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  1. 1. April 2005 Sp Spe ea cia ke l D rs e W ale S ith r & C M as a e naTh M St g e ay ud er Ve 1 PR ie n 9t A s Read this month’s and previous issues online at www.AutoSuccess.biz La etia h & CT s n 20 IC Ve H t pa ga ote , 2 h ES ge s, l & 00 4 N R 5 V e so .biz rt
  2. 2. FOUR FACTS THAT WILLCHANGE HOW YOU SPEND YOUR AD DOLLARS.WE’RE THE LEADER IN USED CAR BUYERS WE’RE THE LEADER IN DEALER SATISFACTIONThe old days of car shopping are gone. The * AutoTrader.com is #1 in dealer satisfaction.Internet has surpassed newspaper classifieds as We deliver the highest overall value, the largestthe #1 place people go to find a car. And the number of monthly used ✔ #1 in overall value ✔ #1 in lead generation#1 website on the Internet is AutoTrader.com, vehicle leads and the highest- ✔ #1 in customer serviceleading the way with over 8 million shoppers rated customer service in the ✔ #1 consumer brandevery month. business. No wonder so many dealers are smiling.WE’RE THE LEADER IN USED CAR SALES WE’RE THE LEADER IN PARTNERSHIPSAutoTrader.com is a car-selling giant. We contribute Leaders partner with leaders. As we continueto more used car sales than our two closest our exclusive relationships with AOL, Univision,competitors combined, CompuServe, Netscape and Edmunds.com, wedelivering more traffic, proudly announce our newest partner–Yahoo! Autos.more leads and more This partnership alone will put your vehicles in frontprofit. AutoTrader.com of an additional 22 million shoppers. No otheraccounts for more than $50 billion in annual sales. source provides this kind of exposure. Still using the newspaper as your main vehicle to reach car buyers? It’s time to run with AutoTrader.com. For more information, call 1-888-249-6860.©2005 AutoTrader.com is a trademark of TPI Holdings, Inc. and is used under license. *2004 MORPACE International, Inc. Dealer Image Study.
  3. 3. BEST PRACTICES SUMMIT II Las Vegas, NV • May 19th & 20th at The Venetian Hotel & Resort Scott Joseph Dean Evans Sean WolÞngton Chip Perry David KainPresident and CEO, J&L Marketing, Inc. Vice President of Marketing, Dealix Owner, BZResults.com CEO and President, AutoTrader.com President, Kain Automotive Inc. Internet and BDC Training SpecialistCase Study: Johnson City Honda: Sells Case Study: How to use BDC/Internet Internet Advertising Best Practices. You will learn:65 extra cars a month and grosses departments to sell 100 - 500 extra cars - Benchmark metrics for your GM and You will learn: You will learn:increased $1,300 per car. a month. your dealership – gross proÞt PVS, ROI, - How to maximize the value of your - How to maximize lead generation fromYou will learn a growth strategy and more You will learn how the best dealers: Internet advertising your Web sitethat will: - Maximizing third party automotive sites - Setup a successful BDC/Internet Dept. - How to make your vehicles stand out - E-mail templates and phone scripts to- Add 33% to your bottom line and not - Converting “Be Back” leads into sales - Use the web to promote all your proÞt from the competition convert leads into appointments increase ad budget - Optimizing your CRM and Lead centers - How AutoTrader.com’s top - Hiring and compensating your Internet- Grow your customer base Management tools - Use the web to drive showroom & phone performers achieve their outstanding team- Increase your average gross per unit trafÞc results - Mapping out the best Internet sales- Increase purchase frequency plus - Sell old stock, vehicles & parts inventory process customer residual value - Use email marketing to drive more trafÞc for zero cost Jeff Cowan Randy Barone Ed Parkinson Sean Gardner Rob Chesney President, Jeff Cowan’s Pro Talk Executive Vice President, Sales & Account Supervisor, Who’s Calling, Inc. Joe Verde Trainer, The Joe Verde Group Director of Autos, eBay Motors Marketing, American Auto Exchange Inc.Increasing Sales, CSI, and Customer Leveraging Who’s Calling to sell more How to close more sales in today’sRetention on your Service Drive. Bringing State-of-the-art technology to You will learn: products and services. market. your automotive business. - What is eBay?You will learn: You will learn: You will learn: - eBay Motors overview- To take control of the Advisor, Write- You will learn: - The movement from data to managing - The facts about buying, selling and - Listing strategies and marketing Up% and your Service Drive - Eliminate wholesale loss and opportunity in the area of sales, service, closing the sale yourself- Substantially increase your Customer unproductive inventory marketing and quality assurance - What closing isn’t, and why most sales Satisfaction Survey Scores - Consistent 20-22 day inventory turns - Managing your auction and account - Assets and liabilities of the inbound are lost out on the lot- How to get your customers to happily - Maintain proper inventory mix sales call - The 3 best closes (that have nothing to - Resources accept realistic promise times - Instant buy/sell recommendations - 2004 Cumulative Voice Monitoring data so with dropping price)- How to increase Customer Paid Labor - The art of appraising base on 70,000 inbound sales calls - Understanding objections - the secret to by 4/10ths in 10 days - Group trade capabilities - Road blocks to the appointment turning a “no” into a “yes”- Establish a professional selling culture - SmartLaunchTM based on eBay - Lost deal manager on your Service Drive. marketplace data - abX Transaction Network
