Sephora in Ireland


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Sephora presentation for an implementation in Ireland

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Sephora in Ireland

  1. 1. SEPHORA in Ireland
  2. 2. MK 699 Global Marketing MA Marketing • Audrey JASPART
  3. 3. • Your Description Goes Here Mission statement To implant a company in a country… We choose Sephora in Ireland
  4. 4. Overview 1. BACKGROUND 2. RESEARCH ON THE MARKET • Internal environment  PRIMEFACT • ICEDRIPS  ICEDRIPS • SWOT analysis 4. ENTRY MODE 5. MARKETING STRATEGIES ABROAD • Positioning • Marketing MIX 6. Recommendation & Conclusion
  5. 5. • Your Description Goes Here Background Irish Market  Very competitive with the presence of established brands (Clarins, Nuxe, Chanel, L'Oreal ...)  Opportunities for brands offering innovative products and sectors still few exploited  Growth of 15% by 2015 € 497 million in 2010 According to Datamonitor
  6. 6. • Your Description Goes Here Background SEPHORA •Sephora is a visionary beauty-retail concept founded in France by Dominique Mandonnaud in 1970 •Owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH)
  7. 7. • Your Description Goes Here Background SEPHORA More than 250 brands and 16 000 references Sephora counts more than 600 stores in Europe and develops its networks in the whole world such as in China, in the USA… 1,300 stores in 27 countries worldwide Sephora Ad Greece 2011
  8. 8. 2. Research on the market
  9. 9. • Your Description Goes Here Internal Environment PRIMEFACT M E F A C T PPEOPLE •“Science of Sephora” skilled employees • Policy of diversity IN TELLEC TU A L PR OPER TY R • Protected brand PFINANCE • Come from group Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey •1300 stores in 27 countries  The constant company growth shows evidence of the company’s profitability
  10. 10. • Your Description Goes Here Internal Environment PRIMEFACT R I M E F A C T P PR EPU TATION • Return policy  Trustfull brand • « The VIB Insider program »  Loyalty program RPETH OS • Freedom to choose • Providing personal advices • Friendly & interactive RPC OLLA B OR ATORS •Not direct collaborators but helped by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey
  11. 11. • Your Description Goes Here Internal Environment PRIMEFACT R I M E F A C T P • Testing new ways to reach clients through direct mail/in-store campaigns • Improve the link between physical stores and e-store -Target  women/men 20-40 -Product  wide assortment of brands, vendors exclusives -Closing stores  in Germany and Japan in 2001/2002 PMA R K ET IN FOR MATION MPA GILITY • Japanese experience But a lot of products choice  Attract people • Capable of taking opportunities AMPTA LEN TS
  12. 12. • Your Description Goes Here External Environment ICEDRIPS C E D R I P S ITAMPIN N OVATION ITAMPSOC IA L TR EN D S 3 markets full of future promises - Men cosmetics - Bio cosmetics - Ethno cosmetics  Organic, male, ethno and fair certified cosmetics  E-commerce  Nanotechnology
  13. 13. • Your Description Goes Here External Environment ICEDRIPS C E R I P S I Main target • Women 15 to 34 • Sensitive to different media, modes and innovations •“Hyper-connected” generation • Like to test new products (80%) but loyal to their fragrances (55%) • Influence their family (82%) and are purchasing advisors beauty for men (61%) • Always need advice/information from experts • Live in town DITAMPD EMOGR A PH IC
  14. 14. • Your Description Goes Here External Environment ICEDRIPS C E D R I P S I - Big shops - Pharmacies -Specialized stores -Supermarkets - Internet • More than 3 million users of Internet/ 65,8% of the population • Poor broadband infrastructures • Few Smartphone users DITAMPC OMPETITOR S CDITAMPIN FR A STR U C U R E
  15. 15. • Your Description Goes Here External Environment ICEDRIPS C E D R P S I I
  16. 16. • Your Description Goes Here External Environment ICEDRIPS C E D R I P S I -Economic crisis -In 2015, the Irish make-up market is forecast to have a value of $126.2 million, an increase of the 11.8% since 2010 CDITAMPR EGU LATORY RCDITAMPECONOMIC • Regulation No 1223/2009 : Guaranteeing a high level of protection for consumers
  17. 17. • Your Description Goes Here SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Weaknesses Sephora just close their shop in England Low brand recognition High prices Strengths People : skilled employees giving good advices Reputation : trustful brand Original concept : unique Wide choice of products and prices Sell exclusive brand
  18. 18. s • Your Description Goes Here SWOT Opportunities Threats Opportunities No other brand in Ireland has the concept of Sephora A lot of potential customers Trends like : men, bio and ethno cosmetics. Internet is a new tool to communicate and sell COO effects is good Treaths A lot of competitors Economic issues Small market
