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Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
Osteosarcoma asia g
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Osteosarcoma asia g


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  • 1. Osteosarcoma
  • 2. Q: What does it mean that a cell is cancerous?
    • A: It means that the cell has mutated and gone through the cell reproduction process faster than normal cells.
  • 3. Why does cancer spread so quickly?
    • Cancer spreads so quickly because they’re “immortal” or they don’t die. This means they can reproduce non-stop, unlike normal cells, that can only reproduce about 15 times and then die.
  • 4. Facts
    • Osteosarcoma appears mostly in teens and young adults.
    • Osteosarcoma usually appears during growth spurts.
    • Osteosarcoma affects twice as many guys as girls.
    • It also affects people who are taller than average.
  • 5. Definition of Osteosarcoma
    • Osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer.
  • 6. Facts (continued)
    • There is no known cause for osteosarcoma.
    • Its mostly found in the knees and can spread to all other bones in the body.
    • Doctors can perform limb salvage surgery on osteosarcoma patients.
    • If the cancer gets too bad they may have to amputate the limb to keep the cancer from spreading to different parts of the body.
  • 7. Facts (continued)
    • Doctors can fill gaps caused by surgery with a metal rod.
    • Side effects of osteosarcoma are hair loss, bleeding, infections, and heart or skin problems.
  • 8. Symptoms
    • pain and swelling in the arms or legs
    • hair loss in large quantities
    • easy bruising around the area experiencing pain
    • The pain is greater or more frequent during the night and when exercising.
  • 9. Treatments There are three treatments that are currently available.
    • Chemotherapy is the use of cancer-killing drugs put into the fluid around the brain and spinal cord.
    • Radiation is the use of high-energy rays to make tumors smaller and stop the cancer cells from spreading.
    • Corrective surgery can be preformed to stop the cancer from spreading.
  • 10. References
    • We got our information from and . We also got information from Life science , 2005, the McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc.