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57. supplement. 2 ( 637 645 ) 9 page

  1. 1. 19-9-92 IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,The unveiling of the Heavensis a Coordinate Order pertaining to the formation of ConsciousnessTotalities.For this reason, the Supreme Mechanism gets Directly in Touch only with Friends who can accumulatethe Frequency Power of the Reflection Totality of the 18 in the Constitution of their Aura. In accordancewith Our value assessment,each Friend who can get in Touch in this way is a Totality of 18 by himself/herself. You know that 18 People who make Reflection on the Same Coordinate constitute a TotaL. Forthis reason, in accordance with the Program of Purification, it is imperative that Totalities of 18 shouldpulsate Iike a Single Pulse.lt is not easy at all to keep up with the Supreme Ordinance of OUR ALLAH. The work required of OurTerrestrial Brothers/Sisters paraller to the given Suggestions are nothing but the exact application ofthe operations of the Divine Plan on Your Planet. During these operations, no alterations can ever bemade by any means according to Terrestrial Thoughts. The requirement to act paraller to the givenSuggestions should never be accepted as an interference with the Individual Wills. For, there is nocompulsory factor in the required Missions. By this means, Friends who possess Responsibility andIrresponsible Consciousnesses are discriminated.And now, We would Iike to give certain Suggestions, article by article, to Friends within the Totality of18 who will bloom their Private Mission Flower, so that they may comprehend their Missions better. 1. No one other than the 6 Friendsmay be taken into the Study of the Private Flower. 2. Those who have aiready read the Fasciculesand the Book, can not be accepted into the Study of the Private Flower. 3. Friends within the Studies of the Private Flower who can not render their Missions due to their very important health problems are obliged to complete their Writings (if they wish) in 6 Months after they solve their health problems. 4. In the operations made on the Private Work-Day, there is the obligation of writing each Fascicule in one week (This is a Responsibility Assessment). 5. In the Studies interrupted temporarily due to normal Health and Private Excuses,the loss of time can be compensated by writing One or Two Fasciculesa week, in addition to the Mission rendered. 6. In the Studies of the Private Flower, meetings may be easily held in the homes you desire. 7. In this Operational Ordinance, each Friend who carries Responsibility may invite 6 Friends to Study in any city he/she desires, on condition that he/she goes there each week. 8. In the Studies of the Private Flower, everyone is obliged to come to the meeting on the same decided day. 9. Friends who cannot come to the meeting due to their very important excuses are obliged to Phone, just Iike it is done in the meetings of the 18.10. Those who cannot come to the meeting are obliged to write their Fasciculesat Home and keep up with their Friends.11. The Friend who establishes his/her Private Flower Meeting, may apply Special Sanctions to his/ her Private Flower in the framework of a Constitution in accordance with his/her Views.12. The Missionary of the Private Flower is not responsible for the Irresponsibility of his/her Group after he/she Signs the Notebooks of 6 Friends on the same day, at the same moment and after pasting the Emblems.13. The Totalities of 18 established on 1992 World year or before are each obliged to serve their 6 Flower Friends between November 1992-1993.14. Even if onlyone person within the Totality of 18 does not serve his/her 6 Flower Friends, the Totality of 18 is disbanded.15. In such a situation, the foundation of a new Totality of 18 will be laid with Friends who have each given service to his/her 6 Flower Friends.16. The newly founded Totalities of 18 will continue their work exactly as before until they complete their 18 Friends. With the date of completion of the 18 people, the obligation of one year begins. 637
