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AutoSuccess addresses the specific, researched needs of new car and light truck dealerships by providing entrepreneurial, cutting-edge, solution-based editorials to increase dealership profits and reduce expenses

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AutoSuccess Apr07

  1. 1. AutoSuccess Best Practices Summit VI • May 15th & 16th in Las Vegas The Sales-Improvement Event of the Year Volume 5 • Issue 11
  2. 2. We helped generate$99,000,000,000in used car saleslast year.Did you get your share?There’s no better way to sell cars than, and wehave the numbers to prove it. Like $99 billion in sales – that’s 1million used cars sold every month. In fact, we jump-start almosta third of all the used car sales in America. AutoTrader.combrings together more buyers and sellers, giving you morechances to put the right buyer in the right car.Call 888-249-6860 today. Make sure your share ofthese sales starts rolling off your lot. WHAT WE DO WORKS. The ultimate automotive marketplace.©2007, LLC. All Rights Reserved. “” is a registered trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. used under exclusive license.Source: 2006 Prospect Close Rate Study, MORPACE International, Inc. Based on average used car sales price of $8,236: 2006 CNW Used Vehicle Retail Sales Projection.
  3. 3. NEED AN EVENT THAT PAYS? The Hottest Do-it -Yourself SALES EVENTS IN THE NATION OUR DEALERS AVERAGE 410% MORE UPS WITH OUR EVENTSTHAN LEADING SALES. NO TEAMS, NO COMMISIONS, JUST TRAFFIC!!IN MARCH 2007, THE AVERAGE RESPONSE PER EVENT WAS 529 UPS AND HOT LEADSPOWERFUL EVENTS • REAL BIG RESULTS • REALLY INEXPENSIVE Plus, we include everything for you... Direct Mailer or Parcel • Video Sales Event Website • Balloons • Mirror TagsRegistration Cards • Incentives • Grand Prize Insurance • BDC Scripts and more! CALL FOR A FREE MARKET REPORT. The Driving Force Behind EVENT SPECIALISTS ARE STANDING BY Automotive Advertising 866-665-5504 Copyright © 2007 Turn-Key Events and it’s licensors.
  4. 4. Perform at the Highest Level 8 BrianTracy Making the Most of Your Media Interview Getting the Radio or Webcast Phone Interviews 9 PattiWood Making Powerful Connections TomHopkins 10 The Spirit of Determination: Troy Aikman Ford 12 CoreyByrd Want to Sell More Online - Just Follow Your Customers Lead 14 DavidKain Common Objections and What to Do With Them 16 JeffMorrill Endless Learning - The Key to Anti-Aging 17 CraigCriswell How We Used Centralized 21 TonyRimas 12 Marketing to Quadruple Closing Ratios Believe 22 JoeShuster Listening: A Valuable Tactic for Selling to Women 26 DeliaPassi Will You Forgive Me 28 SeanWolfington Increasing Mindshare You Can’t Hit One Out of the Park With Just Awareness 29 AllenCheek The Truth is...Numbers Lie 32 DeniseRichardson Your Biggest Opportunity 33 DavidThomas ‘Breaking the Rules:’ To Serve is to Lead Part II 34 JesseBiter Customer Loyalty Starts in Fixed Operations 35 RandyMcPherson Sales and Part Inventory...What About Service Inventory Customer Pay Labor and Parts Profit Training 36 SteveLaPenta How to Keep Your Best Sales People 40 KarlaFriede What Business Are You In 41 MarkTewart Super Sizing Your Upside 42 RalphRoberts The E-Mail Capturing Machine: Employees 43 PaulLong Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher Brian Ankney, Sales-improvement Strategist Susan Givens, Vice President Brian Balash, Sales-improvement Strategist 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Thomas Williams, Creative Director Cori Frye, Sales-improvement Strategist Louisville, Kentucky 40245 toll free: 877.818.6620 Dave Davis, Creative Strategist & Editor facsimile: 502.588.3170 web: helping to promote... Leviticus, 8:28 And Moses took them from off their hands, and burnt them on the altar upon the burnt offering: they were consecrations for a sweet savour: it is an offering made by God is the source of all supply fire unto the LORD.AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or Subscription rate is $75 per year.AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions;views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. AutoSuccess accepts no liability in respect of the content of any third party material appearing in this magazine or in respect of the content of any other magazine to which thismagazine may be linked from time to time. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures.© All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction inwhole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request thatnames be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  5. 5. sts fos ls ms sf fis BrianTracy sales and training solution Perform at the Highest Level The turning point in is the most powerful tool you can use to compromise on your personal dreams. Create my life came when achieve any goal you set for yourself. You your daily personal growth and development I discovered the law can move yourself from wherever you are activity schedule. of cause and effect to wherever you want to go by learning how - the great law of the others have done it before you and then by There are seven disciplines you must develop universe and human following the paths they have already blazed. if you want to achieve all that is possible fordestiny. Everything happens for a reason. Abraham Maslow said that the story of the you. You can learn these disciplines throughSuccess is not an accident. Failure is not human race is the story of men and women practice and repetition until they becomean accident, either. The people who are “selling themselves short.” Most people automatic. They are:successful in any area are usually those settle for far less than they are truly capable 1. Daily goal settingwho have learned the cause and effect of achieving. Most people create all kinds 2. Daily planning and organizingrelationship between what they want and of justifications and rationalizations for poor 3. Daily priority settinghow to get it. They then did repeatedly what performance. They convince themselves or 4. Daily concentration on your highest-other successful people did in a particular allow themselves to be convinced, on the value activitiesarea until they got the same results. flimsiest evidence, that they lack the potential 5. Daily exercise and proper nutrition and ability of other people who are doing 6. Daily learning and growthMany people delude themselves into better than they are. They settle for a mediocre 7. Daily time for the important people inthinking that they can do what failures do and existence rather than committing themselves your lifesomehow, by some miracle, get the results to breaking their own mental shackles andsuccessful people get. Even worse, they think escaping from their own mental prisons. These seven disciplines will ensure thatthey can do little or nothing at all and, by you perform at the highest level and getsome great stroke of luck, all their problems Each person has the potential to do something the greatest satisfaction and results fromwill be solved and their dreams