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Document Management   Who Needs It
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Document Management Who Needs It


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1.
  • 2. Unified Document Storage Search for every email, fax, scanned document, Office document, PDF, electronic document… ….by every word… ….from anywhere in the world
  • 3. Although close to 80% of companies’ critical Information is still captured in documents, these documents now consist of a broad array of formats. They include email, word processing documents, electronic spreadsheets, slide presentations, PDFs, reports, HTML pages……. ….and, of course, paper. Source: Eastman Software Inc
  • 4. ERP Business CRM Information Financial Practice Management Systems Other business systems Paper based forms Contracts Invoices PODs Correspondence Constituents Employees Dealers Clients Suppliers
  • 5. • Saves time and money • Lets you make more money with less resources • Adds organisation to your business • Reduces your overheads • Improves your customer service • Boosts your productivity • Increases the resale value of your business • Enables watertight document security • Reduces your environmental impact.
  • 6. Financial Services (Lots of paper and bound by regulations) Architectural / Engineering / Projects (Project documentation) Transport / Logistics/Distribution (Proof of delivery dockets / cash flow) Manufacturing (Invoices, statements, specifications) Legal (Case / matter documents, lots of paper) Outbound document management (Print to PDF/store-retrieve output) Property / real estate (Lots of paper/end of month/ landlord statements) Anyone who values their documents (Dollar or legal value)
  • 7. Is your office becoming cluttered with paper and files? Do you ever lose or misplace documents? Would you be more profitable if your people were more efficient? Do you use too much valuable floor space storing paper? Do you use paper forms and documents to store information? Do you value the environment?
  • 8. Are you currently scanning documents? Where to? Are you buying more paper each year? Do your people take files out of the office? Do you have copies of all documents in case of fire or flood? Do you use off-site storage for storing company documents?
  • 9. How do you stop staff deleting critical emails? How do you know if staff are sending emails that may one day end up in court? Do you know what your staff say in their emails? How do you find an email in someone else's mailbox? Does your IT Department tell staff to make room by deleting email? Do you believe your current email system meets compliance requirements? Does your business understand their responsibilities under current legislation? Could you get all your email back if your mail server died?