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Australia Slide Show

  1. 1. Australia By: Austin Shaffer Take a tour of Australia
  2. 2. Where Do You Want to Go? Geography Geography 2 Geography 3 People People 2 Religion Economy Food Clothing Sports Animals Illness Click Here to exit
  3. 3. Geography  The total area is 2,967,909 sq mi  The land area is 2,941,299 sq mi  The location is South east of Asia, East of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean  Coral Tasman Seas are East, they meet North of Australia in Timor and Arafura Seas  Tasmania lies 150 mi South of Victoria State across brass strait Back
  4. 4. Geography 2  The capital of Australia is Canberra  The population of Canberra is over 345,000  Located in northern end of the Australian Capital Territory  The cities design was influenced by the garden city movement  Canberra is the sight of the Parliament House, the high court of Australia Back
  5. 5. People  Population- 21.262,641  Ethnic Groups- White 92%, Asian 7%, aboriginal 1%  Languages-English, Chinese, Italian Back Next
  6. 6. People 2 Some people say that Australians live in a lucky country who love their leisure. Everybody in Australia is encouraged to learn English. While English is Australia’s national language there are certain words and expressions that have become regarded uniquely Australian. They might seem strange to non-Australians. Back
  7. 7. Religion  There are 30 different religions in Australia  The largest and most popular religion is Christianity with 12,575,675 people and 70.28% of Australian population  The other main religion in Australia is non-religious with 2,948,891 and 16.48% of the total population of Australia. Back
  8. 8. Economy  Industries- mining, and industrial  There is food proc. Chemicals and steel  Australia is one of the strongest in free markets  It is dominated by its service sector Back
  9. 9. Food  This is one of the kinds of food in Australia it is called fish and chips. This is a popular food in Australia. The fish is deep fried. Back
  10. 10. Sports  Rowing  Rugby  Cricket  Golf  Soccer  Cycling  Sailing  Martial Arts Next
  11. 11. Clothing  The clothing in Australia is actually pretty amazing  It helps go along with the climate of the country  There are many different types of clothing there are hats shorts pants and much more  All of these clothes help the people of Australia to stay comfortable in their environment Back
  12. 12. Illness  There is a new illness in Australia called Affluenza  There are many illnesses in Autralia  In the picture above is the mentall illness education Back
  13. 13. Animals Back  There is the platypus, saltwater croc., Koala, huntsman spider, brush tailed possum, and kangaroo.  Below is a picture of each of these animals
  14. 14. Education  Each state provides both public and private schools  The federal government funds the universities  Education in Australia follows three tier model which includes primary education schools  Australia is sixth for education in the world Next Back
  15. 15. Education 2  The academic fair in Australia varies between institutions  It generally runs from late January until mid December for primary and secondary schools  It runs from late January to mid November for universities with seasonal holidays and breaks Back
  16. 16. Weapons  Australia has never had a big military  One of the guns is a Armtech C30R which is an assault rifle using 56.6 mm  Australia is not big on guns because they do not go to war a lot so they don’t really need them Back
  17. 17. Military  It is Australian land force  Their mission is to provide potent and updated army promote the security  The fundamental is that armies mission is to win the land battle  Its orientation is small and medium operations Back
  18. 18. Military 2  It has been structured as a infantry force  It has changed somewhat in the past years  In the next few years 2 of the seven infantry battle forces will be mechanized  2 of them will also be motorized  Until recently, the main area of operations has been Asia Back
  19. 19. Transportation  Australia has the highest percent od car ownership in the world  It has 3 to 4 times the amount of road per capita than Europe  Europe has seven times more than Asia  It also has the most fuel in the world Back
  20. 20. Types of Cars  Australia has Ferraris, Lamborghinis, lotus, maserati, and more  All of these cars are sports cars and they are the fastest cars in the world  They can go from 0-60 mph in 2 seconds