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Sap Traning Course Material

  1. 1. Instructor  Selva Kumar  SAP Basis Security  9 Years in Basis and Security  Clients: Eli Lilly IN, DuPont DE, Rohm and Hass PA, Unilever NJ, Cephalon PA, IPG NY and more  Consulting Companies: EDS, ACCENTURE, D&T, E&Y, SAP AMERICA  Number of User: 5000- 25000
  2. 2. Sample Experience  SAP Security and Virsa Experience  SOX Remediation Project  Unilever NJ May 05 – Current ( Senior Security Architect)  IPG & HMCO Oct 04 – May 05 ( Technical Team Lead- Deloitte)  Ogilvy Mather NY May 04 – Sep 04 ( Senior Technical Consultant)  Rohm and Haas Nov 02 to June 04 (Senior Security Architect – SAP America)  Dupont DE Aug 01 to Oct 02 (Senior Security Architect – Accenture)
  3. 3. About SAP (Systems, Applications and Products of Data processing)  Founded by 4 IBM employees now ranks 5th in software  Current Release is 4.7 and Enterprise 5.0  Tightly Integrated Finance, SCM, MFG, HR  Standard Package so defines the Business process since companies are in multiple countries  Multi currency and Multi Language
  4. 4. SAP R/3 General Architecture  SAP Three Tier Architecture  Presentation server, Application server and Database server  Transaction, Dialog Step, Clients – Independent unit, Logical Unit works ( Locks the data)  System Central interface GUI  Dispatcher process/ Work Process in Application Server interact with Database  Work Process Dialog, Background, Spool Process, Enqueue ( Lock), Update process  Modules Financial MFG and HR
  5. 5. Course Content  Week 1 Intro to SAP Intro to R/3 Security Concepts User administration Introduction to Profile Generator and Advanced Features Security Development with ASAP Concepts  Week 2 SAP Role concepts and Maintenance Preparing R/3 Environment for GO Live Table types and securing them Program Security Custom Security Objects Best Practice CATT and System Trace
  6. 6. Course Content ( Cont….)  Week 3 Trouble shooting and tracing SU24 Updates Security Job at Client Site Security Upgrade Project Introduction to Basis Functions Intro SAP System Administration Central User administration System Landscape Transports Security SAP Jobs and Batch Sessions Printing Security
  7. 7. Week4  SOX analysis VIRSA Compliance Calibrator for SAP VIRSA FIRE FIGHTER SOX Implementation Porcess ASAP Methodology  SAP BW Security Sap BW Concepts BW Security Implementation  HR Security HR Authorization Objects HR Structural Security HR Org structure design and Implementation
  8. 8. Books  Ebook SAP Training Material ADM 940 950 SAP Authorization Concept  Ebook Authorization Made Easy Step by Step  Ebook SAP R/3 Handbook  Ebook ABAP/4 in 21 Days