will come wonderful with his or her life. Within every everything you do.true. This is not the way the world works. person, there is a giant waiting to comeWolfgang von Goethe once wrote, “To have out. Everyone can do much more than theymore, you must first be more.” To achieve have ever done before, if only they learnmore in your outer world, you must go to how. Create a long-term vision for yourselfwork on your inner world, on developing in the area of personal growth. Projectyourself. There is no lasting shortcut. There forward five or 10 years, and imagine that Brian Tracy is the chairman and CEOis no other way. you are developed fully in every important of Brian Tracy International. He can be part of your life. Idealize and see yourself contacted at 866.300.9881, or by e-mailPersonal and professional development as outstanding in every respect. Refuse to at SUMMIT VI BEST PRACTICES LEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT! See more details about speakers and case studies starting on page 18 Call today to register. Seating is limited. Speakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.432.8718 web: 8
  6. 6. sts fos ls ms sf fis PattiWood Making the Most sales and training solution of Your Media Interview Getting the Radio or Webcast Phone Interviews Being in the spotlight led to more than 20 radio interviews, and Next time, we’ll look at ways to prepare to means you gain entry to mass-market magazines. give a good interview and make the most of recognition for your the opportunity. knowledge, talents 4. Offer – For Free – Something You Have or skills, and it’s a Written That They Could Use on the Air Patti Wood, MA, CSP is a professional way for you to teach For example, create a quiz with 10 things speaker, author and coach atothers about your field. In order to share people want to know about your topic and Communications Dynamics. She can beyour expertise with the public, you need to send it out to media lists. Make it short, contacted at 800.849.3651, or by e-mail at content-rich and fun. some time becoming media-savvy.If you can be dazzling in a media interviewand then learn how to follow up, you’ll findopportunities will keep knocking.Over the next few issues, we’ll be going oversome tips and checklists to help you get theinterview, prepare for the interview, handlethe set up phone call, conduct the interviewand then follow up afterwards.Getting an InterviewYou may be one of the top experts in your field,but if there is no access to information aboutyou, then you won’t be the one the media seekout when they need expert information. Hereare few ways to get your name out there wheremembers of the media can find you:1. List Yourself in the Expert Directories, WhichYou Can Find by Browsing the InternetFor example, The Yearbook Of Experts ( offers a listing in their“hard copy” bound directory and their onlinesite, as well as special online press releasesfor a yearly flat fee.2. Send Out Press ReleasesCan you link your expertise to a newsworthyevent? Are you hosting a special event? Areyou speaking at a prestigious institution? Haveyou recently written a book or an article? WhenABC and CBS radio news asked me to analyzethe body language of former congressmanGary Condit in the famous Connie Chunginterview, I followed up those interviewswith a press release to 500 media contacts. Igot 27 more interviews, most of them with anationwide listenership. Suddenly, magazinesbecame interested as well.3. Apply Your Expertise to Something NewFor years I got interviewed about politicalspeeches and interviews with politicalfigures, but I wasn’t meeting my goal of beinginterviewed by the popular magazines. Itwasn’t until I hit upon the idea of using mybody language expertise to analyze a nationalentertainment event – the Oscars – that Ireceived the national magazine coverage Iwanted. We sent out a press release saying Icould analyze the body language of the starson the red carpet or during the awards. Thatthe #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 9
  7. 7. sts fos ls ms sf fis TomHopkins sales and training solution Making Powerful Connections No matter how good want to have a good, solid relationship with service. Believe me, people talk and your you get, no matter everyone in your network. A network is no career is most definitely influenced by word- how well you master good unless you work it. Treat your network of-mouth advertising. Go out of your way your selling skills, you as you would an expensive, finely-crafted to find ways to support your network. Don’t cannot do it all alone. instrument and it will provide you with wait for someone to ask for your help. Make a Somewhere along enjoyment beyond your wildest dreams. point of contacting members of your networkthe line you will need a friend, a contact, when you don’t need anything. Just check inan introduction, someone to urge you on or Here are six ideas for maintaining a strong to see if you can be of service to them. Evensomeone just to have an understanding heart network: if there’s no particular need at that time,to listen to you. These are the primary reasons 1. Stay in Touch they’ll certainly appreciate the thought andyou need to build a network. This one is pretty obvious, but it’s also you will have further cemented a valuable where many average networkers fall down. relationship.Many people think networks are only for When an interesting bit of informationhigh-level business professionals who use comes your way, don’t just evaluate it for 4. Follow Upthem to arrange special golf outings, front- yourself, pass it along to others who may If someone in your network provides you withrow tickets to sporting or cultural events or to also benefit from it. Other ways to keep in a referred lead, handle it immediately. Then,make special introductions. I hope you’re not touch include birthdays, business or personal get back to the referrer to let them know theone of those people. anniversaries. Dropping a card in the mail, outcome and thank them a second time. sending one via e-mail or making a quickThe fact is that most people have networks, call is easy compared with how much harder 5. Maintain Your Focusbut they just don’t keep very good track of you’d have to work if you didn’t have this A network is a living entity. Once or twice athem or they don’t use them as well as they person’s knowledge and resources to draw year, evaluate the effectiveness of the peoplecould. A network is simply a group of people from. Keep an eye out for others in the news. in your group to see if you need to add morehelping each other get to where each wants Send them the clipping or at least recognize support in a particular area. If you’re all giveto go as quickly, as easily and as efficiently that you saw them. Making others feel good and get nothing back, you need to correct theas possible. strengthens your relationship. Go out of your situation or find new links for your network. way to share a meal with the key players in The opposite holds true, too. HonestlyThere are networks involving soccer moms, your network. These contacts don’t need to evaluate your own effectiveness to the othercar pool groups, church organizations, social be lengthy or take on the appearance of an group members as well.clubs, and community service groups. The obligation; in fact, spontaneity often makesmost successful people in life and in business the contact more enjoyable. The point is to 6. Make Networking an Integral Part ofkeep track of the people they meet through make the contact. Your Lifestyletheir various activities and build their own Don’t think of networking as an activitycustom networks. 