  4. 4. REGISTER NOW Limited Seating Special Dealer & Manager Speakers with Case Studies Special Dealer & Manager Speakers with Case Studies May 19th & 20th, 2005 The Venetian Hotel & Resort Las Vegas, NV Dealers & Managers Only Brian Benstock Rad Weaver Paragon Honda & Acura Red McCombsCase Study: “#1 CertiÞed Dealer & Case Study: “Ford & Toyota Dealer Special hotel room rates for#1 Honda eDealer Shares All”. Sells 500 Extra Cars Online”.You will learn how we:- Increased our used cars sales in one You will learn how we: - Increased our Internet sales from 40 attendees only * month - 500 in one year- Improved inventory management & - Tripled our Web site trafÞc through free reduced average turn- Attracted more quality pre-owned trafÞc- Reduced our used car ad expenses marketing - Increased our leads from our Web site - Staff, train, pay, and keep great people Two days of intense learning. - Handle pricing to maintain gross proÞt Improve your results no matter how well you are already doing. ONLY $595 fully transferable, no refunds Angelo Chavez Darren HaygoodInternet Sales Director, Burt AutomotiveCase Study: Internet sales force sold Director of CRM & Internet Sales, Lokey Automotive CHECK2,464 new and used vehicles in 8 Case Study: Lokey Automotive Groupdifferent automobile line in 2004. triples Internet sales - by spending less!You will learn: You will learn how to:- Create an Internet department that is independent of the dealership- Hiring and training practices that allow your sales team to be self reliant - DeÞne your dealership’s CRM strategy. BDC vs. dedicated personnel - Maximize your ROI - Ignore the hype and start realizing REAL results Call Now- Grow an Internet team that is - Achieve HIGHER gross than with your responsible for up to 40% of the store’s monthly production- Using a lead management tool to increase appointment sets and calculate ROI walk-in customers - Achieve 20/20 vision for your dealership. 20% Closing Ratio & 20% Retail Mix - Turn leads into Phone Ups - Phone Ups into appointments 800.849.4113 or visit www.autosuccess.biz for more information Robert Revere Roy Reutter Courtesy Chevrolet Sheehy Auto StoresCase Study: “Courtesy Chevrolet Case Study: Sheehy.com increasesbecomes #1 dealer in US”. leads from 400 - 2400 per month.You will learn how we: You will learn how Sheehy:- Sold 380 extra cars from our BDC in - Increased lead and sale volume without September increasing lead expense- Staff and pay our team - Improved sales and reduced cost per- Integrate our BDC & Internet department sale at the same time to work together - Improved proÞtability by improving the- Increase our sales by increasing our quality of leads through their own site appointments - Increased closing ratios & avg. gross- Used technology to automate most of proÞt with process improvement our processes - Sold old stock units via the Web * must be an attendee and register by April 26th, 2005
  5. 5. 8 Get Into the Game of Life and Be Someone ChulaSchlesinger Saying a Lot Without Saying a Word 10INSID Why is Your Prospect Leaving Dealership to the Next Plateau and Beyond 12 Prioritize to Grow Your Strategies for Management Involvement 14 Internet Sales Success: 11 ZigZiglar SteveHiatt ScottJoseph DavidKain How to Conduct Effective Save-a-Deal Meetings 15 KirkManzo How to Identify and Sell to the Accommodator Personality 16 CarolMartin a Bigger House Than You 20 Does Your Wholesaler Own BruceThompson Four Keys to Integrity Selling, Part 3 22 SeanWolfington Personal, and Commitment is the Key 24 Personal Development is MichaelYork Deal With Consumer Credit Information 25 New Law to Affect All Who StaceyDiPiazza How Successful Dealers Capitalize on Internet Leads 26 DanVogel How to Select the Vehicle 28 AnthonyHall Upgrade Your Knowledge and Skill 29 BrianTracy Five Tips for Beginning Sales People 30 MarkTewart Common Illegal Practices to Avoid 32 TonyDupaqueir Stop the Poverty and Start the Prosperity 33 FranTaylor The Body Language of Listening 34 PattiWood Customer Relationship Center 36 The Latest in CRM is a CRC: AllenBlad Hebrews 11:1 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive Louisville, Kentucky 40245 Now faith is being sure ! Toll Free: 877.818.6620 " Facsimile: 502.588.3170 of what you hope for, and Patrick Luck, Editor & Publisher certain of things you do • pluck01@autosuccess.biz not see Susan Goodman, Vice President • sgoodman02@autosuccess.biz Courtney Hill-Paris, Sales-improvement Strategist • chill04@autosuccess.biz Thomas Williams, Creative Director God Bless America • twilliams03@autosuccess.biz AutoSuccess Magazine is published monthly at 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky, 40245; 502.588.3155, fax 502.588.3170. Direct all subscription and customer service inquiries to 877.818.6620 or info@autosuccess.biz. Subscription rate is $75 per year. AutoSuccess welcomes unsolicited editorials and graphics (not responsible for their return). All submitted editorials and graphics are subject to editing for grammar, content, and page length. AutoSuccess provides its contributing writers latitude in expressing advice and solutions; views expressed are not necessarily those of AutoSuccess and by no means reflect any guarantees. Always confer with legal counsel before implementing changes in procedures. © All contents copyrighted by AutoSuccess Magazine, a Division of Systems Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited without express written consent from AutoSuccess. AutoSuccess may occasionally make readers’ names available to other companies whose products and/or services may be of interest; readers may request that names be removed by calling 877.818.6620. Printed in the USA. Postmaster: Send address changes to AutoSuccess Magazine, 3411 Pinnacle Gardens Drive, Louisville, Kentucky 40245.
