Prostate Cancer Treatment Options


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Austin CyberKnife presents the different options for treating prostate cancer.

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

  1. 1. PROSTATE CANCERTREATMENT OPTIONS1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060
  2. 2. PROSTATE CANCER OVERVIEW The prostate is located in aman’s lower abdomen andcontrols the flow of urine andsemen. Second only to lung cancer,prostate cancer is the leadingcause of cancer death amongAmerican men. According to the AmericanCancer Society, an estimated238,590 cases of prostatecancer will occur in the U.S.during 2013.1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060
  3. 3. TREATING PROSTATE CANCER The stage of the cancer The patient’s age and health The patient’s Gleason Score —This determines how likely it isthat a tumor will spread Whether the cancer is recentlydiagnosed or recurring The patient’s prostate-specificantigen (PSA) levels — PSA is asubstance made by the prostatethat may be found in an increasedamount in the blood of men whohave prostate cancer1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comProstate cancer treatments differ primarily in technical nature and potential sideeffects.Treatment options can depend on the following:
  4. 4. TREATMENT OPTIONS Prostate cancer treatment optionsinclude: WatchfulWaiting Surgery External-Beam RadiationTherapy Brachytherapy ProtonTherapy Stereotactic Body RadiationTherapy1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060
  5. 5. WATCHFULWAITING The concept of watchful waiting has emerged as a viable optionfor men who decide not to undergo immediate surgery orradiation therapy.1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060
  6. 6. SURGERY Procedure & RecoveryTime Procedure lasts 3 – 4 hours Requires general anesthesia and a three-day hospital stay Recovery usually requires a few weeks athome Potential side effects Urinary incontinence Erectile dysfunction1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comRadical Retropubic Prostatectomy: Surgery in which the prostate gland isremoved and that may include biopsies of nearby lymph nodes.
  7. 7. EXTERNAL-BEAM RADIATIONTHERAPY Procedure & RecoveryTime Approximately 40 daily radiation treatments over a period of seven to eight weeks Treatment takes approximately 15 minutes Outpatient procedure that allows most patients to return to their normal routine Potential side effects Temporary rectal and urinary irritation Erectile dysfunction Lacks the ability to correct for movement of the prostate during treatment,resulting in possible damage to healthy tissue surrounding the prostate1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comIntensity Modulated RadiationTherapy or IMRT: IMRT targets radiation beams tothe location of the patient’s tumor.
  8. 8. BRACHYTHERAPY Procedure & RecoveryTime One-time procedure that requires patients toremain in the hospital for several hours Patients are usually allowed to return home onthe same day Potential side effects Erectile dysfunction Urinary irritation, frequency and obstruction Rectal injury1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comBrachytherapy: Small radioactive seeds are implanted within the prostate gland andgive off radiation to the immediate surrounding area over the course of several months.After a year, the radioactive material degrades, and the seeds that remain are harmless.
  9. 9. PROTONTHERAPY Procedure & RecoveryTime Treatment is usually delivered five days a week forapproximately eight weeks Patients are usually able to return to their normal routineafter treatment Potential side effects Few to no side effects when compared to traditionalradiation therapy1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comProtonTherapy: Noninvasive treatment that uses a particle accelerator todeliver a focused ray of proton particles that destroy cancer cells.
  10. 10. STEREOTACTIC BODY RADIATIONTHERAPY Procedure & RecoveryTime Five or fewer outpatient sessions over the course of one to two weeks Treatment procedures take about 30-90 minutes Patients are usually able to return to their normal routine after treatment Recovery is often immediate Potential side effects Few to no side effects when compared to traditional radiation therapy1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comStereotactic Body RadiationTherapy:Noninvasive procedure that delivers targetedradiation beams to the prostate withoutincision or sedation using CyberKnife®technology.
  11. 11. How Does CyberKnifeTreat Prostate CancerThe treatment process includes: Consultation appointment Pretreatment procedures CyberKnife treatment Follow-up1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060 www.austincyberknife.comPrior to stereotactic body radiosurgery treatment with CyberKnife, small tissue markers known asfiducials are implanted in the prostate to help the CyberKnife pinpoint the tumor locationthroughout each treatment, so the radiation beams can be locked on the tumor.About a week later, patients are fitted with a custom body mold of soft material that they lie onduring treatments. The fitting process is painless.
  12. 12. Our CenterAustinCyberKnife was the first in the greater Austin area, as well as the centralTexasregion, to offer CyberKnife treatment, giving our physicians the most experiencetreating patients with this technology in our area. Austin CyberKnife is a department ofUniversity Medical Center Brackenridge, a member of the Seton Healthcare Family.If you or a loved one is diagnosed with prostate cancer, contact Austin CyberKnife toschedule a consultation with our physicians to determine the best next step for yourtreatment needs.ConnectWith UsMedical Director: Dr. Doug RiveraCyberKnife Nurse: Lori Eitelbach, RNMedical Physicist: Jim Hevezi, PhD1400 North IH 35, Austin,TX 78701 (512) 324-8060