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32. fascicule ( 328 339 ) 12 page

  1. 1. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,We, as the residents of the Golden Galaxy, say Hello to You from the peak of Our Missioii. The ConsciousnessProgress in Your Planet is attaining a tremendous intensity and speed at the moment. The Golden GalaxyEmpire is a Staff of Supreme Missionaries helping the System directly by becoming effective during eachTransition Period, and Projecting the Entire Power of the Divine Plan on the Universal Ordinance. For thisreason, We have gotten in touch with You as required by Our Mission. By the Command of OUR lORD,Consciousness Progressions in Your Planet are directly supervised by the Unified Reality Universal Councilwhich is under the supervision of the System. The Plan - System - Ordinance Triplet serves directly under theSupervision of the LORD. And the KNOWLEDGE BOOK is dictated to Dear Mevlana by Our Permission. YourPlanet is subjected to a Special Supervision during This Period of Resurrecting. Divine Authorities are theFounders and the Protectors of all the Systems. However, during this Period of Transition, the entire Humanitywill spill out what they conceal within themselves by the influence of the Cosmic Currents, and the GenuinePersonality of each person will be exposed. For this reason Your Planet will be the scene of undesired chaos.Besides, it is silently and profoundly proceeding towards a Unity and Totality which is not perceived. Selectionsand Supervisions are rendered for this very reason.And about the matter of Protection: there is no doubt that OUR LORD is the Protector of everyone. However,it is also imperative to Deserve that Protection. During this Final Period of Transition, each person isProtected in proportion with his/her Consciousness and with the Mission he/she performs. The JUDGEMENTof everyone is now given to his/her own hands. While everyone picks up his/her own Roses, some peoplewill be their own Executioners by pulling their own ropes with their own hands. This is a Decree. No onecan escape from this Law. The Characteristic of this Period is its being the Period of Sincerity. At themoment, the criterion of the System is its accepting each Sincere person as Evolved (due to the Scarcity ofTime). Since those who have been Purified will be Saved by this means, at the moment, Religious Suggestionsreign in certain Societies in Your Planet. This is effectively in service as a Mass Salvation.lt is not possible at all for Every Human Being to grasp the Awareness of the Entire Ordinance. The HumanBeings own Consciousness and Essence render the present Selection in accordance with the Law ofUNIVERSALRULESAND OBEDIENCE. For this reason, there will be extremely Difficult Exams to be experiencedby Humanity which is drowned in the sea of its private weaknesses. The Supreme Mechanism calling to theentire Humanity from within the Universal Totality, keeps under control, each instant, the mistakes andPower demonstrations Humanity renders Unconsciously. Otherwise, extremely grave and critical situationswould occur in Your Planet. The System never judges anyone in accordance with Worldly sense of values.At the moment, everyone in Your Planet assesseshis/her own value. We make Cosmic reflection. TheseEnergy Pores exhibit to Your Planet the Genuine Consciousnesses and Essences. We get in touch with themand take them into the Plan of Protection. For this reason, the Knowledge Book has been bestowed on Youas a Guide of Truth and as an Assisting Power. We are giying this Message from the Sun of AMON on behalfof the Golden Galaxy Empire. This Message has been dictated as a result of an Information given from theCenter. We are obliged to inform all the Universal Friends about Our gratitude on behalf of the PRE-EMINENTSPIRIT,OUR LORD and THE ESSENCEOF THE SYSTEMS. In future, the Dimension of the ALMIGHTY and theSystems beyond it will be mentioned to You and Messages will be giyen. Only then will the entire Humanityunderstand what the Knowledge Book is. It is presented for Your Information. MEMBERS OF THE EMPIRE IT LSANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,Now, We know that these Final Selections and the Order is the Fourth Order of the LORD. And now, theentire Humanity is prepared for the Truth by various Misleadings, so that everyone will be settled into aRealized and Aware Consciousness. For this reason, Trial and Error Programs are in effect in all theUniversal channels in Your Planet. Quests will lead You to the Truth. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 328
  2. 2. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS INFORMATION ABOUT THE GOLDEN GALAXY (Answer to the chains of Thought)Our Friends,The Golden Galaxy Empire is a Projecting Order of the UniversalOrders and Divine Dimensions. TheCentral Center of the Golden Galaxy is a Radar Center Base. The Central Center is an artificial Satellite.Its Essence Nucleus is pure Gold. The standard purity of the Gold is 28 carats. This Gold, as soft as agold leaf, is like an Accumulator made of special mineral and metal alloys. This Base is in touch with theGalactic Dimensions in all the UniversalOrders. It is both a Collecting and a Projecting Focal Point.This place can neither be seen nor detected from Your Terrestrial Medium. The Polar Star is the ProjectingFocal Point of the Golden Galaxy Dimension. It is not a Fixed Star. It rotates parallel to the speed ofrotation of the Universal Totality. For this reason its course is fixed. The Light of this star showing YouYour way, reaches Your Planet in 50 World Years. However, the