evaluation question 1


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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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evaluation question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Narrative structureCharacter typesMusic and soundIconographyThemesEditingMise-en-scene
  3. 3. A state of equilibrium at the outsetA reinstatement of A disruption of thethe equilibrium equilibrium by some action A recognition that thereAn attempt to repair the has been some disruptiondisruption
  4. 4. A state of equilibriumNo reinstatement of A disruption of thethe equilibrium equilibrium A recognition that there has been some disruption
  5. 5. The conventions of the thriller genre are mainly to do with sound and editing, for example the use of quick cuts and camera angle changes, music that gives tension and the quickening of pace when appropriate. Tension created in a thriller can also have something to do with the lighting of the scene, especially the use of shadow, mirrors and stairs are also conventions of thriller movies. Our short film ‘Malice’ can be seen as a thriller, however it does not particularly play to the typical conventions, as we attempt to avoid darkness and shadows except for in one scene. Our film does use other conventions such as including a flash back, a small, claustrophobic setting (mainly the bathroom) and the use ofOur main character walking across a quick edits and enigmatic cameradimly lit hallway adjacent to the staircase angles.
  6. 6. Music and soundIn our thriller, we actually challenged the typical conventionswith our soundtrack. In the short film ‘Bonvoyage’ by JoaquinCardoner which is of a similar genre, they have used a pianobased melody throughout the opening sequence, the type ofmusic used creates a lot of suspense and heightens the tensionas opposed to our short film ‘Malice’ where our music takenfrom www.freeplaymusic.com is more techno sounding and inmy opinion gives our film a more edginess and uniqueness, as itleaves the audience guessing ‘What type of film is this going tobe?’ , this also creates an element of mystery which we thoughtwould be a good element to incorporate into our film.
  7. 7. Although we had written a script, we allowed our characters the freedom to‘stray’ away from their given lines to create a sense of realism, as we didn’twant the characters sounding like they were reading straight of the pages.With this freedom we hoped that the audience would feel some sense ofconnection towards the characters. Also we thought, by not keeping theactors confined to the script we though that the reactions would appear morenatural such as the shock and confusion – two emotions typical of the genreCostume wise, as our film was set in a moderately normal location the actorswere allowed to wear anything they liked as long as it was suitable. Aiden (left) simply chose to wear just a plain blue t-shirt to emphasise the casualness of the location. Victoria is dressed similarly and Levi (right) is dressed a little bit more smarter but still fits in well with other two characters.
  8. 8. Typically to cliché horror films, our short film ends with the ‘Final Girl’ but straying away from the conventions of both the horror and thriller genres, her fate is left undetermined. (The final girl is a trope in thriller and horror films (particularly slasher films) that specifically refers to the last woman or girl alive to confront the killer, ostensibly the one left to tell the story. The final girl has been observed in dozens of films)Victoria (Chloe Lennon) is dressed quite feminine and girly, bywearing a jumper with a heart on it and leaving her hair down.This supports other films as she looks quite innocent andvenerable.Mary Elizabeth Winstead (final destination 3), Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy theVampire Slayer and Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween)
  9. 9. We felt that that the objects shown in thebackground of the shot had a profoundeffect on the realism of our short film andwas an important factor in connectingwith the audience, by showing everydayitems such as bathroom clutter it showedthat our characters were not ‘unrealistic’and that they are still normal people.
  10. 10. Iconography of thriller films are usually items which appeal topeople either through wealth or power, usual iconography ofthrillers include guns/fast cars/explosions/low level lightning/claustrophobic environments/gritty camerawork.All three characters just about fit within theframe, emphasising the claustrophobia ofour film
  11. 11. Iconography in horror films follow a standardized pattern, thatvery usually deviates from the original format. The pattern inhorror films are set up to address the implied viewer which makesthe genre identifiable.The connotation of the horror genre, tends to immediately tell theviewer who and what is good or evil, and also identifies the codeslinked to them. However in our film ‘Malice’, we wanted the audience to struggle to identify what is considered good or evil, this deviates away from the typical conventions of a horror film because it is not obvious and adds to the tension.
  12. 12. The editing of both horror and thriller genres of film tend tospeed up at times of any potential looming danger, this is used tounsettle the audience. Quick cuts are also used to give theaudience to get a small glimpse of whatever is happening but notfully(its often not what the audience can see, but what is implied,and fleeting glimpses of some mysterious foe can offer theaudience a chance to fill in the gaps with their own, much greaterimaginative creation). Also the quick cuts of editing can representthe adrenaline of such situations.‘Malice’ tends to follow the typical editing techniques of horrorfilms by using quick cuts to heighten the tension and to give thefilm pace as our film starts of quite slow but quickly picks up.