  6. 6. Are you tired of struggling to recruit, hire and train salespeople? Burned out from chasing sales candidates everyday? FREE REPORT reveals how revolutionary training system: “Puts Recruiting and Training on Auto-Pilot So You Can Go Play Golf!” Would you like to have a predictable Whether it’s your Þrst year in“I went from a broke ßow of interested high caliber candidates management or you are a thirty yearsalesperson to owning calling YOU and working hard to veteran, you will love to never again talk convince you to accept them? Dream to anyone unless you want to. Recruitingmultiple successful candidates who you would never get to should only be done when you want to,dealerships. Mark see in a million years. not because you have to! Don’t let yourTewart gave me the competitors steal all the good salespeople. If you’d like to have complete control So why is it so hard to recruit and traininformation and road over your recruiting and training process, good salespeople. Marketing and trainingmap to get there. Regardless of the economy or any other incest! Everyone runs the same ads on– Chad Hawkes, Dealer, marketing condition and put an end to Sunday saying the same things as twenty the endless grunt work you’ve become other frustrated dealers. Next, you takeHawkes Motor Co., resigned to, please keep reading. a loser candidate and train him withPryor,OK. Þfty year old sales training drivel from Getting candidates calling YOU is easy… material created from a sales trainer If You Know the Best Kept Marketing who hasn’t sold a car in twenty yearsAs a salesperson, and Training Secrets! AND…didn’t sell much when he was aMark’s ideas have been sales person. STOP THE INSANITY!huge in increasing Maybe you to have found that recruiting With constant inbreeding of recruiting and training is getting tougher. You run and training methods it doesn’t take longmy sales with unique ads that bring derelicts and then struggle before everyone gets stupid.marketing ideas. to Þnd the time to train them properly.– Chris Hanson, Maybe you are in the minority who have Breakthroughs come from going hired the right candidates but don’t have outside the box and bringing new,Salesperson, Hibbing the time to train them or the materials proven, process back in. Imagine havingChrysler, Hibbing, MN. and information to train them with that qualiÞed candidates and having them works for the price conscience, educated trained properly. How would your life buyer. Maybe you are sick and tired of be different? You can be the greatest“By following Mark’s taking crap from loser, unproductive, manager in the world, but that won’t doideas, we have bad attitude salespeople you currently you a bit of good if you can’t attract theincreased our sales by have because you are having a hard time right people and train them properly. replacing them. You would love to get rid Getting rid of these problems is not a pipe20 units a month and of their bad attitude but you keep them dream.have increased gross because they are warm bodies.proÞt by over $200 per FREE REPORT TELLS ALL! You see, success at recruiting and trainingcar. has a lot more to do with learning the So, if you are ready to discover the– Seth Silgar, General secrets of direct response marketing and astonishing secrets of getting qualiÞedManager, Ward Chrysler, having the right information than it does candidates and training them properly, with running more ads that already don’tCarbondale, IL. Call Now! work. So often, even when you get a good candidate, they fail because they don’t get trained properly. 24/7 Hotline 866.432.2468 or go to 888 2 TEWART (283.9278) www.tewart.com/specialreport.com
  7. 7. sts ms ls fis sf ChulaSchlesinger special feature Get Into the Game of Life and Be Someone Orrin Hudson, Many people are so afraid of losing they everyday occurrence in their lives. They nationally recognized won’t even get in the game. They sit on the don’t know they can have more, do more chess champion, sidelines while life passes them by. or be more unless we provide them with the author and vision and the tools to accomplish more.” motivational speaker, AS: What inspired you to dedicate your life Orrin Hudson launched Be Someone to education?Inc. in 2001 as a crime prevention program. Not all children respond as positively as IUpon hearing of an incident in Queens, Hudson: My life was difficult as a child. would like, but I feel I have been successfulN.Y. in which a young black man robbed I was one of 13 children growing up in a 95 percent of the time. I am very pleasedand murdered several Wendy’s Restaurant housing project in Alabama. I saw first-hand with a few exceptional children who learnedemployees for a mere $2,000, Hudson, a what poverty, hopelessness and crime can to appreciate their abilities and turned fromformer Alabama State Trooper, vowed to do to a child’s perspective of their ability to petty crime. For example, 17-year-olddedicate his life to preventing crime in succeed. I was fortunate to have a teacher Octavious Tallington was on a destructiveAmerican youth. who believed in me and taught me how to path headed straight for jail. His mother had play chess. That changed my life and helped tried everything she could think of to stopSince then, he has worked diligently to me find a new direction. This is what I his criminal behavior.incorporate his life mastery mentoring strive to do with the children who enter myprograms into schools, community centers, mentoring programs. Octavious carried a gun, had gang affiliations,churches, juvenile detention centers and used recreational drugs, refused to attendanywhere he can arrange to set up a chess AS: Who were your most influential mentors school and was involved in miscellaneousboard. Hudson mentors children by teaching and teachers? crimes. An intelligent, but misguided, youngthem the time-tested strategies of chess as a man, he saw no hope for his future; nor didmetaphor for life’s lessons. Hudson: Mr. James Edge, the teacher who he have any support system in place to get first introduced me to chess when I was off the drugs and get back into school.“Three hundred years ago Benjamin Franklin young and involved in petty theft. I was awrote an essay on the benefits of chess and juvenile entrepeneur on the road to crime. As Upon completion of the Be Someonethe life lessons the game provided. Today an adult, I have had the privilege of working program, his mother reports his negativethose same strategies still apply. If you play with some awesome mentors. I owe a great attitude and criminal behavior has beenchess, you have the keys to success in the deal to the following authors, speakers and replaced with positive enthusiasm. Hepalm of your hand.” Orrin Hudson motivation coaches: Jack Canfield, Brian no longer carries a gun or associates with Tracy, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, gang members. He chose to complete hisAutoSuccess recently interviewed Hudson, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar. They have education and now attends school regularly.former owner and manager of a successful supported my work, helped me through His future is bright because he was able tocar dealership for over ten years, to find difficult times and shared their vision with understand how he could win at life andout how his programs work and why he me. I am truly grateful for their continued create a more positive, attainable vision forhas gained such notoriety for his innovative support and friendship. himself.teaching techniques. AS: How many children have attended your AS: Does age matter in learning how to playAS: What is the Be Someone solution? classes, and what positive changes did they chess? What is the youngest student you experience? have taught?Hudson: When it comes to life, manypeople are afraid to get in the game. They Hudson: I have mentored over 15,000 Hudson: My youngest student was 4-year-don’t feel confident or are afraid they will children in more than 30 schools in five old Pecola Thompson. Her parents arrangedfail. I teach children and adults if you can states since Be Someone was launched in for private lessons. She is an unbelievablylearn how to think progressively, recognize 2001. Teachers and parents report amazing bright child. She learned the game quicklypatterns and have self-confidence you can changes in attitude, self-confidence, the and was winning against children twice hersucceed. When children win, we all win. ability to concentrate and over-all increased age. Even a young child has the ability to self-esteem. Grade-point averages improve learn. For example, most are capable ofAS: What is the winning formula? as students learn to trust their ability to think learning up to five languages. They do not at a higher level. lack capability; they lack teachers willingHudson: If you can think, you can play. to spend the necessary time to instruct andIf you play, you can move. If you move, This is the key to combating crime in our challenge them.you can win. Success in life is related to youth. We have to give them hope in order toa clear, succinct strategy, or the moves that dream. Without dreams they have nothing to I mentored a very young group of studentsone makes. Being willing to make some strive for or look forward to. ranging from first through sixth grade atmistakes during the learning curve is what it the Benteen Elementary School in Georgia.takes to win. Learning from those mistakes “If children don’t believe in themselves or There were 103 children in the program. Theis worth thousands of dollars in education. their future, they easily accept crime as an top 26 players challenged several college 8 www.autosuccess.biz
  8. 8. continuedstudents at the Dekalb Technical College. BESTLead by their sixth grade captain, DontaviousJones, they had very impressive wins. PRACTICES SUMMIT IIAS: You have been recognized numeroustimes as a community leader and a man whostrongly promotes community involvement.What community projects are you workingon?Hudson: I usually have two or three mainprojects in the works. I am currently Limited Seatingplanning for the 2005-2006 Be SomeoneDay in Atlanta, Ga. This is an annualback-to-school celebration that focuses on May 19th & 20th, 2005the importance of education. Be Someone The Venetian Hotel & Resort, Las Vegas, NVprovides school supplies and books forstudents who can’t afford them. We serve Dealers & Managers Onlylunch to hundreds of the homeless andcelebrate community service. Special Dealer and Manager SpeakersThrough my work with Landmark Education with Case Studiesin Atlanta, I have been given a tremendousopportunity to serve others and work withsome of the brightest and energetic business Special hotel room rates forpeople in the metro area. They have taughtme the importance of giving back to the attendees only *community and helping in small ways aswell as raising funds for special projects. Two days of intense learning.AS: What is the future of Be Someone Inc.? Improve your results no matter how well youHudson: We foresee our programs in every are already doing.elementary, middle and high school by theyear 2010. Our outreach is to the everydayman and woman who want to improve theirlives and create their dreams, as well asstudents and the elderly who are combatingAlzheimer’s disease. Chess stimulates the ONLY $595mind and challenges one’s ability to think fully transferable, no refundsprogressively, recognize patterns to planstrategy and improve concentration time.Everyone can benefit from these skills. CHECKOur goal is to raise $250,000 this year tokeep our programs running and develop acenter where we can teach. We hope to attract Call Nowmore volunteers to help with administration,as well as mentoring.Be Someone special. Sponsor a childtoday through a scholarship or visitwww.besomeone.org to contribute to this tax 800.849.4113 or visit www.autosuccess.bizdeductible, non-profit organization. for more information“When children win, we all win.” OrrinHudson. * must be an attendee and register by April 26th, 2005Orrin Hudson can be contactedat 800.901.3057, or by e-mail at SEE MORE INFORMATION ON PAGE 4ohudson@autosuccess.biz.april 2005 9
  9. 9. sts ms ls fis sf ZigZiglar sales and training solution Saying a Lot Without Saying a Word In addition to speaking tired, sad, unhappy and so on, because you When the words that come out of your and writing, you thought you were hiding your problems mouth don’t match the expression on your communicate with pretty well? Surely you’ve seen people who face or the stance of your body, it confuses your facial expressions look so dejected, with their heads hanging, the person with whom you are trying to and body language. shoulders sagging and feet dragging, that you communicate. Consider these examples: Have you ever heard wanted to go over, ask them what was wronganyone ask, “Are you okay?” and been and offer to help in any way. You felt their • When you shuffle papers on your desksurprised when they said you looked worried, pain just by looking at them. while an associate or employee is telling you something, you communicate that what you’re doing is more important than what the other person is saying. When you look the associate or DEALERS MUST BE employee in the eye and nod or shake your head as that person talks to you, you communicate that you’re listening intently and that what’s being said is ON TELEVISION! meaningful to you. • When as a manager you keep your door closed, you communicate that you do not want the employees you are paid to manage to bother you. An open-door See why over 100 dealers nationwide have policy encourages openness and makes you approachable, which makes you INCREASED SALES MORE THAN 30% IN part of the team you are in charge of leading. LESS THAN 90 DAYS WITH TELEVISION! • When a factory superintendent keeps his office at the back door next to the We produce nearly 4,000 commercials parking lot and leaves the door open, a year from our studios. We give you he communicates to workers that he’s unlimited, high quality television campaigns open to them and interested in what they have to say. When his office is and promotions FREE. With computerized up front and the door remains closed, media buying technology, we buy television as he communicates an entirely different much as 30%-40% more effectively than any message. media buyer in the nation and give you All kinds of communications deliver UNLIMITED TV CAMPAIGNS scores of messages - some of which are not intended. For example, people who are AND PROMOTIONS! consistently late communicate that they Call for a FREE demo tape and information. believe their time is more important than the time of the person who has to wait. Most people can forgive an occasional slip, but those who are perennially late lose friends Larry John Wright, Inc. and influence in the process. Automotive Advertising Yes, what you communicate does make a difference. Consider what your actions and expressions communicate and make the “America’s Premier Automotive Advertising Agency” necessary changes. 1-800-821-5068 Zig Ziglar is the chairman of Ziglar Training Systems in Dallas, TX. To subscribe to Zig’s free weekly newsletter visit www.ziglartraining.com. Article reprinted with permission. All rights reserved. 10 www.autosuccess.biz
