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Abstractionism _ 3rd hour

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Ism ppt

  1. 1. “Art that makes no direct, immediatelydiscernible reference to recognizableobjects” Subjects are exactly what you see:color, line, shape. Movement began around 1911 withartist Wassily Kandinsky. This movementwas mostly concentrated in Europe.
  2. 2. “For me, the province ofart and the province ofnature thus becamemore and more widelyseparated, until I wasable to experience bothas completelyindependent realms.”
  3. 3.  1866: Born in Moscow to a highly educated family. 1896: Moved to Munich, Germany and studied art. (Art School ofAnton Azbe and The Academy of Fine Arts.) 1909: Moved towards abstraction. 1911: Founded “Der Blaue Reiter” group 1912: Concerning the Spiritual in Art was published(foundation ofabstractionism) 1920: Founded Moscow institute of Artistic Culture. 1923: Taught at Bauhaus 1933: Moved to Paris 1944: Died
  4. 4. Influences onKandinskyInfluences caused byKandinskyPaul CézanneClaude MonetWilliam BaziotesArshile GorkyHans HartungHans HofmannPost-ImpressionismFauvismCubismExpressionismAction PaintingColor Field PaintingSurrealismDevelopments in science, philosophy,and political and social changes werealso influences on Kandinsky’s work.
  5. 5. (1910)
  6. 6. "Feeling is thedetermining factor ...and thus art arrives atnon-objectiverepresentation throughSuprematism."
  7. 7.  1878: Born in Ukraine to a middle class family. 1895: Studied at the Kiev School of Art 1904: Studied at the Stroganov School of Art 1907: Shift to more Avant-Garde art 1915: Found the Suprematism movement 1915: Beginning of Black Series, White on White followed 1918: Worked for Government Fine Arts Dept. Taught Abstractionism. 1919: Completed manuscript of his book On New Systems in Art 1935: Death
  8. 8. Influences on Malevich Influences caused by MalevichPaul CézannePablo PicassoHenri MatisseEl LissitzkyEl LissitzkyWassily KandinskyMarcel DuchampPaul KleeAd ReinhardtFauvismCubismExpressionismByzantine ArtTransrational PoetryFuturismConstructivismAbstract ExpressionismMinimalismPop ArtConceptual ArtMalevich also had an interest in aerialphotography and aviation, leading toaerial landscape inspired paintings.
  9. 9. "The emotion ofbeauty is alwaysobscured by theappearance ofthe object.Therefore, theobject must beeliminated fromthe picture."
  10. 10.  1872: Born in Holland to a cultured family 1892: Royal Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam 1905: Painted in Dutch Luminist Style 1908: Netherland’s Theosophical Society. (Evolution 1911) 1912 - 1914: Lived in Paris. Cubist influence. 1917: De Stijl Journal (The Style). Idea of total abstraction,modernism, led to Neo-Plasticism movement. 1920s: Most abstract period 1938: London. 1940: Because of WWII moves to NYC (Broadway BoogieWoogie 1943) 1944: Death
  11. 11. Influences on Mondrian Influences caused by MondrianVincent van GoghPaul CézannePablo PicassoTheo van DoesburgIlya BolotowskyLeon Polk SmithTheo van DoesburgPeggy GuggenheimPhilosophyBuddhism/Theosophical studiesCubismImpressionismFauvismLuminismDe StijlAbstract ExpressionismColor Field PaintingMinimalism"All the time Im driven to the spiritual. ThroughTheosophy I became aware that art could providea transition to the finer regions, which I will call thespiritual realm."
  12. 12. “I had tocreate anequivalent forwhat I feltabout what Iwas looking at -not copy it.”
  13. 13.  1887: Born in Wisconsin and received art lessons at home 1905: Art Institute of Chicago, then Arts Students League inNYC 1908: Won William Merritt Chase still-life prize 1912 - 1916: Taught art at various schools 1916-1946: Husband Stieglitz supported her art andorganized exhibitions at different galleries. 1929: New Mexico landscape paintings 1970s: Though going blind, still produced abstract pieces 1986: Death in New Mexico
  14. 14. Influences on O’Keeffe Influences caused by O’KeeffeArthur Wesley DowAlon BementAuguste RodinWassily KandinskyAlfred StieglitzJudy ChicagoAndy WarholAsian ArtArt NouveauModernismAmerican Modernist PaintingPrecisionismAbstract ExpressionismShe was also influenced by the architectureof NYC and the landscapes of New Mexico.
  15. 15.  Political and Social changes in Europe.Ex: Russian Revolution, Communism World War I & II. Caused relocation ofartists. Science and Philosophy. Ex: Freud,Einstein Avant-Garde Movement and creativeindependence = a reaction toindustrialization and political conflict
  16. 16.  “The Nazis confiscated 57 of Kandinsky’scanvases during their purge of"degenerate art" in 1937” Stalinist regime was against abstract artand banned much of Malevich’s work aswell. Many males perceived O’Keeffe’s work asover sexualized and “shameless.” Public opinion of Mondrian’s work wasdivided; ranging from “aestheticallypleasing” to “a child could do it.”
  17. 17.  Abstractionism artists played a large rolein the development of other modern artmovements, including AbstractExpression, Pop Art, and Color FieldPainting.