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Mac vs. Windows for Art Educators
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Mac vs. Windows for Art Educators

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Researched the best computer for myself as an Art Educator and made comparisons between the two operating systems. …

Researched the best computer for myself as an Art Educator and made comparisons between the two operating systems.
Conclusion is the Windows OS and HP computer.

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  • 1. Art Education – Using the Latest Operating Systems By Amber Urioste ECOMP 7100 - Class Computer Structure - Final
  • 2. We will explore the options for both Windows and Apple applications and software to see who is making the most strides in meeting the current trends for enhancing Art Education.
  • 3. Macintosh Windows Because Macs use Intel processors, they can run PCs, on the other hand, are Windows. The main difference more business oriented between a PC and a Mac is the machines, although they make Operating System: the piece of up about 90% of all computers. software that runs other pieces of They are much more widely software (e.g. Windows, Linux). supported by software, and are The Mac OS is not as widely better for video games. They supported as Windows, but Macs are pretty much guaranteed to are generally better for editing be able to work with almost audio and video, and that sort of anything, whereas that claim thing, because that is generally can be harder for a Mac. what their software is designed for. Software Differences Simplified
  • 4. The Latest User Interface Software Leopard OS X.5 – Apple Windows Vista – Windows What does the X.5 stand for in Can a Windows computer run Apple for in the new Leopard Software? Operating System? Answer: OS X.5 (Leopard) will also Answer: No not yet, but you can put a feature "Boot Camp," which will allow Vista OS on a Mac. It has been said that users of new Apple computers built Vista will run faster than on a PC. around Intel-processors to run Windows on their Macs. http://videos.howstuffworks.com/best-buy/1650-microsoft-v
  • 5. How do the they Compare? By Ryan Block Leopard Vista Comments / notes RED AREAS MEANS – NEEDS IMPROVEMENT Integrated Braille input / Accessibility output, voice synthesis, high Voice synthesis, high contrast contrast interface, etc. interface, etc. Cover Flow, Quick Look Preview pane, extra large icon Fancy file browsing view Exposé Find windows Flip 3D Spotlight Indexed search † Instant Search, Search Folders Shell / window environment † Aqua ("Illuminous" / unified) Aero ("Glass") We know Apple has Ink, but No that doesn't exactly make your Tablet and touch screen Yes Mac a tablet computer Virtual desktops Spaces No
  • 6. By Ryan Block Leopard Vista Comments / notes Whereas Time Machine may Backup and Restore Center, be easier to use than Backup Time Machine ShadowCopy, Previous Windows Backup and Restore Versions Center, Vista does feature all the same (if not more) backup features Safari 3 Internet Explorer 7 Browser † Personal Preference Calendar iCal Windows Calendar This one's hard to call; Apple Screen sharing from Finder or has better ease of use, but Collaboration iChat Windows Meeting Space Windows Meeting Space is more powerful -- so both win Address Book Contacts Windows Contacts Mail.app Windows Mail Email ‡ The new finder is great, no File manager Upgraded Finder Upgraded Explorer doubt, but it lacks the raw power of Explorer It's arguable that Windows CUPS + location aware may have more powerful Faxing and scanning printing Windows Fax and Scan printing capabilities, but OS X is far better at printer plug- and-play
  • 7. What does Apple Offer? Built in Features to iMacs What is in it for Teachers? • All Macs provide iMovie and iDVD, • Built-in features/free software which are movie editing and DVD Teachers will like Mac's built-in authoring programs, respectively. calendar scheduler, address book and These applications come standard, great sticky notes and note pad and are made and designed by program (that even has a spell Apple, for Apple hardware, thus checker). If you have a pop mail e- guaranteeing compatibility and mail server, Mac also comes with a reliability. Furthermore, all Macs very nice e-mail management provide GarageBand and iPhoto, program. If you want to stick with for song your Hotmail account, Microsoft also composing/authoring/editing, does Messenger for Mac. which could also make for good school projects.
