Horizons Spring 2011


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United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia Newsletter

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Horizons Spring 2011

  1. 1. s P r iNg 2 0 1 1 U NiTE D Boar D f o r C h r i sT i a N h i gh Er EDUC aT i o N i N a si aN E w P r E s i DE N T, o l D fr i E N DDr. Nancy E. Chapman became When and hoW did you first from my service on the board hadPresident of the United Board on learn about the united board? prepared me to make a contributionJanuary 3, 2011. Though new to to the United Board’s work. I have Early in my career, I worked withthe position of President, she has a spent my entire career working in several U.S. organizations engagedlong-standing relationship with the or with Asian institutions of higher in educational exchange work withUnited Board, which she discusses education, and I also have experience China. There were not very manyin this interview. in the field of philanthropy. American organizations working with China in those days, but the United Board was one, so I got to know ...the opportunity to some of its staff then. build on this foundation you had been a trustee of is very appealing.” the united board since 2003. What made you seek the role of President? And perhaps most fundamentally, the faith and values that undergird From my earliest days on the board the United Board’s work are ones of trustees, I have been struck by that I share and that resonate with the deep sense of partnership and my personal history, since a number shared purpose that pervades the of my forebears were missionary organization and characterizes educators in Sri Lanka and our relationships with our partners South Africa. throughout Asia. It’s extraordinary – whenever I meet a scholar or hoW is the united board’s university administrator who has mission of suPPorting worked with the United Board or christian Presence in higher participated in one of our programs, education in asia best Put I sense the high esteem in which the into action? United Board is held throughout the With flexibility, great sensitivity and region, as well as the affection thatPagE inside this issue: discernment. There is such diversity people feel for our organization. This of all kinds throughout Asia – 1 New President, Old Friend reflects, I think, the thoughtfulness diversity of resources, of needs, and dedication of our staff and 2 AULP: Empowering New Leaders of culture, and of approaches trustees, along with that of our to education. Fortunately, the 3 Miriam College: Local predecessors over the years. So, United Board has a very inclusive Knowledge in a Globalized Age the opportunity to build on this understanding of Christian presence 3 United Board Friend: foundation is very appealing. that can accommodate a broad Dr. William K. Lee range of educational endeavors. I also felt that my professional4 Program Calendar background and what I had learned continued on next page 
  2. 2. NE w P rEsiDEN T, o l D fr i E ND continued from page 1 I think we work best when we work Oh, certainly! I spend most of my I’ve always considered him a kind of collaboratively, listening to, supporting, free time with my two boys, and kindred spirit. I just wish I had a fraction and complementing the efforts of they’ve taught me all sorts of things: of his talent! our partners. the rules of baseball, amazing card tricks, and what it’s like growing up go online What do you like to do When in the digital age. I also enjoy reading Go to unitedboard.org you’re not at Work? is there mystery novels and modern history. for Dr. Chapman’s full bio. a side of you besides the Also, I love to listen to or play anything Professional one? by Bach – we share a birthday, so Programs aUl P: EmP owE r i Ng NE w l E aDEr s “The experience I gained in an education, to quality assessment, American academic environment to resource generation – she also fueled my passion for teaching valued talking to other leaders about and research,” she said in a recent how they meet challenges. “AULP interview, “and strengthened me was an invaluable experience because through the challenges I faced in a new it provided new insights into leadership establishment, a new workplace, a new styles. The cross-cultural experience team and of course a different culture. – interacting with leaders from When I returned to WCC invigorated universities across Asia – was truly and with a broader perspective of inspiring and motivating.” education, I was identified by the Dr. Waller continues to draw benefits then-principal for an administrative from her United Board experiences. position as the dean of residents, which “I’m nurturing leadership among my further empowered me for leadership.” colleagues,” she said, “and my focus AULP is designed to give new and is on capacity building and infusing seasoned leaders of Asian colleges and team spirit among them. I’ve learned universities specialized skills training, to be more structured, systematic and as well as an opportunity to share disciplined, which I observed in United When ridling margaret Waller information with their peers. Each year, Board programs.” She finds even attended the United Board’s Asian about 15 presidents, vice presidents, greater inspiration in her Christian University Leaders Program (AULP) in deans and other key administrators faith. “I consider leadership a ‘calling.’ January 2007, she had been Principal attend the four-day program. In my case, it was with a purpose – to of Women’s Christian College (WCC) serve a diverse college community in Chennai, India, for only seven Dr. Waller found common ground unconditionally.” months. But she had begun to hone with the other participants at the her leadership skills seven years earlier, 2007 AULP, in terms of “responsibilities, as a United Board visiting scholar at challenges, lifestyle, commitment go online Davidson College in the United States and vision.” As important as the Go to unitedboard.org for from 2000 to 2001. presentations were – on topics more information on AULP. ranging from trends in higher mis s io n neW york office hong kong office The United Board for Christian 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1221 1/F, Chung Chi College Administration Building Higher Education in Asia works New York, New York 10115 The Chinese University of Hong Kong to support a Christian presence in 212.870.2600 Shatin, Hong Kong2 www.unitedboard.org colleges and universities in Asia. info@unitedboard.org 852.3163.4215
