Hugh jackman and the kingdom of god


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What the kingdom of God is really about, and how Hugh Jackman can teach us something about it

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Hugh jackman and the kingdom of god

  1. 1. Our quest in life, is to seek thekingdom of God.
  2. 2. The kingdom ofGod, is not a place, or a time beyond this one, but amoment – when all is right, when justice rolls, when the way of God -peace, love, hope is standing right before us.
  3. 3. People who experienced Jesus – experienced the embodiment of this kingdom when he was around. That’s why we make such a big deal about him – it’s why we pray in his name – why we try to follow his life and teachings – and ways of being. We have only the stories of Jesus - fragments, echoes ofthe man, coloured by our own interpretation and misunderstanding of culture and context.
  4. 4. Thus we must findmodern examples that help us understand What thekingdom of God is all about. Let’s pick Hugh Jackman
  5. 5. Van Helsing is a monster hunter whoworks with the Vatican to fight off evil andthus redeem the souls of those in peril. So like Jesus – he confronts and banishes evil.
  6. 6. Evil, as defined inthe ancient stories is that which isolates us, that which keeps uscaptive, that binds us and holds us captive
  7. 7. The power of God works gently, so that people are freed from thebondage of what is expected of them to become who they are destined to be….
  8. 8. No one gets to tell us who are and what our role inlife must be…this is the key to finding the kingdom of becomingwho we are meant to be
  9. 9. The kingdom ofGod, my friends, is all around us - welive within it when we have the courage to break free from what binds us.
  10. 10. This past year, Hugh Jackman did something he always wanted to do…stand up and sing some songs…and tell some stories and entertain people. In the show he tells the story about how manytimes he wanted to take a risk and do this show - he finallyrealized that the only thing inlife he regrets is not taking an opportunity – “have a go” as his Australian heritage would compel him
  11. 11. To be what we are, and to become whatwe are capable of becoming,is the only end in life.” – Robert Louis Stevenson