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Premium Insight is an overview of the digital activity of premium brands
and luxurious “Maisons” focusing on the most innovative strategies in
terms of display, e-commerce, social media, mobile and O2O...

Enjoy your reading !

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Premium Insight October 2013 en

  1. 1. PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  2. 2. PREMIUM INSIGHT PREMIUM INSIGHT SAME SAME but different Premium Insight is a study made by SAME SAME but different in order to explore the digital activity of premium brands and luxurious “Maisons”. This new edition will focus on the most innovative strategies in terms of display, emailing, e-commerce, social media and mobile. Founded in 2009, SAME SAME but different is the strategic and creative digital agency of luxury and major brands: Digital operations and website design / e-influence campaigns / Mobile solutions / Digital In store / Consulting & training for leaders. Thus, the study will be composed of: SAME SAME but different works world-widely with offices in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong. • A ranking of different brands based on precise criteria • A focus on a specific subject • A presentation of the most impacting digital trends • A review of the main news this month • A decoding of innovatives operation or approach • A case around a trend topic PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  5. 5. NEWS DECODING KARL LAGERFELD The “I want Karl’s glasses” application in partnership with Optic 2000 Who hasn’t dreamt of seeing Karl Lagerfeld without his famous glasses on? Well, the “I want Karl’s glasses” application will make your dreams come true. This game available on mobile and computer will have you go through different levels in which you’ll have to aim and catch his glasses. In the end, you will be given the opportunity to win a pair from Karl Lagerfeld’s collection and/or a statue of himself. Thus, a purely narcissistic game that suits perfectly the image that this talented creator gives of himself. Our opinion: one could wonder why Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion icon that possesses an eponymous brand, won’t stop partnering with mass consumption brands as H&M, Coca-Cola or, in this case, Optic 2000. Karl Lagerfeld embodies fashion and breaks the rules by offering himself “the luxury” of partnering with whatever brand he likes, as long as it corresponds to his values and he can control his communication. And, the fact that his brand does not belong to the luxury sector, actually makes his collaborations coherent. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website October 2013 CASE
  6. 6. NEWS DECODING CASE L’ORÉAL The Color Genius 2, L’Oréal’s ingenious application  The brand new version of L’Oreal Paris’ application, the Color Genius 2, offers you the possibility to match your beauty care with your daily outfit. Just download this free application on either Google Play or the App store, take a picture of yourself via the “match my outfit” button and you are good to go! Choose one of your outfit’s colors that you want to match with your beauty care and the application will give you some make-up and nail-polish suggestions. Click on the “match it” button to coordinate the colors, the “blend it” button to mix them and the “clash it” button to create a contrast. You can also pick between morning or evening depending on the time of day you use the application. And, at the end of the process, you’ll be able to share your final make-up suggestion on Facebook. A less personalized option is offered. You can discover the “season looks” which will most certainly help you create your own styles. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The application > The website Our opinion: the application is not very efficient but it resulted in a nice publicity stunt for L’Oréal Paris who is currently seeking modernity throughout mobile applications. It is also a clever way of doing product promotion by introducing the users to a few products of the brand like lipsticks, nail-polish and eye-shadow. The most important female ambassadors of the brand share their thoughts about the application and ask users to come back on Twitter, thus, a good way to generate some buzz. October 2013
  7. 7. NEWS DECODING HARRODS Where is Richard? The operation launched by Harrods during sales In order to give a nice start to the sales that begun on June 15th in London, Harrod’s, the famous department store, launched an operation connected to social media. The idea was to try to find Richard, all dressed in green, dancing in the streets of London in order to win £1,000 to spend in the store during sales. Once you recognized him, you just had to take a picture and send it to the official Twitter account @Harrods with the dedicated hashtag #HarrodsSale. In order to help Londoners find “the green man”, the company’s community manager published many posts and tweets giving hints about Richard’s time and location. On D-day, Harrod’s organized the “green man flash dance” in front of the store, some sort of a flash mob with professional dancers. A video was also posted on social media platforms. > The teaser Our opinion: we like the simplicity of this offbeat and “so British” operation, and its viral potential. Thanks to Richard #thegreenman, it is the whole company that came out of the store to meet potential clients in real life. The connection to social media was at the heart of the process thanks to the brand’s community manager’s posts and the contest modalities. PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 CASE