  • 8. APPLE TRAINING SERIES SOFTWARE FOR TEACHERS • Express a Feeling: Create a photo- essay slideshow, add sound, and publish it on the web • Make a Factual Case: Track data in a spreadsheet, organize it into charts, then deliver it as a Keynote presentation • Make a Persuasive Case: Research an issue, develop an argument, and create a PSA in iMovie and burn it to DVD • Solve a Problem: Reconcile income and expenses in a household budget and chart financial scenarios • Tell a Story: Document the personal history of a community leader in a short, sophisticated movie
  • 9. What does Apple Offer Teachers for Online Help? Apple education solutions seamlessly integrate today’s digital tools for creating, accessing, and distributing media-rich content. The following resources are available to teachers Online: K-12 , Higher Education, Students, Information Technology , Profile videos, iTunes U and Mobile Learning, Teachers Communities. iLife iWork Mac OS X Final Cut Studio Aperture Final Cut Express Logic Express Logic Pro http://www.apple.com/education/
  • 10. What Strides Has Windows Made for Educators? Microsoft Education Homepage: Windows Vista: Tips and Tricks • Microsoft has created products to enable educators, On Demand students, and administrators to achieve more efficiency and improve service levels – without An overview of helpful new increasing budgets. Take a look at the site to see features in the Windows Vista what it offers; On this site you will find: Events, Case operating system and how they studies, Programs, Product Center . can be used in education. Topics covered are the user- Microsoft Education Product and Technology Tutorials: friendly user interface (UI), the • Learn how to use and integrate Microsoft software in new collaboration features, the classroom with in-depth, step-by-step tutorial creating engaging guides for students, teachers, and staff. presentations, and the • Tutorials have been developed for a variety of enhanced experience of using Microsoft Office, Windows, the Microsoft Office Windows Internet Explorer 7 Outlook messaging and collaboration client, with Windows Vista. Windows Server 2008, and Microsoft Exchange products and technologies. Also see their special http://www.microsoft.com/education/teachers/bettertogether.aspx guides just for educators.
  • 11. The Benefits to Windows Vista? • One of the most valuable improvements schools 1. Product Tutorials have found using Vista was its helpful Group Policy 3. Lesson Plans features. With more granular control policies, it is easier to set Power Management, allowing the 5. How-to Articles district to save energy by not having computers at 7. Solutions & Services full power when they are not being used. Other enhancements include control over the use and 9. Product Center installation of removable media. Vista gives the IT 11. Partners in Learning staff the ability to control the use of USB drives, 13. Educational Programs DVDs and CDs. The OS Group Policy also put its Internet Protocol Security inside its firewall, 15. World Wide Community protecting server-to-server communications. 17. Newsletters Managing an array of printers is easier in Vista, 19. Info. for students & • too; administrators can configure printers through Administrators Active Directory.
  • 12. Answers to Quiz 1. A. The keyboard, mouse, menus of a computer system. The user interface allows the user to communicate with the operating system. 2. C. MAC OS X.5 (Leopard) 3. C. Window Vista 4. False 5. False 6. C. Apple 7. Corel Draw Suite X4, Adobe Products InDesign®, Photoshop® CS4, Dreamweaver® CS4, Flash® CS4 Professional, Fireworks®CS4, Acrobat® 9 Pro, Media Player, QuarkXpress, Sherston's Albert's Paintbox, I Can Animate from Kudlian Soft, Crick Software's Clicker Paint, Dazzle 03, Indigo Art Tablet. 8. The Chroma Key, Final Cut, Apple Aperture, iMovie, iDVD, garage Band, iLife, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Quicktime, iWork, Final Cut Studio, Aperture, Logic Express, Logic Pro, Corel Draw Suite X4, Adobe Products InDesign®, Photoshop® CS4, Dreamweaver® CS4, Flash® CS4 Professional, Fireworks®CS4, Acrobat® 9 Pro, Media Player, QuarkXpress.
  • 13. Conclusion It appears that both Operating Systems are compatible with what art teachers do and need to accomplish. Even though personal preference is the determining factor, evidence shows that Apple offers teachers more options overall in several of the categories.
  • 14. Resources •http://www.apple.com/education/profiles/putnam/ •http://www.ed.gov/pubs/EdReformStudies/EdTech/index.html •http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/153366/leopard_o ne_year_later_5_os_lessons_learned.html •http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,,sid9_gci534379,00.html? offer=os •http://www.eschoolnews.com/news/top-news/?i=55283 •http://www.engadget.com/2007/10/27/leopard-vs-vista-feature-chart- showdown/ •http://www.microsoft.com/education/teachers/bettertogether.aspx •http://www.edtechmag.com/k12/issues/november- december-2008/the-benefits-of-windows-vista.html