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Role play snow white 4_th a
Role play snow white 4_th a
Role play snow white 4_th a
Role play snow white 4_th a
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Role play snow white 4_th a


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  • 1. 1SNOW WHITEFIRST SCENESandra: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?.Karla: It still is Snow White. She is living in the forest, in the house of the SevenDwarves.Sandra: I will always be the pretty queen. Now I am going to prepare aspellto get her out of my way.Karla: Are you sure?.Sandra: Of course I am.
  • 2. 2Karla: Did you know that there is a way to get rid of Snow White?.Sandra: What is it? .Tell me.Karla:Prepare this spell that is in the Fifth Volume of your book of spells.Sandra: Thank you foolish.Karla:But there is a problem.Sandra:Shut up fool. I know what I am doing.SECOND SCENEJessica: It´s is a beautiful day. Get up boys. The breakfast is ready. Hurry up.It´s very late.Cristina: We are off to work. Be careful, and don´t talk to strangers.Jessica: Good bye dwarves.Karla, Cristina, Karina, and Mónica: Bye Snow White.Karla, Cristina, Karina,and Mónica:Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho,Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho,It is home from work we go.Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho,(repeat many times)Mónica: Let´s go back home. I am starving.Cristina: It´s true.
  • 3. 3THIRD SCENESandra: Hello baby. I have come to offer you this lovely apple.Jessica: No thank you, I´m not allowed to talk to strangers.Sandra: But wait. Could you at least give me a glass of water?.The weater isvery hot. I am very thirsty. Thank you.Jessica:Please come in. Sit down.Sandra:What´s your name?Jessica: I´m Snow White.Sandra:I can see that you prepare something.Jessica:I prepare a strawberry cake.Sandra: What is the reason that you prepare that cake?Jessica:Dwarves are good people with me. Because this cake is for them.Sandra:Ummm. Where are your friends?Jessica: They are working in the mine.Sandra: You can use this apple for you cake.Jessica: Good idea.Sandra:Stop, at least eat it.Jessica:I feel bad. I´m very dizzy.Sandra: ja, ja, She was a stupid girl. Now she will sleep forever.
  • 4. 4FOURTH SCENEKarina: Snow White has fallen. This work must surely be of the evil queen.Look , that poisoned apple must be the reason.Cristina: Let´s not bury her. She is far too pretty, and we don´t want leaveher side. What should we do?.Karla: Let´s place her in a glass coffin and take turns guarding her.The time: Spring-Summer-Autum-Winter.Karina: The spell can only be broken with the kiss of a prince.Carla: Quick. Let´s look for the prince. I will look after her.Cristina: Prince Erick. Please, you must make Snow White from her slumber.Mónica: She is under a spell, and only you can help us, please.Karina:Once awakened from her slumber and the spell broken, Snow Whiteand the prince organized a big party, where they were wed, and livedhappily ever after.THE END