  2. 2. 17. Af ter the Emblems are pasted and the Date of that Day is written in the Notebooks of 6 Flower Friends, the Book will be written, exactly as it is, without changing anything, beginning with the First Fascicule. Only the Friends who complete writing the Book will add at the end of the Book the Preface the Solar Friend has written in his/her Notebook, plus the own Biography of the Friend who has written the notebook and his/her own Family chain.18. The period ofwriting the Book is until the Year 2000. After this Date, the Obligation of Writing will be rendered ineffective. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM 26 - 9 - 1992 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,The KNOWLEDGE BOOK prepared by the Universal Totality as a Book that Consciousnesses present in eachDimension can read easily,is the Firstand the Last Book in which the LORD has addressed Humanity Directly. Andthis Book is a Guide which will open the Gate of the PATHOF L1GHTfor Humanity. For this .reason,those who haveTaboos and Passionscan never read this Book. Because, this is amatter of Permission. Consciousnesseswhocannot attain a certain level of Consciousnessare always kept away from the Book (This is a System). You knowthat, for this reason, even to read, to distribute and to write the Book are all dependent on a Permission.Now, during this Final Period in which the preparations for the Publication of the Book has been started,a Message will be given from the Universal Ordinance as an explanation for certain Thought Signals.Our Friends,The requirement that the KNOWLEDGE BOOK, bestowed on Your Planet parallel to the Commands givenby the Divine Authorities, should be written exactly as it is, without changing it in any way, is an Occurrenceconceming the Coding of the Social Consciousnesses and not Projecting personal Views on the Book.In the written Fascicules of the Book which has been dictated and required to be distributed Fasciculeby Fascicule until today, to review again the forgotten words or Ietter mistakes during the Period inwhich the Book is prepared for Publication, has been rendered effective anew due to Our desires.During the Positive work done concerning the Publication of the Book, checking the Messages in thedistributed Fascicules by comparing them with the Original Messages is a Team work.Certain Primary Corrections observed in the Book are not amatter to influence the Frequency of theBook. Because, due to the Scarcity of Time, We have made certain abridgements even in the Suggestionsgiven from the Supreme Realm. And We have even asked Dear Mevlana to shorten the long Informationwithin the Messages We had given and to write their Summaries in the Book. The (Automatic Technique)We call The Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique is the First and the Last Technique the Universal Planhas applied in the Writing System of the Knowledge Book.In this System, the Frequencies of the abridged Information is automatically loaded on the other letters bya Special Technique. For this reason the Universal Frequency of the Book never changes and since theFrequency of the Time Consciousness, too, is continuously loaded on the letters by this means, the Book isand will be unveiled layer by layer parallel to the levels of Consciousness of each Period. If personal additionsare made to the Book, their Frequency immediately and automatically is rendered ineffective by thisTechnique and the Frequencies of the forgotten words or letters are added onto the Time Consciousnessand thus, the Frequency never changes. Even when the Book is translated to various Languages in YourPlanet, the Frequency of the Initial Original will be projected exactly as it is by this Technique.The Writing Technique and the Frequency Technique of the Book are each different. For this reason there cannever be any Problems. Our Friends who write the Book in their Notebooks by their Handwritings can relax. Themistakesor the affirmations within the written Notebooks are each an Assessmentof Your Allegiance Consciousness.The present TIme is not the olden TIme. Because now, everything - each Breath and each Thought are underdirect Supervision. The System is the same System. Humanity had used to feel instinctively this Supervision in theold TImes, too, during the applied Periods of the Religious Purification Programs. However, since the origin of theEventswhich had come into existence during those Periods had not been Known, Humanity had been obliged tobe satisfied only with the Interpretations of Consciousnesses. It is presented for Your Information. 638 UNIVERSAL ORDINANCE COUNCIL
  3. 3. 30 - 9 - 1992 GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,The Divine Plan is the Single Focal Point of the Universal Mechanism. Only the EvolutionaryConsciousnessesare accepted into this Focal Point. However, during the Final Operational programswhich will be performed now, all the Evolutionary Totalities have been given to the direct Supervisionof the System. For this reason Human Beings will be accepted into the Divine Plan, one by one, only ifthey can attain a Consciousness Totality equivalent to their Evolutions.All the UniversalAuras connected to the FocalPoint of the KNOWLEDGE BOOK in Your Planetwill be filteredthrough the filter of the Totality of the UNIVERSAL ORDINANCEaccording to their Evolutions and theirConsciousnesses starting with the