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Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand
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Aura the Exploxer Personal Brand


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Aura the Explorer
    Discovers her Personal Brand
  • 2. About AuraveliaColomer
    I am Aura the Explorer! I see the world through the eyes of an energetic and inquisitive adventurer who is keen on discovering new things and communicating them to others.
    I am currently a public relations graduate student at Humber College, equipping myself to become a PR professional who will add-value to my employer and organization
    I thrive in collaborative environments and use my communication, leadership and networking skills to unite people to impact their communities
    I love my life and hope to encourage others to also live an extraordinary life filled with passion and purpose.
  • 3. Goals
    Create “an aura” about who I am and what I have to offer through an online identity
    Brighten the lives of those I encounter by nurturing mutually beneficial relationships
    Illuminate the world by providing thoughtful perspectives on my areas of interests
    Equip myself to become a radiant PR professional by deriving meaning from every context to benefit my employer and clients
  • 4. Objectives and Critical Path
    My goals will be met by accomplishing the following objectives:
    To strategically form an online identify that enhances my professional and personal life through Web 2.0 applications
    January 2010 – ongoing
    To network with PR professionals and my classmates through networking and social events
    February 2010- ongoing
    To participate in volunteer opportunities so as to gain greater exposure to the various areas of specialization in PR
    March 2010- ongoing
    To obtain an internship that allows me to gain useful experience
    September 2010
    To acquire new skills that will improve my employability such as language skills (French and Italian) and graphic design skills (Photoshop, Dreamweaver)
    September 2010
    To obtain employment in a PR agency or an organization of interest
    November 2010
  • 5. Situational Analysis
    6+ years combined experience in promotional marketing, event planning, office administration and volunteer management
    Articulate and lively communicator able to engage people of all ages and deliver relevant presentations to small and large groups
    Fluent in English and Spanish with conversational French speaking skills and basic Italian
    Educated in communications, business, and Spanish
    Time management- limited availability due to full-time student course-load and part-time job
    Not technically savvy, need experience in graphic design
    Still apprehensive about online exposure
  • 6. Situational Analysis
    Connections to a couple of prominent PR professionals in the industry
    Seek volunteer experiences in a variety of areas to meet key people with potential to hire
    Volunteer with professional organizations such as CPRS & IABC
    American citizenship allows me to seek opportunities in the US
    Many PR graduates with similar attributes and skills looking for employment in Toronto
    Lack of jobs due to recession economy, competing not only against recent graduates but also experienced professionals
  • 7. Personal brand Positioning Statement
    “I will use my natural curiosity and contagious optimism to connect people to the right audiences and resources and in the right way.”
  • 8. Key Messages
    Position myself as “Aura the Explorer,” an engaging, informed and connected PR student who is continually discovering the world around her
    Peak interest of my audience by using social media to create awareness and communicate about an unusual mix of interests in: Web 2.0, PR, positive media, faith, arts & culture , tourism, languages & baseball.
    Identify myself as a passionate networker who develops lasting relationships by connecting through mutual points of interests
  • 9. Channels
    Facebook – AuraveliaColomer
    Twitter - @Auravelia
    LinkedIn -
    Aura the Explorer Blog -
  • 10. Strategy
    Be constantly informed through print and online media so that I’m aware of current issues
    Use my extensive network of friends to promote my messages
    Seek volunteer opportunities to gain experience and exposure
    Develop skills that will help me add-value to my employer and clients
  • 11. Tactics
    Read the newspaper daily
    Attend at least one networking event per week
    Maintain contact with new connections through email and Twitter
    Check Twitter daily and make comments that add-value and benefit audience
    Strategically follow at least one new person and organization/day
    Check Facebook daily and reconnect with former classmates and distant friends
    Learn how to use one new social media application each week
    Update information on LinkedIn and post resume online
    Comment on blogs of interest
    Volunteer strategically for events that will give public relations experience
    Purchase domain name and create my own website
    Seek mentorship and arrange informational meetings
    Enrol in French, Italian, and graphic design classes
  • 12. Feedback appreciated!
    Please contact me through email at: