SEO for Small Business
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SEO for Small Business



a 40 slide summary on SEO, SEM, Adwords and how to build traffic to your own web site

a 40 slide summary on SEO, SEM, Adwords and how to build traffic to your own web site



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SEO for Small Business SEO for Small Business Presentation Transcript

  • Google + Small Business
    - SEO, SEM & Adwords
    • SBDC, Aug 2010
    Charlie Gunningham
  • 90% of sites are still brochure sites- 1 way, (“static”)- no interaction- not grabbing emails (#1 goal)- flash, html, not updated, not SEO’d

  • YOUR SITE1. Are you on the 1st page of Google for your ‘golden phrase’? (Y/N/sometimes)2. Are you #1 result ? (Y/N/sometimes) 3. Does your site load in under 5 seconds? (Y/N)4. Is the info all up to date? (Y/N/sometimes) 5. Is there something on your site that changes? (Y/N) 6. Are you proud of your site? (Y/N) 7. Has your site been optimised (redesigned) for mobiles? (Y/N) 8. Do you get leads/enquiries off YOUR site? (Y/N/sometimes) 9. Does your site interact with your social media? (Y/N) 10. Do you regularly collect email addresses of visitors to your site? (Y/N/sometimes)
    Yes = 3 (for Yes/No Sometimes) or 1
    Sometimes = 1 No = 0
  • YOUR SITEScore: 16+ fantastic! 10-15 needs help, but OK 5-9 poor, needs urgent help! <5 thanks for being honest, but take the site down now!!!
  • “Dynamic” sites- powered by database (CMS)- update DB, updates site- interactive, social media- local info (blogs, …)- mobile, apps (smart phones, iPhone, iPad)
  • Why have a site?1. Branding2. Differentiation3. Your listings only4. Your message, in control5. Power of the media, broadcasting
  • It’s like having your own radio station!
  • Why have a site?6. Make it earn money!
  • HOW to build traffic? 1. Know thyself (measure it)2. Google Analytics3. Smarter Stats4. Nielsen/Hitwise5. >> demos
  • Measuring What?1. Hit? << NO!2. PageView3. Visitor Session4. Unique Visitor/Browser5. Time per visit6. Bounce Rate7. Repeat Visitors
  • Building Traffic1. Self2. Word of mouth3. Cross media4. Social media5. SEO6. PPC - Facebook
  • 7. PPC – Google8. Partnerships9. Linking…. BIG GAP between #9 and # 10!!! ….10. PR, events, editorials, awards11. Ads
  • Before we move on…My Site?AUDIT - Where are we? PLAN – Where do we want to be?ACTION – What are we going to do about this?
  • FACTS- 90% web sessions begin with a search- 85% of ALL traffic is referred via a search engine- Google Australia = 300,000 searches/min- 61% of searches result in OFFLINE purchasesand Google is 87% of all search in Aus89% of all clicks are from SEO (not PPC)
  • Google Eyes (SEO)- reads text, can’t read images- hates flash, frames- reads top left to bottom right- reads title tag- reads <H1> <H2>.. Tags- reads text on page- loves to see updates of text, and links IN
  • PLUS- being updated- relevancy- popularity- older- larger- site maps- submission- blog
  • PLUS- alt tabs on images- RSS feeds- social media- well named links- dummy sites- keyword analysis- check analytics…
  • REIWA Property Management Breakfast, 16th July 2009 Slide 20
  • URL Rewriting- creating dynamic SEO friendly web addresses (instead of ‘Egyptian script mumbo jumbo’!)
  • MYTHS Meta keyword Tag  white text on white background  multiple domains  resubmitting weekly  doorway pages
  • SNAKE OIL SALESMEN Google endorsed partner  Link outs are good  SEO is a black art  Guarantees for Page 1 ranking  It’s just so easy!  Small text  We get you on hundreds of search engines!
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - beyond SEO, what else can you do?1. Google Adwords2. Facebook Ads- CPM = cost per thousand impressions - CPC = cost per click- CTR = click through rate
  • FB Advertising vs Google Adwords
    (Pay Per Click – PPC)
    Google ads:
    Search terms
    Ppl declare hand
    Bid for phrases
    WA only, time of day
  • GET STARTED1. Keyword analysis2. GMail account3. Monitor
  • Conclusions from today _ what are they - for you?Take-Aways from today _ what are you going to do … as of tomorrow?
  • THANK YOU! - and all the best with SEO/SEM!- for these slides, contact me… 092 669