessary. • If she comes in for a regular service interval, show her in her owner’s 27 manual what needs to be done, along the #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional