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Benefits of Technology
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Benefits of Technology


Benefits of Technology Integration in the Classroom

Benefits of Technology Integration in the Classroom

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  • 1. Benefits of Technology In the Classroom By Lisa Sprehe
  • 2. Periods of Technology• Pre-Microcomputer Era• Microcomputer Era• Mobile Technologies
  • 3. Cannot Hide/Need to Embrace• Technology is everywhere you turn!• It is in the workplace, school, home, etc.• Technology can help more than hinder – just need to accept it!
  • 4. Benefits• Help students acquire skills needed to survive in a highly technological knowledge based economy• Motivation• Collaboration with peers• Increase in student self esteem• Higher scores on student achievement tests• Great tool for Assessment
  • 5. Benefits Video• http://www.youtube.com/embed/GNbLVIDvjr o
  • 6. Four Key Components of Learning• 1. Active engagement• 2. Participation in groups• 3. Frequent interaction and feedback• 4. Connection to real world experts• Technology enhances all four of these Components
  • 7. Needed Everyday• Must be integrated throughout the curriculum• Must be taught every day• Sporadic use of technology will not get the job done
  • 8. Professional Development• Teachers need to be properly trained on how to implement technology and how to make sure they are optimizing it in the classrooms• Once a year is not enough.• The more teachers practice with technology, the more comfortable they will become in implementing it.
  • 9. Time to practice• Students need to have teachers model for them how to use the technology• The students also need amble opportunities to practice that specific skill before being assessed on it.• If this is not done then technology in the classroom will not be successful
  • 10. References• Ed Reform. Studies effects of technology on classrooms and students. Retrieved from• http://www2.ed.gov/pubs/EdReformStudies/EdTech/effectsstudents.html• Edutopia Staff. (2008). Why integrate technology into the classroom?: The reasons are• many. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/technology-integration- introduction• Honey, M. (2001). Testimony and statement for the record of Margaret Honey. Retrieved• from http://cct.edc.org/admin/publications/speeches/testimony_lhe01.p df• Roblyer, M.D., & Doering A. H. (2013). Integrating educational technology into• teaching. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Publishing.