TEETH WHITENING SECRET GUIDEThe following Guide provides you the releveant information you need to know before venturingin...
them whiten their teeth.If you try to look at things, looking for the best product that could whiten your teeth is quite a...
ones to use. Made from a very flexible plastic, these strips stick directly to your teeth and are wornfor hours. The activ...
pots to make it shine again, whitening toothpastes will slowly but surely polish away your toothstains and make your pearl...
your teeth. If they see that bleaching wont work on you, there are other procedures that they canuse to make your teeth wh...
Why Go for Laser Teeth Whitening?These days, cosmetic surgery is something that people go for in order for them to look go...
desired white teeth just like what you see in Television commercials or if you want to have a smilelike Julia Roberts. IF ...
We all know that there are a lot of products that promise to help you get that perfect pearly whitesbut in fact, these pro...
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Teeth Whitening Secret Guide


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Teeth Whitening Secret Guide

  1. 1. TEETH WHITENING SECRET GUIDEThe following Guide provides you the releveant information you need to know before venturinginto whitening your teeth. The Importance of Tooth WhiteningMost of us these days wish to look good and if you want to be one of these people who wish tolook good, you need to start from your teeth. These days, tooth whitening is popular which is whyif you happen to observe, there are a lot of dental clinics which offer these services since this isone of the most popular dental procedures. You might even want to have perfect pearly whites justwhat you see in your favorite movie actors and actresses such as Julia Roberts and Tom Cruisewho are hailed as part of the top beautiful men and women in the world.If you are wondering why your teeth become dark most of the time, well that is because of toomuch coffee, too much drinking of iced tea, smoking and at the same time too much eating ofchocolates which are the main reasons why our teeth darken. Another reason that brings aboutthe darkening of our teeth is old age. The more we get older the more reason that our teeth darkenbecause of the different factors that causes it. It is a good thing that these days, there are a lot ofhome remedies that can help whiten your teeth without having to spend a lot of money.If you wish to whiten your teeth, you can start with some of your home products such as bakingsoda which is said to help whiten your teeth. There are some tooth pastes that you could buy overthe counter which can also help in whitening your pearly whites. There are a lot of manufacturerswhich offer these types of tooth pastes and you definitely have a wide range of choices. If youhave a bigger budget, you can try different whitening procedures done in dental clinics andperformed by dentists who might be a bit expensive and might require a series of sessions thatwould also require your time and patience. This can be also offer to give you whiter pearly whitesbut it might cost you a lot.If you want to have whiter set of teeth, you can start by taking into consideration the amount ofmoney, the time that you need to spend and at the same time the manner that you want to haveyour teeth whitened. Once you have these things covered, you can now start to pick the best wayfor you to whiten your teeth. Tooth whitening is quite a tedious process which is why if you reallywant to have whiter teeth, make sure that you take things seriously so you would not waste yourtime and at the same time, get whiter teeth just like what you see in celebrities and show off yourperfect smile and feel confident all the time. Some facts About Teeth WhiteningAlmost every person in the world is becoming more concerned with their appearance especiallywhen it comes to having their teeth whitened. We have to admit that in the old days, this was notreally that of an issue since there were no products that could help people think of having theirteeth whitened but these days, because of the many products which are said to help peopleachieve whiter teeth; people want to know what the best tooth whitening product that could help
  2. 2. them whiten their teeth.If you try to look at things, looking for the best product that could whiten your teeth is quite a toughjob to do because there are a lot of manufacturers that promote their product and if you try to go tosupermarkets, you probably would have a hard time picking the best one that could help youachieve to have your perfect white teeth. Teeth discolorations are sometimes caused by the foodthat we eat or by our life style. If you smoke a lot, then nicotine found in cigarettes would definitelystain your teeth thereby giving you sort of yellowish color that is hard to get rid of.Coffee, tea, chocolates and some other beverages and food are also factors that cause teethdiscoloration that is why you always have to make sure to brush your teeth after eating to avoidfurther teeth staining. You can opt to choose toothpaste that contains bleach because this willsurely help you get rid of those stains and give you whiter teeth when you continue using it. Youcan also try visiting your Dentist and ask for some procedures that could help you whiten yourteeth. These procedures might be a bit expensive and might be time consuming but if you reallywant to get better results, then you must be willing to spend your money as well as your time toget optimum results.One of the best procedures that you might want to try is the laser treatment which is a