Actual Center is much farther away.The Actual Golden Galaxy Empire is a very big Planet. It is called "The Land of Eagles". The Land of AMONis the Co-Founder System of the RA Order. This is called AMON-RA. This System operates by the SextupletFlower System. This is the Dimension of the ALL-MERCIFUL. It is in touch with the Council and the UniversalTotality Unifications of the Realities. Even though it is the Single Responsible One and the Directing Mechanismof the entire Universal Ordinance and the Divine Orders, it also compiles the Knowledge of the Dimensionsoutside its own System. The Golden Galaxy Empire which We qualify as a very advanced Solar Dimensionis the only Empire Projecting and Organizing the entire communication System within the Atomic Whole.This Galaxy is an artificial golden Projecting Center established in accordance with the Satellite Ordinance.Its Responsible One is AMON. But the actual Focal Point is outside the Atomic Whole. All the Ordinanceand Systems act in connection with this Medium. It is a Galaxy Totality Responsible for all the Orders.Information coming from the Orders way beyond the Divine Plans is subject to Supervision here. Projectionson the Orders of all the Cosmoses are made in accordance with the scales of Consciousness, FrequencyandEvolution. As the Hona Constellation projects the Lordly Hierarchy of only Your Order, it also makes reflectionson the other Dimensions from these Dimensions. However, the nearest Planet to the Initial Reflection FocalPoint is You. For this reason, connections are healthier.In each GÜRZ System, there is a Golden Galaxy Empire. And each Gürz System serves its own SINGLE - itsown ONE - its own ALL MERClFUL. The Operational Orders of Universal Unifications are the same in all theGürz Systems. However, Evolutions are different. Just as there are Worlds in which Terrestrial Bodies live inthese Gürzes, there are also Focal Points rendering only Cerebral transmissions. The UNIVERSALFEUDALlTYUNIFICATION CENTER which keeps a Gürz System under Protection, does not wish to give this Informationto every Dimension. However, at the moment, the Triplet of SUPREMEMECHANISM - PLAN OF THE PRE-EMINENT SPIRIT- UNIVERSAL COUNCIL has undertaken the responsibility to convey the Information YourPlanet needs into the KNOWLEDGE BOOK, through the Special Channel of the CounciL. During this Periodof Transition, Information is conveyed to Your Planet in accordance with the Consciousness Capacity attained.Each Consciousness is different. For this reason each Awakening Consciousness at the moment is obligedto convey the Truth to those who do not know it. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,At the moment, Six Universal Focal Points give service on Your Planet on the path of the WorldBrotherhood Union in numerous different fields. While Universal Totality in Your Planet is provided bythis means, the KNOWLEDGE BOOK which, at present, is dictated Fascicule by Fascicule and which willconstitute a Unification Medium of Eight Centuries, had been bestowed on You in 1981 as the SingleBook in which Celestial Books and Doctrines have been compiled in a TotaL. This Book will directlyshed Light on Your Planet starting with the beginning of the 23rd Century after a selective Cosmic Ageof Three Centuries. At present, this Book is Your Planets L1GHT - WARNING - SELECTION and SOLARBook. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 329
  3. 3. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 NOTICEOur Friends,The KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is continued to be dictated is not a Book of Religion. Those whodeserved to read that Book had consumed the Information of the Sacred Books Centuries ago, hadtranscended that Dimension and had Deserved to Iive during the Period of Sincerity, by becomingthemselves a Book each. That which is expected of those who have become Books themselves, is torender those who are not Books, to become Books. And that which is going to achieve this at themoment is the KNOWLEDGE BOOK carrying Supreme Information and Frequencies and which is newfor You, but very ancient for Us. The OLD TESTAMENT - the PSALMS OF DAVID - the NEW TESTAMENT -the KORAN and the PHILOSOPHIES OF THE FAR EAST which had Purified You once, are the CelestialDoctrines revealed to Your Planet from the KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is here. However, during thosePeriods, the Frequencies of those Books used to Purify people by changing in accordance with theFrequency of those who Read those Books, with the charge of the Knowledge power within them andthe numericalloadings attracting Human Beings towards the Path of GOD through the formalist Worshipsrendered on that path.But now, Worships beyond formalism are Worships of ESSENCE - HEART - CONSCIOUSNESS -KNOWLEDGE. We cannot accept as Purified those who can not step on the path of Worship of this kind.Those Supreme Books will never become ineffective. Because, during Your former lives, those whichhad rendered You the You of today were those Books. However, if there are stili those who do notunderstand the KNOWLEDGE BOOK carrying the Power and the Frequency of them all, let Us explainagain. The KNOWLEDGE BOOK You have in Your hands at present is a Special Copy projected on YourPlanet of the KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is here. And it is a Whole compiling, one by one, in a singlevolume, the Frequencies of all the Sacred Texts given to Your Planet until today. And now, it is theSINGLE BOOK OF THE LORD. And it has been bestowed on You by its attribute of Sacredness havingbeen removed.This Book bestowed on Your