  10. 10. sts ms ls fis SteveHiatt sales and training solution Why is Your Prospect Leaving One of the only things from raising more defenses. service, the warranty, maybe me, the sales worse than missing a person, or is it the price?” sale is not knowing Clarify. why you missed it. Take the time to let other people talk. We “No problem folks, hey before you go, And had you known assume we know what our customer wants would you mind telling me where you are the prospect’s true or, worse yet, we take everything the on the scale of one to 10 on getting this car?objection, you could have overcome it and customer says at face value. Take the time One being no way, not if it was free, andsold a car. Here are some tips. to really get to understand your customer 10 being, let’s do it now. Where would you with clarifying questions. Think of them be? Eight. Great, what’s keeping your fromDon’t believe everything you hear. as the newspaper reporter questions: who, being at a 10?”It is often a stressful situation buying a car, what, why, when, where and how. Try to getand when under stress, people often say your customers to expand so you have more “Susan, you know, I have an awesome jobthings they don’t really mean. Don’t take this information. This information can help you helping people get a product that they canpersonally; these people have no clue who focus on and present to their hot buttons. really enjoy. Doing this is just like workingyou are yet and will trust you after rapport a jigsaw puzzle. All we need to do is makehas been established. Try questions like: “How so?” “What do you sure that all the pieces are out on the table, mean?” or “How do you mean specifically?” and then we can move them around untilDon’t attack. “What would you change about your car?” everything looks perfect. I am really goodOften we attack an objection before the “What do you like about your car?” at that part of my job; I just need to makeprospect even lets the words finish coming sure we have all the pieces. Are we missingout of his or her mouth. Sometimes we get the Sometimes more complex objections any pieces that you know? Maybe the carsilliest objections and then make them sillier require: “How did you arrive at that?” “Why we chose isn’t right or is too expensive, theby attacking them. The best way to handle do you feel that way?” “Suppose we could financial considerations such as the downthis is to let the customer get the whole handle that?” payment or the price seems out of reach,objection out. Often they talk themselves out could you tell me?”of the objections by listening to themselves Here are some word tracks to keep peoplestate it out loud and actually hear how silly from leaving: With commitment and practice you’ll makeit is. If we attack right away, the prospect is more sales. How does that make you feel?forced to defend his or her own statement “Okay, I can appreciate that you want to gono matter how crazy it is. Brian Tracy says think about it. Before you go, and so that I Steve Hiatt is the owner of Mountaineffective listening is to pause before replying. can be better prepared for the next time we Mitsubishi in Tacoma, WA. He can beA short pause, of three to five seconds, is a get together, what is it you are to concerned contacted at 866.265.5616, or by e-mail atvery classy thing to do in a conversation. about? Is it the car, the dealership, the shiatt@autosuccess.biz.When you pause, you accomplish three goalssimultaneously. First, you avoid running therisk of interrupting if the other person is justcatching his or her breath before continuing.Second, you show the other person thatyou are giving careful consideration to hisor her words by not jumping in with yourown comments at the earliest opportunity.The third benefit of pausing is that you willactually hear the other person better. His orher words will soak into a deeper level of yourmind and you will understand what he or sheis saying with greater clarity. By pausing, youmark yourself as a brilliant conversationalist.Don’t assume.What they are about to tell you may not bewhat you think it is. People also have varyinglevels of perception, so what may not be aproblem for you is a problem for them.Soften.In some form, acknowledge the objection.Simple phrases like, “OK, that’s fine, andI can appreciate that,” do a ton for makingyour prospect feel heard. Their perceptionis everything. By doing this you keep themapril 2005 11
  11. 11. sts ms ls fis sf ScottJoseph marketing solution Prioritize to Grow Your Dealership to the Next Plateau and Beyond What are your increase your ad response 10 or 20 times? Do phone or letter to help them buy from you strategies to acquire you measure the effectiveness of your ads? again or simply to say, “hello, we’re still here conquest sales – New Maybe 90 percent of your ad budget isn’t and we appreciate your business”? Business? working at all! Do you test headlines? Do you test the offers you make in the ads? Do Are you providing a noble service to your Let’s say instead of you always make your ads “direct response” customers by educating them to the thingsdraining your energies on cutting costs, ads that engender a response and don’t simply you are already doing for them so that theyyou focused all your energies on improving “fly the flag”? Do you rerun ads that work? fully understand the value of what you do?- acquisition of new customers via yourads. Say you test different headlines and When you measure the responses, you can Perhaps more importantly, do you fullyoffers. You could conceivably multiply your make informed decisions about whether a educate them to the things you could beresponses TWENTY FOLD. Twenty Fold! particular ad pays. If it does, your ad budget doing for them? If they need the servicesEvery time you run the ad! Even if it only becomes meaningless because you just or products you provide, and you are notimproved by 10 percent, how would that keep running it over and over until it stops ensuring that they purchase again fromaffect your dealership, your sales people and working. You may blow your ad budget by you, you are doing them a disservice. Inyou personally? 50 percent and make a fortune. But you can it’s crudest sense, given that they are going only know by measuring. to seek out someone to service those needsO.K., that’s the theory. But what are the key and wants, if you don’t do everything in“leverage points” most relevant to you right 4. Use direct mail. your power to ensure they continue to buynow, and for the rest of 2005? The ones on Do you use direct mail? When you find the from you, you’re guilty of casting themwhich you should be focusing. And how do formula that works for you it can open up out into the shark-infested waters of youryou harness them? totally new markets instantly. Do you test the competition. And will they look after your lists? Response to one list can return 1,000 customer as you would?For the remainder of this article we will focus percent or more than another list. Do you teston two key areas on which you can focus the timing? Do you test the format? Do you Do you take steps to make certain you areyour energies; 1. Customer Acquisition and experiment with different offers? getting all the potential business from your2. Customer Nurturing. existing customers? 