bit costlybut most people try because of the best results once you finish your session. With just a singlesession, you would be able to notice a difference and with continued use, you can definitely smileall you want and show off your whiter pearly whites. There are quite a lot of products that youcould choose from and it is up to you to choose which ones you think would give you whiter teeth.With the best tooth whitening products, you can say goodbye to stained and yellowish teeth whichare caused by old age, food, beverages and at the same time by excessive smoking and justmake sure to avoid the things that can cause teeth discoloration to have optimum teeth whiteningresults. Teeth Whitening SystemsFor most people, a beautiful smile is something that they aspire to have. Flashing those pearlywhites at anyone will always have positive effect. As the saying goes, there nothing that a smilecant cure. This is why a lot of people want to have white teeth in order to have the best smile aspossible. Here are 4 types of the best tooth whitening products that are used in order to maketeeth whiter for the most perfect smile.Whitening Toothpaste: This is the most popular of all the tooth whitening products available in themarket. A lot of major toothpaste brands have their own versions of the tooth whitening toothpaste.These toothpastes mostly contain sodium bicarbonate or whats commonly called as baking soda.The sodium bicarbonate acts as an abrasive and slowly wears down the surface stain in your teethin order to come up with pearly whites. Just like using a rag and cleanser in order to makesilverware shine, whitening toothpastes slowly polishes teeth every time you brush them until theybecome white and shiny.Teeth Whitening Strips: This product is slowly gaining popularity as its one of the most convenient
  3. 3. ones to use. Made from a very flexible plastic, these strips stick directly to your teeth and are wornfor hours. The active ingredient in these strips is carbamide peroxide. Whats great about thesestrips is that you can effectively whiten your teeth as you sleep, watch TV and do other stuff athome. Results start showing after two weeks of faithfully using the strips.Teeth Whitening Gels: Like the teeth whitening strips, gels also use carbamide peroxide as awhitening agent for teeth. They are used together with specially made dental trays in order to keepthe gel in place after its applied. Gels are one of the most effective teeth whitening products in themarket. The only drawback is that its one of the most difficult products to use.Paint On Whitening: This is the newest addition to the teeth whitening market. It is also one of themost convenient products to use. All you have to do is paint each tooth with the whitening agent,wait for 30 minutes and brush your teeth after. It is recommended that this should be done twice aday with results showing after a few days.If you want to whiten your teeth, you should choose which among these best tooth whiteningproducts to use exclusively. It is not a good idea to use different whitening products at once. Thewise thing to do is to determine which among the four is the most convenient and easy for you touse and stick with that until results will start to show. Using a Teeth Whitening Toothpaste to Whiten TeethA lot of people dream of having shiny pearly white teeth. Almost all societies all over the worldhold white teeth as a symbol of beauty. Which is why a lot of people aspire to make their teethwhite? Natural white teeth is difficult to achieve as you need to start while youre young. Byavoiding food and drinks that stain teeth and practicing good dental hygiene, you can achievenaturally white teeth. For the people who cant do this, their only option is to use dental productsthat are designed to whiten teeth. An example of this is tooth whitening toothpaste.Whitening toothpaste is the most popular teeth whitening product in the market today. Almost allthe leading toothpaste brands and manufacturers have their own version of a whitening toothpasteproduct. Of all the teeth whitening systems, whitening toothpastes are the most accessible. Youcan get it from supermarkets and drugstores and they are very safe to use. These products havebeen tried and tested to make sure that their whitening process has no negative effect on theteeth.Whitening toothpastes use sodium bicarbonate as an active whitening ingredient. Also known asbaking soda, sodium bicarbonate acts as an abrasive in order to rub off the stains of the teeth.This is because most sources of teeth discoloration come from staining due to too much drinkingof coffee, smoking cigarettes as well as eating or drinking certain food and drinks. Foods that arerich in tannins can stain teeth. Regularly eating, smoking or drinking over the years can form alayer of stain on your teeth surface that will result to discolored, yellowing teeth.Whitening toothpastes will slowly wear off these stains every time you brush your teeth. Theabrasive feature of the sodium bicarbonate will slowly smoothen out the stains on the teethssurface until it reaches the white areas below. Like a scouring pad that is used to scrub on dirty
