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Cosmos recruitment

  1. 1. First there was Chaos... What Cosmos can do for Recruitment
  2. 2. consulting, s.a.autoritas Who are we? ‣ Autoritas UK Consulting is the UK division of Autoritas S.A., a technology consultancy company formed by professionals from several areas of knowledge: computer scientists, telecom engineers, economists, psychologists, geographers, linguists and political scientists ‣ We help to Plan, Align, Analyse, Create, Protect, and Act with your digital identity and strategy ‣ We are passionate about social intelligence 3
  3. 3. consulting, s.a.autoritas What’s Cosmos? ‣ Cosmos is an active listening tool developed by Autoritas Consulting to manage all the relationships that an organisation has with the internet universe ‣ Cosmos brings order to the chaos of internet and provides a proven methodology to grab the opportunities that arise from new knowledge 4
  4. 4. consulting, s.a.autoritas What’s Cosmos? (cont’d) ‣ Cosmos is an strategy wizard that enables to align your digital strategy to your business strategy ‣ Cosmos adds the internet perspective to an organisation’s Balanced Scorecard, helping measure the objectives to be achieved and monitoring your KPIs ‣ Cosmos takes into account all the areas of your business where the internet has an impact and provides the necessary scorecards to evaluate them in a comprehensive, homogeneous and consistent way 5
  5. 5. consulting, s.a.autoritas What’s Cosmos? (cont’d) ‣ Cosmos works through the semantics, looking for the interpretation of concepts behind the words and conversations found on the internet, their context and the relationships between them ‣ Cosmos interprets sentences semantically and breaks down opinions into their sense, linking them to your strategy board 6 ‣ Tracks your brand image, monitors trends, geolocates, and allows you to set up an alert system
  6. 6. consulting, s.a.autoritas Recruitment in UK ‣ Permanent staffing recruitment turnover reached £2.5 bln. The number working in recruitment exceeds 91 thousand The REC Annual Recruitment Industry Trends 2010/11 ‣ Economic downturn will continue to shape organisational change, so companies need to draw on leadership capacity to maintain employee engagement and job satisfaction CIPD Employee Outlook. Spring 2013 ‣ UK business leaders are so concerned about the availability of key skills that they rate it as the greatest threat to their business’ growth PwC’s 16th Annual Global CEO survey. 2013 7
  7. 7. consulting, s.a.autoritas Passive Candidate Searching ‣ Find the influencers in your practice areas 8 Accounting & Finances Education Hospitality Interim Management Executives Marketing & Comm. HR & Legal ...
  8. 8. consulting, s.a.autoritas People Profiling ‣ Which words are linked to your candidate in the internet and in the social networks? ‣ What is your candidate talking about? ‣ Which topics are the main ones? ‣ When does your candidate interact? ‣ Who does your candidate interact with? Is that interaction bidirectional? How intense? ‣ How wide is the gap between what it has been said in the resumé and in the internet? ‣ Are there any differences between what the candidate says in the internet and what others say about him/her? 9
  9. 9. consulting, s.a.autoritas People Profiling (cont’d) ‣ David McClelland’s Acquired Needs theory 10 NEED FOR POWER NEED FOR ACHIEVEMENT NEED FOR AFFILIATION SELF-IMAGE PERCEIVED IMAGE
  10. 10. consulting, s.a.autoritas ‣ How are your clients industries evolving? ‣ Are there any opportunities arising in an specific company? Job Market Monitoring 11 ‣ Would you like to aggregate job adverts appearing all over the internet in your own scoreboard?
  11. 11. consulting, s.a.autoritas We want to help you tame the Chaos ‣ We are bringing you Cosmos ‣ Give us a call: 07843 787 854 | @AutoritasUK 12