Enterprise 2.0 using sharepoint and yammer


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Enterprise 2.0 using sharepoint and Yammer

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Enterprise 2.0 using sharepoint and yammer

  1. 1. Reed’s Law “The value of agroup-forming networkincreases exponentially...its implications areprofound.”“The Law of the Pack” (Harvard Business Review, February 2001, pp 23-4)
  2. 2. Why E 2.071% agree that it is easier to locate But in truth, social software isn’t"knowledge" on the web than to find really about the tools. It’s aboutit within their internal systems. what the tools let users do andAIIM Industry Watch Collaboration the business problems the toolsand Enterprise 2.0, 2009 address. JakobNielsen, Usability GuruIf HP knew what HP knows, wewould be three times as profitable. Theres a huge opportunity toLewis E Platt, former CEO of HP leverage skills and expertise you already have in your company, but the problem isEmail is where knowledge goes to finding it.die.Bill French Rick Hutley, VP Internet Business Solutions at Cisco
  3. 3. What it takes• Very Strong Shared Vision• Management transformation• Courage for Opening up• Willingness to handle criticism• Accept People as platform• Tools for engagement
  4. 4. What it takes
  5. 5. Challenges• Patience to build thriving communities• Integration of social tools into the collaborative workflow.• Blogs reads like press releases• CIO and middle managers• Multiple profiles and authentications• Mobility and Ubiquitous• Tools without Competing features with existing players• Filtering Noise
  6. 6. Enterprise social softwareAIIM: "a system of web-based technologies thatprovide rapid and agile collaboration, informationsharing, emergence and integration capabilities inthe extended enterprise"“These [tools] are part of a platform that’s readable byanyone in the company, and they’re persistent. Theymake an episode of knowledge work widely andpermanently visible.” - Dr Andrew McAfee
  7. 7. Enterprise social software
  8. 8. SharePoint Social Features• My sites• Edit profile• Newsfeed• Document , People, Site following• Social tagging, and ratings• Note Board• Ask me About
  9. 9. Yammer
  10. 10. Yammer + SharePoint• Cloud - Yammer as a cloud only app and fully embraces cloud• Mobile -Yammer content is accessible from anywhere, on any mobile device.• Social Intranets –Enhances profiles, search, and rich micro blogging• Secure File Sharing-Yammer Needs SharePoint for file storage & collaboration• Social CRM – Dynamics SharePoint and Yammer• SharePoint Discussions –More dynamic near real time conversations• Search – Search conversations• User Profiles - Yammer Enhances Profiles with recent conversations• Yammer makes people and content cross the boundaries of departments and sites• Status – More than just status, its an engagement layer.• Yammer plus SharePoint Online and Office 365 for smb integration.
  11. 11. How it works• Embed Yammer feed on SharePoint pages• View and switch between Yammer feeds inside SharePoint.• Post messages, links and files to Yammer directly from SharePoint.• External Networks - your employees can securely communicate with external parties from inside SharePoint.• Access profile information for Yammer members within SharePoint.• Administrators control Yammer feeds using Web Part controls and templates, Even to your SharePoint users without Yammer account.• Search integration - Yammer messages appear alongside SharePoint search results.• Enable Single sign-on for easy access• Ensure Org Document Security - post files to Yammer directly from SharePoint document lists so that its security is taken cared.
  12. 12. Embed Yammer feed on SharePoint pages
  13. 13. Link files to YammerSearch integration
  14. 14. Mobility and Ease of Use
  15. 15. Social Reports and Insights
  16. 16. Social Reports and Insights
  17. 17. Yammer + SharePoint
  18. 18. About AufaitAufait persistently aims to exceedcustomer expectation by focusing onvalue-based solutions through rightconsultancy and teamed talentAufait works with right technologypartners that will fill the missing piecesof SharePoint to provide completesolution
  19. 19. Thank You Nelson Mandela said, the leaders job is to find the spark of genius in everyone. Enterprise 2.0 is a set of technologies thats very good at finding the spark of genius within an organization Andrew McAfee