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Biography Audio Books

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  3. 3. Biography1001 Nights in Iraq: The Shocking Story of American Prometheus: The Triumph andan American Forced to Fight for Saddam Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimeragainst the Country He Loves AuthorAuthor Kai Bird and Martin J. SherwinShant Kenderian ReaderReader Jeff CummingsJason Collins PricePrice $ 46.95$ 16.95 <b>Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Biography</b>J.Shant Kendarians visit to Baghdad in 1980 at age seventeen Robert Oppenheimer is one of the iconic figures of thewas supposed to be short, just long enough to make peace twentieth century, a brilliant physicist who led the effort towith his estranged father before returning home to the United build the atomic bomb for his country in a time of war and whoStates. later found himself confronting the moral consequences... Degrees (Abridged) Anne Morrow Lindbergh: Her LifeAuthor AuthorSean Flynn Susan HertogReader ReaderChristopher Walker Marguerite GavinPrice Price$ 11.75 $ 33.95The true story of a deadly fire and the men who fought it Anne Morrow was married to the famous aviator Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh. As hungry for life and adventure as he, she harnessed his fame and his courage to become a groundbreaking aviator and writer. The tragic kidnapping and murder of their infant son became the price Anne paid for her... Degrees (Unabridged)AuthorSean FlynnReaderChristopher WalkerPrice$ 13.99The true story of a deadly fire and the men who fought it Page 2 of 89
  4. 4. BiographyAnnie Oakley: Woman at Arms Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, TheAuthor AuthorCourtney Ryley Cooper Benjamin FranklinReader ReaderJonathan Reese Michael EdwardsPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 14.95Annie Oakley was without a doubt the greatest markswomen In his autobiography we see him as a product of the Age ofwho ever lived. Born in 1860 to obscure and impoverished Enlightenment, a Yankee statesman who could use thebeginnings, she made herself the best known woman of her language of Addison, Steele, Swift, and Defoe. Franklin askstime. Cooper traces Oakley’s extraordinary journey, from her himself, “Who am I, how did I come to be, and why am I afirst meeting with Frank Butler—a shooting match in which human being as I am?” He answers with honesty, wit, andthe... charm,... Chekhov: A Life Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini, TheAuthor AuthorDonald Rayfield Benvenuto CelliniReader ReaderFred Williams Robert WhitfieldPrice Price$ 49.95 $ 29.95He was one of the greatest playwrights and story writers ever. Master Italian sculptor, goldsmith, and writer, BenvenutoAnton Chekhovs life was short, intense, and dominated by Cellini is best remembered for his magnificent autobiography.battles. Rayfield looks behind Chekhovs restrained façade to In this work which was actually begun in 1558 but not actuallyshow him in th... published until 1730, Cellini beautifully chronicles his own flamboyant times. He tells of his adventures in... Life of Billy the Kid, The Back in Action: An American SoldiersAuthor Story of Courage, Faith and FortitudePat F. Garrett Author Captain David RozelleReaderDaniel Luna Reader Patrick LawlorPrice$ 14.95 PricePat Garrett was the sheriff of Lincoln County who killed Billythe Kid. When Garrett’s book appeared, eight lurid dime $ 14.95novels had glorified and falsified the Kid, making him into a When an antitank mine tore off Captain David Rozelles rightmurderous super-outlaw. Garrett’s book tells the more foot, the warriors of jihad in Iraq thought they had neutralizedgenuine story of a young, reckless cowhand who became a... one of their most determined foes. They were wrong. Refusing to let his... Page 3 of 89
