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  • 1. VITAL Tutorial: How to Complete the Tutoring Report
  • 2. Step 1 The tutoring report may be found in the VITAL office by the copy machine, or on the VITAL homepage at http://mcpl.info/vital
  • 3. Step 2 The first section includes basic information including your learner’s name, your name, and your learner’s long-term and short-term goals. You will also need to include the first and last date of the time period that this report will cover.
  • 4. Step 3 This section is where you fill in the lesson plans and activities you completed with your learner. Please include any materials used (textbooks, learning tools, worksheets, etc.). Make sure you record your preparation time /tutoring time separately. For example, “4 hrs. prep/ 9 hrs. tutoring”
  • 5. Step 4 If your learner is an ESL learner, check the number that corresponds to the current level of their language skill. If your learner is a Native Speaker, check the level that corresponds to your learner’s current academic grade skill.
  • 6. Step 5 Record any accomplishments your learner may have had during this period of time. Additional accomplishments not included on the list may be written down in the box at the bottom.
  • 7. Step 6 Don’t forget to include the total time spent preparing for tutoring and total time spent tutoring at the bottom of the page!
  • 8. Task Complete! Once you are done filling out your Tutoring Report, you can give it to any of the VITAL staff. If you completed a downloaded form, and would like to email the report to us, you can send it to VITAL@mcpl.info.