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Basic computing
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Basic computing


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  • 1. Presented by the Monroe County Public Library
  • 2. Introduction/Your Experience Introduction Austin Stroud: instructional designer at the Monroe County Public Library, adjunct faculty member at Ivy Tech Community College Your experience Have you used a computer before? If so, likes/dislikes?
  • 3. Major Companies Most “computer people” are either a fan of Windows (Microsoft) or Macintosh (Apple) computers. Macintosh computers are built more for multimedia/graphics- oriented people, whereas Windows computers are built more for surfing the Internet and basic computer tasks like writing a letter or playing a game. Macintosh computers are much more expensive (about twice the price) when compared to a Windows computer so that is why you don’t see nearly as many of them used at the library or in personal homes. Both machines have pros and cons. This training focuses more so on Windows (Microsoft) computers, but feel free to ask questions regarding Macintosh computers.
  • 4. Basic Equipment Mouse Mouse pad (optional) Keyboard Central Processing Unit (CPU)/Tower Monitor Speakers (optional) Headphones (optional)
  • 5. Mouse (Mice)There are other types of mice, but these are the most common you will see. Desktop Mouse Laptop Mouse/Touchpad
  • 6. Mouse pad (optional)
  • 7. Keyboard For the most part, there are two common types of keyboards: one for a laptop and one for a desktop computer.
  • 8. CPU/Tower With a laptop, the central processing unit (CPU) is self- contained. With a desktop computer, such as you can use at the library, you will have a tower as seen in the pictures below.
  • 9. Monitor The big/bulky monitor on the left (below) is called a CRT. You will not see these much anymore, as LCD/flat screen monitors (right) have taken over the market.
  • 10. Speakers or Headphones
  • 11. Now that we have that covered…We can start learning how to do some things on the computer.
  • 12. Mouse basics Let’s check out a couple of fun websites so you can get used to using a mouse.   remainder of the class, we are done with using this handout and are going to go through some more computer basics. I will make some library materials available to you all afterwards if you would like to get some more practice.
  • 13. My Contact InformationAustin StroudPhone: 812-349-3050Email: astroud@mcpl.infoMonroe County Public Library303 East Kirkwood AvenueBloomington, IN 47408