  5. 5. BiographyBeing Martha: The Inside Story of Martha Brother Ray: Ray Charles Own StoryStewart and Her Amazing Life AuthorAuthor Ray Charles and David RitzLloyd Allen ReaderReader Andrew L. BarnesPatrick Lawlor PricePrice $ 26.95$ 14.95 Ray Charles led one of the most extraordinary lives of anyDrawing on hundreds of hours of interviews with Marthas popular musician. In Brother Ray, he reveals his life storyfamily, close friends and colleagues, Allen reveals the woman unsparingly, from the chronicle of his musical development tobehind the public image, following her from childhood to the his heroin addic...early days of her... Burton: A Biography of Sir Richard FrancesBeyond Band of Brothers: The War BurtonMemoirs of Major Dick Winters AuthorAuthor Byron FarwellMajor Dick Winters withColonel Cole C. Kingseed ReaderReader Simon VanceTom Weiner PricePrice $ 33.95$ 19.95 Explorer, inventor, soldier, poet, archaeologist and diplomat,The immortalized Band of Brothers suffered huge casualties Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) was the most remarkablywhile liberating Europe, an unparalleled record of bravery versatile man of his age. The explorer in Central Africa whounder fire. Dick Winters was their commander, and only he discovered Lake Tanganyika also translated The Arabianwas present from the ... Nights, made a dangerous pilgrimage to Mecca in disguise,... Crosby: The Early Years Busting VegasAuthor AuthorGary Giddins Ben MezrichReader ReaderEdward Lewis Ben MezrichPrice Price$ 43.95 $ 19.95In this commanding biography, eminent cultural critic Gary In the classroom they were geeks, on the casino floor theyGiddins takes us on the remarkable journey that brought a were unstoppable. Busting Vegas is an unbelievable trueprovincial young law student from Spokane, Washington, to story; a riveting account of monumental greed, violence andthe pinnacle of the en... excess at its best... Page 4 of 89
  6. 6. BiographyChristian Dior: The Man Who Made the Dogs Who Found Me, The: What IveWorld Look New Learned from Pets Who Were Left BehindAuthor AuthorMarie-France Pochna, Ken Fostertranslated from the French byReader ReaderNadia May Patrick LawlorPrice Price$ 26.95 $ 12.95Christian Dior, the legendary French fashion designer, caused Reluctant dog rescuer Ken Foster finds himself adoptinga worldwide sensation in 1947, in a Paris struggling to recover various stray dogs, from a beagle abandoned in a dog run tofrom wartime devastation. Reintroducing the flowing, ankle- a pit bull at a truck stop. The dogs offer a groundinglength skirt... counterpoint to his own misfortunes in New York City after 9/11, in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and during his... Fire, TheAuthor Dylan Thomas: A New LifeStewart ONan Author Andrew LycettReaderDick Hill Reader Simon VancePrice$ 24.95 PriceStewart ONan has fashioned both an incomparably gripping $ 33.95narrative and a profound, measured glimpse into theextremes of human behavior under duress. In this authoritative, fresh, and compelling account of the extraordinary life and enduring work of Dylan Thomas— author of Under Milk Wood, A Childs Christmas in Wales, Adventures in the Skin Trad... from the Mob: My Journey fromOrganized Crime to Independent WomanAuthor East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia EarhartAndrea Giovino with Gary AuthorBrozek Susan ButlerReaderBarbara Rosenblat Reader Anna FieldsPrice$ 19.95 PriceDivorced from the Mob breaks the mob code of silence and $ 36.95describes the life of a woman born and bred into the Mafiaand her courageous escape. A view of mob life largely Listeners will experience Amelia Earhart not just as a pilot butunexplored by film and lite... also as an educator, social worker, lecturer, businesswoman, and tireless promoter of women’s rights, a remarkably energetic and enterprising woman who succeeded in life beyond her wildest dreams while keeping sight of her beginnings. Page 5 of 89