2. Ask for Help to be scheduled. “Today, I will network If you’ve been good about staying in contact, all morning.” A champion realizes thatFor those of us in selling careers, a network is don’t hesitate to seek support when you need virtually every waking moment can offer ana powerful way to get to qualified prospects it. People want to help others. Asking for opportunity to use, build or assist the the least amount of time and with the assistance helps you and reinforces the fact Never hesitate to start a friendly conversationleast amount of difficulty. Beware not to that when the other party needs something, with someone. You never know where it mayfall into the trap and think of networking in you’ll be there for them. lead — to a prospect, a sale or even a newterms of receiving something from others: valuable member of your network.leads, prospects, customers, guidance, hints, When you ask for help, keep two things intechniques, or moral support. Start your mind: By making your network more successful,network by first considering others. a. Say What You Really Mean you make yourself more successful. As Phrase your request in words that allow the individuals within the network grow,Always remember this: Success is determined the other party to understand your real succeed and prospect, your range of contactsby the service you provide others, not by what needs. “We’ve just added a new line of increases. Your connections with successfulothers do to further your goals. Take some time whatchamacallits. Who do you know that people connect you with an ever-growingto carefully examine what you have to offer may need a new one?” That’s a lot more circle of more successful people. The depthsomeone in your network. What capabilities, effective than “Got any leads for me?” of your support group increases as does yourskills, information, talents, connections and access to more and more powerful resources.words of wisdom can you provide that can b. Be Polite All of this leads directly to more and morehelp build someone else’s career? Almost “I need you to help me” may be a little strong prospects.everything is useful to someone. and even border on being rude. Instead, say, “I’m in need of a little help and wasFor example, the fact that you’re on a first- wondering if you can spare a few moments” World-renowned master sales trainer Tomname basis with the owner of the local service is warmer and less demanding. Hopkins is the chairman of Tom Hopkinsstation, flower shop or antique mall may be a International. He can be contacted atvaluable asset at some point to someone in 3. Volunteer to Help 866.347.6148, or by e-mail atyour network. Just as links in a chain, you Become known for the excellence of your 10
  8. 8. fs feature solution CoreyByrd Spirit of The ...we needed our employees and vendors to not only understand these values and this philosophy, but to fully embrace it. Determination: Troy Aikman FordAt Troy Aikman Ford, our goal is to But there were several steps involved with from Troy Aikman, where he personally 2. Establish CSI Accountability We spend a lot of time and effort driving than at the end of the transaction). We followcontinuously improve our people, process implementing this technology, and it started thanks them for their vehicle purchase and at All Levels traffic to our Web site which has produced these two simple rules when selling a car:and culture. As general manager, it is my with E-MAIL. introduces them to the service drive. Troy Aikman and I share the same approach an unbelievably high number of Web sitejob to ensure that we enforce Troy Aikman’sspirit - the will to win, and the will tosucceed. Collecting E-mail Addresses: 43 Percent of Customer Base 8 Increase in Overall Gross Profit $ Our loyalty programs have also contributed to customer retention: Try to do what we say we are going to do. If we do this, our CSI scores will reflect this approach. In March, our “Voice of the Customer” Score (i.e. - CSI hits. This is done through search engine optimization, effective e-mail campaigns and dealership reputation (I’ll admit that having Troy Aikman’s photo on our site also helps 1. Find a car that fits the customers’ needs 2. Make it affordable for them to purchaseWhen I was hired in the summer of 2005 In June of 2005, we had less than 100 e-mails to our increase in overall gross profit. We score) was 95 percent. We believe this was drive traffic).as the general manager, I had some big in our database. In just under two years, we believe that you must communicate with each because of our follow-up program with our My mission to ensure that we are constantlyshoes to fill and some high expectations to now have over 43% of our customer’s e-mail customer individually and create marketing customers: We believe that this approach has helped us evaluating our operations and continuouslymeet. Troy Aikman had always maintained addresses. We attribute this to three factors: campaigns to meet their unique needs. hit our numbers over the past several years. making improvements in our people, processa positive image throughout his career, and 1. E-mail Survey We were up 26 percent in sales revenue in and culture is ongoing, and upholds theit was very important that his dealership 1. E-mail Collection Accountability - For example, a person who used to be a loyal 2. Paper Letter the first two months of 2007, while the Dallas pure determination to succeed. In short, wemaintain that same image. His “brand” – the Holding service writers accountable customer and then stopped coming to the market was up only six percent. 3. Follow-up Phone Call firmly believe that that by implementingTroy Aikman Brand, was one of a positive for collecting e-mails using an E-mail dealership, needs to be treated differently loyalty programs, and by creating a cultureattitude and strong values that was so well Tracking Report which shows who is than a loyal customer. We recognize that So, how did we turn Web site hits to sales? We feel that it is extremely important to of accountability with regard to CSI and byknown throughout the Dallas area, that if collecting e-mails in the dealership. they haven’t been in the dealership in Here is our approach: survey our customers immediately after revolutionizing the car buying experience –someone made a mistake at Troy Aikman awhile – so we’ll send a piece directly to 2. We also use an “E-mail Discovery” they leave the dealership so we can address we are showing the true spirit of determinationFord, it was common for a customer to say, them to try to “win back” their business. 