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adrenax executive summary

adrenax executive summary

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  • Nope, We don´t MAKE then buy our shares, the very own company that´s profitable buy our equity with the cash flow produced. I know how a bank works and its goal is quite different from ours. Augusto Camargo, CEO, Adrenax.
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  • 1. Adrenax Capital adrenalie in your dreams Early&seed stage venture capital Startup factory Executive Summary Augusto Camargo Sao Paulo, Brazil June/2007
  • 2. Agenda
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Business Model
    • Underlying Magic
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Competition
    • Management team
    • Financial Projections
    • Current Status
  • 3. 3 years: No M&As. No Innovation.
    • In 2-3 years Brazil will not have enough (startups) companies for providing innovation and M&As.
    • Big Companies have food for the next 2-3 years.
    • Consumers will have few options of pure brazilian-like re volutionary products and services.
    Agenda: Problem
  • 4. Context for Startups in 2007
    • Many M&A and IPOs of existing IT companies.
    • No VCs in Brazil for seed money.
    • No angels (pros).
    • Market focusing only on private equity
    • Incubators?
    • None creating high volume of Startups
    Agenda: Problem
  • 5. Adrenax Capital
    • Early&seed stage venture capital and startup factory:
      • Mantra: To grow smart startups.
      • Vision: We believe that the ultimate place for innovation in XXI century are startups.
      • Mission: To grow startups to feed big companies and market innovation.
    Agenda: Solution Big Companies Private Equity Startups
  • 6. Show me the money!
    • Our exit plans for the Startups are M&A and Founder(s) buyout in three years.
    • If the startup is not sold in three years (plan A) for a bigger company, by contract, the founder(s) must buy-it-out and pay back the initial investiment plus a small interest (plan B).
    Agenda: Business Model
  • 7. 3 Steps
    • Step 1: Find a innovation pain or gain (first). We are in a cloud of big companies looking for innovation.
    • Step 2: Create the Startup. We have a framework for Startup factory. We have access to the 10 of the top 20 brazilian universities.
    • Step 3: Sell the Startup . Our board and partners are our deal finders and makers.
    Agenda: Underlying Magic
  • 8. Trouble Sources
    • For entrepreneurs:
      • Pubs owners
      • Drug dealers
      • Trainee programs
    • For deals:
      • Internal R&D areas
      • Macro-economic events, journalists and Research firms that change winds direction
      • Other Startups
    Agenda: Competition
  • 9. A (quite) stable triangle
    • Augusto Camargo, CEO
    • Patrizia Parenti, CFO
    • Gil Giardelli, vice-president
    Agenda: Management Team
  • 10. Now.
    • Startups:
      • Startup factory framework tested
      • 9 companies founded
      • 8 companies @ break-even
      • 1 merge and 1 company sold
    • Entrepreneurs :
      • 3 partnerships with universities closed (UFSCar, FGV e FAAP)
      • 2 events planned for prospecting BPs
    Agenda: Current Status
  • 11. We believe in the...
    • “ The art of start” – Guy Kawasaki
    • “ Blue Ocean” – Kim & Mauborgne
    • “ Know-how” – Ram Charam
    • “ Getting Real” - 37signals
    • God 