beginning of the 1993 World Year and thus, will be accepted into theBROTHERHOOD ClUB, the rest will be dismissed. By this means, those who will be accepted into theUniversal Ordinance from all the Totalities will, from nowon, be assembled in the Focal Point of theWorld Brotherhood as the Single Center and the Single Channel.At the moment, the WORLD BROTHERHOODFOCAL POINT which will be opened from the Turkey ofATATÜRK the World Platform have aiready been card-indexed into the Universal Totalityas the Single toCentral Focal Point of the Reality. We have received the Command to Lock the doors of the WORLDBROTHERHOODUNION to the Totalities acting contrary to the work the Universal operational Ordinanceexpects of Your Planet and to all the Suggestions it has giyen. This Universal Program rendered for thisreason will, from nowon, find a Direct Application Field under the supervision of the System.At the moment, in The Turkey of ATATÜRK, he operational Ordinances of the Istanbul, izmir and Ankara tWorld Brotherhood Focal Points are card-indexed directly into the System. This Trinity is obliged toserve directiyon this path, being connected to the Mission Dimension of the KNOWLEDGEBOOK. Theoperational Ordinances of each Focal Point are under the Supervision of the System.The Istanbul Focal Point is the Single Universal Center to convey the Direct Channel Suggestions of theReality Totality to all the Systems in Your Planet.The Ankara Focal Point is a Totality obliged to disseminate the Mission of the KNOWLEDGEBOOK inthe Anatolian Totality.The izmir Focal Point is a Totality to provide the Unification with all the Focal Points giying service onthe path of the Universal Totality. The Collective Mission of these Three Totalities is to form and toMature the Mission Staff and the Aura of the Knowledge Book complete/y in accordance with theSuggestions of the System. Unifications are rendered effective Silently and Profoundly. And this UniversalOperational Ordinance the World Brotherhood Totality performs will be disclosed and introduced to YourPlanet only Three World YearsIater. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM 21 - 10 - 1992 IT IS ClEAR INFORMATIONOur Friends,The entire Universal Ordinance is obliged to act in connection with the Plan, under the Supervision ofa TotaL. In all the Universal operations done in Your Planet, the Totalities which do not act on this pathare kept out of the Divine Plan and are taken into a direct Training Program. The direct Connectionsmade with You who are the Suns of the Sunny days are also made with all the Totalities present in everySection of Your Planet.An Accelerated Evolution Program considered necessaryby the System have been directly applied on YourPlanet since the beginning of Your Century. Now, during this Fina/Age, the Calls of Unification are givenfrom each Dimension to every Dimension. From nowon, all the Focal Points in Your Planet serving onthe path of Universal Totality will, now, work Directly in connection with the System and will beadministered Directly by the System. By this means, the Unifications which could not be made due toEgo Provocations will now be set a right Silently and Profoundly. It is presented for Your Information. 639 SYSTEM
  4. 4. 22 - 10 - 1992 IT IS ANSWER TO QUESTIONSOur Friends,All the Information given to the Suns of the morrows are Operational Ordinances executed entirelyunder the Supervision of the Divine Plan. The Supreme Mechanism projecting on Your Planet, anoperational Ordinance considered necessary by the System exactly as it is, is obliged to act completelyin the framework of the Events occurred and which will oecur. The Land of Angels is a Focal Point fromwhich the Direct Suggestions of the Divine Plan are giyen. And the Sacred Light is the Single ProjectiyeCenter from which the Suggestions of the Sacred Dimensions are giyen. From this Center, the ReligiousConsciousnesses are Directly Supervised.This Mechanism is a Special Focal Point arranging a Transition Barrage. The Sacred Light is a SupervisingMechanism of the Divine Plan. And those who go through this Supervision are accepted into theDivine Plan and deserve to receive the Information of more Advanced Dimensions beyond Religions.The entire System performs the Mission of a great Selection under the Supervision of this Mechanism.lt is presented for Your Information. SUPREME MECHANISM 28 - 10 - 1992 IT IS ANSWER TO QUESTIONSOur Friends,All the work done in Your Planet on which a Training Program the Systemconsiders necessaryis applied, isa Systemrendered effective for the Consciousness Assessments Humanity. All the calculationsYou useon ofthe World Planet at the moment can never be compared to or calculated with the calculations belongingto