Liam Butler from NetDimensions on Mobile Learning & Technology: Essentials for Success

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Liam Butler, General Manager - EMEA from NetDimensions shared his insight and knowledge about Mobile Learning & Technology: Essentials for Success for the Aurion Learning E-Learning Journeys …

Liam Butler, General Manager - EMEA from NetDimensions shared his insight and knowledge about Mobile Learning & Technology: Essentials for Success for the Aurion Learning E-Learning Journeys Masterclass 2013 at The Lighthouse, Glasgow on Thursday 10th October.

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  • 1. Mobile Learning & Technology: Essentials for Success Liam Butler General Manager, EMEA NetDimensions Thursday 10 October, 2013
  • 2. What We Will Discuss  What content works well on mobile  The innovative ways that NetDimensions clients are using mobile learning  What technologies are needed  Mobile options available  Case studies on mobile learning
  • 3. Show of Hands Is your organisation leveraging any form of mobile learning today?  Yes  No, but we would like to  No, it’s not really for us  Not sure
  • 4. Mobile Content
  • 5. The Evolution of the LMS 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s • Classroom registration administration • Computer-based CD training • Web learning & online course management • Blended & on-demand learning • Learning Experience is anytime, anywhere – Mobile Learning & xAPI
  • 6. Mobile Content –xAPI/TinCan Source ADL
  • 7. Tin Can (xAPI) – What’s the Future?  Is it a solution to the 70/30 rule?  E.g. Book marketlet functionality in Google/YouTube etc.  The impact of the Learning Record Store (LRS)  No longer held back by the web browser  Mobile, Serious Games, Social Media  Native Apps can be built to work on any LMS or System. Learning Experience is Everywhere – Any Training Modality
  • 8. Mobile Learning
  • 9. Mobile Learning – Finally a Reality According to IDC, 37,2% of the world’s workforce will be mobile by 2015  Mobile learning means different things to different people, but:  Mobile learning is NOT just eLearning on smartphones or tablets  Workforces are now mobile & remote  Internet connectivity should not be taken for granted  There is no single solution for everyone!
  • 10. Mobile Learning Involves … An increasingly mobile workforce Expecting personalised access To context- & location-aware content Enabling communication & collaboration With connectivity completely abstracted
  • 11. But… A Few Reality Checks  Mobile Learning means a lot of different things to different people, but:  mLearning is not just eLearning on smartphones or tablets  Offline players or mobile delivery platforms are only point solutions  Organisations think evolution, not revolution  There is no single solution for all… even within the same organisation
  • 12. New Market Trends Affect Mobile Learning  Mobile devices are now readily available in the corporate world and tablets present the next new frontier  Organisations now understand they need “Learning Environments” that foster learning anywhere & anytime  Learners now expect more personalised, on-demand, collaborative learning experience wherever they are
  • 13. NetDimensions mLearning Strategy 1. The Portable LMS – mEKP  Plug-and-learn anywhere  No installation, no connectivity required 2. NetDimensions Talent Suite on Smartphones  Cross-platform, device-optimised mobile web access  Web apps available for Android and iOS 3. Native Mobile Apps – iPad/Android  Industry-specific apps by NetDimensions resellers & clients  More apps via NetDimensions SDK integrations
  • 14. NetDimensions mLearning Solutions The Portable LMS Plug & Learn Anywhere No Installation Smartphone Web Apps Native iPad Apps
  • 15. “mEKP, … a disruptive step in the evolution of enterprise software”  Your personal learning & support environment  Runs independently from a USB flash drive  Supports tracking of user data and activity  Delivers, manages & tracks web-ready content  News, courses, surveys, exams, podcasts, videos, technical documentation & more  Performs smart synchronisation
  • 16. Case Study – On-the-job Performance Development  CLIENT  Fugro Group, a Dutch multinational providing Survey, Geotechnics and Subsea Services to oil, gas, mining & construction industries  CHALLENGE     Deliver on-the-job learning, assessments & competency-driven performance development Requirement for an intuitive user interface for mobile access Remote workforce often in locations with no connectivity 12,000 users with at least half of them in the field and 1/4 at the same time  RESULTS  Solution: NetDimensions Learning & Performance (SaaS) and mEKP  Employee engagement for new hires is 10 percentage points higher than average because of mobile delivery of training & access to career development  Planning to now roll out appraisals & assessments at the point of performance
  • 17. SmartPhone Responsive UI • Responsive design adapts to smartphone screen size  Design based on three key concepts:  Learner access to eLearning & Learning Assets  eLearning content played directly on SmartPhone  Manager Access for Enrollment Approval  Manager able to manage enrollment process for any content type  Ability to conduct Supervisory Assessments  Manager can conduct basic appraisals and supervisory assessments via Smart Phone
  • 18. Smart-Phone Use Case Scenario  Direct Appraisers, Supervisors or Managers are frequently on the move with business travel and are required to execute Approvals and Assessments as part of the workflow process.  Managers having adequate internet access on mobile phone.  Features are built for Managers having access to Talent Suite using their respective mobile phones.  Responsive Design = Agnostic to Smart-Phone device.
  • 19. Approvals on Smartphone
  • 20. Supervisory Assessments on Smartphone Supervisory Assessment based on Question Pools generated from Exam Manager in NetDimensions Learning LMS
  • 21. NetDimensions Mobile Tablet App (Slate) • Available on iPad & Android tablets • Uses SCORM offline extension  Design based on two key concepts:  Search-based navigation  Ability to universally search any type of content in the NetDimensions Talent Suite (e.g. courses, reference materials, knowledge bases, people, forums, news, functions)  Ability to present taxonomy of results for easy navigation  Both online & offline access  Ability to tag any type of content for offline access  Ability to synchronize automatically when online
  • 22. Native iPad App
  • 23. Native iPad App
  • 24. Native iPad App
  • 25. Native iPad App
  • 26. However… The Disclaimer  12 months from now Mobile Learning will look completely different  Technology and Use Cases are evolving at a rapid pace  Technology Company road maps have changed from 12 to 6 months. Innovation is rapid on Mobile.  Tin Can (xAPI) is a solution to problem we never knew we had, much like the iPad. The ways we use it are evolving month by month and it is changing the way everyone looks at Learning Experiences. 12 months from now this presentation will probably be obsolete.
  • 27. QUESTIONS? Liam Butler General Manager, EMEA NetDimensions THANK YOU
  • 28.