  8. 8. NEWS DECODING CASE SWAROVSKI Same player shoot again This operation was created for the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Awards, a ceremony that rewards America’s best fashion and accessory designers with a CFDA. The famous Canadian model Coco Rocha and the American model Reid Prebenda take the lead in a black and white short movie and act missed romantic encounters that reveal the pieces of the nominees to the different Swarovski rewards. Our opinion: a video well spread on social media and on Coco Rocha’s blog. Directed playfully, this short-story succeeds in highlighting Swarovski’s crystal pieces and fashion pieces worn by the two actors, in an original and light-toned way. > The video PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  9. 9. NEWS DECODING CARTIER The european launch of Cartier’s new retail website Cartier has now offered the opportunity to its clients to purchase its collections on a new retail website. Richemont’s flaghship brand presents its collections with meticulously prepared product sheets. The users are provided with the help of an online adviser that will answer to all of their questions. But the Cartier website offers more than just the opportunity to purchase products, it also offers many services and allows users that will open an online account, to receive exclusive information about the brand’s new collections. The Maison put together a delivery system that allows each user to receive his product at any address with a custom-made message and wrapping. Our opinion: after Piaget and Van Cleef & Arpels, would Richemont be the initiator of an e-commerce revolution in the jewelry and watch-craft world? PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 CASE
  10. 10. NEWS DECODING CASE LOUIS VUITTON Live Fashion Week by Louis Vuitton During the Fashion Week, the Maison Louis Vuitton invited people to discover, via a live stream, the men’s ready-towear Spring-Summer 2014 collection on their website In order to keep the fans waiting, Louis Vuitton posted a picture on Facebook, 20 hours before the beginning of the show on June 27th, that showed the time left until the live broadcast. The picture obtained about 20 000 likes. Many users were connected to the website on D-day and were invited to publish, live comments about the collection and their own pictures followed by the hashtag #Lvlive and the name of the brand’s official account @LouisVuitton_FR on Twitter. Some of the tweets were selected to appear on a dedicated platform called the “Social Room” inspired by social TV. The platform was accessible through a link located underneath the video and could also be viewed on mobile, making the experience an even more interactive and complete one. PREMIUM INSIGHT > The video Our opinion: internet was smartly used by the brand that pushed its social functions. However, we would have liked to be able to take pictures via a screenshot tool integrated to the video. It would have allowed us to constitute an online book that we could have shared on the platform and on social media, making the experience a more customized one. October 2013
  11. 11. DECODING
  12. 12. NEWS DECODING BURBERRY Burberry: what a phenomenon! Apart from its reputation in the luxury sector, Burberry is also known for its ambitious digital strategy, surprising operations and its fabulous connected store on Regent Street in London. The Maison Burberry always surprises us in a very positive way and has managed to impose itself as a precursor in terms of digital innovations. Its first digital weapon was “Art of the Trench”, a social media platform dedicated to the trench coat (the brand’s emblematic product) where users could post pictures of themselves wearing the famous coat. When the social media came out, the product’s sales exploded which proved the importance of digital use for a young and connected clientele, old enough to buy luxury goods. On its fanpage, Burberry suggest many contents and has reached the 15 million fans; that’s the reason why the brand choose to announce the launch of its new fraguance “The Body” on Facebook in 2011. PREMIUM INSIGHT Constantly embodied by Christopher Bailey, the artistic director of the brand, Burberry has always been a forerunner in terms of digital marketing while for most of luxury brands, the integration of a digital plan to their own strategy, has been a long time coming. The brand pursues its digital conquest and keeps its leading position in the digital world via its presence on almost every existing social media and its recent operations that we have decided to study. October 2013 CASE
