Experience BMGEN in Campus Party 2013


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This presentation shows my impressions and experiences and is meant to share my learning and growth in the process of disseminating for 5 days the #bmgen business model canvas into Campus Party event, in São Paulo, on Jan 2013.

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Experience BMGEN in Campus Party 2013

  1. 1. 120 INTENSIVE HOURS WORKING WITH THE BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS@maria_augusta By Maria Augusta [Guta] Orofino
  2. 2. #cpbr6
  3. 3. #cpbr6 and Sebrae in numbers120 intensive hours of training and attending individualsin Business Model Innovation70 facilitators spread through different environments atthe event2,000 entrepreneurs attendedLots of post-its, copies of the business model canvas, joyand fun
  4. 4. HighlightsSebrae Experience Temple
  5. 5. Sebrae Experience TempleThe layout of a 100m2 stand located in the exhibition area,reproduced the framework of Alex Osterwalder’s business model#bmgen #canvas with the nine blocks forming rooms with space forpresentation of talks related to the theme.Talks were given about the business model canvas, in addition tointeractive paths and guided visits at different hours, compatible withthe profile of the entrepreneur.The non-stop activities began at 10 am and ended at 8 pm, andreached some 650 people in the 4 days of the event.
  6. 6. Sebrae Experience Temple layout Key Value Customer relationsKey Activities PropositionPartners Customer SegmentsKeyResources ChannelsCostStructure Revenue Stream Entrance
  7. 7. Sebrae Experience Temple
  8. 8. Sebrae Experience Temple
  9. 9. Sebrae Experience Temple Program
  10. 10. CAMPUS PARTY 2013Campus Party is the world’s largest technology event! Created 16 years ago inSpain, each year the event attracts geeks, nerds, entrepreneurs, gamers,scientists and many other creative people who come together to accompanyhundreds of activities related to Innovation, Science, Culture and DigitalEntertainment.For five days, talks, debates and workshops make Campus Party a uniqueexperience because during this period it becomes the main meeting point ofthe most important digital communicators in the country. There are moments inwhich it is possible to interact, share knowledge, produce new ideas andaccompany and analyze the main trends in the universe where innovate is themagic word.In 2013, in the city of São Paulo, the event brought together 8,000“campuseiros” who absorbed 500 hours of formative content in differentstages and environments, fairs and exhibitions.
  11. 11. SEBRAE AT CAMPUS PARTY #CP6Sebrae is an entity created in 1972 that worksthroughout Brazil to support the development ofmicro and small companies to stimulateentrepreneurship in the country.At #cpbr6 SEBRAE was represented by 70professionals who acted as facilitators todisseminate the business models concept andstimulate entrepreneurship.
  12. 12. Sebrae at #cpbr6Inspired by the martialarts, Sebrae’sparticipation at #cpbr6was based on promotingknowledge, inspiring andencouraging theparticipants to beleive intheir entrepreneurialabilities.
  13. 13. Sebrae at #cpbr6ACTIVITIES CONDUCTEDhttp://sebraenacampus.com.br/
  14. 14. On-Line Diagnosis
  15. 15. On-line DiagnosisBefore and during the event, an entrepreneurial profile of the campuseiros wasrealized, classifying them as follows :GRASSHOPPER – Potential entrepreneur who has heard about startups and is in theinitial phase of seeking information about the issue.EAGLE - Potential entrepreneur who is in the phase of ideation and trying to test andvalidate his ideas in business. Needs to organize the logic of the business model.TIGER – An entrepreneur whose business was validated and is in the initial stage ofoperation. Has a consistent and rising business model.DRAGON – Entrepreneur whose business is operating and has a potential to grow.Requires advanced knowledge related to the business and potential partners for itsgrowth.
  16. 16. Hypatia StageA stage dedicated to the theme of entrepreneurshipthat received various speakers and debaters relatedto startups highlighted by business models and socialbusiness.
  17. 17. Hypatia StageHighlightsTalk “Transform your idea into abusiness model” – Guta OrofinoAccess the video of the talk andpresentationhttp://bmgenbrasil.com/materiais/Business talk with Yuri Gitahy andGuta Orofinohttp://sebraenacampus.com.br/palco-hypatia/papo-de-negocio/
  18. 18. Business MarathonThe business marathon CPBR6 was a workshoporganized by Campus Party in partnership withSEBRAE.212 projects were pre-selected to participate in theMarathon that had the theme of sport or sportingevents, an issue that is currently very important toBrazil.At the end of the event, 36 projects were chosen.
  19. 19. Business Marathon
  20. 20. Sebrae HackathonSebrae challenged programmers to develop, ina maximum of 17 hours, applications in open-source software that help entrepreneurs todesign business models.Three entrepreneurs were awardedhttp://sebraenacampus.com.br/hackathon/
  21. 21. Sebrae Hackathon
  22. 22. Sebrae GQsPlaces were assembled to answer questions withspecialists from the following fields: software, games, apllications and startups design, photography, video and music Social media and blogs
  23. 23. Sebrae GQs
  24. 24. Sebrae ImmersionLocal Innovation Agents and Business OrientationAgents circulated through all the environments ofthe event assisting the entrepreneurs to fill in thebusiness model canvas. An estimated 700people attended.
  25. 25. Sebrae
  26. 26. Late Night EntrepreneurshipI had the opportunity to experience a unique moment in the event.We began the preparations together with Sebrae in December 2012 and during thedays of#cpbr13 we worked nearly 60 intense hours dedicated to disseminating the concept ofthe business model #bmgen canvas.At one of these moments, I received a group of entrepreneurs who visited me at theSebrae Experience space and invited me to participate in an event they organized todiscuss business models.The group called itself Late Night Entrepreneurship. I asked what time the meetingsbegan. The answer was: around “11:30 pm: Will you come?” I said yes.It was a marvelous experience. Everyone had their eyes wide open, an entrepreneurialspirit and a desire to pursue their dreams and succeed.
  27. 27. Late Night Entrepreneurship
  28. 28. Our thanksI would like to thank Márcio Marques Brito[@marciosgg] from Sebrae and all the colleaguesand entrepreneurs with whom I had an opportunityto enjoy this period.
  29. 29. DeclarationThis declaration presents only my own impressions and experiencesand is meant to share my learning and growth in the process ofdisseminating for 5 days the #bmgen business model canvas.Maria Augusta (Guta) OrofinoEmail: falecom@mariaaugusta.com.brTwitter: maria_augustaFacebook: Augusta Guta OrofinoBlog: bmgenbrasil.com
  30. 30. Authorship rightsThe business model canvas was created by AlexOsterwalder & Yves Pigneur and its use isreleased under Creative Commons licensehttp://creativecommons.org/