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Leadership Circle, with commentary
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Leadership Circle, with commentary


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Presentation by coFounder and MD, Charlie Gunningham, on how to use the power of internet marketing in real estate. …

Presentation by coFounder and MD, Charlie Gunningham, on how to use the power of internet marketing in real estate.

Your own real estate site, plus Google, plus Facebook and Twitter, with enewsletters - the 'how to do it' is explained.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Leadership Circle
    with Charlie Gunningham
  • 2. Our Mission
    “ putting media power back
    in our clients’ hands ”
  • 3. Ad Spend in Australia - 09/10*1. Takeaway Food …..….$3343m 2. Real Estate Agents ……...$1563m3. Auto Industry ……….$997m4. Banks ……….$966m5. Supermarkets ……….$774mSource: IBIS World Research, July 2009
  • 4. Internet Media:the power back in your hands1. Your Site + Google2. Facebook3. Twitter 4. Enewsletters5. Blogging
  • 5. YOUR SITE = YOUR MEDIA_ Your brand / differentiation_ Only your listings_ Your message_ Grab emails_ Make a connection_ Your broadcast
  • 6. YOUR SITE : latest_ is it in old/latest language? _ how it is on Google?_ does it upload to Google RE?_ does it have latest features?_ video? Mapping? StreetView? Blog? etc… etc…
  • 7.
  • 8. asp vsaspx (Dotnet)_ asp no longer supported (but will work)_ asp will not support future innovations_ aspx search more robust + faster_ aspx better support, XML-componentswe’ve not coded in asp since mid 2007
  • 9. 1. GOOGLE – being found (SEO)_ It’s not rocket science_ Google reads text_ Title tag (80 characters)_ blogs are great_ update/fresh
  • 10.
  • 11. REIWA Property Management Breakfast, 16th July 2009 Slide 11
  • 12.
  • 13. Just a few case examples…_ “broome real estate” “northbridge apartments for sale” _ “subiaco real estate”
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. 1. GOOGLE – being found (SEO)_ think of phrases they’d put in (now!)_ test them out on Google…_ how do you fare?_ employ SEO tactics_ keep an eye on it, brag about it!_ it’s credibility (free organic search)
  • 18. 2. GOOGLE Real Estate_ July 6th, 2009, 3pm_ new way of being found_ aussiehome, REIWA, upload for you_ your web sites can also be uploaded_ REA and domain are not (yet?ever?)
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23. 2. GOOGLE Real Estate_ get yourself on there ($150 to code it)_ future: your web site + google?_ makes your site most important_ is there any danger here? Not for you, but YES for large real estate portal biz models
  • 24. 2. Facebook.comMark Zuckerberg, Founder
  • 25. Do your own FACEBOOK Profile Page
    free ‘n’ easy to set up
    people find you
    you’re in control
    540,000 in Perth
    more > 40 than < 20
    500+/day in Perth join
  • 26.
  • 27. Your own FACEBOOK Profile Page
    Build your own profile
    Maybe keep it separate
    from biz?
  • 28. Update words/photos
    Wall/Info, News Feed
    Friending Policy
    Privacy Settings
    Controls for ads/pages
  • 29. Set up a FACEBOOK Group/Business Page
    Invite ‘fans’
    publish events, goings on
    interactive shop window
    Walls, Photos, discussions
    Import blog feed, apps
  • 30. URL
  • 31. FACEBOOK Business Page
    Link from emails/web site
    Run it like your site
    Feed from page to your site
    Upload videos
    Build a community
  • 32. FREE FACEBOOK Business Page e-Book
    by Peter Fletcher
  • 33. FACEBOOK Fan Box
    Have your FB
    Business page
    Update your site
    + advertise FB page
  • 34. Post your own FACEBOOK Ads
    Direct + targetted
    Set a budget
    Easy to set up, edit,
    cancel + monitor
    12mn+ views ($1400)
  • 35.
  • 36.
  • 37. Post your own FACEBOOK Ads
    Bid / Budget
    Click Thru Rate
    Cost per Click
    Cost / Thousand Imp’s
  • 38. Create your FACEBOOK Ads
    Click Advertising
  • 39. FACEBOOK Policy
    Time Wasting
    Haven’t got time!
    You need a policy, and stick to it
    Have a reason, WIIFT, part of marketing
  • 40. SOCIAL MEDIA in Aus (Jun09)_ Facebook: 6mn visitors (+95% p.a.)_ MySpace: 3.5mn (only +5%)_ Twitter: 800,000 (up from 13,000)_ 70%+ net users visited social netwks(+29%)_ Twitter the fastest growing
  • 41. 3. TWITTER_ conversations in 140 characters_ easy + very powerful _ unique web address (…)_ link to site, updates, join in_ listings, news, events, h/opens…