  13. 13. NEWS DECODING BURBERRY CASE @Burberry : the official account @Burberry_France : the French official account @BurberryService : offers a customer service on Burberry: what a phenomenon! Twitter. This service is available 24/7. Burberry imposes itself as one of the most invested luxury brands on the internet. Burberry : official account dedicated to fashion Burberry Body : official account dedicated to the brand’s cosmetic products Here is a mapping of Burberry’s digital presence – Platform dedicated to photos of trenches. “You have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand.” — Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO Photos and 15-second-short video 6-second-short video Presence on China’s most famous social media Burberry possesses a Pinterest account Burberry possesses its own channel on Youtube Burberry possesses a Google + account PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  14. 14. NEWS DECODING CASE BURBERRY Burberry: what a phenomenon! Burberry foreruns video Burberry share the spirit of the brand thanks to Instagram. The boutiques or the fashion shows backstages, the clients have to be connected to the brand all the time. More than a web of images, Burberry didn’t wait long before using the new Instagram application (recently bought by Facebook) that allows the creation of short videos, as a communication tool in order to reveal to the public, behind the scenes images of the Spring/Summer 2014 men’s collection Fashion show. Burberry is, once again, on the dot of a new trend, initiated by Vine (Twitter): short videos. > Instagram PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  15. 15. NEWS DECODING CASE BURBERRY Burberry: what a phenomenon! Burberry Vine: operation In order to complete its introduction to the menswear Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show, the Maison Burberry also created a video on Vine. After 10 years of organizing fashion shows in Milan for its men’s collections, the brand decided to present them in London from now on. The 6-second loop video presents, in full speed, the clothes worn by the male models. It is quite complicated to visualize all of the outfits very well, because of the low quality of the application that we have underlined in our case study dedicated to Vine, in the Premium Insight of the month of June. However we find the brand’s initiative noteworthy because once again, it consists in experimenting new digital tools within its communication strategy. > Vine PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  16. 16. NEWS DECODING CASE BURBERRY Burberry: what a phenomenon! The Burberry Kisses application: an enchanting collaboration with Google The new application created by Burberry in collaboration with Google, allows you to create a custom-made message by sending your “kiss” and writing a note on a virtual letter. The application captures an image of your mouth and has you choose the color of your “kiss”. The platform invites you to discover the fabulous “world of kisses”, that shows, on a map, shining dots that represent all of the “kisses” received and all of the “live kisses” sent live around the world. At the end of the sending process, you will be offered the possibility to import the e-mail address of your contacts directly through Gmail. With its connected stores, its Instagram video and such amazing applications, Burberry has become a reference. Thus, more and more modern operations lead by a brand that rejuvenates throughout its collections. What next? PREMIUM INSIGHT > The website October 2013
  17. 17. CASE: online customization
  18. 18. NEWS DECODING CASE ONLINE CUSTOMIZATION OF LUXURY BRANDS What if the Maisons were actually coming back to what they were initially? Luxury brands return to basics and offer one-ofa-kind and high-end products: many actors of the luxury world are trying to differentiate themselves from mass offers by adding the option to customize some of their pieces on their e-commerce website. Thus, permanent or punctual initiatives that are always welcomed by their clientele. Let’s have a look… PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  19. 19. NEWS DECODING CASE CHOPARD Happy Sport The famous high jewelry Maison Chopard, allows its users to customize the watch from the Happy Sport collection. Chopard offers a quite complete customization option with the choices of the watch’s dial, of the type of bracelet and the integration of small jewels onto the piece. Once the unique watch is done, you will be able to share your “happy sport” via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Weibo. You will also be offered the possibility to finalize the customization of a suggested piece with matching colors. If you wish to take some time to think about your creation, you will always be able to go back to it via a personal code that will be sent to you by e-mail. > The website PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  20. 20. NEWS DECODING CASE PUNCTUAL OPERATIONS OF ONLINE CUSTOMIZATION Boucheron offered the possibility to its clients to customize, online, their future jewel from the collection “a collection of animals”. The selection of precious stones depends on the client’s creativity. The customized pieces have been renewed in order to propose a more and more unique offer. Prada also proposed to customize a selection of its products. A customization platform was launched for its collection of sunglasses “Prada Private”, allowing the inscription of letters or symbols on the branches. It is also the case for the operation “Made to order” where clients could customize shoes from the spring/ summer 2011 collection with their name, materials and colors. A clever customization operation was lead by Burberry that suggests the integration of RFID chips into its trenches. The idea is to add a plate with the inscription of the name of its buyer onto the trench. After having been in contact with a touch-screen device, the chip will unveil a unique video telling the story of the creation of the trench (Smartphone or mirrors from the flagship in London that turn into screens.) These punctual and renewed online customization operations could give ideas to other major luxury brands. Offer, for a time given and for a particular collection, the possibility to customize a product and then reiterate the operation later with new pieces. PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  21. 