A car owner must know some obd basic knowledge


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A car owner must know some obd basic knowledge:

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A car owner must know some obd basic knowledge

  1. 1. AutoOBDToolsLearning CenterAutoOBDTools offical blog is used to share auto obd diagnostic toolsknowledge You are here: Home / car repair terms / A car owner must know some obd basic knowledge A car owner must know some obd basic RSS knowledge RSS By Lucy Quliar on August 9, 2011 | Leave a response In modern,more and more people can easily buy a car.even a family own above three cars.when you drive some years,it maybe lead problem,such as check engine light on,airbag Search or oil problem lead you can’t continue to drive.so you should repair and pay big bucks.there Search this site... is a way can keep your money down on your car repair,if you know some obd knowledge. So what is OBD-II? What is OBD-II? OBD-II abbreviation of the On-Board Diagnostics, obd the second generation. On-Board Diagnostic systems are in most cars and light trucks on the road today. During the ’70s and Categories early 1980′s manufacturers started using electronic means to control engine functions and diagnose engine problems. This was primarily to meet EPA emission standards. Through Auto Code Reader the years on-board diagnostic systems have become more sophisticated. OBD-II, a new auto user manual standard introduced in the mid-’90s, provides almost complete engine control and also car key programmer monitors parts of the chassis, body and accessory devices, as well as the diagnostic control car repair terms network of the car. OBD trouble codes lookup How do I know whether my car is OBD-II compliant? OBDII PDF E-BOOK Download There are five basic OBD-II protocols in use, on the communication pattern between the on- board diagnostic computer and the scanner console or tool.While there have been some manufacturer changes between protocols in the past few years, as a rule of thumb. Archives Chrysler products and all European and most Asian imports use ISO 9141 circuitry or KWP2000. August 2011 (8) GM cars and light trucks use SAE J1850 VPW (Variable Pulse Width Modulation) July 2011 (97) Fords use SAE J1850 PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) communication patterns. June 2011 (1) CAN is the newest protocol added to the OBD-II specification, and it is mandated for all 2008 and newer model years. You may also want to know which protocol is used on a specific automobile by examining Recent Comments the connector socket carefully. Rose on OBDMATE OM520 OBD2 EOBD New Model Code Reader user manual Tisha on how to buy auto code reader|shop tips Maisyn on What are the usual obd connector picture reasons for an OBD diagnostic Failure J1850 VPW –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 2, 4, 5, and 16,but Kayleen on What is OBDII(On-Board not 10. Diagnostic) ISO 9141-2/KWP2000 –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 4, 5, 7, Jewel Fraize on free 2010 Chevrolet
  2. 2. 15, and 16. Avalanche Owner’s Manual pdf J1850 PWM –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 2, 4, 5, 10, and16. download CAN –The connector should have metallic contacts in pins 4, 5, 6, 14 and 16. If the vehicle is not OBD-II compliant, you cannot use a generic OBD-II scan tool such as Autel MaxiScan MS309 to obtain diagnostic information from your vehicle. Blogroll AutoOBDTools POSTED IN car repair terms TAGGED obd basic knowledge, obd knowledgeVisitors Who Viewed This Article Also Viewed PIN READER for Chrysle TACHO UNIVERSAL V2008.01 Porsche Piwis Cable Free Autel MaxiScan VAG405 CPU BOARD Shipping OBD2|OBDII EOBD CAN BUS For VWAudi Price: 237.99$ Price: 170.00$ Price: 35.00$ Price: 49.99$ Autel MaxiDiag FR704 Uniscan (Un600) Diagnostic V-Checker CAN-BUS OBD2 VOLVO VIDA DICE 2010D OBD2|OBDII EOBD multi- Tool Scanner Diagnostic Tool functional scan tool Price: 229.00$ Price: 78.99$ Price: 112.98$ Price: 310.00$ Leave a Reply Name * Email * Website Comment POST COMMENT
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