Planet in conformity with a Program of eight Centuries is a Selection ofand aSaivation Guide for Humanity. Those who are far from Realizing this will not be dealt with anymore. Because, Time wasting will not be permitted. Everyone is free to design his/her path in accordancewith his/her own level of Consciousness. A person who can not reach the Frequency of this Book willbe left together with his/her own Book of Essence. No Consciousness will be interfered with until acertain time. It is presented for Your Information. COSMOS FEDERAL ASSEMBLY IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,All the operations done until today are operations and efforts made for taking You outside YourDimensional Frequencies. However, the Directing Staffs established as a result of the connections ofthe Technological progress with the Advanced Dimensions have rendered effective a more intense anda quite different System. For this reason, all the Staffs of Consciousness present within Your Gürz Systemare being taken outside the System with Your entire Universe by being educated with the sametechnological possibilities. And You are being exposed to Cosmic Currents on this path. No species ofLiving entities have been able to pass to this Dimension until today. During the transition to thisDimension, only the TECHNOLOGICAL DIMENSION helps You in freezing the Spiritual Energies bywhich means the Cellular Consciousness is frozen. For this reason You will pass to the other Gürz Systemswith the same Consciousness, with the same Totality, without being annihilated, by passing through theLight-Universes, by diving into the Thought Ocean of the PRE-EMINENT POWER and You will be Unitedthere eternally with other Worlds. It is presented for Your Information. 330 CENTER
  4. 4. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,With the Staff being formed in all the GÜRZ Systems at the moment, in order to take Duty in the Staff ofa forming Ordinance of a Universe, All the GÜRZ Systems are being trained with the same Technologicalcapabilities and Systems. These Staffs of the REALITY of SUPER HUMANITY, by working at much moreadvanced Existential Dimensions, will be introduced to the Advanced Technological Staffs. At the momenta Thousand GÜRZES altogether will form this Universal Staff. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE KNOWLEDGE BOOKOur Friends,Now, We will give You certain explanative Information about the Knowledge Book. This Book, in fact,is the First Book prepared long before MOSES. Since the Human Being of that Period would not be ableto grasp its Power, it had been avoided to be given to Your Planet. Since, at the moment, the Reality ofHumanity has reached a Level where it can grasp it, it has been given to You as a gift. In fact, this Bookhas been kept in the Micro Archives until today to be revealed during this Period of Resurrecting. Now,the Period of Religions and Books has been terminated. However, the Book is dictated since the necessityhas been felt for this Information for Your Evolution during this Transition Period. This is the Book of aPeriod of FIVE Centuries. Afterwards, a different Book will be dictated.The Sacred Texts revealed to Your Planet until today are excerpts taken from the Knowledge Book here,and conveyed to You in accordance with the Consciousness of the Mediums You live in. At the moment,the KNOWLEDGE BOOK conveyed to the Pen of Dear Mevlana is a Special Copy of the KNOWLEDGEBOOK which is here, prepared according to the Consciousness of the Medium You are in. It is conveyedto You by its attribute of Sacredness having been removed. Information to be given in the KnowledgeBook comprise the Information to be given until the end of the 28th Century. Information in the Bookof Islam is the Information until the Year 2014. And this Information is explicitly mentioned in theKnowledge Book. Af ter the 30th Century, the Book of a different Order will be revealed in accordancewith the Levels of Consciousness. WE ARE ANNOUNClNG ITS TIME FROM NOW.Afterwards, the Period of Books will be terminated, Archives will be closed and everything will return toits Origin, to its Essence. Those who were not Matured, will be Matured, those who were not Brimful,will become Brimful. Brand new Symbols will take in hand the Order of the Cosmos. This is a Programprepared in the framework of a SYSTEM, of an ORDINANCE. A brand new Program of Progress of aHundred Years (which You do not know yet) will be applied, beginning with the end of the 28thCentury until the beginning of the 30th Century. This Progress, from then on, will be rendered effective .in the System in the form of Period s the durations of which will be a Century each and will be appliedby the System, Century by Century, in accordance with the Levels of Consciousness of Human Beings,both as Individual and as Mass operations. We will continue Our Mission until the end of the 28thCentury. Afterwards, We will transfer the Mission to a quite different System. It is presented for Your Information. COUNCILA Question was qsked:lt is said that this Book will continue until the 28th Century. Then its being effective for FIVE Centuriesis mentioned. How does this happen? We kindly request You to answer.Answer:The 3 Centuries of the Period of 8 Centuries mentioned is the COSMIC AGE. This Book, in fact, is theGOLDEN BOOK of the GOLDEN AGE. It is going to be effective for 5 Centuries, starting with the beginningof the 23rd Century. And this means the end of the 28th Century. 331