8 solution - finding e-mails for our any issues quickly. We send surveys to our at Troy Aikman Ford.“I’m going to take this up with Mr. Aikman.” We do this through an automated campaign Continuous E-mail Marketing customers in the DMS by their name customers as soon as we sell a vehicle orSo, it has been my No. 1 priority to ensure system. Our marketing partner sets up the We have learned that customers appreciate And while we continue to find ways to and address and continuing to search close an RO. We receive the survey results bythat we represent Troy Aikman by upholding campaigns, runs the queries and constantly monthly e-mail marketing communications improve our dealership and our numbers, for updates. e-mail in real time, which allows us to takethose values at our dealership. communicates with these customers. We from our dealership. We work with our e-mail we also continue to rely on employees and 3. Consistency and Visibility into have “rediscovered” customers who hadn’t action immediately. Through this process, marketing company (MarketView360) to vendors that portray the image and goals ofNaturally – we needed our employees and ongoing e-mail collection - Using stepped foot in our service drive in 25 we are able to identify problems, address create high-end pieces that focus on driving our dealership - the spirit, the will to win, andvendors to not only understand these values e-mail addresses to constantly months. These rediscovered customers concerns and resolve them effectively. It traffic to our Web site. They always include the will to succeed of Troy Aikman.and this philosophy, but to fully embrace it. communicate sales and service are also the ones who are more likely to has been my experience that if you resolve a a “click to call” button that allows a customerIn order to maintain the brand and create messages, so those e-mail addresses purchase a vehicle from our dealership. In customer’s problem in a timely manner, they to call us directly from the e-mail marketing Corey Byrd grew up in Houston, TX anda culture of success, we needed three key never go stale. Service and sales every message, we insert several links to our become your most loyal customers. piece. Now, the pieces are interactive and we graduated from The University of Texas atstrategies to meet our business objectives: personnel are much more likely to ask Web site which ultimately drives more traffic can encourage the customer to come by our Austin in 1993 with a B.A. He went straight for an e-mail if they know you will to our Web site (which equates to more car We have found that if you hold employees dealership and view the vehicles. into the automotive industry. He’s been 1. Implement Cutting-Edge Loyalty use those addresses to make them sales). accountable to these numbers, you will see on board at Troy Aikman since May 2005 Programs more money. an overall lift in CSI. Two years ago, we as general manager and he is now general 2. Establish CSI Accountability at All One of the best response rates comes from implemented a policy where one-third of the The “Restaurant Style” Close manager and partner. Levels 3. Revolutionize the Car Buying Experience RESULTS: No. 1 in District for First Appointment Setting # 1 our text message service reminders. We have received great customer feedback from using this form of communication. Our dealership pay of our staff is based on CSI scores. This approach has encouraged our staff to treat every customer as they would want to be Once we get them into our dealership, we continue our “hands-on approach” with the customer. We call this the “Restaurant Style” MarketView360 ( is a division of MarketQuiz. MarketView360 ✁ Our automated campaigns have contributed tries to be on the cutting-edge of technology, treated. The staff WANTS to collect e-mail approach. You know you are in a well-run helps their clients communicate to their to us being No. 1 in first appointment and we believe that using text messaging addresses of our customers so we can send restaurant when a manager walks around customers automatically and intelligently1. Cutting-Edge Loyalty Programs retainer in our district (we have an 84 communication is at the top of the list of them an e-mail survey, find the problems, and gets the pulse of his customers. Troy using e-mail, voice broadcasts, text messagingIn order for our loyalty programs to work, percent success rate at first appointment innovative marketing strategies. If someone and solve the problems before the OEM Aikman and I believe this same “Restaurant and direct mail.they needed to be on the cutting-edge of retainer). This is because we immediately wants to get a hold of me, they send me a text survey. We also believe that our high CSI Style” approach is critical in the car-buyingtechnology. We needed a solution that send a video e-mail of Troy Aikman after message. If this is true for me, wouldn’t my has contributed to our higher than average experience. Our management team will Corey Byrd is the general manager ofwould help us to effectively and intelligently someone buys a vehicle. Imagine buying a customers want to be treated the same way? It gross per car. introduce themselves at the beginning of Troy Aikman Ford in Dallas, Texas. Hecommunicate with all our customers. car and getting a video from the owner of the is the wave of the future. We only get about one the sale to let the customer know they are can be contacted at 866.469.9756, or byOur marketing partner’s multi-channel dealership introducing your service drive. complaint every two months – but ultimately accessible at any time in the transaction (rather e-mail at approach using video e-mail, We experienced strong penetration from it’s an opportunity to communicate with that 3. Revolutionize the Carvoice broadcasting and text messaging has this “intro to service” campaign. Customers customer and get them into the dealership. Buying Experiencehelped us hit several milestones by enabling for whom we don’t have an e-mail address The majority of our customers appreciate this A dealership’s Web site hits can be a hugeus to touch all of our customers. are sent a pre-recorded voice broadcast non-intrusive approach. contributor to total sales in the dealership. 12 13