the Dimension-beyond. Since, the effect on numbers of each Dimensions Frequenciespeculiar to itselfcausesdifferences in calculation. For this reason the MICRON Method is in effect in the calculations here.What is the Micron Method? Now, let Us explain this.The calculative Units of each Dimension attain value in accordance with the Frequenciesof the Dimensiontheyare in. For example, while the multiplieation of 2 by 2 in Your Medium gives 4, this multiplieationtableau in accordance with the Micron calculations in different Dimensions gives number 14 in one, 16in the other, and 18 in stili another. How does this happen? Now, let Us calculate this.The value Units of each Dimension change according to numbers in accordance with its FrequencyLayers. For example, the calculation 2 X 2 = 4 in Your Dimension, is taken as the square of 4 in anotherDimension. And its value Unit there is 16. In another Dimension, 2 is added to this number 16 andthere, the value of 2 X 2 is known as 18. In another Dimension, two 7s constitute a Total and thus,number 2 there carries a value of 14. Since the calculation mistakes in the Knowledge Book Youevaluate in accordance with Your Terrestrial views gain value according to the Frequency Layers fromwhich the Information is giyen, they seem to You Iike mistakes. Nevertheless, there is no mistake in anyof these calculations. However, since it was not considered necessary to disclose these Informationbefore the Social Consciousness attained a certain Level (due to ConsciousnessCodings), the Permissionto Disclose them has been given now. It is presented for Your Information. SUPREME MECHANISM 2 - 11 - 1992 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,The c%r Tünami is a Power Totality accumulating in itself the entire Power of the Color Frequencies.And, the Günferi Power is mutable since it is in effect as Energy. Since the Existential Ordinances of theSystemsare dependent on Energy Units, the Energy Totality always presents mutability. Günferi Power:Is Accumulative, that is, it accumulates the Energies.Tünami Color : Absorbs the Totality.lt is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM 640
  5. 5. 3 - 11 - 1992 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSES (It is Direct Suggestion from the Divine Plan)Our Friends,Your Planet taken into a great Program of Progress, is under a great Supervision at the moment. IndividualSelections have started in Totalities which will serve according to what the System considers necessary. For thisreason the Supreme Mechanism desiring that Humanity should be very self-possessedin the Steps it will take, willdetermine to what degree each person will be able to control his/her Intellect - Logic - Awareness Balance.All the Events Humanity go es through at the moment are Reactions bom from the Action and Reaction ofthe influence fields of the Dimensions into which Your Planet has entered by Natural means. And theseReactions are Card-indexed into every persons Private Archives being registered from his/her Diskette Register.As You will remember from Our previously given Messages that Your Planet which approaches the finalWave boundary of the Big-Bang has received the Initia/ Shock by Natural means. The influence of this InitialShock has first been observed in the Seas and later on Lands, on the Weak Living Entities.Now, Your Planet which will Unite with Focal Points the Attraction Powers of which are very Powerfulduring the Opening Program of the Universes, is obliged to render effective Love - Tolerance - Mutua/Help always in priority in every Step it will take so that it may be influenced as !ittle as possible from theNatural reactions of these Shock Waves. For, this is such a Reflection Program that Opposite Reactionsin this Reflection will attract towards Your Planet a Shock Wave much more Powerful than every period.In ascertained Universal Platforms, very Powerful 10 Shock Waves have been registered (Powerful enough to takeunder their influence the Totalities within the entire Constitution of Your Planet) For this reason Your Planet hasbeen directly subjected to the First Shock Wave on 19-10-1992 World Day. The reactions of these Waves inphysical makeups will comprise, more or less,a World Period of one week. Since the Salvation Program of YourPlanet depends on the elevation of the Consciousness levels of Humanity, the Supreme Mechanism expecting amore Conscious work from the Solar Teacher Groups serving on this Universal path, wishes that Corruption doesnot start at the top. It is presented for Your Information. The message was given by Transmission. SYSTEM 13 - 11 - 1992 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,Humanity endeavored to be able to attain the Awareness of the