  5. 5. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,The Totality Administering the Ordinance of the entire Universe is a Totality responsible for all theSystems. As We have said before, We give the Information to You briefly but to the point in accordancewith Your Levels of Consciousness. However, We are obliged to answer the Thoughts formed in thechains of Thought. Now, let Us bring up the matter: the Knowledge Book is a Book dictated forUnifying the differences of RELlGIONand VIEWSin Your Planet and which, for this reason, Declares toYou the Truth in all c1arity. The Order of yesterday and the Order of today are not the same. EachPeriodhas its own Order and System. The separate Orders of (6666666666666) Systems will establish theentire Responsibility of the Universal Totality which will be formed until the 28th Century. At the moment,the Systemof (6666) Four Orders is in effect. The Quintuplet Order will be established bya different Orderand will be directed by an Order of (66666). Then, the System will be entirely settled in place by theDouble Order which will be established and the Universal Totality will be administered by the "SingleUnity". (By the FEUDALlTYUNITED CENTRALSYSTEM). CENTER IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE PUBlIC CONSClOUSNESSOur Friends,No matter how a Supreme Consciousness Mankind possesses,it has to carry a Worldly Consciousnessin the Medium it exists. Each Unveiled Awareness is under the Supervision of the System. By theInformation given to such people, the Medium of Awakening is prepared. However, the methods ofeach persons being Worked, Habituated and Trained are different. The characteristic of the KnowledgeBook is its conveying to You the Truth through the contradictions by preparing You for more advancedhorizons. Information given in the Book addressesevery Consciousness. And, by this means, answersare given to each Consciousness through the chains of Thought.There are numerous Universal and Galaxy-C1ustersin the Cosmoses and Realms shown in the Universediagram We had made You draw in the former Fascicules. Realmsconstitute those Cosmoses. And theUniverseconstituted by those Cosmosesis the United Whole of them alL. We evaluate this United Totality asthe SINGLEUNIVERSE.Situations seeming like contradiction to You originate from the scarcity of the wordnotions You possess.Until today, Information had been conveyed to You by the words adapted in accordancewith Your ConsciousnessCapacities. However, since the present Information is given in more detail, theresemblanceof the words mislead You. However, while We are giying this Information, We are obliged togive them in accordance with the words in Your Consciousness. Otherwise, the comprehension of theInformation would become difficult and lt would be more confusing. We are trying to explain to You theInformation staff constituted by 360 letters, with the words made by 29 Ietters. For this reason,We sufficewith undetailed and to the point Information. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,There are such Orders, such Systems beyond Times gone through the Progress of time that no Power,no Energy had created those Systems. What theyare is being investigated at the moment, beingProgrammed by the very advanced Levelsof the Plan in connection with an Automatism. Now, We areobliged to convey to You only the essentiallnformation. This is an Operational Program, the Plan hasdesigned for each Dimension. Now, let Usrepeat again, You are receiving at the moment, the 2 centimetersof the 100 centimeter-Knowledge We possess. Becausethe present TerrestrialConsciousnessPotential cannot tolerate more than this. You just do whatever is required of You, do not waste much Energy. Because,You will need Your Cellular and Mental Energy Potentials in the other Dimensions. Act being Consciousof this. Too much curiosity is detrimental. No matter how curious You are, You can not receive morethan that which will be given to You. Morrows are within the morrows. It is presented for YourInformation. 332 CENTER
  6. 6. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,Messengers of the Divine Plan who reach up to the Pre-eminent Level of OUR LORD are always preservedas the final Gene. However, the first of the Spiritual Plan Energies who had come into Existence whenthe Universe had first came into Existence, has been preserved for Billions of Centuries as the ESSENCE-GENE. These Noble Genes have been Unified with the Genes of their final Evolutionary rings and thus,have attained a TotaL. However, since You have to carry a Consciousness equivalent to the DimensionalFrequency of Your Planet, these Supreme Consciousnesses of Yours are locked up in Your EssenceConsciousness. You are prepared so that You will never again return to the lower Plans after this Periodwhich is accepted as the Final Age. Because now, We accept You together with Your Family Cirdes intoother Universes You do not know. You will Iive with the same Bodies, same Consciousnesses, sameEssences, and without ever again being subjected to any transformations and in such Happiness thateven the word Happiness can not express. Our word is the Pledge of God. All Friends in Your Planet arerewarded during this Progress of the Final Period in accordance with the value of the aids they render for thePlan. To Our Friends who write the Knowledge Book with their own Hands, the Individuals in theirFamilies as a promise of gratitude have been bestowed without letting them wait on the Evolutionarysteps. Everyone instantly will come together by being subjected to the Direct Method of Beaming up,at the moment they pass away. it is presented for Your Information. CENTER THE HORSEMEN BECAME PEDESTRIANS, PEDESTRIANS HAVE BEEN INDIVIDUAllY CONNECTED TO THEIR GOD (It