  19. 19. 3. Entry mode in Ireland
  20. 20. • Your Description Goes Here Entry Mode •Sephora doesn’t offer to develop its business franchises. •we want to coordinate the marketing strategy in the European market which enhances centralization.
  21. 21. • Your Description Goes Here Entry Mode
  22. 22. 4. Marketing strategies abroad
  23. 23. • Your Description Goes Here Positioning
  24. 24. • Your Description Goes Here Positioning
  25. 25. Positioning  Really invited shopping environment  New world without pressure  Live a sensorial experience  Store events  Community
  26. 26. • Your Description Goes Here Positioning
  27. 27. Positioning  Lot of brands and own brand  Customers are invited to test all products  Help is offered only on request  Provide services according to customers’ needs
  28. 28. Positioning  Products can be return  Place you can trust  Lot of advantages and services proposed  VIP program and gift card
  30. 30. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PRODUCT Sephora will sell 200 different brands in addition to its own brand • The range of product sell include: - Makeup - Skincare - Fragrance - Bath/Body - Hair care - Tools/Accessories - Men • Sephora’s product offering is able to meet the needs of a diverse set of customers • Exclusivity with cosmetic brands in Ireland
  31. 31. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PRICE Sephora will offer a differentiated pricing model from middle to upper range • Example: a customer who are looking for a lipstick with different budget • the wide range of prices gives consumers different purchasing options RANGE BRAND PRODUCT PRICE Biggin range the Tarte Vitamin 8€ Middle range LORAC 19€ Upper range Lancôme 35€
  32. 32. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PROMOTION Sephora will use various promotional means to influence customers to buy or to be aware of our offer Non-Medias Means Sales promotion/ Animation Organization of express action towards the customers as the tries of products, the distribution of sample or occasional offers as purchase voucher Loyalty card Sephora has 3 types of loyalty card (white, black, gold) which are free and provide offers coupons, discount…at different level
  33. 33. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PROMOTION Medias Means Billboards Sets up very creative poster campaigns to seduce at most our target. Magazines Like « Cosmopolitan » to put in front of the flagship products. Cinema the most effective media to touch all the population. TV The essential media to promote Sephora’s products in channels like: E4… Website Launch the website to sale and promote the offer. E-mail/Newletter About new product, in-store event, exclusive feedback based on customers past purchase, age, skin type… Social Network Encourage user interaction with fans and followers, to give feedback, or to play with them with giveaways. Iphone/Ipad app New tools to make purchases on line and be in touch with all the news about Sephora’s brands.
  34. 34. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PLACE • Store in Grafton street • iPhone and iPad applications SEPHORA SEPHORA SEPHORA • Brick and Mortar Stores: Dublin, Cork and Limerick @: • Online beauty website
  35. 35. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PEOPLE • Staffs at Sephora create a relaxed and friendly environment • Experienced Staff by advising customers but also by applying the product to enhance customer desire for the product • The company constantly seeks to hire a diversity of staff
  36. 36. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Sephora will propose various physical evidence toward customers • Testing the perfume before buying it • Testing the makeup • Trying on samples of lipstick, eye shadow… before purchasing them • Have samples • Get makeup done by a professional makeup artist
  37. 37. • Your Description Goes Here Marketing MIX PROCESS We propose to develop the concept “Science of Sephora” in Ireland • One of the other process is the welcoming of customers is the key of succeed in Sephora.  Welcoming the customers with a real smile  Advising them by offering them personalized service  A positive state of mind  Skills and a good relational
  38. 38. • Your Description Goes Here 6. Conclusion & Recommendations  A different and new concept for the cosmetic Irish market Concept similar in the European Market We are thinking of entering the UK market
  39. 39. Thanks for your attention
  40. 40. • Your Description Goes Here References Make-Up Industry Profile: Ireland. (2011). Make-Up Industry Profile: Ireland, 1-44. retailer-sephora-lvmh keting%20plan.pdf retailer-sephora-lvmh keting%20plan.pdf keting%20plan.pdf