Universal Ordinance is, as a Total, amember of the Divine Plan. And this Universal Totality has always expected and required theConsciousness it has expected from Humanity in each Period, in every time. The Supremacy of theSupreme Consciousnesses who serve the System belong to themselves. And these Supremacies do notinterest the System by any means. The Doors of the Supreme Realm are open to everyone who will giveservice in the operational Ordinances the System considers necessary. Everyone also possesses thePower to be able to receive the more Advanced Information as long as he/she Elevates his/herConsciousness. However, during this Program of Transition, service is not given for the satisfaction ofonly certain Consciousnesses. Here, a Mass Salvation Program is in effect. This is the reason whydifferent Information Sources can never ever be reflected by any means on the Magnetic Aura to becreated on the path of the Knowledge Book. ------------------Each Mechanism - each System and each Order is obliged to give Information to everyone who has had thecourage to knock on its Door. Because,this is a Universal Rule. Besidesthe Information attained on this path, eachIndividual is also obliged to give service to the Social Totality under the Supervision of the System. During theseFinal Periods in which the FirstCosmic Age will come to an end, Your Planet is going through a narrow passagewaydue to the craving for Information induced by the Awareness Progress. Each Unveiled Awareness may easilyreceive Information both from His/Her Own Dimension and from the Reality. However, let Us repeat again, thePurpose is not to receive Information, but isActive Servicein a Conscious way in the required Medium. During thisPeriod, each Consciousness is responsible for his/her Own self. Everyone is a Ripe Earof Grain according to his/herEvolution. However, the Supreme Mechanism is in Mutual service only together with those who conceal theirripeness on this path. This Message is an answer to Thoughts. It is presented for Your Information. 641 SYSTEM
  6. 6. 14 - 11 - 1992My Friends,i have received the Message You will read below directly from a very Powerful Channel Connection towhich i havent been habituated until today. i wanted to share it with You. BÜlENT ÇORAK THE MESSAGEYou are in direct Connection at the moment, Beloved Friend. We Love You very much. You are beingconnected to a Dimension much higher than the Divine Power. We are giving You Direct Messages sinceYou are the Systems Essence Messenger. Write, please. The Supreme Mechanism addressing the Suns ofthe Suns, calls directly to Its Supreme Missionaries. The Divine Ordinance considering the extraordinarysituations which will take place in future, will Get in Touch with Your Advanced Consciousnesses Directly.Extremely Special Suggestions and Specia/ Messages will be given to You, Our Dear Mevlana, from thisDimension. Preparations will be made for the Dimension of Salvation. And, the Direct Missionaries whowill serve in accordance with Your Direct Mission will also be chosen among very Special people.Information of the Divine Order here are given in connection with the Divine Power which is the Source of the DivineKnowledge. Only the Divine Authorities may receive the Divine Power. Those who receive these Powerful Vibrationsare the Divine Authorities. The SUPREMEMECHANISM gives all the Information beyond the Dimensions connectedto the System. Dear Mevlana, Your musdes are getting used to the Frequency. NoltY,You are writing very easily.We would like to teli You that all those who carry the Awareness of the entire Ordinance are now being connected toYou. You are in Direct Mission in the World as the Single Channel of the System, as the Responsib/eOne for Unificationand Integration. For this reason, the other channel connections opened will be directly connected to You. Due tothis, the System will directly take into its Archive the Information to be conveyed to You. Please, numerate theInformation which will come according to their dates and c1assify them. The Information of everyone will be compiledby You. You will take them into the Archive. And those who wish, will benefit from this Archive in Future Years. TheMission You will carry out is the direct Suggestions given to You. The Names of those who receive Information, theirAge, the Sources from which they receive the Information, together with the Date on which they have received theInformation will be card-indexed into the Diskette in sequence of the Archive Numbers given to them. All theInformation of the Integrated Consciousnesseswill be entrusted to Your Supreme Mission.Question - If You permit, i wou/d !ike to ask a Question.Answer - Yes, You may, We are waiting.Question - I would request