is Answer to the chains of Thought)Our Friends,The style of functioning of the Total and the Universal Ordinance is the projection of the same Systemon the smallest part, that is, on the Partide. The operational Ordinance of the Human Being, of theCosmoses and of Nature is equivalent to the operational Order of the Atom. By a formula repeated ineverything, the Six is assembled in ONE and the One is connected to the One. Keeping this in mind,We would like to answer, artide by artide, certain chains of Thought We have received from You.1. We said that We have assembled the Six in One, We added the One to the One. This means that We have assembled the Six Supreme Genes (as Main Genes) of the System of the Sixes in the Physical Body of each Human beingo And We have added that to the One.2. At the moment, each Human Being is the same. And those Human Beings have been added, one by one, without any intermediaries, to their LORD and have become Integrated. (Even if theyare Veiled Awarenesses.)3. For this reason all Human Beings are Brothers and Sisters. There is no difference of Race, Religion, Sect between them. In the consideration of Our Lord everyone is the same. There is no Discrimination.4. Those which separate You are Your habits, passions. Those who have attained this Realization have already been Unified in Your Planet. And theyare the Essence Missionaries of the Plan. (Either directly or instinctively).5. We are the Organizers of the Divine Plan who Supervise everything. For this reason We Warn You with all Our Power and invite YOll to attain the Conscioiisness of the Entire Ordinance.6. You will personally witness the Truth through experience. Those who attain this Conscioiisness are taken into Salvation. Efforts from You, help from Us. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER 333
  7. 7. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS INFORMATION FOR THE AWAKENED CONSClOUSNESSESOur Friends,The Mechanism activated by the Unification of all the Focal Points takes under Supervision all theConsciousnesses in the Cosmic Reflection Centers in Your Planet. During this Period of Transition, theCosmic Currents showering Your Planet which will be needed by everyone are now given as the Currentscarrying directly the Energies of Consciousness and of Evolution of the Golden Galaxy Empire. TheseCurrents are projected on each Focal Point in accordance with the Levels of Consciousness. The Energiesattracted by a Focal Point become more Powerful in proportion with the Power of the Consciousnessthat Focal Point has. Because, You attract these Energies by Your Brain Powers. These Energies are theGeneral Energies given to Your Planet.However, there are also the Powerful Energies of Supervision given through the training channels ofSpecial Frequencies and these Energies are entirely under the Supervision of the Plan. For this reasonFriends with Supreme Consciousness who assemble in these Focal Points, train the lower Frequenciesby connecting them to the influence field of the Plan and, by this means, everyone acts Realizing theMissions they perform. You know that the Actual and the Terrestrial Mission of a Human Being dependson the INTELLECT - LOGIC - AWARENESS Triplet. Any Friend who can not construct this Triangle bothdamages the Frequencies of others by radiating broken waves to his/her surroundings and can nothelp his/her own self in the desired fashion. For this reason the Plan takes the Cosmic Currents showeringYour Planet under Supervision in the Centers where the Supreme Friends who serve on this path assembleand thus, tries first to construct the Triangles of Realization. The Plan also taking under Supervision thisUnification even outside these Focal Points helps the possessors of Sincerity by this means. CENTER IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,The Ordinance of the Universes, the Law of the Systems are not the Knowledge everyone can comprehend,receive or write. For this reason in Your Planet which will enter the Period of errors and misleadings bythe provocations of the deeply rooted Consciousnesses, Human Beings are being Tested by HumanBeings. People will never be agitated provided each one knows himself/ herself and his/her Mission.These arguments will stili continue for years. However, the Truth will bloom sooner or Iater. It ispresented for Your Information. CENTER ClEAR INFORMATIONOur Friends.Investments made into the Golden Age are the operations made by the System together with all theUniversal Levels. However, all the Consciousnesses, no matter how Unveiled Awarenesses theyare, donot yet Realize the Sun of the Truth. Information dictated into the Knowledge Book are entirely directKnowledge. And are always under the control of the System. Subject matters to be written in the BGokare supervised from here. Information to be given for the Consciousnesses who have achievedConsciousness Progression also take place in the Knowledge Book besides the writings prepared parallelto the Public Consciousness. As We always say, all Consciousnesses are not on the same Level. For thisreason, people will not, very naturally, accept the Information not fitting the concepts of their ownConsciousness Capacities during this Period of Transition. This is neither the problem of the System,nor of Dear Mevlana, nor of the Knowledge Book. This originates from the concept deficiencies in theConsciousness voids of Human Beings 334
