Search as Research by Augustine Fou, PhD.


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instead of thinking of search as just a way to drive traffic to your website, what if we looked at search data and derived new customer insights?

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  • From the U.S. perspective, the stats are compelling…
  • From the U.S. perspective, the stats are compelling…
  • Search as Research by Augustine Fou, PhD.

    1. 1. Dr. Augustine Fou acfou [at] Search As Research
    2. 2. Selecting Optimal Words Which synonym to incorporate into content. 3/26/2012 2 “baby bedding” is the way more users search; 16x more than “infant bedding”
    3. 3. Users are seeking coupons, side effects, dosage information Determining Interest Related search reveals what people are looking for 3/26/2012 3
    4. 4. footlongs Measuring Success godaddy 3/26/2012 4 Users saw ad, remembered, and took action (did a search)
    5. 5. Demand Planning chocolate covered strawberries chocolate covered cherries 3/26/2012 5 Source; When search volume spikes indicates when demand spikes.
    6. 6. Physician Nurse Patient “orexin receptor agonist” “dosage” “sleep drug” “how to administer” What words they use indicates who they are. User Self-Segmentation 3/26/2012 6
    7. 7. Marketing Performance Detect if target users are searching for product by name Tapentadol Nucynta Source: Google Trends
    8. 8. swine flu h1n1 swine flu drove 1st peak h1n1 drove 2nd peak Purell demand and search volume lifted Study Cause and Effect
    9. 9. So what? 3/26/2012 9 From search marketing to search as research Instead of thinking of search as just a way to drive traffic to your site, studying users’ search patterns can yield specific insights about customers and demand. Search Marketing Search as Research -- Dr Augustine Fou
    10. 10. Dr. Augustine Fou – Chief Digital Strategist Dr. Augustine Fou is Chief Digital Strategist of Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc., a company he founded over 11 years ago. He is an industry- recognized thought leader in digital strategy, search and social media marketing and former Group Chief Digital Officer of Omnicom's Healthcare Consultancy Group. Dr. Fou is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU in the School for Continuing and Professional Studies and at Rutgers University at the Center for Management Development, where he teaches courses on digital strategy, social media marketing to executives. He is a frequent panelist, moderator, and keynote speaker. Dr. Fou completed his PhD at MIT at the age of 23. He started his career with McKinsey & Company. He writes a monthly column on Integrated Marketing for, and can be found on @acfou. 103/26/2012