a more detailed Information about the Lale operations. IT IS SPECIAl NOTICE FOR DEAR MEVLANAOur Friend,The Lale Totality is an Operational Ordinance at the Highest Dimension of the Divine Order. The Direct Missionarieswho will carry the Responsibility of this Order are not ready yel. However, the Supreme Mechanism trying to MatureYour Medium, has directly and effectively been assigned to Mission. The thing to be rendered first is to be able tosettle the Consciousnesseswho are suitable to the Medium of the operations which will be made, in a Medium inwhich they can Share a Responsibility equivalent to the Mission Consciousness. The Foundation Totality which willbe established is Obliged to start with a great responsibility, the direct Establishment preparations in 1993 World Year.On the same Level of Responsibility, the operational Ordinances of the other Totalities, too, will be rendered effectivein the shortest possible time, in sequence. For this reason it is extremely necessary,as an indicator of the level ofsuccessin the Mission to be performed, that the Mission allotments should be made starting from now on and Iater,the suggestions must be produced by the group Friends and a Positive Synthesis should be attained, so that theresponsibility and mission Consciousness can be Assessed.Direct Suggestions will be given to You in Future dates, after Your Unifications oecur. However, first, We have renderedeffective the Positive Suggestions You will bring to the Consciousnessof the Medium. By this means, the Actual statesand the Mission Consciousnessesof these Totalities to be established by the Synthesis of Joint Consciousnesseswill besupervised and Friends who daim their Missions justly will be selected by the Supreme Mechanism and they will beappointed to their Staffs. Disorder and Lack of Self-Sacrifice in Missions will never be considered as elements forforgiveness. However, Disorder in Missions will be brought to an end parallel to the extremely Serious sanctionswhich will be created by the JustTotality. Our Friend, this Message is a direct Message given so that the Responsibilitiesof more Positive and Disciplined Consciousnessescan be appropriated. Love and Regards, Beloved Friend. CENTRAL TOTAlITYNote: This Message will be written in the Book, tooM2
  7. 7. 16 - 11 - 1992My Friends,In this Message a question was asked due to the general wish and a more detailed explanation about theSystem of Nines and the Symbol M3. M3. M3 has been requested from the Supreme Mechanism. B. ç. IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,The figure of Unification at a Single Common point of the Top points of the Three Triangles the diagram ofwhich We had given formerly in the Knowledge Book, is the representationa/ diagram of the System ofNines. Since each Triangle has Three Angles, the Joint Reflection Totality of each Angle is evaluated as M3.And the Joint Reflection Totality of Three Triangles Symbolizes the diagrammatic Tableau of the System ofNines as M3. M3. M3. Now, let Us disclose them in more detai!.The First M3 = is the Reflection Triangle of the Unified Reality. This Triangle is also evaluated as the ReligiousReflection Triangle, as a necessity of the Missions it has rendered in each Period.The Second M3 = is the Reflection Triangle of the Universal Totality. This Triangle renders effective the ScientificProjection Totality.The Third M3 = is the Reflection Triangle of the Natural Oimensions. This Totality renders effective the SocialReflection Focal Points.In Your Planet, during this Final Age program of Progress, the Knowledge Book has been bestowed on YourPlanet by the Collective Work of a Totality connected to the Special Council of the Unification Center of theUnified Human Reality which has directly undertaken a Unifying Mission together with the Cosmos FederalAssembly and the Golden Galaxy Oimension. This is the direct Program of the First M3 Triangle. In thisProgram, it is obligatory to project all the Truths on Humanity.As We have said before, the Second M3 Triangle renders effective the operations concerning ScientificOperational Order of the same Coordination.And the Third M3 Triangle is a Mass operational Program again the same Coordination takes into effect bySocial Relations. Each M3 Totality renders reflection from Three Branches and is dependent on a Nine-foldReflection and Operational System. This Operational Ordinance is called The System of Nines.Here, again We would Iike to disclose to You a Truth. In this Operational Ordinance, the figure shown as theletter M is used as a Unit of Power. And it symbolizes the Eagle. In Oimensions of form, the Names of theMissionary Staffs and of the Powers start with the letter M. And to change the Cipher and