Mailing Address: 31-33 Kiskadee Ave, Belmopan, BELIZETel:                                                                 ...
other positive contributions. I served as both Acting Factory Manager and Acting General Manager Manufacturing and on seve...
All telephone systems, all radio communications, maintenance and servicing of all office equipment, computer and their    ...
•    Former Treasurer and Founding Executive Committee Member.Evangel Credit Union    •    Past President.    •    Served ...
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Robert tillett resume feb 2011


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Robert tillett resume feb 2011

  1. 1. Mailing Address: 31-33 Kiskadee Ave, Belmopan, BELIZETel: (501) 630-3513E- mail: Born: Robert P. Tillett December 5, 1967 Marital Status: Married________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTSBachelor of Science in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Concentration (Cum Laude)John Brown University, Siloam Springs, AR, USA 1991-1993Walton ScholarAssociates Degree in Arts and ScienceBelize Technical College, Belize City, Belize 1984-1986Government ScholarObtained 4 Cambridge GCE A Level passes in: • Pure and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, BusinessSpecialized Training• RAW SUGAR MANUFACTURE - Nicholls State University, Louisiana, USA 1996• BOILER CONTROLS - Coulton Instruments, England, 1997• STATIC STEPLESS CRANE CONTROLS - Morris Cranes, Wisconsin, USA 1998• POWER GENERATION - Texaco, Nicaragua, Central America 1999• TROUBLESHOOTING VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES - Baldor Electric Co, Ft. Smith, AR, USA 2004• LUBRICATION – Liquesa, Monterrey, Mexico 2005• MOTOR DESIGN – Rotating Machines, Johannesburg, South Africa 2008• 8 HABITSOF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE – Stephen Covey, Swazialnd, Southern Africa 2009• BASIC ECONOMICS, UTILITY REGULATION AND STRATEGY, LEADERSHIP - PURC, UOF, Florida 2010___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEPublic Utilities Commission, Belize City, BelizeThe Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is responsible for the regulation of the Electricity, Water and Telecommunications sectors inBelize. As the engineer in the electricity sector I have been involved in producing the new Wireman Code of Practice which are therules governing the licensing of wiremen. I am also involved in launching the new implementing regulations for the electricity sub-sectorin Belize. I report to the Director of Electricity. Engineering- Electricity Sector, October 2009 to present… • Responsible for the regulation of all generation entities in Belize. • Responsible for the roll-out of the New Implementing Regulations for the Electricity Sub-sector in Belize. • Assist the Director with Inspections and review of wiremen‘s submissions. • Deputize for the Director in his absence.Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation, Mhlume, SwazilandRSSC is the largest sugar producer and foreign exchange earner in Swaziland and is public listed company. Mhlume mill is expectedto crush 1.4 million tons cane annually producing 140,000 tons refined sugar of very high standards. I played an integral role in drivingMhlume to ISO 22000 accreditation being the first sugar mill in Africa and the first manufacturing company in the region to do so. Also Iwas instrumental in increasing Mhlume’s cane throughput from the norm of 260 tph to 360 tph, established a zero effluent factory,eliminated the norm of using softening water to the boilers and makeup water to the evaporators to a norm of zero and directed many
  2. 2. other positive contributions. I served as both Acting Factory Manager and Acting General Manager Manufacturing and on severalcommittees including the company’s strategic committee, energy control committee, mill group committee, and others. Engineering Manager Mechanical, April 2007 to September 2009 • Responsible for all Mechanical Engineering related works in the Factory and Backend Refinery. Robert P. Tillett Resume, page 2 E-mail: rtillettbz@hotmail.com________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (continued…) • Responsible for the maintenance of all Cane Weighing and Cane Handling Equipment, Milling and Diffuser Equipment and Mills, Process Vessels, Evaporators and Pans, Steam and Power Generation Equipment, Turbines, Compressor, Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems, Pumps, Gearboxes and Valves. • Support and advisory role with respect to control of all operations parameters with target of improved throughput, efficiencies with a corresponding reduction in per unit cost and downtime. • Develop budgets and maintain them with a view to reduce cost against the backdrop of hyperinflation and escalating prices. • Assisting to develop and maintain food safety (ISO 2200) certification and to ensure continuing improvements bases on all ISO and IMS systems.Belize Sugar Industries Limited, Orange Walk, BelizeBSI is the only sugar company and the largest agricultural industry in Belize with huge impact on the northern economy and foreignexchange earnings. BSI crushes 1.2 million tons of cane to produce 120,000 tons of sugar per year. At BSI I reduced the electrical losttime to 6 hours for the year, reduced motor burn outs, and automated all stations including mills, boiler, evaporators, pans and sugarconveyors. I designed the implementation of individual roll hydraulic drives for our mills, and was the lead protagonist for developingand advancing cogeneration for Belize. I published the cogeneration concept in the Reporter Newspaper a leading newspaper in Belizewhich caught interest and presented the cogeneration plan at forums in Belize and across the region including Guatemala, Costa Rica,Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados. I served as Acting Factory Manager and on various boards and committees at and for BSI. Chief Plant Engineer/Cogeneration Project Manager, October 2005 to March 2007 • Responsible for the Engineering Details and coordination of the Cogeneration Project Management with BSI Factory. • Responsible to Develop, Design and Implement the BSI Factory conversion from 50Hz to 60Hz and to get the factory cogeneration ready. • Responsible to Develop, Design and Implement all Capital Projects in line with the devised 5-year strategic plan in the Factory. • Maintain previous responsibility as Chief Plant Engineer. Chief Plant Engineer, August 2003 to September 2005 • Responsible for all Electrical and Mechanical Engineering related works in the Company. • Responsible for the maintenance of all Cane Weighing and Cane Handling Equipment, Milling and Process Equipment, Steam and Power Generation Equipment, turbines, compressor, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. • Control of all operations parameters with target of improved throughput, efficiencies with a corresponding reduction in per unit cost and downtime. • Expected to advise on budgets and maintain them. • Develop and maintain food safety (HACCP) and quality assurance programme (GMP +13). Chief Electrical Engineer, October 1999 to July 2003 • Responsible for all Electrical related works in the Company. • Responsible for the following four sections of Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls, Radio and Telephone, and Electronics. Combined this include all electrical, electronic, digital and computer installations and maintenance; includes all Motor and Generator installation and maintenance including all operations of the power generation, transmission and distribution; all Lighting Systems, and electrical household appliances. • Technical responsibilities for all instrumentation including pneumatic, electronic, and hydraulic systems. • All refrigeration and Air Conditioning installation and maintenance and now to include Freon Recovery and Recycling Systems and modification of AC or refrigeration equipment to environmentally friendly systems.