5. Create events that attract prospects.Acquisition Strategies – Acquiring New Do you create an event for new model 2. Do you add value?Customers: introductions, model year clearances, year- Do you make them feel special with closed-1. Create a programmed referral system. end clearances and your store’s anniversary, door sales or advance-notice events? Do youReferrals are very often the most cost- grand opening, remodeling, etc? Do you run make your customers into members witheffective and major source of new business. seminars or demonstration days and invite special privileges?Instituting a programmed ongoing system qualified prospects to come and sample your Do you provide them with a hotline servicetakes away the hit and miss. Referrals no expertise. A seminar on child seat safety is a or support that goes above and beyond thelonger come by default, but in a predictable perfect example. industry standard?ongoing stream. You can create referral cards(maybe your dealership’s own VIP card), 6. Maximize your closing ratios. Do you have a set of performance standardshave a system of follow-up letters to previous Do you ensure that your managers and sales that sets out clearly for your customercustomers or give them gifts for referring. people really understand the dynamics of what they can expect from you? And, prospects-to-sales ratios? Those simple more importantly, are your people totally2. Acquire business by endorsement. higher-performance standards at this point committed to those standards?Constantly look for ways to have other can double sales with no extra cost! Arebusiness owners with similar or related they superbly trained to convert enquiries Will it add value if you do what you domarkets recommend you to their customers. to sales by opening relationships instead of faster?This borrowing of someone else’s goodwill closing sales?can open entirely new and sometimes massive By focusing on these priorities, you’llmarkets. Having a local credit union send out Nurturing Strategies – Nurturing Existing magnify and multiply your effort and energy,a letter to their client base promoting a sales Customers. and it’ll reflect positively and rapidly on yourevent at your dealership is a perfect example. 1. Identify your customer’s true needs. bottom line.Can you put together a win-win offer that Are you continually focused on the fact thatwill make recommending you attractive to it is six times more cost-efficient to generate Prosperous marketing!the owner of that client base, while making new business from your existing customerresponding irresistible to the client? base than to try and acquire a new customer? Scott Joseph is the president of J&L Marketing Inc. He can be contacted3. Create advertising that actually works. Do you have a programmed approach to at 866.429.6846, or by e-mail atDo you make use of the fact that testing may talking with your previous customers by sjoseph@autosuccess.biz. 12 www.autosuccess.biz
  12. 12. “Let’s make financing magic together.”We’d love to meet with you to discuss how we canhelp provide the best financing to your customers.With our deferred-payment option, we’re quite surewe can make you very happy.Drop your local commercial DRM a line or call1-877-TEAMBVF and make a date soon. A product of DaimlerChrysler ServicesJeep® is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.
  13. 13. sts ms ls fis sf DavidKain marketing solution Internet Sales Success: Strategies for Management Involvement In designing a playing online. This stays in the manager’s the customer appointment and successful Internet memory and unfortunately casts suspicion review worksheet process at a dealership over the value of all leads. You have to be • Present and demonstrate the vehicle, there is a critical mindful of this in your interaction with the trade appraisal, service walk, sales element that is often manager and publicize the Internet customer manager introduction, etc. overlooked. That as the real deal. In this way we maintain their • Involve the manager when necessarycritical element is the involvement of sales support on the customers we can appoint and • Sell and deliver the vehiclemanagers. These key managers interact with gain their advice on how to motivate those • Follow up with sold and unsoldthe Internet team on a daily basis and their customers who won’t appoint or respond. customersbuy-in and support to the overall process isessential. Working Internet deals effectively By following these or similar steps you will Working Internet deals with a sales manager gain the sales manager’s attention and he orSales Management Integration should be normalized as much as possible. she will definitely be available to supportMany dealerships are under the impression Successful floor sales people know how to your efforts.that it is necessary for the Internet department get the manager’s attention when they areto be a stand-alone entity working outside working a deal. It’s simple – bring them a The toughest step is gaining thethe dealership selling process. This separate completed worksheet with the customer’s appointmentdesignation is typically a throwback to intentions clearly spelled out. Show the Setting an appointment and getting thethe early days when the Internet customer manager you have followed the steps to customer to show is the real reason Internetwas actually quite unique and had special the sale as prescribed and the manager will selling is more difficult than showroomrequirements in their purchase process. become fully vested and provide the guidance selling. To get the deal you must first getNowadays with as many as 80 percent and support necessary to close the deal. the appointment. You have to convince theof consumers using the Internet during Internet customer it is in his or her bestthe buying process, that assumption is no Savvy Internet sales people can do the same interest to make an appointment. To do thislonger valid. The Internet shopper is now thing even when the customer is not in the you must describe to them an environmentthe Average Jane or Joe and we have to showroom. Bring the manager a completed that is attractive and then be able to backassume all of them want a special process. worksheet like you would a showroom it up when they get to the showroom. ThisTo meet their needs and sell over the Internet customer. Show the manager you have is where support from your manager isin high volumes, a dealership must utilize all followed the “steps to the Internet sale” essential.it’s management team, especially it’s sales and the manager will provide the necessarymanagers. support. Making the Internet appointment special Once the customer has agreed to theA Full Plate The steps to the Internet sale appointment, your manager must make itThe daily tasks of a sales manager are quite As I mentioned before it is important to easy for you to create an environment for thedaunting already, and in setting up their normalize the Internet sale as much as Internet customer that is easy, convenientinvolvement in the Internet process a dealer possible for you to sell in high volume. and takes less time than a typical showroommust be sensitive to his or her workload. If This normalization means creating your visit. You will need your manager to helpyou look at the full plate in front of a sales own “steps to the Internet sale.” These steps you streamline the visit with prioritymanager you will discover he or she is typically include: appraisals, manager turnover and quickerresponsible for many actions beyond just access to finance. Get your manager tomanaging the sale of vehicles. Selling is • Respond to each lead quickly by greet your customers when they first arriveactually the part they enjoy! They also create e-mail and telephone and create that special feeling. Your trackads, review daily work plans, order vehicles, • Interview the customer, build record of following the steps to the Internetwork with wholesalers and rehash deals with rapport, review specs and discuss sale should convince your manager thatlenders and on and on. trade intentions your customers typically purchase so they • Describe the Internet sales process should be very responsive to this request.Given his or her full plate, it is no surprise including how you handle pricing, Ultimately, they want to sell a vehicle, andthat the typical sales manager has little trades and financing if you do your part in getting the customer intime to waste. That is why as an Internet • Schedule an appointment that is the door your manager will do his or her partsales person you should develop an Internet convenient of helping you close the deal.lead into a “normal” type of customer. By • Confirm the appointment by e-mailcommunicating to the manager that the and phoneInternet customer is a real buyer you gain • Prepare for the appointment by David Kain is the automotive Internet training specialist at Kain Automotive Inc.his or her attention. Sometimes we hurt selecting inventory and preparing a He can be contacted at 800.385.0095, orourselves by complaining out loud that leads worksheet by e-mail at dkain@autosuccess.biz, orare bad and that a lot of customers are just • Alert the sales manager of visit www.kainautomotive.com. 14 www.autosuccess.biz