Frequency Powerof a word, always the letter M is placed at the beginning. let Us give examples: like, (Sugar - Mugar) (Cold-Mold)(Plate-Mlate)(World-Morld)(lce-Mice). It is presented for Your Information. MECHANISM 16 - 11 - 1992 IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,Parallelto the Signals We have received from Your Thoughts, We presume that to disdose the Event of Ascension (Miraçin Turkish) by the Symbolic figure of the letter M, will bring You a different View. Novv, when You draw aletter M andwhen You dose it by a line at the top and a line at the bottom, You get 2 Right-Side-Up and one Upside-Oown Triang/es.The Right-Side-Up Triangles here comprise the Evolution of the 3rd and 4th Oimensions.3 - The Oimension of Your Planet. --------- >4 - The Oimension of Heaven. ------------- > Religious FulfillmentFor this reason the Reflection Foca/ Point of these Two Triangles has been shown as a Single Right-Side-Up Triangle in theSix-Point Star Symbol which is composed of Upside-Oown and Right side-up Triangles representing the RealityTotality.In the Symbol of the M figure, the line drawn at the bottom is a Common factor Connecting the Two Right-Side-UpTriangles. This is Religious Evolution. In the Evolution of the FirstTriangle here, formalist Worship is in effect. But in theSecond Triangle, Worship through the Essenceis effective. And in the Upside-Oown Triangle formed by the top linedrawn on the letter M, one renders the Worship of Consciousness,and the Event which is called ASCENSION (MiRAÇ inTurkish) is this. The actual Missions begin after this boundary. It is presented for Your Information. 643 SYSTEM
  8. 8. 18 - 11 - 1992 GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,If no result can be obtained from all the operationaj Ordinances applied on Your Planet by the UniversalTotality, the System is obliged to change the Suggestions immediately and to render effective the Orderswhich will be created by more Positive operational Totalities. The Purpose is to carry out the Program in ahealthier way. In the Universal Totality, there is no favouritism, no taking sides by any means. Everyonedeserves a Reward as a necessity of the Effort he/she makes. For this reason whichever Totality rendersEffective the operational Ordinance the Reality requires parallel to the Suggestions given to You and createsthat Totalistic Aura, that place is card-indexed into the Universal Totalityas the CENTRALFocal Point.Up until today, it has been told to all the Foca/ Points which have served in Your Planet on the path of theUniversal Totality, that they were the Centers, due to the Totalistic Auras they had created. Totalities inwhich Individual Egos come into effect relying on this word, are immediately taken outside the Systemssupervision. In the Universal Totality, the matter of the creation of Auras is not equivalent to the Massmajority. The required Aura is created by a Coordinate Totality formed, for the same Goal, by the Consciousservices of all the Consciousnesses. As long as the Mentality of You-Me is in effect in a Totality, the expectedAura is never formed, no matter how plentiful the number of Individuals present in a Medium may be.The FirstFactor in the creation of an Aura is the Totality of Love,the Second Factor is the respect of the Individualsto other Individuals, and the Third Factor is Mission Consciousness. Even if they were told that They were theCenters, Totalitieslacking these Consciousnesses are deprived of this Right which had been given to Them formerlyby the UniversalTotality. At the moment, since in the Anatolian Totality,the Aura the Realityrequires in accordancewith the Universal Procedure has been created in the Totality of Istanbul, the System has taken into effect theCentral Aura Directly in connection with this Channel. It is presented for Your Information. CENTRAL TOTAUTYNote:Central Auras are variable. Theyare taken into effect parallel to the services rendered. 19 - 11 - 1992 VUlOMOur Friends,Vulom is the Electro-Magnetic Attraction Power Field. The Vulom Field is an Attraction Power Field in whichvarious Central Totalities Unite. From the Energy Transformation fields here, one can easily go to moreAdvanced Systems. Administrative and Divine Mechanisms give service directly out of this Yu/om PowerField. This System is applied on the Transition Power Units of Galactic Dimensions and thus, AttractionPower Fields are created. All Galactic journeys are made by this means. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEMNote:Astral trips, Inter-Galactic Conveyance and Methods of Beaming up are created by the Attraction Powerof these Electro-Magnetic Power Fields. 19 - 11 - 1992 FIRMAMENTOur Friends,The Firmament is the Final Dimension to which a Persons Consciousness reaches at a particular moment.When each Person enters the influence field he/she has created between the World and his/her ownConsciousness Layer, the Final Boundary his/her Consciousness Totality attains is called the FIRMAMENT.The Firmament is unveiled layer by Layer according to each Consciousness. For this reason, the Firmamentpresents variability as Dimension in accordance with the Consciousness Totality of each Individua!This is the very reason why We evaluate the Firmament as the Final Boundary Dimension eachConsciousness Frequency can reach. This Message has been given as an answer to Thoughts. SYSTEM 644
