Millennials: Market with them, not to them


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Learn how Dassault Systemes leveraged traditional advertising assets of a global campaign into a social conversation stimulating and rewarding innovative world-changing dreams. You will see how co-branding with communities was used to achieve higher awareness, engagement and influence on social media. This use case is targeted to all marcom and advertising professionals who recognize the need to “market with” rather than “market to”, especially when it comes to Millennials.
Presented at Social Media Week Berlin on Sept 24, 2013:

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Millennials: Market with them, not to them

  1. 1. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_20133DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  2. 2. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 50% of population is under 30 years old These are digital natives who grew up in a global village with technology being an essential part of their lives. They connect and communicate differently than other generations. As marketers we need to understand that building relationships with this generation of consumers will take a different approach. We have to market with them, not to them. They are entrepreneurial generation; we need to help them succeed. They create together, so we have to facilitate togetherness and deliver tailored experiences that enable great memories. GenY wants to actively participate and be included as partners in the brands they love. Ekaterina Walter (@ekaterina) Former Social Media Innovator, Intel Partner and CMO, Branderati Author, “Think Like Zuck”
  3. 3. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Do you know
  4. 4. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Our motto…
  5. 5. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  6. 6. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  7. 7. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  8. 8. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 A global awareness advertising campaign
  9. 9. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  10. 10. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  11. 11. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 By definition, advertising campaigns are…
  12. 12. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 From a Campaign to a Movement
  13. 13. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Objectives Grow new audiences and influencers by opening up the conversation Raise awareness to people not knowing Dassault Systèmes In particular, reaching sustainable development communities and influencers (bloggers) Associating Dassault Systèmes with “world-changing enablers” Associate “WE” with the community at large, not just Dassault Systèmes
  14. 14. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Multiple channels into a single funnel
  15. 15. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Results (2012 edition) Audience 150K page views on, 90K+ unique visitors Average time spent/visit: 5-6 min +65K on FB in 2 months, very low ad spending Engagement 550 contributions (“IFWE Dreams”) collected Engagement growth on FB in spite of high audience base growth Sustainability as the main conversation topic 51% 37% 8% 4% Facebook Twitter Blogs
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  17. 17. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 IFWE Challenge - Press Coverage spotlight-dassault-systemes-asks-fans-to-change-the-world/ complex/article/260415/
  18. 18. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Die-hard fans…
  19. 19. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 One of the 2012 Winners
  20. 20. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 More winners
  21. 21. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 More winners
  22. 22. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Inspiration: highlight the strength of the Community
  23. 23. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 World-Changing Dreamers
  24. 24. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Feedback from Community on the video
  25. 25. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Inspiration: Dunkin’ Donuts Facebook covers
  26. 26. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Dassault Systèmes Facebook covers
  27. 27. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Inspiration: Candy Chang
  28. 28. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013
  29. 29. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013 Key Take-Aways Don’t be afraid to let your brand go for co-creation Trust your community, you will be amazed Repurpose user-generated content Track (audience, engagement, sentiment) to show that you’re headed in the right direction Get inspired and build on other’s ideas
  30. 30. 3DS.COM©DassaultSystèmes|ConfidentialInformation|9/24/2013|ref.:3DS_Document_2013