  14. 14. sts ms ls fis sf KirkManzo sales and training solution How to Conduct Effective Save-a-Deal Meetings Each morning The pink list of hot prospects should be work with this customer yesterday should examine the previous discussed to determine how to entice this call them today and ask what could be done day’s sales activities. customer to do business with us now. Was to help them. Daily save-a-deal it the trade, the payment, the selection? meetings are the Regardless of reason, a manager that did not Schedule your daily save-a-deal meeting to most effective way to start 15 minutes after your sales people areaccomplish this task. Every morning all the scheduled to arrive at the dealership. Thismanagers of your dealership meet to review insures they all arrive on time each dayand discuss yesterday’s activities. In order Schedule your daily before you start a management review ofto accomplish this in a timely manner, the save-a-deal meeting to yesterday’s sales efforts. Allocate about 20desk manager’s responsibility is to log everypoint of contact any of your sales people start 15 minutes after minutes for your meeting. As time permits review two and three days back on the salehave with a non-employee (up), even the your sales people are logs for all pink hot prospects still listed.people driving through the lot. scheduled to arriveA manual desk log is preferable, and if you at the dealership. After completing a review of the sales log (print it out and highlight if computer based)use a computer-based tracking system, every This insures they all then transition to your scheduled one-on-opportunity should be entered to get an arrive on time each ones we discussed in the March issue.accurate up count each day. Remember if theyare on your lot, they are there because they day before you start Go make something happen!need to add or replace a vehicle and believe a management reviewyou may have what they want. of yesterday’s sales Kirk Manzo is the general manager at Ziegler Supersystems. He can beRecording accurate stats is critical to make efforts. contacted at 800.858.6903, or by e-mail atadjustments in what you will do to make kmanzo@autosuccess.biz.more money. The log should be color codedfor efficiency during the review at the dailysave-a-deal meeting. Green for sold, pink fora hot prospect and yellow for a dead deal.If improving your front-end gross is your 70,000number one focus vs. increasing volume(choose which is of greater importance at New Homeowners List – Every Week!this time) begin reviewing the green sold list Available by ZIP, city, county & statefirst, if volume is your bigger issue start withthe pink hot prospect list first. They Have Money and Are Ready to Spend It… We Have a List of Their Names!In reviewing the sold vehicles, you shouldexamine how much profit was produced both Studies show most new homeowners buy a new car within six months ofon the front and back end. For this reason moving into their new home. The fact is, the average new homeownersomeone from the F&I department should spends between $10,000 and $25,000 on products and services in the firstbe present each day to report on yesterday’s year in their new residence…including new and used cars, trucks and SUVs!F&I production results. Target the new homeowner prospects in your area…select by city, state, ZIP, area code, estimated home value and much more. New movers andIn reviewing each sold unit use the Plus / bankruptcy filers also available.Delta Approach to examine your results.Plus meaning you did a good job, the Call John Schendt at 866-619-9021customer is happy and we made a good Email: John Schendt@infoUSA.comprofit. The question you then ask is simply, Visit www.AutoListsUSA.com“Why?” Record and repeat what is working.Improve or delete what isn’t. Call for the number of prospects in your area!Delta meaning what would you dodifferently? Now knowing what you doabout the situation of this sale, a poor result,how could this be avoided today if presentedwith similar circumstances? Mistakes andfailures are a part of life; you can’t avoid a division of infoUSA®them. How you respond and learn from them 5711 S. 86th Circle • Omaha, NE 68127 90ASMis the key to your improvement.april 2005 15
  15. 15. sts ms ls fis sf CarolMartin sales and training solution How to Identify and Sell to the Accommodator Personality This is the final article and regretting it later. Your job will be to Walking out empty handed in a series of three push them along gently and offer plenty of If you’ve done all you can to clinch a deal dealing with how you reassurance that they’re picking out the right and your Accommodator prospect still tells can increase sales vehicle for their needs; stay upbeat and earn you he or she needs more time to consider simply by adapting their trust. It may be beneficial also to share the options, make follow-up calls to maintain your business some anecdotal information about yourself, rapport. It’s important to keep your name andapproach to suit the specific needs of your as Accommodators usually enjoy people and your offer flashing through their minds and,buyers. Our first article “How to Identify like to know more about them. as always, renegotiating may help.and Sell to the Entrepreneur Personality”delved into the behavioral traits of time- Keep this in the front of your mind: If and when your Accommodator returns todriven, enterprising prospects who usually Accommodators often feel more compelled the dealership, don’t assume that a deal isknow exactly what they want and precisely to follow through with their plans when they at hand. Just when you think all is well andhow to get it. Our last article in AutoSuccess know that doing so will help someone else. he or she is ready to sign, the risks inherentwas titled “How to Identify and Sell to the Therefore, do not hesitate to show them that to the finalization of any business ventureTechnician Personality.” It outlined ways you indeed want, need and would very much may be too much for your anxiety-riddledto evoke a positive response from shoppers appreciate their business. would-be customer to handle. Once again,who seem rather reserved and well informed your encouragement and warmth may easebut perhaps also a bit skeptical of the entiresales process. As a sales fears and help dispel any feelings of buyer remorse. professional, it’s importantThis time, we’re identifying the The behavior of Accommodator personalitiesAccommodator. reflects their firm desire to do things properly,What’s the hurry? to realize that not cause problems (either for themselves or others) and make good judgment calls.While our fast-paced society seems driven each one of your While it is probably true that much patience ups will behaveby people who are nearly frenetic, it’s is needed when attempting to secure theirimportant to keep in mind that there are still buying commitment, it is also probably truesome out