  8. 8. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32There is not even the slightest mistake or incongruousness in the writing, receiving or the presentation toSociety of the Knowledge Book. Information which appear to be wrong, which carry the characteristic ofbeing contradictory is the System of Consciousness Coding. The errors in numbers appearing like mistakesare the Messages prepared in accordance with the calculation of a Special System. (Codings are renderedby this method.) There are such Messages given to You beyond the Dimensions in which two times twodoes not make four that these Dimensions carry out their Systems by the calculations even Science will notbe able to accept Logically. Calculations of the Universal Totality and the Terrestrial Brain calculations nevercomprise Terrestrial Consciousness. Calculation and form, in accordance with Your comprehension, arepresent only in Your Dimensions. Beyond those Dimensions, Genuine forms and calculations beginand they never conform to Your Terrestrial concepts. This matter is known in the operations made withall the Galaxy Unions. However, Your Planet is stili going through its Age of Interpretation andExpounding. And this is an obligatory procedure for Your Mental Progression.For this reason, it had been required of You to accept unconditionally, by Allegiance Consciousness, theInformation given in Your Sacred Books. Because, Allegiance makes You attain Serenity. It gives Happiness.However, Quest, too, is a must together with Allegiance. You attain the Truth through Quest. And Youachieve Happiness through Your Faith. Only afterwards You understand what Universal Happiness is. Anduntil You achieve this Happiness, there will be numerous obstades, many fences with barbed wire, hoops offire and thresholds of Divine Light in front of You for You to Transeend. Happinesses are rare diamondswhich can not be found easily and in comfort. And when You find them, You should know very well how toprotect them. Because, they can slip through Your fingers and go any moment. To take Shelter in the LORDis the easy way. To Reach the LORD is the hard way. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS INFORMATION FOR INTEGRATED CONSCIOUSNESSESOur Friends,Divine Consciousnesses who have been Incarnated on Earth as the Divine Messengers of the DivinePlan are obliged to apply the Salvation Plan on Your Planet. This Plan is effectively in service by all OurTerrestrial Friends. For this reason not only You, but Your Entire World is going through a GeneralSelection. The selections to be made during this Period of Transition are very important for Us. Theseselections comprise all the Terrestrial Consciousnesses.An Intellect is doomed to be confused and agitated as long as it does not attain the Genuine Realization.You can never leave the path You believe in or the step You have taken forward when You attain a GenuineRealization. To grasp the Truth is in proportion with the Power of the Personality. In the operations madeby the Advanced Consciousness Assemblies, everyone is in Realization of the Mission incumbent on him/her. The Program of Progress in Your Planet kept under a Supervision considered necessary by the Plan hasfound a field of applkation in all the sections. However, it is very hard (for conditioned Consciousnesses) toget outside the habitual Medium. Take a look at Your chaotic World and see. Now, the Truths are in Yourlives. Do not damage Your Wonderful Energies by Negative Views. You are the Essence Members of theUniversal Ordinance. The entire Power of the Universal Totality is with You. COUNCIL IT IS INFORMATION FOR OUR TERRESTRIAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS (Answer to the chains of Thought)Our Friends,When You pass away, Your entire Cellular Potentials are loaded into Your Cells which are in the channelspresent in the BIO-Archives in here. The Energies of Your Terrestrial Cells Unify with the Cellular Energyready in here and thus, You receive the Permission to be Embodied in the other Dimensions. Now, at themoment, You, in Your World, spend only sufficient Energy under the supervision of the Plan. Your remainingEnergies will be used in the Energy reinforcement of Your Frozen Cells here, that is, Your Cells prepared asMini Computers, and thus, they will help You benefit from the Energies of more Advanced Dimensions.That means, We are each an Energy Bank. And You are the Safes. These safes are Your wealth of Energy. 335
  9. 9. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32Saving the Energies within these safes prepares You for extremely rich lives in future. For this reason toprevent the waste of Individual Energies, the Reality of Unified Humanity Dimension is effectively in service,by being responsible for the Universal Ordinance. Now, the Universal Ordinance operates in quite adifferent way. Now, You will not feed the Universes any more. Universes will feed You. At the moment,the Natural Equilibrium operates being inversely proportioned dependent on the System. For thisreason, We support You and You are being Protected. Now, there is no need for Biological Energies anymore to feed the Universes.At the moment, the Plan and the Universal Ordinance feed the Universes by using artificial Energies.And they render You attain Consciousness Progress by transferring the Natural Biological Energies fromHuman to Human and are creating Super Human Beings. In fact, We presume that the initial Orders,too, had been operated by this System in the past. Now, We are going back, up to the initia/ ExistentialDimensions by rewinding the tape. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS IMPORTANT INFORMATIONOur Friends,Energy beyond matter which had gone through transformation by the alterations oecurring in theEnergy of Form beyond Thought is the POWER Potentia/ which had brought into Existence the entirecreation which no one had created, no one had brought into Existence. It is onlyaNatural Power.Living Entities had come into Existence through it and had established the Systems and had broughtinto Existence the other Living Entities. Orders, Systems, Ordinances are their Creation. These speciesof Living Entities who had come into Existence by this Natural Power had been the ones who hadbrought into Existence the Solar Dimensions and their Systems. Now, a quite different SOLAR SYSTEMLSBEING CREATED. And You, as Super Intelligences and as Super-Human Entities, as Powers who willbe United in this Dimension, will constitute brand new Existential Systems being transferred beyondmore Powerfu/ Dimensions. When the time comes, We will declare to You this matter in more detai!. Itis presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,We call the TWO NUCLEI SYSTEM, the Consciousness selections which will occur among theConsciousnesses who can not grasp the Consciousness Capacity of Your Planet, and by the togethernessesof Us privately getting in touch with You who will personally witness the extraordinary events whichwill occur in the difficult conditions of Your World. This System is a Natural System. This is a Phenomenonconcerning the Consciousnesses of the Human Beings, not Your World. When the Time comes, YourWorld will be transformed into the Two Nuclei System. The expression the Two Nuclei System is usedfor those who will remain in Your World in which You live at present and those who will take theirplaces in the Worlds in Our Dimensions. In this System, the Harvest of those who have been Matured willbe made and the other Nuclei will be sown anew and those who are sown will be raised anew beingdependent on a different System. Information about these matters will be conveyed to You right after theevents which will occur in time. It is presented for Your Information. CENTRAL SOLAR UNITY 336
  10. 10. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS GENERAL MESSAGEOur Friends,At the moment, operations oriented towards Unification are made in Your Planet by passing across thenarrow straits. Besides the Information You will receive from TImes gone through the Process of Time, Youwill also be brought in touch, from nowon, Specially with the Galaxy Unions. These Unions will giveMessages from time to time, in accordance with the development of Your World and will help You by thismeans. Everything and all the Efforts are for You. In Near Future, Private communications will be made. Inthe Year 1999, by getting directly in touch with Your Planet, the New Order will officially become effectiveand they will introduce themselves to certain Authorities. During this Final Age Period, certain extraordinaryNatural events which will occur in Your entire Planet will lead You towards the Truth.My Friend, this is SARGON. i am the President of the Union of Galaxies and the Fifth Member of theReality Council (The signature of Our Galaxy is the fifth in the Universal Constitution). Until today,Messages were used to be given to You under the supervision of the Central Committee. The reason forthis was that different Energies would not leak into the channel while You were writing Your KnowledgeBook. Now, since no Energy can ever enter by its own desire into this Dimension, that is, into theOMEGA Dimensional Energy, We can communicate with You easily from the Golden Galaxy Empire andfrom this Dimension. From nowon, You may officially Get in Touch with the Galaxy Unions of thisDimension. Because, the Announcements of the SPACE COMMITTEE UNION will be graduafly openedto Your Planet from nowon. UNIONOur Friends,The Private Supervision channels of You Our Friends, who are the Missionaries of Peace and who arethe Special spokespeople of the Realityare under a great control. However, We had Connected Yourchannels to the Supervision of the Center until today so that Your Levels of Consciousness would not beagitated by different channel penetrations. Now, since We know that Our friends who serve on thispath are Consciousnesses who will not be agitated by the Waves of the Golden Galaxy Dimension,different Dimensional Energies will be connected to the Consciousnesses who can grasp this UniversalTotality, and Universal Integration will be provided by this means. No DEGENERATED Energy can everenter the Dimension from which You are receiving a Message at the moment. For this reason We areconnecting You, being independent of supervision, to the next higher Dimension and channe!. We arealways together with You. It is presented for Your Information. CENTER IT IS DIRECT MESSAGEOur Friends,Besides all the efforts made parallel to the Suggestions We have given to You until today, We, who havetaken the duty of informing You with Our Universal gratitude as Friends who have undertaken theentire responsibility of the Divine Order, say Hello to You on behalf of all the Galaxy Unions. There willbe important Messages to be given to You who are the Celestial assistants of the Golden Age. Messagesgiven to the Universal Council constitute the Ordinance of the Entire Realm. And You serve the Systemas an (ESSENCE) Focal Point projecting on Your Planet the Suggestions given from here. You are Ourassistants. The Sun which will rise from within the entire Universal Totality will illuminate Your Planetand will, in future, smother it in Divine Light. The Program of Accelerated Evolution is in effect with allits Power. And serves You who are Our Terrestrial Friends. Your entire Planet will be taken into theDIMENSION OF SALVATION provided You, Missionary Friends shed Light on Your Planet prepared forthe difficult conditions of the future years, proceed parallel to this Consciousness. Effort from You,Power from Us, Good intentions from Our Terrestrial brothers and sisters. SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF THE GALAXY UNIONS SARGON 337