  4. 4. pots to make it shine again, whitening toothpastes will slowly but surely polish away your toothstains and make your pearly whites shine. Results wont show up immediately. You need toregularly brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste for a few weeks in order to wear the stainsdown completely. The length of time for results to show will depend on how thick the stains are inyour teeth.While whitening toothpastes work well with all kinds of toothbrushes, it is highly recommended thatyou use specially designed toothbrushes that can have maximum coverage for your teeth. Thisway the scrubbing effects of sodium bicarbonate can be put to its most effective use. You can talkto your dentist regarding the ideal type to toothbrushes to use with your tooth whiteningtoothpaste. The Buzz About Dentist Teeth Whitening ProceduresTeeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure made for whitening teeth. It is a common dentalprocedure that can be done in a variety of ways. These dentist tooth whitening procedures canonly be done by qualified dentists and can make stained, yellowing teeth into shiny, pearly whiteteeth.The first thing that a dentist will do is to perform routine dental cleaning. Dental cleaning does notexactly mean tooth whitening as you can emerge from a dental cleaning procedure with cleanteeth that is not exactly white. This is because dental cleaning focuses on removing soft and harddeposits that stick to your teeth. These deposits can cause cavities. Dental cleaning is not acosmetic procedure as it is used in order to prevent tooth decay and the the possible onset of gumdiseases. Dental cleaning removes plaque, tartar, stains as well as deposits from your teeth.Dental cleaning should be scheduled on a regular basis.After the routine dental cleaning procedure, the dentist will now start with the actual whiteningprocess. This is usually called in office bleaching or chairside bleaching. The dentist will first applyeither a gel that protects your gums or a specially made rubber strip to protect the soft tissues inyour mouth. Once all the proper precautions are made, the dentist will then start applying ableaching agent to your teeth. These chemicals are then exposed to a special light in order toenhance the whitening action of the bleaching agent. Chairside bleaching is a procedure that lastsfrom 30 minutes to an hour and requires to be done more than once. If properly done, bleachingcan effectively make teeth white after two or three procedures are completed.While dental bleaching is a very effective whitening procedure, it is not guaranteed to work on allkinds of discolored teeth. Bleaching works best for teeth that has a yellowish tone. While brownteeth and grey teeth wont have a positive whitening effect from bleaching procedures. If you wantto whiten your teeth, you should first have a talk with your dentist in order to determine the bestcourse of action for your teeth. If your dentist flags you as a good candidate for bleaching, they willperform the procedure on you and advise you on the proper after care. This usually meansavoiding tannin rich foods and drinks that may stain your teeth like tea, wine, cola and coffee.Of all the available dentist tooth whitening options, bleaching is the most effective and widelyused. So go ahead and talk with your dentist about the possibility of using dental bleaching for
  5. 5. your teeth. If they see that bleaching wont work on you, there are other procedures that they canuse to make your teeth whiter. Home Teeth Whitening RemediesYou probably have tried almost every product to help you whiten your teeth and you might beunsatisfied with the results which is why it is time to look for different home tooth whiteningremedies that are not expensive and at the same time will help you save time and give you whiterpearly whites. These homes remedies are also perfect for those people who wish to whiten theirteeth but do not have enough money.Here are some remedies that you might want to try at home:Wood ash found in your fireplace since wood ash contains potassium hydroxide which is known tohelp whiten your teeth. Make sure that you use hard wood ash since these woods are the onlyones that contain high concentrations of potassium hydroxide. Just make sure not to use thissubstance often because if used on a regular basis might damage your teeth in the future.Baking Soda- contrary to what people say, baking soda does not whiten your teethbut rather, helpremove plaque and help your teeth to shine. Baking soda is an abrasive so make sure to use itonly once a week so as not to damage the enamel on your teeth.You can also try gargling with a cup of lukewarm water with rock salt since this will prevent plaqueas well as further tooth problems.A mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is also said to help whiten teeth.Make sure tocombine them properly and when you make a mixture that looks like toothpaste, then you can useit regularly and you would see the difference in a month.Apple cider vinegar- use apple cider vinegar when brushing your teeth in the evening will also helpwhiten your teeth.Try dropping some lemon juice on your toothpaste when brushing your teeth since this is also saidto help you whiten your teeth.Rub the inside of the orange or lemon peel on your teeth and see that with continued use, itdefinitely helps in making your teeth a bit whiter.All these are home remedies and if you try these tips, you might be surprised to see that yourteeth is way whiter as compared to the time that you have not tried any of these remedies. Justmake sure that if you want to make your teeth whiter, you also have to avoid some factors thatcauses teeth discoloration such as smoking, too much eating of chocolates, avoid drinking toomuch coffee or tea since these can definitely stain your teeth which would be hard to remove.Home tooth whitening remedies can also be found in some online sites so if you want to havewhiter teeth and you do not have enough money to spend on some tooth whitening products, thenthese tips would surely help you a lot in achieving those whiter pearly whites.