  3. 3. ParT NEr s UNiTED BoarD friEND m i r i am C o ll E g E : gi vi Ng B aC k : lo C al k N owl E Dg E i N a g lo Ba l i z E D ag E Dr . w i l l i a m k . lE E dr. William k. lee educators in asia see that globalization offers theirstudents unprecedented opportunities to acquire knowledge, communicate became a United Boardacross borders and, ultimately, embark on 21st-century careers. Yet as Joel trustee in 1997 but hisYuvienco and Maria Lourdes Quisumbing-Baybay of Miriam College point relationship with thestudents toward the future, they also organization actuallyare actively promoting education that began decades earlier.incorporates traditional practices and When he was a student at Yonseiother forms of local knowledge. University in Seoul, Korea in the 1960s, many of the school’s library books For all the benefits of globalization, were purchased with United Board there are risks as well. “Globalization support. “This was a period of financial may bring about the homogenization difficulty in Korea,” Dr. Lee said. “Korea of culture and national identity,” says didn’t have much access to foreign Dr. Quisumbing-Baybay. “We see this currency then, so its support from the among our students who increasingly United Board was a valuable source of are exposed to dominant cultures dollars.” When he used library books through the Internet.” Mr. Yuvienco for his studies, he was a beneficiary of points out that the power and popularity the United Board, even before he knew of digital tools add to this trend. about the organization.“As digital tools become easier to use, content production that references Dr. Lee’s career took him from Yonsei the present context – ‘What is on your classrooms to a successful medical mind?’ – may tend to trivialize the past.” practice in northern New Jersey. His commitment to Yonsei and the United Is there a way for educators to combine Board shows he believes in giving back the best of both worlds, using these to organizations that have helped him. These projects,” readily available, modern tools to In the 1990s he served as President Mr. Yuvienco says, integrate local, traditional or overlooked of the Yonsei Alumni Association and“open windows into resources into their teaching? That’s helped to solidify relationships between the minds of the people the starting point for the United the United Board and other Yonsei Board’s Local Knowledge Initiative, alumni in the United States. As Chair behind the artifacts.” which encourages faculty to develop of the United Board’s Development courses that actively involve students Committee, Dr. Lee has increased in the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing information related the organization’s network of friends to cultural practices, languages, music, dance, agricultural practices, social and stressed the importance of close relations, livelihood and other forms of local knowledge. Miriam College, stewardship of United Board supporters. located in Quezon City, the Philippines, is the lead institution for the initiative. “Mature” organizations, like Yonsei There’s a fundamental role for Asia’s institutions of higher education. Medical University and the United“While we appreciate the universality of the human person in terms of Board, can also give back, according values and the need for peace and understanding among different people,” to Dr. Lee, by sharing their expertise. Dr. Quisumbing-Baybay says, “we also help ensure that the diversity and “Today Yonsei is recognized as a leading richness of cultures flourish.” For example, a conservation case study on international university,” he said. “Now Javanese vernacular architecture, conducted by Soegijapranata Catholic it can help rising young institutions to University with a grant from the United Board, will digitize existing develop.” The United Board, he believes, knowledge and devise means to incorporate the resulting online archive “can continue to work with its extensive into the university’s architectural courses. Seven other Local Knowledge network of Asian institutional partners Initiative projects – on topics as diverse as herbal medicines, ecotourism to champion important educational and traditional lullabies – are underway in China, India, the Philippines and initiatives.” Dr. Lee added, “With rising Vietnam. “These projects,” Mr. Yuvienco says, “open windows into the minds wealth and a culture of philanthropy in of the people behind the artifacts.” Asia, there could be great momentum continued on next page  for developing support for the important mission of the United Board.” 3
  4. 4. Program C a l E NDar ParTNErs m i r i a m C o l lE g E : WorkshoP on the reflection and curriculum lo C a l k N ow lE Dg E integration of Peace develoPment Planning i N a glo B a l i z E D ag E education into the teacher for interreligious under- continued from page 3 education curriculum standing and Peacebuilding april 25-29 (international conference) may 21-24 Training in the use of tools is essential, miriam College (Philippines) international Christian University particularly for faculty who are not (Japan) “digital natives.” Miriam College has local knoWledge field already facilitated six United Board camP: discovering local workshops and introduced an online knoWledge in the 21st institute for advanced platform, the Asian University Digital century, connecting study in asian cultures Resource Network (link), for faculty classrooms to the World and theologies (iasact) to share ideas and resources. It’s may 9-13 June 12 - July 16 also important “to walk our talk,” as miriam College (Philippines) Chung Chi College, Dr. Quisumbing-Baybay and Mr. Yuvienco The Chinese University of put it, by actively encouraging hong kong (hong kong) religion, Peace and War collaboration across disciplines and from the PersPective of promoting largely unnoticed pedagogical Peace studies united board innovations based on local knowledge (international conference) felloWs seminar and digital tools. may 21-22 July 18-23 Nanjing University Payap University (Thailand) (People’s republic of China) go online Go to unitedboard.org for more information on this initiative.4 Nonprofit Org US Postage Pa i d 475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1221 Permit #8048 New York, NY 10115 New York, NY www.unitedboard.org