  9. 9. sts fos ls ms sf fis DavidKain marketing solution Want to Sell More Online - Just Follow Your Customers Lead One certain aspect managers would suggest that discrediting to schedule a test drive then we are missing of the Internet is the these online sources is not a fruitful approach. the mark and frustrating the consumer. Many fact that it is a highly It is far better to acknowledge that you would consumers suggest that their frustration with personal medium do the same thing if you were shopping for automotive shopping online is that the sales which allows the a vehicle, and that you respect the fact that person did not answer their questions. The user to customize the they were trying to gain knowledge about the Cobalt Group released a major study in 2006experience to their specific needs. Unlike vehicle they were interested in. that suggested that response times were downtelevision, which presents programming in but fewer customers were satisfied with thepreset time slots unless you have TiVo or Be glad that they visited these sites and still responses from dealers in the study becauseDVR capability, the Internet allows you to submitted a request or called you about your they did not answer their the activity you want when you want vehicle because it means your brand survivedit. When you want to watch or read the the first cut in the shopping process and is It is important to remember that not everynews, you may do so at the time you prefer still under consideration. I like to use the online shopper is looking for a price quote.through a multitude of sources. If you want phrase, “Great, I am glad you were wise and With used vehicles, most listings alreadyentertainment, you can watch videos or read used those sources to learn more about the provide a selling price and the typicalstories; if you want to view sports or study vehicle. Please bring that information with questions are “do you still have it?” andhistory, you can do so with just a few clicks. you when you come in for your appointment “does it have the options I am looking for?”The Internet has become what I like to call and we can go over it together.” The key When you receive an electronic lead, be“MeTV.” The Internet user has all the options is to use the information to your advantage sure to read the details and then go onlineand freely exercises them. No more do they and get the customer to come in to the and follow the path that your customerhave to wait for “details at 11.” dealership. You would be surprised at the took so you can understand what prompted quality of the information on these sites if them to click submit. This will give you theFollowing Your Customers Lead you clicked around on them yourself and, knowledge you need to formulate a customerUnderstanding and respecting how more surprising, is the fact that they actually focused response that meets their needs and,automotive shoppers use the Internet will price vehicles at a level that most dealers ultimately, meets your needs. This can begive you a tremendous advantage when you would be glad to accept. Some dealers use done in a matter of seconds and will makerespond to their inquiry. Web site statistics the Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds price as you stand out in the crowd of other saleswill show that most automotive prospects an advantage and let the customer know their people who may not be willing to understandshop for vehicles using a variety of sources, vehicles are in line with these online sources. what the customer is asking.but most customers eventually touch base What is most important is that you do notwith the leading consumer education Web just dismiss these sources as irrelevant and The Internet provides many clues for salessites. These consumer education Web sites inaccurate because most online shoppers people if they are willing to use them. I usedare set up to provide automotive shoppers appreciate what they offer and if you talk bad to ask my customers to “tell me how you likewith all the information they need to make about them it only hurts your opportunity. to purchase a vehicle and then I will meetinformed buying decisions. your needs.” This worked more often than Where Did the Lead Come From? not and allowed them to know that I had theirOften times, I hear sales people criticize When responding to a lead that came in via best interest in mind. The Internet shopper isshoppers for visiting these sites, and the Web, one of the first things you need to telling you what is most important to themsometimes the reaction, even to the customer check is where it came from. This important with their online shopping path and all youby phone or in person, is that the sites are not step will allow you to understand what was need to do is take a few moments to researchcredible and the information they provide on your prospect’s mind when they clicked their clicks. Give it a try next time. I promiseis not correct. Before there was the Internet the submit key and sent their personal it will help you sell more vehicles.there were banks, credit unions, libraries, contact information your way. I like to findconsumer magazines and even “advisors.” out if they clicked “request a quote,” “more David Kain is the automotive InternetAll of these sources provided insight to the information,” “value my trade,” “schedule a training specialist at Kain Automotive, Inc.consumer to assist them the same way the test drive,” or even “make an offer” because He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, or byInternet sources do today. My experience and it determines how I respond. If we respond e-mail at, orthe experience of many successful Internet with a price quote to someone who wanted visit 14
  10. 10. sts fos ls ms sf fis JeffMorrill sales and training solution Common Objections and What to Do With Them Here’s the technique, 2. Ask questions to understand the objection. the gap between our monthly payment and with the example “I “When you say that you want to think about your monthly budget, would that allow you want to think about it”: it, what will you be considering?” to write an order with us today?” 1. Acknowledge. “I can 3. Isolate the objection. “Other than the cost, Suggestions for Other Common Objections: understand why you is there any other reason that would hold youfeel the need to think on it overnight. Buying back from writing an order with us today?” 1. This is the first place I’ve looked and Ia car is a big purchase and, if I were you, I don’t want to rush in. “If you lost your keyswouldn’t want to make a mistake.” 4. Be a problem solver. “If we could narrow and you found them in the first place you looked, would you keep looking? (Thanks to Joe Verde, the Jedi Master, for this one.) COMMUNICATE WITH 2. I need a day to consider all this. “It sounds like what you’re saying is that you want to own the car but you don’t want to wake YOUR CUSTOMERS up and feel bad about it tomorrow. What could we do today so you didn’t feel bad tomorrow?” EASILY AND EFFECTIVELY 3. I just need to think about it. “Most everybody feels anxiety when they’re on the With Marketview360’s innovative and emerging applications: edge of a big decision. One of the reasons I’m • Target Mail here is to help you work through the anxiety today so you can begin enjoying your new • Target Voice car and end all the worrying about what to • Target Text do. What’s on your mind? What would make you feel more comfortable? • Target Email 4. I need to check with my credit union. • Email Discovery and more… “What do you need to check on? We have much of that information here, and excellent THIS MONTH TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EMAIL financing through a variety of lenders. With DISCOVERY AT A SPECIAL DISCOUNT. that information, would you be able to write an order with us?” WORK SMARTER, MARKET SMARTER Tips: 1. Let the customer talk, listen carefully and ask clarifying questions. It’s much easier to The Most Intelligent Multi-channel Marketing System On The Planet solve a price objection, for instance, if you know whether you have a new car price 1.866.591.4238 issue, a trade issue or a payment issue. 2. Remember that it takes multiple closing questions before most customers finally agree to buy, so don’t be afraid to be professionally persistent. If someone just took two hours of your time, you’re entitled to some answers about why they don’t feel comfortable buying yet. 3. After you overcome an objection, ask for the order. Don’t wait for the customer to come up with additional objections. Jeff Morrill is co-owner of Planet Subaru in Hanover, Mass., and Planet Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Franklin, Mass. He can be contacted at 866.872.8699, or by e-mail at 16
  11. 11. sts fos ls ms sf fis CraigCriswell sales and training solution Endless Learning - The Key to Anti-Aging Never stopping the effects on the brain were inevitable. learning process, However, these recent findings offer always keeping the hope to maintaining lifelong mental mind open to new health. The Alzheimer’s Association ideas and keeping that now sponsors “Maintain Your Brain” thirst for discovering workshops throughout the country,something new could be a key to staying encouraging people to stay physicallyyoung. There are numerous articles and and intellectually active. The workshopstudies out now validating this very idea. advises people to “enroll in courses at your local adult education center, The degeneration of the brain is far from community college or other community inevitable. “Its design features are such group.” that it should continue to function for Ongoing Learning Increases Longevity, a lifetime,” says Zaven Khachaturian, Gabby Hyman Ph.D., director of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Ronald and Nancy One should never stop learning. Keeping Reagan Research Institute. . . So what’s your mind open to options does not mean you the secret to keeping our brains agile have to take every thought and act upon it. and fit? Activity seems to be the key. But by spending the time, effort and money In fact, mental and physical challenges to learn, to educate oneself on the new and are both strongly connected to cerebral different will allow for more intelligent fitness. Education also seems to enhance decisions about the direction to take. Chance brain function. favors the prepared mind. One can research Making our Minds Last, Katherine new ideas, new ways of doing business, new Grieder, Jill Niemark, Psychology methods for attacking everyday challenges Today so that when an opportunity does present itself, they will be ready. The brain is like a muscle: Use it or lose it. Today’s research offers evidence Think about how this applies to your showing that taking steps to protect your business. If you have reached a sense of brain can prevent a decreased memory comfort in your position or your business it and slowed wit. Mental exercise is may keep you from learning and expanding. crucial. It begins when parents read to Remember, chance favors the prepared their children. But it is never too late to mind. stimulate the brain. Medical World Search, Ifay Chang, As an example, what do you know about the Ph.D following Internet marketing topics: • Blogging – Do you blog? Maybe youHow often in the automotive world have we should.become complacent in our belief we have • Podcasting – Ready for primetime?a thorough knowledge of our business? Do • RSS Feeds – The wick has been lit.we challenge ourselves by trying to learn • Viral Marketing – One to many, notmore about that which is unfamiliar to us one to one.– such as uses for the Internet, how an online • White Hat – An ethical hacker?customer thinks, what it takes to be at the topof a search engine or a myriad of other topics Find an Internet topic, an online skill, anrelated to the new online world? area of virtual knowledge unfamiliar to you and do the research to learn more about it. Education may be the long-sought-after Expand your mind and keep yourself young. fountain of youth. After decades of studies, researchers continue to find that those who keep their minds engaged in active education live longer and stave Craig Criswell is the Internet director for off the ravages of aging, such as memory O’Rielly Chevrolet in Tucson, AZ and the loss and lethargy. . . Only two decades president of Internet Certified Dealer. He ago, most physicians and researchers can be contacted at 866.440.4301, or by e- felt that aging and its deleterious mail at #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 17
  12. 12. SUMMIT VI BEST PRACTICESLEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Todd Bennett - General Manager, Bruce Bennett Nissan Red McCombs Automotive Group - Tony Rimas Connecticut’s #1 volume Nissan Dealer will share best practices for BDC process, Internet process, sales process, You will learn how to expand your Internet department through creative inventory presentation, strategic pricing, and the best trained sales and service team, customer relationships and a passion for making money. Nissan Owner aggregation techniques. Then convert this added demand to sales through tactical lead allocation, superior staffing First Award dealer since 2000 and three times in that time period won the most prestigious Circle of Excellence and recruiting. Last, you will be advised on vendor selection to satisfy your dealership and market needs. award both based on customer satisfaction. We have out sold every Nissan dealer in Connecticut, and the surrounding New York counties for the last 4 years doing business out of Georgetown, Connecticut. I will show you how we do it and answer your questions. David Thomas - Owner, Subaru of Dallas Vice President of Sales, BZ Results - Eric Stuttz Power Prospecting covers 4 key areas. The 4 W’s...When, What, Who and Where, to effectively prospect in Sell more cars, keep more customers PROFITABLY! You will learn how to use technology and training that today’s super competitive market. When is the best, most effective time to contact a prospect, a be back, and/or a works together to attract, sell and keep customers loyal to the dealership. I will talk about systems that include referral for maximum results. There is a right and a wrong time to call a prospect! What is the most effective style automated marketing tools for direct mail, bulk e-mail, multi-media e-mails, automated phone campaigns, Web and way to communicate as well as tips to get past the “gatekeepers”. Who are our best prospects, and how to site development, virtual test drives, and marketing campaigns that include high-end custom presentations that identify them and their sphere of influence, who has the best chance of buying from you? Where do we get our highlight the reasons why your customers should be doing business with you instead of the competition. These best