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Redmap automate the capture, distribution, approval, coding and posting of invoices by eliminating the need for the paper record. This will save your business up to 70% of your current invoicing costs

Redmap automate the capture, distribution, approval, coding and posting of invoices by eliminating the need for the paper record. This will save your business up to 70% of your current invoicing costs

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  • 1. If you are buried each month in paper invoices… need Redmap
  • 2. The manual AP process
    Invoices are mailed or faxed by suppliers to remote sites, branches and head office.
    These invoices are receipted, processed and / or forwarded for approval via fax or mail.
  • 3. The manual AP process
    Every invoice is manually approved, queried or rejected and then sent via fax or internal mail to the Finance Department for posting and payment.
    This process involves phone calls/emails/faxes to handle errors, queries and approvals.
  • 4. The manual AP process
    The Finance Department manually enters each invoice into the Financial System for processing and payment.
    Often the data is keyed and rekeyed (verified) to reduce data entry errors
  • 5. The main problems with your manual process.
    • The time it takes to distribute paper invoices around the business for queries and approvals.
    • 6. Postage, printing, copying and stationery costs are significant.
    • 7. Keying errors when copying data off paper invoices into the financial system.
    • 8. Delays in dispute resolutions while paper invoices are buried in various manager’s in-trays.
    • 9. Paper invoices can get “lost in the post”.
    • 10. If the invoice is not paid the goods may not arrive as expected. This can have a ripple efffect on projects and cashflow.
  • What is Accounts Payable automation?
    Scan and route invoices electronically at the point of collection
    Approve invoices electronically and quickly
    Capture and verify key information automatically at the time of scanning (Invoice Number, Purchase Order Number, Invoice Date)
    Automatically sort and file invoices
  • 11. What is Accounts Payable automation?
    Invoices are scanned at source or received directly at Head Office via fax, email, FTP, EDI or the web.
    Relevant invoice data is captured automatically and verified.
  • 12. What is Accounts Payable automation?
    Approvals are made via the internet or network immediately.
    Invoices are matched to purchase orders.
    Good are receipted.
    Ledger codes are posted
    Imaged invoices are automatically filed in Redmap for immediate search / retrieval from anywhere in the world.
    Archived invoices are also available securely via the Redmap web portal.
  • 13. What is Accounts Payable automation?
    Verified invoice data is posted to your Financial system ( JDE, Oracle, Netsuite, SAP and others).
    Payment is ready for remittance.
  • 14. The immediate business benefits
    • Invoice processing cost reductions of 30-90% *
    •Processing cycle time reductions of 65%*
    • Accounts payable labor reductions of 25-40%*
    •Gartner estimates the cost of resolving a disputed invoice decreases by 50% when handled electronically.
    • Cutting waste by reducing paper usage, printing and delivery costs
    • 15. Fast and accurate information!
    *The E-Invoicing Solution Selection Report – Aberdeen Group Inc.
  • 16. Redmap – Automated data capture
    Invoices are either scanned centrally or remotely at branches and delivered to an operator queue for processing.
    Queued invoices are automatically processed via Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
    Captured data typically includes purchase order & invoice numbers, invoice date, invoice & GST amounts.
    Exceptions are verified immediately.
    Invoice templates are saved on the fly for future reference.
  • 17. Invoice approval process is online
    Managers can approve an invoice for processing and add notes if they wish.
    Invoices that are approved are routed for general ledger coding and upload into the financial system.
  • 18. Invoices are instantly available
    Archived invoices can be retrieved instantly from anywhere in the business.
    Invoices can also be securely accessed via the ManageAnywhere web portal from anywhere in the world.
  • 19. You’re in good company...