  3. 3. All telephone systems, all radio communications, maintenance and servicing of all office equipment, computer and their peripheral equipment. • Research, Design and Control of all processes. • Responsible for the departmental transport. • Secretary to the departmental Safety board and head the civil and electrical hurricane precaution committee. • Attached to the USAID sponsored committee to advise cabinet on the renewable options for Belize. Robert P. Tillett Resume, page 3 E-mail: rtillettbz@hotmail.com________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (continued…) Head of Section, October 1998 to September 1999 • Gradual assumption over the period of a calendar year of responsibilities thereafter fully assumed as Chief Electrical Engineer. Electrical Engineer, April 1995 to September 1998 • Responsibility for the four sections described under Chief Electrical Engineer.Belize Electricity Limited, Belize City, BelizeBEL is the only power transmitting and distributing entity and is the largest power generating company in Belize. I assisted inimplementing the newly introduced SCADA system and the design of the new 115 KV transmission line. I acted as District Managerand sat on various committees within the company.Systems Operations Supervisor, March 1994 to March 1995 • Responsible for the Belize City/Ladyville System including generation, transmission and dispatch. • Temporary District Manger -San Pedro and Caye Caulker. • Responsible for generation, transmission, dispatch, distribution, customer service, budgeting, purchases and installations. • Did inspections for new buildings prior to the establishment of the Office of Electricity. • Developed both national inspection standards and internal budget template._______________________________________________________________________________________________ OTHERSElectrical Engineering ServicesWhile employed at BSI, I ran my own electrical engineering company, EES, that was primarily a motor rewind and engineeringconsulting company. I worked for the following sampling of clients: • Belize Marketing Development Corporation. I developed the entire bid documents on behalf of the BMDC for the Yo Creek Soy Bean Project which was a government led initiative to introduce a soy bean processing plant to Belize • Citrus Products of Belize. EES did various motor rewinds and engineering consultancy for this leading citrus producer in Belize. • Caribbean Chicken. The second largest poultry producer in Belize, Caribbean Chicken, retained EES for most their electrical and power generation needs including automatic switch over and with the installation of their new expansion plant. • Cuellos Distillery. The only northern distillery in Belize when they had to relocate their soft drink plant to their central location EES assisted with the relocation and commissioning. • RODLA Construction. This major construction and quarry firm engaged EES to automate their quarry operation and to improve their standby power generation system.Association Of Professional Engineers Of Belize (APEB) • Current Member.
  4. 4. • Former Treasurer and Founding Executive Committee Member.Evangel Credit Union • Past President. • Served in several capacities since 1989 • Present Credit Committee MemberBelize National Tilapia Small Growers Cooperative Society Limited • Member • Technical Advisor Robert P. Tillett Resume, page 4 E-mail: rtillettbz@hotmail.com_______________________________________________________________________________________________ OTHERS (continued…)University of Belize • Mechanical Engineering Lecturer • Member of the Engineering Curriculum Advisory Committee • President of Engineering Curriculum Advisory Subcommittee to develop the Concept NoteInstitute for Technical Vocational Education and Training • Board MemberEnergy and Environmental Partnership of Central America • Steering Committee MemberCARICOM Regional Technical Committee for the Caribbean Regional Organization for Standards and Quality • MemberThe National Resources and the Environment Policy System • Other Stakeholders Committee Chairman • Member of the Advisory Council to CabinetNational Climate Change Committee • Member________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERESTS • Social Issues related to Human and Economic Development. • Traveling, I enjoy exploring new cultures and places. • I play basketball a bit and exercise moderately. • I like to read and surf the net. • I have a keen interest in current events in Belize and across the globe.