21. NEWS DECODING SAME SAME but different’s look After having taken a look on this specific field, we must say that we are currently witnessing a trend of online customization. Product customization, even though it requires a bigger load of work, constitutes a business stake for brands. Online purchases become more emotional, carried by the brand experience engraved in the client’s memory. And we are aware of the importance of emotion in this sector… However, The Maisons will have to push this experience further, in order to stand out from mass consumption brands: customization has become quite inspiring (Coca-Cola, Nutella, etc.)… PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 CASE
  22. 22. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL: WeChat, the pursuit of a social quest
  23. 23. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL WECHAT 5.0 PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 A step forward in the social quest We had evoked this application in our Premium Insight of the month of November 2012 under its Chinese name, Weixe. Well, we are not done talking about WeChat that has hit, once more, the headlines with its new version filled with surprises. Whether it was a leak and/or a publicity stunt, some of its new functionalities have been unveiled before the release (unspecified date) of WeChat 5.0. Tencent’s application has come a long way since its creation and has managed to answer to the Chinese tendency of mobile communication. It holds within itself 300 million Chinese users and 70 million users overseas – numbers that will most certainly increase following the release of the new version. But before we reveal the new characteristics let us make a quick recap of the current features… PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013
  24. 24. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL WECHAT 5.0 PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 WeChat’s 10 commandments Among the current features available on WeChat, 10 have caught our eye. With WeChat, 1 – You shall make “Video Calls” 2 – You shall share “Moments” of your life with your friends 3 – You shall use the “Voice Chat” 4 – You shall connect your Smartphone to your computer with “Web WeChat” 5 – You shall customize your Emoticons 6 – You shall talk in groups via “Group Chat” or even in live via the “Live Chat” 7 – Your shall “Shake” your phone, discover who is doing it at the same time, and perhaps you shall make new friends 8 – You shall search for possible friends near your location with the option “Look Around” 9 – You shall send a message in a bottle with the feature “Drift bottle” 10 – You shall connect to Facebook via “Facebook Connect”
  25. 25. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL WECHAT 5.0 PREMIUM INSIGHT The creation of a herd of gadgets Scan! Previously, the WeChat application allowed users to scan QR codes. With the 5.0 version, they will also be able to scan barcodes, book covers, streets and words. Thus, the user will obtain information regarding the products corresponding to the barcode that he scanned, regarding the books whose cover he scanned and regarding the location that he is near of. Finally, this functionality will also be a wa to translate words scanned thanks to the app. October 2013 Purchase! The upcoming version of the application will give the possibility, for users, to pay via their Smartphones, a feature that should make more than one Chinese happy – not to mention brands. Shake! The functionality “Shake” that consisted in shaking your phone in order to communicate in text with someone that was doing the same thing at the same moment, will allow users, with the new version, to receive videos. PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 Business! In the new version of the application, what used to be official accounts will now be divided into subscription accounts and enterprise accounts. This choice is just a way for WeChat to distinguish the services it can offer to brands, the first type of account being free and corresponding to a more branding strategy and the second one having to be paid for, but enabling a custom-made and quality service.
  26. 26. BEYOND THE GREAT WALL WECHAT 5.0 PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 PREMIUM INSIGHT October 2013 WeChat 5.0 is winking As you noticed, the upcoming version of Tencent’s application seems to be winking at brands. WeChat 5.0 invites them to benefit from all of its new features’ advantages that answer to the market’s latest trends by offering to its users a more and more social and customized service and creating a platform linking online to offline. Thus, the new features seem to correspond to luxury brands’ current stakes, that is to say, get closer to their core target, offer a custom-made service and develop an online presence complementary to the one in store.
  27. 27. I © SAME SAME but different I I