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Facebook for Real Estate



Half day course on using facebook as part of a real estate agent's online marketing

Half day course on using facebook as part of a real estate agent's online marketing



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Facebook for Real Estate Facebook for Real Estate Presentation Transcript

  • Facebook for real estate - 541,261 reasons to be on it, (…and counting)! - REIWA Learning, Mon 19th Oct 2009 Charlie Gunningham
  • Your name please! Charlie Facebook for real estate 2
  • OBJECTIVES 3 things you want to get out of today? Facebook for real estate 3
  • CAR PARK things that may have to be handled later Facebook for real estate 4
  • INTROs - Me - Flavour - Demos - Order - Objectives Facebook for real estate 5
  • AGENDA v1.0 9am-1pm: _ What is FB? _ Building your FB profile & contacts _ FB Business Pages – how to use _ FB Ads – the most targetted adv‟g possible _ FB policy – how to control it in your office _ Other social media, and conclusion Facebook for real estate 6
  • AGENDA v2.0 9am-1pm: _ Connect with clients/prospects _ Lower your ad costs _ Drive customer loyalty _ Brand yourself as tech savvy More Listings _ Motivate + empower staff More Sales _ Have some fun along the way _ Educate marketplace _ Listen + learn Facebook for real estate 7
  • 5 RULES _ Suspend your disbelief! _ Think how this can be applied _ Try it out for real _ Let me know how you get on _ Don‟t give up (most do) Facebook for real estate 8
  • Ad Spend in Australia - 09/10 1. Takeaway Food …..….$3343m 2. Real Estate Agents ……...$1563m 3. Auto Industry ……….$997m 4. Banks ……….$966m 5. Supermarkets ……….$774m Source: IBIS World Research, July 2009 Facebook for real estate 9
  • INTERNET USE – Globally/Australia _ Created 1990, Web Sites 1994, Search 1998 _ Total World Pop (09) 6.7bn, Internet Users 1.7bn (25%) _ Aus: Pop 21mn, Net 17mn (81%) (user growth 156% since 2000) Facebook for real estate 10
  • SOCIAL MEDIA in Aus (Jun09) _ Facebook: 6mn visitors (+95% p.a.) _ MySpace: 3.5mn (only +5%) _ Twitter: 800,000 (up from 13,000) _ 70%+ net users visited social netwks (+29%) _ Twitter the fastest growing Facebook for real estate 11
  • Facebook Stats _ 540,000+ in Perth are on Facebook _ more over aged 40 (150k) than under 20 (143k) It‟s not a question of WHETHER, it‟s a question of HOW you are there (very similar to “The Internet” in 1999?) Facebook for real estate 12
  • 1960-2000 Golden Age of Advertising Facebook for real estate 13
  • Fragmentation of all media Facebook for real estate 14
  • Demise of trad media Facebook for real estate 15
  • Warren Buffett (May 2009) “ I would not buy a newspaper stock at any price … their business model is over” Facebook for real estate 16
  • If this is all true, then how do we use the new media? … and what IS IT anyway? Facebook for real estate 17
  • Let John Heileman explain… ‘Download’ _ Discovery Science _ doco 2008 Facebook for real estate 18
  • Chad Hurley, Cofounder, Youtube.com Facebook for real estate 19
  • Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, Facebook Facebook for real estate 20
  • Biz Stone, Founder, Twitter.com Facebook for real estate 21
  • Advantages SOCIAL MEDIA - Cheap! and fast/instant - Reach / Accessible - Can be updated/improved - Democratic (power to the little guy) - It involves your clients (directly) Facebook for real estate 22
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – defined Social media is information content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies. At its most basic sense, social media is a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media incl blogs, youtube, facebook, twitter, flickr, slideshare, … Facebook for real estate 23
  • Power that is SOCIAL MEDIA - free - powerful - scares big media silly - elected a President? - not being used by your competitors (yet) Facebook for real estate 24
  • “Markets are conversations” conversations among humans sound human natural, uncontrived, honest public switch quickly tell us something! (then we might speak to you) business is only part of our lives, it’s all of yours The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual by Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls, David Weinberger Pub 1999 : read it for free at www.cluetrain.com Facebook for real estate 25
  • “Markets are conversations” Facebook for real estate 26
  • “Markets are conversations” Facebook for real estate 27
  • OK – back to the workbook Facebook for real estate 28
  • _ What‟s the social graph? _ How does FB make money? _ How many ppl are on FB in Perth? _ What‟s the breakdown? _ How can we check this? _ Why go on FB? _ The Good, the Bad and the ugly… Facebook for real estate 29
  • Facebook for real estate 30
  • _ What are your concerns about FB? Many are to do with privacy & time wasting Do you know how to change privacy settings? Facebook for real estate 31
  • _ The Case of “Amba Friend” (BBC) http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/10/24/2068766.htm Do you know how to change privacy settings? Time Wasting – have a policy (see later) Facebook for real estate 32
  • _ Your social media pages (FB, twitter…) can be found on Google _ this has an advantage, _ but don‟t think it‟s private (unless you set it so) Facebook for real estate 33
  • Facebook for real estate 34
  • Facebook for real estate 35
  • http://www.facebook.com/gunningham Facebook for real estate 36
  • EFFECTS _ How many of you have been on FB past wk? _ How many of your friends? _ is it replacing email? _ How many new friends? _ is it more than connecting with friends? _ are more and more making comments, tagging, interacting on your page now? Facebook for real estate 37
  • GETTING STARTED _ Set up a personal profile (…what you put on it is up to you) _ Can also directly set up a business profile (but without personal profile, it’s less effective) * DEMO Facebook for real estate 38
  • _ Do you (are you going to) mix business with pleasure? _ keep your profile to friends only, or be the real estate agent you are (your friends know this) Facebook for real estate 39
  • FRIENDING Policy _ Do you friend everyone? (… and let then friend you?) _ WIIFT? _ Avoid the cringeworthy _ Go on and have a conversation, feel your way _ see how others do it, it‟s got to feel right to you Facebook for real estate 40
  • FB Groups vs FB Business Pages _ Groups are like „clubs‟ _ invite „members‟ _ post info, events, photos, video… _ members then see changes everytime they are logged in (or are contacted) BUT – Business Pages are better… Facebook for real estate 41
  • FB Business Pages _ Very much like a personal profile _ Everything available, very powerful _ it‟s like having your own company web site within the FB community _ BUT – whoever sets it up CANNOT be deleted! *DEMO Facebook for real estate 42
  • http://www.facebook.com/...unique URL Facebook for real estate 43
  • FB Business Pages _ What could you put on your page? _ and why? (Imagine the REAL ESTATE applications here) and the opportunities to connect, have a conversation, educate, brand yourself, positive PR, .. But there‟s also opportunity to look foolish, and bug/spam people. Facebook for real estate 44
  • FB Business Pages – ADDING FANS _ make it interesting, fresh _ suggest fans _ link to it from emails, your web site _ use FB ads _ add a fanbox _ twitter, blog about your FB page _ interact on others, and make them favourites _ spread the word Facebook for real estate 45
  • FACEBOOK Fan Box Have your FB Business page Update your site + advertise FB page Facebook for real estate 46
  • FREE FACEBOOK Business Page e-Book by Peter Fletcher TheRealEstateMarketingMaven.com Facebook for real estate 47
  • FB Business Pages – Examples Facebook for real estate 48
  • Pay per Click Ads PAY PER CLICK (Facebook ads) _ FREE for people to VIEW the ad _ You ONLY PAY of they CLICK on the ad (and then you get a visitor to your web site) _ cost 12c per 1000 views (CPM = $0.12) _ target to age ranges, geography _ turn them on and off when you like _ set a budget per click, and total daily spend (from as little as $1/day) _ can see results (graphs/tables) Facebook for real estate 49
  • Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads * DEMO FB ads better? - includes IMAGES - only 3 per page - can target ages and where people live Facebook for real estate 50
  • Few relevant terms _ CPM = _ CPC = _ CTR = * DEMO Facebook for real estate 51
  • Facebook for real estate 52
  • Facebook for real estate 53
  • FB Ads _ How could you use these? Facebook for real estate 54
  • Facebook _ We‟ve seen how big it is _ We‟ve seen the options (personal profile, business pages and PPC ads) NOW – you need to rationalise its use, persuade others, and do it. You need a policy. Facebook for real estate 55
  • Facebook - POLICY _ what are the rules going to be? bit like your internet surfing rules, use of company telephone, equipment, mobile…?) Facebook for real estate 56
  • OTHER Social Media _ it all works best, if used together _ link FB to Twitter ( www.facebook.com/twitter ) Facebook for real estate 57
  • Benefits of FB _ those listed – any others? Applications of FB _ those listed – any others? Facebook for real estate 58
  • FB – on mobile devices _ iphones, blackberrys and others come with it _ you can download free FB apps _ meaning you can upload pix to FB pages, update your profile, all on the go… Facebook for real estate 59
  • Conclusions from today _ what are they - for you? Take-Aways from today _ what are you going to do about this … as of tomorrow? Facebook for real estate 60
  • FACEBOOK for real estate - 5 Tips http://mashable.com/2009/04/01/optimize-facebook- page/ Facebook for real estate 61
  • Facebook for real estate 62
  • THANK YOU! – please fill in FEEDBACK FORMS _ This afternoon – Twitter (repeated Dec 9th) _ Oct 30th – REIWA Conference _ Nov 9/27 - Internet Mkting (1 day) inc SEO, web sites, CRMs, enews _ aussiehome.com „Leadership Circles‟ (free) - tba Charlie@aussiehome.com 0411 092 669 or 9389 5833 follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more tips and ideas and Peter Fletcher‟s excellent blog: www.therealestatemarketingmaven.com Facebook for real estate 63