there who will willingly take thetime to savor a moment. They feel no real differently, that they’ll thank you and remember you for the efforts you made when guiding themcompulsion to rush through transactions and and you must through what for them is a gut-wrenching be ßexibleprefer to adopt a rather laid back approach experience.to life. They’re usually relatively easygoing,upbeat and able to take things as they come. if you want You may also find they have sent new business your way by recommending youThey tend to be caregivers, individuals from to maximize to friends and family members. And, if opportunities toall segments of society who take great pride they can find you when they’re ready toin helping others, nurturing, going the extra buy again, these persevering creatures ofmile. They like to be precise in everythingthey do and often second-guess their own close deals. habit will likely come looking for you. The return on your initial investments of time andconclusions, over-think and talk themselves tolerance could be remarkably high.into and out of ideas repeatedly. Accommodators often tend to be nonassertive, unhurried, conscientious As a sales professional, it’s important toIf your latest potential buyer seems gentle, extroverts who respond best to an realize that each one of your ups will behavesociable, laid back and in no real hurry to enthusiastic, but more suggestive than shark- differently, and you must be flexible if youmake a purchase, you’re likely dealing with like sales approach. But how independently want to maximize opportunities to closean Accommodator personality. It’s probably minded are they? Should you give them their deals. Entrepreneurs, Technicians andsafe to say this will be anything but a quick own space, leave them alone for a while, let Accommodators, like other personalitysale. Accommodators dislike making snap them draw their own conclusions? types, come with various measures of theirdecisions; however, you can save yourself specific traits. While each group falls intoneedless frustration by learning how to Because Accommodators typically rely on a similar pattern and general trends cancope with their rather unique approach to others to show them the way, it’s probably be detected, it is wise to learn more aboutbusiness. best to maintain a close relationship with yourself so you can better determine what them. They should genuinely appreciate you might need to modify in your workFirst, be aware that Accommodators like your attempts to steer them in the right approach and what might be best left as is.to know the specifics of everything so direction. Do not hesitate to probe into whatthey can avoid making mistakes. They’ve they’re really looking for in a vehicle. Be up Carol Martin is a senior consultantbeen known to abruptly call a halt to their front when you don’t have answers for them, with The Omnia Group. She can beactions or redo things that were perfectly though, and resist any urge you might have contacted at 800.601.3216, or by e-mail atfine to begin with; they fear acting hastily to just guess. cmartin@autosuccess.biz. 16 www.autosuccess.biz
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  17. 17. fs feature solution BruceThompson Does Your Wholesaler Own a Bigger House Than YouDoes he or she deserve to? a formula for disaster. Clearly, dealers must vehicle, and not everyone has the gift. put the right money in trades rather thanIf a wholesaler provides a genuine service allow wholesalers to set the market. Monitoring the appraiser’s performanceto dealers and immediate relief to their ensures that dealers have the best opportunityinventory woes, then perhaps he does. But Mike Hockett, CEO of Auction Broadcasting to trade for every customer’s vehicle withoutmore often than not, when the wholesaler is Company and founder of Adesa, recalls buying the business. Conversely, the dealermaking profits on the vehicles he just bought feeling in his wholesale/retail days that he needs to know whether his store is merelyfrom the used car manager, the store is losing had failed if he missed a vehicle by $35. stealing trades to offset wholesale losses.business. The average cost of a vehicle in 1975 was The problem has always been that there approximately $3,500 and imports hadn’t are simply no tools that allow dealersSurvival in the retail automotive world yet hit America’s shores. Today, hundreds of to proactively measure and manage therequires skill, determination and drive, and product lines and trim levels appear on the appraiser. There is a tremendous need forthe playing field is not always level. Those market, but dealers are doing things today tools that help the appraiser avoid mistakeswith talent and discipline tend to be more just like they did in 1975, 1965, even 1955. by giving him real-time information that willsuccessful than others, and in the used enable him to make better decisions.vehicle world, there are wholesalers and then Here’s a sobering thought:there are true market makers. Wholesalers Recent industry developments suggest thatwho have achieved “market maker status” Although the retail automotive industry dealers now have the appraisal tools theydo so because they have connections and has drastically changed in the last 30 years, have needed for years. Three of the topthe ability to turn thousand dollar profits in the way dealers do business has not. And five automotive groups in the country area matter of minutes. one of the most neglected areas, which can employing them, as are hundreds of stores dramatically affect a store’s revenues is the across the United States. The positive resultsThese wholesalers are able to do this appraisal process. are becoming transparent with the recentbecause so many intangibles determine a earnings announcements, and the big publicvehicle’s value. Miles, color and condition The scenario is typical and is played out cap companies are seeing substantial lift andare just a few of the factors that can swing in hundreds of stores every year. Dealers profitability in their used car business.a vehicle’s value. With all the other things find out that an appraiser has made poora used car manager has to oversee and all decisions 90-120 days after he’s been hired. More than 500 stores using newly developedof the distractions present in the dealership Volume and grosses start declining and appraisal tools participated in a study onenvironment, it’s fairly easy to pick off the wholesale loss goes up. Further investigation their new system’s effectiveness. In mostthousand dollar winners from him. For the determines that inventory is under water instances, the tools had been in placeaverage UCM, being on top of the market and that a real problem exists and is about for at least 12 months. The results wereon every trade is almost impossible, but to get worse. The customary response is astonishing. When the tools were initiallythere are consequences for his actions — or reactionary, but a more appropriate and installed, the dealerships were losing aninaction. When consumers are not getting possibly preventative action would be to average of $300 on every vehicle appraised,top dollar for their vehicles, it’s easier for proactively monitor this critical position and traded for and wholesaled. Today thosethe store’s competitors to steal the business take early steps to eliminate potentially bad same stores are making a $10 average profitby putting more money in the trade. Letting situations. on these same vehicles. That’s a dramatica customer walk because the wholesaler has swing. What’s even more compelling is thatbeen allowed to set the market on a vehicle is Simply stated, there is an art to appraising a these dealers are trading for more vehicles 20 www.autosuccess.biz