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Excuuuuse Me
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Excuuuuse Me


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  • 1. Excuuuuuuse Me
  • 2. “I attribute my success to this.  I never gave or took any excuse.”  Florence Nightingale. 
  • 3. When you think about it, that is a tough way to live.
  • 4. There are always times when you
    fall short and want to find
  • 5. an excuse for why you did not measure up.
  • 6. For example, why do I eat foods that I know are not good for me? 
  • 7. Or why do I engage in behaviors that
    are not healthy?  I know better.
  • 8. It has been said that all human activity
    is either to try to seek pleasure to avoid pain. 
  • 9. So by eating foods that you should
    not eat, or by engaging in activities
    that are not healthy you get
  • 10. an immediate pleasure and are able
    to avoid an immediate pain. 
  • 11. But being able to forego
    the immediate pleasure . 
  • 12. and work through the immediate pain
    will lead to bigger and better
    benefits later.
  • 13. This is where excuses fit in.
  • 14. If you want to do something that is not good for you,
  • 15. you can think of an excuse.
  • 16. That way you can feel good about your behavior now and
  • 17. get to enjoy the pleasure now and
    avoid thinking about the pain that
    comes later. 
  • 18. As odd as it may seem
    when to you take total
  • 19. accountability for your life and are
    responsible for everything that happens
    to you – You become free. 
  • 20. You become free of the outside influences that control so many people’s lives
  • 21. You see that it is not the weather;
    it is not the other person; and it is not the job.
  • 22. It is how you respond to those things
    that are important
  • 23. And when you take responsibility
    for your thoughts and actions
  • 24. and you become accountable to other people for the way that you act,
  • 25. and then no excuses are necessary. 
    Living a life without excuses
    will free you from feeling
  • 26. that outside influences are holding
    you down and keeping you from
    being able to accomplish more.
  • 27. Without excuses you will have
    the power to make the changes you want to see happen in your life;
  • 28.
    and without excuses you can make
    better decisions that will give you
    more satisfaction tomorrow.