  • 42. Biz Stone, Founder,
  • 43. 3. TWITTER Vocab_ message = tweet_ people who tweet = tweeps_ meet up with tweeps = tweetups_ forward on tweet = retweet (RT)
  • 44.
  • 45.
  • 46. 3. TWITTER_ choosing your name_ background image_ what to say?_ what to pass on (RT)_ who to do it?
  • 47. 3. TWITTER_ world’s best search engine?_ find out what ppl are saying about anything, including you! respond_ pass on interesting tweets (RT)_ join in the conversation_ make connections
  • 48. 3. TWITTER_ it’s your own radio broadcast_ it can update FB for you_ tweets can be imported to site_ look tech savvy!_ brand yourself/company_ talk direct to your clients/prospects
  • 49.
  • 50. 3. TWITTER extensions_ iphone/blackberry apps_ tweetdeck (organises it all)_ (photos out as tweets)
  • 51.
    App that synchs with twitter
    Take photo, upload +
    then it becomes a tweet
    with a link to the photo
    Can be done from mobile
  • 52. 4. eNewsletters_ client database_ easy to edit templates_ flick the switch, off they go_ news, events, stats, advice_ no print cost, collect emails
  • 53. 4. eNewsletters_ (Vic Park, talk with Sue Nesci, $695 set up, from $275/yr)_ custom made one; inc SMS too? (talk to, can be custom made, linked to site)
  • 54. 4. eNewsletters_ sign up from yr web site_ unsubscribe/privacy_ keep top of mind, direct_ WIIFT
  • 55. 5. Video/Podcasts_ video = compulsive on the web_ podcasts = usu. Audio_ interact directly_ upload to Youtube
  • 56. Chad Hurley, Cofounder,
  • 57. Aussiehome TV show…
  • 58.
  • 59. Upload movies to
    Obama did 1,678
    87 mn views
    Av age 45-55 yrs
    tag ‘perth real estate’
    DIY, free
  • 60.
    Creates online vid
    Code for you to use
    ‘testimonial mountain’
    Draws in viewer
  • 61. “perth real estate” search on Youtube…
  • 62. 5. Podcasts_ record audio_ convert to podcast ( paste web address onto property_ testimonials, talk about property, the area, the market…
  • 63. 6. Blogs_ interactive 2-way web pages_ you “post” an opinion/story/view + allow public to comment_ you have a lot to say!_ and if you listen, you can learn too
  • 64. Advantages SOCIAL MEDIA- Cheap! and fast/instant- Reach / Accessible- Can be updated/improved- Democratic (power to the little guy)- It involves your clients (directly)
  • 65. BLOGS- a “web log”- leave comments, post- Start your own- video blog (“vlog”)DEMO -, incl back engine
  • 66. BLOGGING SOFTWARE1. (Google)2. (popular, purists) 3. DotNetBlogEngine(Microsoft)latter can fit right inside your site
  • 67. THE RULES…
    not expensive in $’s
    Blog often, blog interesting
    Show yourpassion
    Encourage staff to blog
    Be authentic
    Ideas spread
    Allow publicto comment
  • 68. BENEFITS?
    Better Traffic & SEO to your site
    Fun, empowering for you/staff
    Listen + Learn from your public
    Gather interesting content
    What goes around comes around
    “Markets are conversations”
  • 69.
  • 70. Blogs are fantastic for SEO!
  • 71.
    Professional networking
    Makes connections visible
    Worth being there
    Est 2003
    40 mn members
  • 72.
    Professional networking
    Makes connections visible
    Worth being there
    Est 2003
    40 mn members
  • 73.
    Est 2004
    Photo sharing
    Galleries, comments
    Company web address
    3.6bn images
    Bought by Yahoo!
  • 74.
    Tag photos
    Organise into sets
    Storage for blog pix
    Create your own space
    Need yahoo email (free)
  • 75. USED TOGETHER – rinse and recycle - use and tweet the links - comment on blogs - blog + tweet links to blog post - photo (twitpic) and upload - link twitter to Facebook updates
  • 76. SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY- our clients & prospects are here- we are going to be here- we’re not going to be distracted- we are going to engage, contribute- we will listen, and learn- we will not talk business (much)
  • 77. THANK YOU! _ loads of ideas_ feedback forms/follow ups?- for these slides, contact me…
  • 78. FUTURE DATES3rd Sept, Wembley – GOLF DAY!19th Oct, 9am-1pm - Facebook course (4 CPD pts), REIWA 2-5pm – Twitter course (3 CPD pts), REIWA9th Nov, 9am-5pm – Internet Mkting course (7 CPD pts), REIWANov – tba – Facebook and Twitter in Computer Labs UWA 2nd Dec, 9am-1pm - Facebook course (4 CPD pts), REIWA 2-5pm – Twitter course (3 CPD pts), REIWA2nd Dec –’s 10th birthday party with bowls!