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  • Most of you have probably heard of twitter before – you may even have one for personal purpose right now, But let’s see a short introductory movie about it
  • You already know that twitteris easy to use and is not time consuming compared to real blogging. Only 140 character can be used in a tweet and most mobile platform provides twitter apps so twitter is pretty much always with you - you can access it whenever you areThere is different reason to use twitter – let’s highlight 2 of themFirst You can use it as a research tool: if it’s not on Google yet, it’s probably on twitter. 70% of journalist declared to use twitter as a source for informationYou should definitely use it as a networking toola recent study discovered that 8 million of americans found their current job using twitter in 2011 And as students, it’s something you should consider
  • So how should you use twitter?The most important part is to be professional: stay focus on the subject that interest you, don’t say that your boss in an asshole… as the twitter girl replyed to pracee, your boss is on twitter!Use your real name: if you want to use this as a networking tool, people need to find you and also know who you are…. so write your biography. Be short but consistent Create a link to your website if you have one – this will help people know more about you, and also give you more traffic to It
  • As a company there is many reasons to use Twitter, It can be a great way to create a relationship with your customers – share your content and news and let your followers diffuse the informationIf people can find a job on twitter, it means that companies can find their employee on it too !Twitter – and social media in general – are more and more important in the google results – if a lot of people share your content on twitter, you will improve the position of your website on a search engine Twitter can also be a great way to launch new campaigns, as we will see in the following case study
  • Procter and Gamble just bought the “Old Spice” brand in 2010 – the brand was in bad shape and they decided to launch a campaign through social media. They first made an advertissement video on youtube for the brand and then started to respond to a tweet from KevinRose, an influential user of twitter
  • This campaign created 180 personalized videos in one week In the very first day their videos got 5.9 million view and 22,500 commentsThe traffic on their website raise increased by 300%Their twitter followers by 2700% and during the 3 last months of the campaign the sales increase by 55%As a result of this Old Spice is now the number 1 wash brand for men in united state
  • Be careful about what you post on twitter, if you can find a job through it, you can also receive a negative response for an application, 53% of recruiter look at your profile before hiring you – and 69 of them will not recruit you because of what they saw on your social media account… Use it as a professional tool – don’t be too personal on it – even if you erase a tweet, it will remain on the google servers for a while and still be available so don’t say anything that could harm you later – think before you postIf there is a particular subject in which you are interested you can find influential people on this subject by using klout or peerindex, those tools index the content of twitter by topics and regarding the number of people that share what they post, they will receive a score. Enjoy Twitter!

Social media power point Social media power point Presentation Transcript

  • Social MediaYour online presence
  • Social MediaPersonal / Business “brand “ established through• Social media profiles• Personal web pages• Blogs• Articles• Photos• Videos• Reviews• Comments• Forums
  • Social Media• What does your current online presence consist of?• What information is already online about you?• What kinds of images could a potential employer find?
  • Social MediaVanity Search On• Google• Google images• Blogs• Alerts• Twitter• Facebook•
  • Social Media/Business• Ensure that information about you and your business is accurate and up-to-date• Know what your customers are saying about you as a business• Assessing and correcting misconceptions about your business on review sites such as Yelp , and responding proactively to complaints• Conveying important information about your credentials , as well as helpful descriptions of what your business does and how it does it
  • Social Media/BusinessOnline Reputation• Discover it• Clean it up_ Remove unflattering profile information_ Delete hastily written comments_ Request unfavourable content on others profiles sites be removed• Restrict your social media through privacy settings
  • Twitter
  • As a individualEasy – 140 characters,accessible from computer,mobile, tablets. Research Networking 8 Million of American found their current job via Twitter last year
  • What should I do? Focus: Be Professional Use your real name Make a bio to tell people who you are Link it to your blog or website
  • If I am a company?Create a relationship with your customersRecruitmentSearch Engine OptimizationLaunch Campaigns
  • Case Study: Old Spice, Procter and Gamble @KevinRose said on Twitter that he was sick Old Spice responded with the following video
  • Results 180 personalized videos in 1 week 5.9 million views on the first day 22,500 comments Traffic: +300% on Old Spice website Twitter: +2700% followers Sales: +55% in the last 3 months of the campaign Old Spice is now the #1 Wash Brand for men
  • Conclusion Be careful Use it as a professional tool Follow influential people… and try to be one!
  • How to design your profile
  • Why Use LinkedIn?Re-connect, Power your career and Get answers
  • How Do I Register?
  • What Should It Look Like?
  • 12 Tips for• 1.Craft an informative profile headline• 2.Display an appropriate photo• 3.Show off your education• 4.Develop a professional summary statement• 5.Fill your “Specialities” section with keywords• 6.Update your status weekly
  • 12 Tips for• 7.Show your connectedness with LinkedIn Group badges• 8.Collect diverse recommendations• 9.Make your profile public- Be Found!• 10.Share your work: blogs, websites, twitter...• 11.Prepare for Interviews and the future