  6. 6. Why Go for Laser Teeth Whitening?These days, cosmetic surgery is something that people go for in order for them to look good.Aside from cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry is also gaining a lot of popularity since mostpeople wish to have whiter teeth just like what they see in tooth paste commercials oradvertisements. If you want to have a perfect smile just like what you see in your favorite movieactors and actresses, then you need to undergo laser tooth whitening. The most common of thistype of tooth whitening takes advantage of using gel like whitening solution with the help of laserlights.This procedure can be performed by a professional dentist and should take place in the dentistsclinic. This teeth whitening process would usually last for about thirty to ninety minutes and ofcourse in order to get better results, you need to have at least three appointments or so dependingon what particular method you would wish to have. Most of the processes are based on the priceof the procedure so you can choose from a wide range of processes depending on your budget.If you are wondering how the process goes, well dentists use whitening agents which are activatedwith the use of laser light a special type of light that helps in activating the gel which in turn allowsthe bleaching process a bit faster. It also uses heat with the help of the lights and after applyingthe gel, the dentist will then have the light shine on the teeth of his or her patient. The length of theprocedure as well as the sessions would then depend on how badly stained or discolored the teethof a patient are. If you are wondering what brings about teeth discoloration, then here are thefactors that cause teeth staining and teeth discoloration:Smoking- the nicotine found in cigarettes is one of the main reasons why teeth become discolored.If you want to avoid teeth discoloration, then you need to quit smoking.Chocolates- too much chocolates could also cause teeth discoloration so make sure to brush yourteeth after eating chocolatesCoffee and Iced Tea- drinking these beverages which uses caffeine as its main ingredient can alsocause teeth discoloration so if you want to have whiter pearly whites, make sure to brush yourteeth after drinking any of these beverages.All these can cause teeth discoloration so if you wish to have whiter teeth in no time, you can trygoing for laser tooth whitening process and see the difference and just make sure to complete thesession suggested by your dentist in order to get the maximum results of having your perfectlywhitened pearly whites. What Is Professional Teeth Whitening?Nowadays, there are numerous ways for people to choose from in order to whiten their teeth. Tosome other people, it is something that is not important but if you want to have a healthier smilethen all you need to have is a professional tooth whitening which would surely help you get your
  7. 7. desired white teeth just like what you see in Television commercials or if you want to have a smilelike Julia Roberts. IF other people are content with tooth whitening remedies, there are thosepeople who would rather spend money in order to make sure that the product would surely work.One of the best ways for you to achieve whiter teeth is to undergo a laser treatment where dentistsuse laser lights to make sure that their patients would get optimum results. The process would beto get rid of all the plaque on your teeth and at the same time perform cleaning of the teeth andyour gums. Then the dentist will apply a gel to your teeth which is said to ensure that it makes yourteeth a whole lot whiter. The gel is activated with the help of the special gel which helps whitenyour teeth as many as ten shades. In case you have severe teeth discoloration, then this processshould be performed again to make sure that the client would have whiter teeth after theprocedure.With a lot of dental clinics offering these types of services, the cost of these laser whiteningbecomes more affordable. This is why many people would want to try out this process to havewhiter teeth in a few days. You may also opt to purchase whitening products that can beperformed at home which is a bit easy to do and would not require you too much time and efforthowever if you want results fats, the your only option is to undergo some laser procedures which ismostly done to celebrities all over the world to give them a healthy smile and at the same timemake sure to avoid what causes teeth discoloration.Once you have tried your professional tooth whitening procedure, you can start avoiding food anddrinking beverage that could stain your teeth and at the same time make sure to have anappointment with your dentist to get an idea on what procedures you need to undergo and at thesame time make sure that no matter what the process or the mode of treatment you will be using,you can say that you are in good hands as this procedure will help you achieve that whiter teethand in giving you a healthy smile. Our teeth are important so as early as now, make sure to takecare of it at all times. How Important Are Teeth Whitening Products Reviews?If you happen to spend much of your time watching television or if you are always online usingyour internet, you would surely notice that there are a lot of tooth whitening products advertised inmost Television shows and at the same time advertised in most websites. This is because a lot ofpeople are now willing to do almost everything to help them make look good and this includeswhitening their teeth. With a lot of manufacturers of these types of teeth whitening, buying onewould sometimes be a tough decision since you need to be able to compare each of the productsfor you to be able to get the best product that could help you whiten your teeth.If you are having a hard time picking the best product that could help you whiten your teeth thenbe sure to look for reviews from different people so as to help you decide the best one that willsurely help you achieve those pearly whites. With a lot of different products to choose from, youprobably have a hard time selecting the best one for you since you have to understand that thereare different formulations for each product and you have to know which ones will work for your orwhich ones would be very helpful.
  8. 8. We all know that there are a lot of products that promise to help you get that perfect pearly whitesbut in fact, these products are not even tested if it really works or not which is why you really needto purchase products that truly offer teeth whitening solutions by making sure that the product wastested and proven to have worked for others. This is a way for you to save money and at the sametime not to be fooled by some manufacturers whose goal is not to provide customers whiter teethbut of course to gain a lot of profits by making advertisements that were all made up to confusepeople.If you truly want to get the best product that could offer you maximum teeth whitening, then see toit that the product you have chosen is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration and as wellas recommended by the Association of Dentists to make sure that the tooth whitening productsthat you might want to buy do not only offer to whiten your teeth but at the same time to make surethat it is safe to use when taking care of your pearly whites. Reviews will help you pick the bestproduct so always look for reviews and comments of people who are trusted to give out anycomments or suggestions regarding these products.To Your Teeth Whitening Success!Sammy George==== ====For More Information on Teeth Whitening, Visit:http://shortquik.com/clickbank/teethwhitening/==== ====