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  • 1. Becoming
  • 2. The most important question to ask yourself on the job is not, "What am I getting?" but "What am I becoming?"  -Harold W. Dodds. 
  • 3. We live in a society that has conditioned us to ask, "What am I getting?" out of our jobs, out of our relationships and out of society as a whole.
  • 4. a The more important question to ask is, "What am I becoming?"  What have you learned in your current position, how many lives have you been able to positively affect, and who have you gotten to know and love, as a result of the position you currently have? 
  • 5. Have you learned new skills in your job?
  • 6. For example, if you work on a floor that is very busy, stressed and understaffed, maybe you have learned better organizational skills. 
  • 7. If your patients are highly acute, maybe you have had to learn better communication skills in order to be able to connect with them more effectively. 
  • 8. Motivational Speaker Jim Rohn suggests that everyone ought to be become a millionaire; not for the money but for what they will become in the process.
  • 9. It takes certain skills to learn how to make a million dollars. It takes discipline, hard work and a commitment to lifelong learning to make a million dollars.
  • 10. The easier question to ask is, "What am I getting?" because that involves looking at other people and evaluating whether or not they are giving you what you think you are worth.
  • 11. The harder question to ask is, "What am I becoming?" because it requires you to look at yourself and carefully evaluate if you are putting enough effort into your personal growth in order to become a better person. 
  • 12. Spend some time this week to evaluate those two questions in your job, in your relationships and in life. 
  • 13. When you consistently ask yourself, "What am I becoming?" you will find greater opportunities for growth, larger opportunities for service and you will find ways to become a person who can contribute to extraordinary results.