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Best Augmented Reality tool for marketers!

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  1. 1. GlorAR The Best AR Tool for Marketing and Sales Professionals
  2. 2. What we do? GlorAR platform allows brands, publishers and marketing agencies to spread their messages virtually everywhere around. Bring Augmented Reality components to catalogs, stores, POS materials, street advertising, printed collaterals, etc.
  3. 3. Why using Augmented Reality? Deliver brand information right to customers' mobile devices Make virtual product presentations directly to your clients Engage customers at the point of sale
  4. 4. Make a virtual demonstration of your products in real life Learn from IKEA* The IKEA Catalogue App brings a new experience to how people choose the furniture. Scan selected pages of printed or digital catalogue with an IKEA catalogue app. Then place the printed IKEA catalogue where you want to put the furniture in your room, choose a product from a selection of the IKEA range and see how it will look in your home! *The example is based on third-party solutions
  5. 5. Create an interactive add-on to traditional media Learn from Wonderbra* With ‘Decoder’ campaign using mobile app, users can ‘Decode’ print ads, outdoor and even YouTube videos, helping to undress the models in the ads, revealing their Wonderbra garments beneath. 100000 app downloads prove that this X-Ray style is almost purpose built for lingerie ads! *The example is based on third-party solutions
  6. 6. Provide more information about your products Learn from Volvo* For the Geneva Auto Show, Volvo created an X-ray app for its latest car, the Volvo V40. Allowing a 360 degree view, tablet and smartphone users could explore the interior of the car, view short videos that put you in a driver's seat, and learn more about the technology that you may not notice at first. *The example is based on third-party solutions
  7. 7. Educate your customers about your products Learn from MacDonalds* TrackMyMacca’s app takes visitors ‘behind the scenes’ of McDonald’s meal, showing them where their food has come from. This app uses technology that accesses McDonald’s supply-chain and augmented reality to deliver interactive information about McDonald’s food and show how real it is. *The example is based on third-party solutions
  8. 8. Entertain your customers and increase loyalty Learn from Starbucks* To celebrate Valentine's Day they created AR campaign which turned themed cup into an animation. Users could also send a message to their loved ones as well as include a Starbucks card eGift so they could purchase something in-store. *The example is based on third-party solutions
  9. 9. Stand out of boring product layout - explore virtual visual merchandising Learn from Lego* Lego's "Digital Box" provides customers with an interactive 3D digital experience. Allowing to see what's inside the box, it increase intent to buy and reduce sales costs. "Digital Box" is used in LEGO brand stores worldwide and is widely seen as one of the best examples of augmented reality in marketing. *The example is based on third-party solutions
  10. 10. Apply individual approach to your customers with specials and gamification Learn from Lego* Lego Story Builder App that allows children to interact digitally with their creations , bringing the offline and online worlds together. *The example is based on third-party solutions
  11. 11. Stimulate prospect interactions via AR objects Lead to the website to get more details Watch video ads or demo Contact sales representative Process orders directly from the AR catalog
  12. 12. Selling with Augmented Reality Practical Results* Increased likelihood to buy by 60% Ready to buy at a 30% higher price point 7x raise of advertising engagement * Based on the study held by Hidden for 200 parents, testing advertising for child's toy.
  13. 13. With GlorAR platform you get scalable and highly effective sales and marketing tool Easy to start and deploy GlorAR The leading precision tracking technology Both markers and GPS objects support
  14. 14. Easy start in 3 minutes tool 4. Create a marker 4. Place it on a map 1. Sign up for free 2. Upload your object 3. Choose category 4. Upload an image for tracking
  15. 15. Give it a try
  16. 16. About us Augmented Pixels is one of the leading developers of Augmented Reality technology for mobile devices. Its product line contains games, AR browser and B2B solutions for retail, real estate, marketing and media. Contact us for the right solution for your business: @augmentedpixels