  7. 7. BiographyEdmund Burke: A Genius Reconsidered Facets of Ayn RandAuthor AuthorRussell Kirk Mary Ann Sures and Charles SuresReader ReaderJeff Riggenbach Susan OMalleyPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 12.95This volume brings out the great struggles in the life of Burke: Facets of Ayn Rand is based on forty-eight hours of interviewshis work for conciliation with the American colonies, his with Mary Ann and Charles Sures, longtime personal friendsinvolvement in cutting back the domestic power of George III, of Ayn Rand. Their recollections make vividly real the Aynand his resi... Rand they knew s... Presley: The Man, the Life, the Legend Fall of Che Guevara, The: A Story of Soldiers, Spies, and DiplomatsAuthorPamela Clarke Keogh Author Henry Butterfield RyanReaderAnna Fields Reader Richard McGonaglePrice$ 16.95 PriceThat voice, those eyes, that hair, the cars, the girls—Elvis $ 16.95Presley revolutionized American pop culture. "His appearance Henry Butterfield Ryans dramatic account of the last days ofon Ed Sullivan ripped the 1950s in half," writes the author. Che Guevara is sure to appeal to scholars and students ofKeogh examines... United States foreign policy, Latin American history, military history, and t... Governess at the Siamese Court,The Florence NightingaleAuthor AuthorAnna Hariette Leonowens Laura E. RichardsReader ReaderNadia May Anna FieldsPrice Price$ 26.95 $ 12.95The English Governess at the Siamese Court, written in 1870, The name of Florence Nightingale is a household word, butrecounts the experiences of one Anna Harriette Leonowens the exact nature and scope of her work, and the difficultiesas governess for the sixty-plus children of King Mongkut of and discouragement under which it was accomplished, areSiam and as transla... unknown to many. This ... Page 6 of 89
  8. 8. BiographyFrankies Place Golden Mountain, TheAuthor AuthorJim Sterba Irene KaiReader ReaderChristopher Lane Anna FieldsPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 23.95In this Tracy-Hepburn romance, a down-to-earth A journey back in time, The Golden Mountain is the grippingnewspaperman charms a sophisticated New York author story of four generations of Chinese women who live and diewhile their long path to real love has us cheering them on as under the restrictions of their culture—except for one, thewell as itching for a visit to Frank... author. Her story... On Our Hands: The Unemployed Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of theElephants of Asia Pacific WarAuthor AuthorAdam Fowler William ManchesterReader ReaderAdam Fowler Barrett WhitenerPrice Price$ 4.99 $ 29.95Adam Fowler explores the plight of thousands of captive In this intensely powerful memoir, America’s pre-eminentelephants in Asia and their historic and changing relationship biographer-historian, who wrote so brilliantly about World Warwith man. II, looks back at his own early life and tells his firtsthand account and Mr. Gomez Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, AAuthorJack Smith Author Dito MontielReaderWilliam Dufris Reader Jason CollinsPrice$ 16.95 Price $ 14.95When Jack and Denny Smith embarked on a joint venture tobuild a vacation dream house in Baja, California, "we had no Dito Montiel grew up wild in the streets of Astoria, Queensinkling that we would be entering into a phase of our lives that and in the underground and punk cultures of Manhattan. Hiswould capture ... rough, thrilling, and quintessentially American story is bookmarked by the fla... Page 7 of 89
  9. 9. BiographyHearsts, The: Father and Son House on Beartown Road, The: A Memoir of Learning and ForgettingAuthorWilliam Randolph Hearst, Jr. Authorwith Jack Casserly Elizabeth CohenReaderJeff Riggenbach Reader Bernadette DunnePrice$ 26.95 PriceThe founder of the largest U.S. media empire, William $ 16.95Randolph Hearst, Sr., changed the face of American As a member of the "sandwich generation," Elizabeth isjournalism forever. William Randolph Hearst, Jr., with co- caught in the middle of simultaneously caring for both a childauthor Jack Casserly, tells the fa... and an aging parent. She finds her world spiraling out of control yet full of b... Husband: Hughes and Plath - AMarriage In The Shadow of Fame: A Memoir by the Daughter of Erik H. EriksonAuthorDiane Middlebrook Author Sue Erikson BlolandReaderBernadette Dunne Reader Celeste LawsonPrice$ 23.95 PriceTed Hughes married Sylvia Plath in 1956, at the