prospects and referral opportunities? Where are they working, dining, living and relaxing? Where will your systems will help dealers customize their business plan, strategy, people and processes to ensure that the system time be best spent? Now that the Internet has changed our entire business model, we must get back to some gets the results they want. “grass roots marketing” to stay competitive. I preach the basics. This coupled with an effective Internet strategy will keep your sales growing. Joe Shuster - General Manager, Hillside Honda in Queens, New York Co-founder and Chairman, vAuto - Dale Pollak A dominant BDC is one of the best tools your dealership can have to pull customers into your showroom and Every dealer knows a car bought right is a car half sold. Dale will discuss the methods many of the most increase your bottom line. Joe Shuster, general manager of the highly successful Hillside Honda of Queens, New successful dealerships across America have used to improve pre-owned vehicle department profitability. This York, will discuss how he and his staff have implemented Hillside’s business development system, and what kind session will illustrate the underlying principle that profit is dependent on turn, and turn is sensitive to “equity” or how of growth it has generated. Joe will discuss the importance of your BDC, how to implement a BDC quickly and you own your vehicles. By managing equity, pre-owned inventory turn will increase. effectively, hiring and training the right people for your BDC and setting up the proper processes and systems to Dale will discuss the importance of financial awareness during the acquisition, wholesale disposition, give your dealership and edge over your competitors. reconditioning, pricing and desking processes along with three killer strategies for improving pre-owned sales in the internet era. In this session you will learn how to: Apply financial discipline; Price for today’s consumer; Adopt cutting-edge merchandising techniques. Attend this session and you’ll never manage age again. Call today to register. Seating is limited. Speakers and times subject to change. toll free: 866.432.8718 web:
  13. 13. SUMMIT VI BEST PRACTICESLEADERSHIP • INTERNET • CRM • MARKETING • BDC • SALES Howard Polirer - Director of Industry Relations, Director of industry relations,, Howard Polirer will teach you how to market and sell more cars online in this Best Practices Summit VI workshop. It’s time to get back into the car business. Don’t let technology dictate how you do your business, rather let technology help you to sell more cars and make more money. Today’s consumers are all considered Internet consumers and are armed with more information. However, if they can’t see your cars online, they won’t click on them. And if they don’t click on them, they won’t buy them. It’s time to get online. Advertising online is less expensive, but that doesn’t mean you need to abandon all other mediums. Take a holistic approach – when advertising in newspapers, TV or radio, be sure to direct consumers to your online, virtual showroom. It’s time to move shoppers from your virtual showroom to your real showroom. After all, people still buy cars from people. Entice shoppers through your ads – use multiple photos, tell the car’s story through ad copy, and include an action item. Use measurement tools like a Webtrends report to evaluate the clicks on your inventory or the activity on your site. This Best Practices Summit VI will teach you about today’s consumer, incorporating the Internet in your advertising mix, your in-store processes, and how to sell more cars and make more money. Michael York - Author and Professional Speaker Welcome to the most sophisticated marketplace the world has ever known! How will you win? In this “show” you’ll find out why MOTIVATION is one of the biggest wastes of time and energy for selling organizations, and what you should be focused on to win. Plus…Why sales training doesn’t work! The “BIG LIE” of selling! The 3 WAYS to grow YOUR selling revenues! Why so many talented people are BROKE and what to do about it! Why “time management” is a waste of time! Why 98 percent of sales people don’t really know how to set goals (until NOW)! Why “informal education” is available to EVERYONE who wants to win! And what does BECOMING UNCOMMON really mean? Find out why COMMON is well, common. And how you and your organization can stand out in this economy as UNCOMMON simply by doing a few things better than you are now! Don’t miss this session packed with UNCOMMON wisdom as only the entertaining MICHAEL YORK can deliver it! Bryan Hopkins - BDC/Internet Director, Hare Auto Group You will learn how the Hare Auto Group in one month increased Internet sales 438 percent. Sales went from 18 to 79 in one month. You will learn how Hare increased its closing ratio from 7 percent to 15 percent in just that one month. You will learn how Hare Auto uses a well-trained and dedicated Internet staff to set appointments on 28 percent of its leads. You will learn how builds value in their products and dealership, generating a 53 percent close ratio on appointments that show. You will learn strategies on how to keep customers on your Web site and how to generate leads from customers from your Web site. You will learn how to find your best Internet process, and create a process-driven team. You will learn the importance of having daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You will learn how to increase your lead conversion rates from your Web site. You will learn how to customize your Web site to your market conditions. How to use innovative technology to identify, attract and retain loyal customers. How to use your Virtual Dealership to create a profit center from sales to F&I to service and parts. Learn how to use your Web site to help increase your sales and service CSI. toll free: 866.432.8718 web:
  14. 14. sts fos ls ms sf fis TonyRimas marketing solution How We Used Centralized Marketing to Quadruple Closing Ratios Red McCombs effectiveness of each medium and campaign, capabilities. We can easily identify which is capitalizing on deliver a consistent advertising message in tactics are attracting the most visitors and centralized marketing all of our ad copy, and, most importantly, whether or not the visitors request additional strategies to increase we were able to reduce advertising costs. information and eventually enter the buying closing ratios from Our newspaper, television, radio and direct process. With our fully automated CRM three percent up to 19 mail campaigns now include our URL as the BuzzTrak tool, we are able to integrate andpercent and to sell up to 500 online vehicles per primary point of contact. Through our web of measure all of our marketing mediums andmonth. With the evolution of both marketing microsites and landing pages, we are able to centralize the entire process.and technology, Red McCombs needed to find channel and direct consumers to our Web sitea means to leverage the full potential of both in which enables us to more effectively