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Find out why European Cycling Adventure Vacations are suitable for everyone and how Austin-Lehman Adventures make it an experience of a lifetime.

With Austin-Lehman Adventures, the toughest part of any vacation is going home!

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European Cycling Adventure Tours

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  4. • For 38 years we have now been organizing bicycle tours in Europe.Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  5. • Cycling is truly a journey of the senses! • What you see, what you feel, what you encounter is sharper. • You see the details that are only a blur to most tourists. • You meet the country folk – on bicycle just like you. • You come to understand the tranquility of a pace of life that is no faster than the pumping of a pedal. • Free of schedules and crowds!Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  6. “Europe is the best place in the world to travel by bicycle.” For three reasons: infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure. There is no place on earth where there are: • so many villages, pretty towns, within a few miles from each other • so many interesting castles, churches, museums • so much history • the beautiful hotels and chateaux to stay at • all the restaurants to get great food • and above all: so many bike paths and special trails, making it the safest place to bikeCall us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  7. Some may think: “But aren‟t these trips for „real‟ cyclists?” Our trips are really for everyone! • From beginners to avid cyclists, • From singles & couples to families. You just need to choose the trip and the type of terrains which best suits you. Our trip advisors will be able to help you with this choice.Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  8. By including what we call levels of difficulty in our catalog and on our website. With numbers from 1 to 5 we denote how easy or how difficult a trip is. • 1 = easy: mostly flat • 2 = moderately easy: a few hills several of the days • 3 = moderate: yet a few more hills • 4 = moderate to challenging • 5 = difficult: mountainous terrain (e.g. the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Dolomites) When in doubt, simply start with a level 1 trip.Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  9. You still gotta pedal… But it will make your cycling life much easier! Regulate yourself how much support you want from the hidden electric motor (4 levels of assist) At first sight, you can‟t even tell it‟s a electric bike: the motor is in the back wheel and the battery under the back-rack. Even the Tuscan hills become quite doable for the novice cyclist. Great for families and couples too, if there‟s a big difference in the abilities amongst the family members.Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  10. Copyright ©2010 Austin-Lehman Adventures, LLC Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  11. EuropeAustria | Alps to Salzburg & FamilyAustria/Czech Republic | Vienna to PragueCroatia | Dalmatian CoastGreece | Athens & Cyclades IslandsDenmark | Danish Isles & FamilyFrance | Brittany/NormandyFrance | Loire Valley & FamilyFrance | Provence à Pied (walking)France | ProvenceGermany | Mosel Valley & FamilyGermany | Romantic RoadHolland/Belgium | Brussels to GentHolland | Haarlem to Odoorn & FamilyHolland | Highlights of HollandItaly | TuscanyItaly/Austria | Innsbruck to Lake GardaSlovenia | Julian AlpsSpain | La Rioja
  12. AustriaAlps to Salzburghether cycling, riding a chair Wlift, paragliding from a hilltop, or skiingdown a glacier, this adventureinspires at every turn. The magicalregions of Salzburg and Tyroloverflow with majestic waterfalls,fantasy caves, ice sculptures, andendless vistas of fortress-topped hills.All of Mother Nature‟s bountyembraces you in this land of Mozartand “The Sound of Music.”
  13. Austria/Czech RepublicVienna to Prague Czech Republic vibrates with Thecharm and optimism… a mix of old andnew, where peaceful rural hamlets sharecenter stage with sophisticated citiesand prosperous market towns. Ourdelightful route sets a comfortable pacefor exploring Austria‟s renownedvineyards along the Danube, then on tothe lush Czech Lake District and theremarkable Bohemian Forest..
  14. FranceBrittany & Normandy Coast Historic sights, beautiful beaches,and charming towns combine to makethis a spectacular visit to Brittany andNormandy. Our easy-going route leadsto a string of seaside ports and resorts,rich with mariners‟ tales and worldfamous seafood. Wander throughpicturesque traditional villages, enjoysweeping coastal views, and have funon the beach. We‟ll also visit the historicsights of Mont-St-Michel, the Bayeuxtapestry, and the D-Day beaches.
  15. France New* Burgundy A taste of the good life in the heart of France. Pedal ancient roads through picturesque farms and world-renowned wine villages, taking in the serenity of the landscape and the sweet, ubiquitous scent of grape vines on this six-day Burgundy biking experience. Ride from Gevrey-Chambertin to Marsannay Chateau for a tour of the impressive 35- hectares estate and a wine tasting.Follow the gently rolling Route des Grands Crus along the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune, pausing to visit the quaint villages of Nuits-St. Georges, Aloxe-Corton and Savigny. Sip a glass of Burgundy wine and take in the old town of Beaune from your hotel terrace before savoring an elegant dinner of lobster ravioli, foie gras and homemade soufflé ice cream.Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  16. FranceLoire ValleyJust beyond the hustle and bustle ofParis lies the peaceful valley of the Loire.Rich history and grand sightseeingprovide a perfect escape for all travelers.Gentle terrain makes it enjoyable for themost casual cyclists. Here you will findmajestic châteaux, picturesque riverviews, charming towns, and world-classcuisine. Enjoy an easy ride along thevalley floor, visiting the castles, vineyards,woodlands, and historic wonders that givethis region its sophisticated charm.