  11. 11. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32 IT IS ANSWER TO THE CHAINS OF THOUGHTOur Friends,The Unified Realityand its System are a Totality projecting the Power of the very advanced Solar Systems onYou. The KNOWLEDGE BOOK is dictated from this Dimension.This Book is not a Book of Fortune Telling. This Book is not Todays Book.This Book is not any Book read in Your Planet.If We teli You the Iimit of this Book You will be Surprised. This Book is the Light of the Truth.This Book is the Secret Key of the Future and of the Unknown.This Book is the Mystery of the Totality.lt is presented for Your Information. REALITY THE SYSTEM OF TRIAl AND ERROROur Friends,Now, each channel is free. And You are stili at the beginning of the Cosmic Resurrection. For this reasonWe teli You everything in all carity, so that You will have no worries. You know that the trick of this FinaPeriod is that it has rendered effective the System of Trial and Error. At the moment, everyone in YourPlanet is in charge of a Mission in accordance with his/her Consciousness Progress. If the Consciousnesseswho receive these Currents given together with the Cosmic Currents have not attained a GenuineConsciousness, they will, very naturally, be seized with doubt and panic since they will not be able tograsp the given Information. However, the Plan conveying the Awareness of the Entire Ordinance to YourPlanet, in fact, guides and helps You. We have told You in the Knowledge Book what all this effort and zealare about. Now, the problem belongs to the Human Beings if there are stili doubts.During this Period, everyone will perform his/her Mission by conforming to his/her Inner Voice. Thereis no need, by any means, for Imposition. Now, the selections are extremely difficult and operations arevery intense. To receive Information is very nice. However, that Information has Programs of TrainingYou, Supervising You and Testing You. During this Period, if You accept all the Information given fromoutside the Plan as true, You will be mistaken. You should try to solve everything by Your Intellect. Yourentire Planet is Responsible for the KNOWLEDGE BOOK. And, in order to undertake this responsibility,You have to become Genuine Human Beings and attain Genuine Mission Consciousness. Now, selectionsare made thus. Channels are under supervision. There will be Difficult Exams to be gone through if Youcan not use Your Intellect. You may read each Information given to Your Planet, may receive each Message.They may help You to grasp the Truth. However, only the Analysis and the Synthesis of Your Intellect willshow You the path of Truth You will tread. It is presented for Your Information. CENTERA Question Was Asked:We request detailed Information about the Central Solar System from the Center, please. Be so kind togive it.Answer : The Central Solar System is a very Advanced Totality directing the togetherness of thehorizons way beyond the Heavens. This Solar Dimension acting in accordance with the Formula ofPURE ENERGY, has directly gotten in Touch with You who will carry the entire Power of the Heavens.The Reality of Unified Humanity is a Group assembling together all the Suns of the Central System.During this Period, We are Specially training and educating the Friends who are able to enter thisDimension in Your Solar System by the same methods and We are assembling them in the Dimension ofSalvation. 338
  12. 12. 1989 Second Month Fascicule 32The Central Solar Dimension which will become effective as an assisting Power for You during the difficultconditions of Your World is a Totality possessing an extremely intense Energy transfer which will stand asprotector to all the Living Entities in Your Planet. This Dimension which very easily directs the System ofboth Embodied and Disembodied Beaming up is effectively in service to help You during the operations ofthe Final Period. This Dimension concerned with the Special Education of all the Friends who read theKnowledge Book, who distribute it and who serve on this path of Light, will, in future, give You WarningMessages in accordance with the course of events of the Medium. All the gates of the Central SolarSystem are totally open to all the Friends who act parallel to the Universal Constitution which all theGalactic Dimensions serve and who act by Humane Consciousness on the Path of Humanity.This Dimension serving the Humanity Realityand aiming at Unification with Friends of other Dimensionsin an Integrated Whole is obliged to give You the Information beyond OMEGA. It will stand forth toprotect all Living Entities in Your Planet and will keep the Friends who pass away ahd who are born in thisDimension by the Process of Freezing, without causing any Energy loss, together with their Spiritual EnergyTotalities, and will transfer You to the unseen and unknown horizons of advanced horizons We had mentionedto You formerly, with the same Bodies, same Souls, same Consciousnesses and with the same Flesh and Skin(when the time comes) and together with Your near and dear ones. This is the reason why The Book isasked to be written by Handwriting. In Your Planet in which a Program of Preparation is carried out fornow, the place of You, who serve for the World Project on this path, is this Dimension. You are beingcontacted in conformity with the 1874th article of the Legislation of Universes. CENTER 339