analyze All dealerships, regardless of size, are driven byorder to maintain our top position in our region. and manage our leads. We also enhanced the need to maintain a competitive edge and toThere were many reasons for our dealership to our search marketing campaigns, and have more profitably manage customer interactionconsolidate our marketing strategies in order to seen immediate and significant results. By and customer experience. By centralizing all ofcreate a centralized marketing approach. With centralizing our marketing strategies we are our marketing mediums, we channeled all leadsthe help of our digital marketing consultants, able to measure and track results and ROI of to our Web site marketing hub, RedMcCombs.Red McCombs was able to customize a marketing with our CRM lead management com, to effectively manage, measure and trackcentralized approach that incorporated the tool. We have seen an increase in traffic, but their profitability while reducing advertisingtraditional media of advertising along with our most importantly an increase in the amount costs. Our digital marketing system, workingeCommerce strategy. of visitors we are converting to leads and with our traditional marketing, continues to subsequently into sales. provide Red McCombs with everything weThis strategy was the solution for Red need to attract, sell and keep loyal customers.McCombs to efficiently manage and measure With our management tool we are able to The proof is in our results.our marketing campaigns. Centralized effectively track all of our advertising effortsmarketing provides a central point of by assigning a unique toll-free number to all Tony Rimas is the eCommerce director atconnection between marketing efforts and advertising campaigns. Each campaign is Red McCombs. He can be contacted atsales. By centralizing our marketing strategy, assigned a unique tracking number, which 866.439.4672, or by e-mail atwe were able to accurately track and measure provides us with instant tracking and reporting #1 sales-improvement magazine for the automotive professional 21
  15. 15. sts fos ls ms sf fis leadership solution JoeShuster Believe About 10 years ago, were successful, you understand the concept for them. It’s your responsibility to convey I had the opportunity of believing: believing in yourself, in your that to them, and if you can’t, you won’t lead to catch up with my team and in the philosophy. for long. I believe one of the reasons Hillside high school basketball has bucked many trends over the years is coach. We had a great Every business book I have ever read has because of our family-type environment. time reminiscing about described the best investment you can make is People in this store care for each other andgreat victories, tough losses and the team investing in yourself. At Hillside Honda, we do what they can to be helpful.that to this day has a special place in my stress that daily. There is no stock, property,heart. We talked for a good hour or so before mutual fund or anything else that can Finally, believing in the system is especiallymy coach asked me a question that made me outperform you. At Hillside we stress mind, important when it comes to your career. Atthink. He asked me what the most important body and soul. Are you feeding your head Hillside Honda our daily training includeslesson I learned was from playing with that with good information, or are you caught up sales philosophy training. Over the years,team. I’ve never been one to be tongue-tied worrying about everyone else’s business? I have heard many retail automobile salesbut I was thrown off a bit. After careful Are you reading positive material so you people and leaders referring to the “tirethought, I answered, “to win.” I did not fully can move forward in life, professionally and kicker.” After 16 years in this business,understand then but I could tell the answer personally? Are you taking care of your I still can honestly say I have not met thisdidn’t satisfy my coach. body - exercising daily, feeding it good person. At Hillside Honda we stress and stuff, not smoking, drinking, using drugs, train, people come to this store for oneThere are a lot of ingredients involved in etc.? The body has been compared to a reason and one reason only: to find a saleswinning. At Hillside Honda, one of our keys temple, and I like that analogy. Finally, your person to sell them a car. That’s it - not toto success is our belief system. The store soul - are you a happy individual, are your look, not to tire you out and not to wastehas a tremendous history and a winning relationships pure, are you an individual your time. They are looking for someonetrack record. Training is a religion at that can sleep comfortably at night because to sell them the car they want. In addition,Hillside Honda. So much so, many talented you know you’ve conducted yourself as a our daily training reminds retail automobileindividuals have gone on and graduated from gentleman or lady? Are your relationships sales people that customers come here 99this system to become leaders throughout the with your wife, husband, kids, family and percent of the time because they want a car,industry. The philosophy of believing is a friends healthy and positive, or are they filled not need a car. The American public lovesthree-part initiative. If you have ever played with problems, lies and deceit? Life is too automobiles. That knowledge is extremelyteam sports in high school or college and short to live this way. Invest in you on every important for sale reps to know but, more level. At Hillside Honda we firmly believe it importantly, to understand. Understanding is our responsibility to stress that there is no that and believing in the system your leaders better investment than the one you make in have set up will do you wonders. yourself. Hillside Honda is a great place to learn, I loved playing team ball because it taught make money and enjoy the car business. In me that I needed people in my life to win. As addition, it’s the belief of the leaders in our a retail automobile sales man, believing in corporation that makes sure that everyone the leadership is paramount to your success. understands what the best investment is, how At Hillside Honda, we are fortunate that the important teammates are and the positive sales reps understand that management’s sole philosophy that guides us every day. function is to help them. I recently told one of my newest leaders in the sales department that sales people have to feel that you care Joe Shuster is the general manager about them. They have to know that you will of Hillside Honda, located in Queens,From left to right - Jeremy Abramson, Sales protect them, assist them and are there for New York. He can be contacted atManager; Joe Shuster, General Manager; them when they need you. It’s imperative; 866.440.3445, or by e-mail atand Peter Petito, Sales Manager they have to know you would lay it down Muzak? Come on...get SIRIUS! BUSINESS 69 channels from just $24.95 per month. 800.741.AMTC(2682) No commercials. No contract. 22