  17. FranceTaste of Provence Escape the real world and nourishyour soul in Provence. Warm andwelcoming, Provence opens its arms withrugged natural beauty, bountiful farms,bustling market towns, and treasuresfrom its Roman past. Exceptional cuisine,fine lodgings, and marvelous shoppingpossibilities highlight this trip. Savor thesubtle lavender landscape, stop in for awine tasting, or try the delicious farm-pressed olive oil as we cycle quiet roadsin the heart of sun-drenched Provence.
  18. FranceNew* Provence à Pied (walking) vibrant tapestry of fertile vineyards, Aancient ruins, colorful markets and theubiquitous fragrance of honey, thyme andlavender. Indulge in the earthly pleasures ofthis magnificent region, rich in history, rusticelegance and world-renowned cuisine.Soak up one of the grandest views in all ofProvence on a deserted rocky promontory inLes Baux.Follow the Sénancole river gorge toGordes, a tiny village clinging to the edge ofthe Vaucluse Plateau, where ancient stonecastles glow orange in the morning sun.
  19. GermanyMosel Valley Journey along the sparklingwaters of the Mosel for a relaxing ridein Germany‟s abundant wine-growingregion. Flanked on each side by steepvineyard-covered hills, our gentleriverside path leads to grand castles,lively market towns, and unpretentiouswine villages. Discover Germany‟sfascinating Roman past, taste newwines, and marvel in serene pleasureat the Mosel‟s timeless charm.
  20. GermanyRomantic River Dust off your ideas about ancientfolklore and saddle up for a rousing visit toGermany‟s enchanted Romantic Road.You‟ll be charmed by one of Europe‟s mostbeautiful areas, where bustling medievaltowns line our route like a string of raregems. Enjoy bike paths and quiet countryroads, visit wonderful castles andcathedrals, and meet the charming peoplewho bring this region to life.
  21. HollandNetherlands HighlightsRainbows of vividly colored flowersappear each spring in this land famous fortulip fields, historic windmills and itspassion for cycling. Visit museums withworks by the famous Dutch masters andenjoy fabulous rides along sandy beachcoasts, through fabulous towns and alongserene pastures on endless bike paths.Stay in the glorious resort town ofNoordwijk and venture out on uniqueroutes each day.
  22. HollandHaarlem to OdoornBeyond the quaint canals of Amsterdam,Holland‟s pristine northern territorieswelcome you with irresistible wonders andcharm. Cycle on well-marked bike pathsalong the Zuiderzee, past windmills,through forests and emerald greenpastures, to remote hamlets andcobblestone villages. Along the way,flowers greet us at every turn.
  23. Holland & BelgiumFlavors of Flanders us show you a land where Letcarefree cycling is a way of life… wherethe continental experience can still besavored, far away from tourists andcrowds. Follow the North Sea coast tolively resorts and tiny harbors, then turnonto scenic inland canals offering pristinelandscapes and a relaxed pace. Alongthe way, historic towns like Bruges andGent captivate with understatedelegance and exquisite cuisine.
  24. ItalyTuscany: The Heartland and steeped in Chicculture, Tuscany will charm you withits abundant lush landscapes andmouth-watering cuisine. We cycle ruralroads along gently terraced hills, ridingthrough vineyards and olive groveswith plenty of time to appreciate theregion‟s timeless beauty and historicart treasures. Relax at small luxuryhotels, perfectly situated in theregion‟s favorite towns.
  25. Spain New* La Rioja Unspoiled landscapes, fine cuisine and remarkable history in the Navarra and Rioja provinces of northern Spain. Venture to the foothills of the Pyrenees, where fortified castles and colorful cloisters create a landscape of timeless beauty and tell the captivating story of Spain‟s vibrant past.Imagine the sound of thundering of hooves as you follow in the footsteps of the “running bulls” on a guided tour of historic Pamplona.Explore picturesque villages along the ancient pilgrimage route, Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James), en route to Olite, the wine capital of the NavarraCall us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  26. Bon Appetit / Guten Appetit / Smakelijk Eten / Buon Appetito / Que Aproveche / Enjoy your Meal / Velbekomme!Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  27. Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  28. Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
  29. • Never been on a bicycle tour and aren‟t sure which trip is right for you? Start with an easy destination. • Your guide can always find more miles for you! • Plan several 20 to 30-mile rides during the weeks before your trip. It gets your body ( especially your behind!) in shape for the riding position.Call us at 1-800-575 1540 or visit
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