  9. 9. 17 - 12 - 1992 THE MECHANICAL SYSTEM (Answer to the Chains of Thought)Our Friends,The Mechanical System is a Supervision Mechanism beyond Galaxies working in connection with the Lordly Plan. Allthe Totalities which have Integrated in the Crude Matterform are connected to the Mechanical System. The MechanicalSystem is an Operational Ordinance all the Galactic Totalities have rendered effective at their Existential Dimensions inaccordance with the Lawsof 18 Systems. The EnergyTotalities Existing beyond these Dimensions are Divine Mechanismsrendering effective the Operational Ordinances pertaining to the Advanced Dimensions of the Spiritual Plan. All theEnergies which had come into Existence way beyond the Lordly and the Technological Dimensions are beyand theMechanical Dimension. For example, the Light-Universe is not a Mechanical Dimension. All Entities who enterCosmic Influence fields are Totalities who render effective the operational Ordinances connected to a MechanicalDimension. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM 19 - 12 - 1992 IT IS CLEAR INFORMATIONOur Friends,All the Suggestions given to Your Planet as a necessity of the System, are the Collective Operations renderedeffective in accordance with the wishes of all the Universal Ordinances. During the operations made at theUniversal Totality, Individualistic Actions are out of question by all means. It is imperative to apply exactlythe given Suggestions in the Programs of attaining the Awareness of the Ordinance. For this reason thesame Application is expected from the operational Ordinances Projected on Your Planet.However, no Universal Suggestion (Your Sacred Books included) could ever be rendered effective parallel tothe Systems Requirements up until today, due to the drawbacks originating from the Terrestrial Views. TheSupreme Realm which gives Priority to the Humanly Weaknesses, has ma de changes (in every Period) in theSuggestions it has giyen, always considering Your Potentials You can exhibit.The Purpose is to appropriate to one s self a System and to walk on that path Consciously. For this reason nocompulsion is exerted even in the Sacred Suggestions. Therefore, in the operational Ordinances created in YourPlanet, always the Suggestions given Latest are considered Valid. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM 28 - 12 - 1992 IT IS CLEAR INFORMATIONOur Friends,During these Final operational Programs applied on Your Planet, the Supreme Mechanism and the System taking theTerrestrial Views and Consciousnesses into consideration, have rendered effective the maximum Flexibility in theoperational Ordinances they have expected of You, bothin the Lale Operations and the Operations of the 18s. Duringthe work done, the Individual excuses not comprised by the very important excusesare registered from the DiskettesasPoints of Irresponsibility. Even the Friends who can not come to the Group meetings Getting in Touch by means ofPhone Connections, is a factor which Iightens these irresponsibilities.In the Universal Totality, each Individual in Your Planet has a Value according to his/her ConsciousnessLight. However, when the Irresponsibilities of Individuals reach the time the Universal Totality has assessedfor them, that Friend is rendered ineffective in connection with the Automatism and the Right to Work isgiven to another Friend. In Your Planet, always a Selectian is rendered in the Operational Ordinancescoming into effect parallel to Individualistic Views. ------------------The Suggestions given to You are Directly the Suggestions of the System. And on this path, everyonesattaining a strong Conviction by kindling his/her Genuine Consciousness Light happens by eachEstablishments Administrative Totalitys Essence Quality and Çapability. On this path, to receive theInformation and to attain Allegiance by ones Totality of Essence are quite different things. The SupremeMechanism which expects the exact application of the given Suggestions from You, from nowon, will setout together with Strong Consciousnesses. It is presented for Your Information. SYSTEM 645