outset of $ 14.95their brilliant careers. Many held Hughes accountable for her In the Shadow of Fame, by the daughter of world-renownedsuicide six and a half years later. How marriages fail and how psychoanalyst and theorist Erik Erikson, is the intimate storymen fail in ma... of her struggle to come to terms with her fathers fame and to develop a sens... and Honor Indestructible: The Story of Jack Lucas,AuthorMajor General Sid Shachnow Medal of Honor, Iwo Jima MarineU.S. Army, (Ret.) AuthorReader Jack Lucas with D. K. DrumBrian Emerson ReaderPrice Lloyd James$ 29.95Major General Sid Shachnow was ten years old when he Priceescaped the notorious Kovno concentration camp in Nazi- $ 14.95occupied Lithuania. He made his way across Europe wherehe made a living by smuggling con... At the height of the Battle of Iwo Jima, during a U.S. assault on a vital airfield on the day after the island invasion began, Jack Lucas and three other Marines were attacking a Japanese pillbox w... Page 8 of 89
  10. 10. BiographyInto The Rising Sun JosephineAuthor AuthorPatrick K. ODonnell Carolly EricksonReader ReaderJeff Riggenbach S. Patricia BaileyPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 26.95ODonnell uncovers the hidden history of World War II In 1804, empress Josephine Bonaparte appeared to be thethrough interviews with its most elite troops. By at last telling most favored woman in France. In actuality Josephines lifetheir stories, these men present an unvarnished look at the was far darker, for her wealth was compromised by massivewar on the ground... debt and her marriage w... Wall, The: A Love Story That Broke Julius Caesar: Man, Soldier, and TyrantBarriers AuthorAuthor J. F. C. FullerHarry Bernstein ReaderReader Frederick DavidsonJohn Lee PricePrice $ 26.95$ 19.95 Caesar was extraordinary, more for his ambition, daring, andAn invisible wall ran down the center of the street, dividing the tyranny rather than for his skills as a military commander. HisJewish families from the Christians. But when Harry’s older unnecessary Alexandrian War and his close call at Thapsussister fell for the boy across the street, he became their secret are just a few...go-between across the great divide. This is the enchanting story of a forbidden love affair that... Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes behind the VeilJoan of Arc AuthorAuthor Deborah Rodriguez with KristinMark Twain Ohlson ReaderReader Bernadette DunneMichael Anthony PricePrice $ 19.95$ 29.95 Most Westerners working in Afghanistan spend their timeMark Twain considered this biography his best and most tucked inside a military compound or embassy. Not Deborahimportant work. Twain reached his conclusion about Joans Rodriguez. Now, she tells the story of the beauty school sheunique place in history only after studying detailed accounts founded in the middle of Kabul and the vibrant women whoby both the French, fo... were her students.When Rodriguez opened the Kabul Beauty... Page 9 of 89
  11. 11. BiographyKingfish: The Reign of Huey P. Long Let Me GoAuthor AuthorRichard D. White, Jr. Helga SchneiderReader ReaderPatrick Cullen Barbara RosenblatPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 17.95In this powerful new biography, Richard D. White, Jr., brings Helga Schneider was four when her mother suddenlyHuey Long to life in all his blazing, controversial glory. From abandoned her family in Berlin in 1941. This extraordinarythe moment he took office as governor in 1928 to the day an memoir, praised across Europe, tells of a daughter’s finalassassins ... encounter with her mother, who had left her family to become an SS guard at Auschwitz. Tomorrow Hello: Notes from theMidlife Underground by Twenty-Five Life Story of MilarepaWomen over Forty Author Ken AlbertsenAuthorEdited by Kim Barnes andClaire Davis Reader BrahmburgersReadera full cast Price $ 25.00Price$ 26.95 Milarepa was a Tibetan Buddhist renunciate who roamed the northern slopes of the Himalayas 900 years ago.This book brings together the experiences and reflections oftwenty-five women over forty as they embark on a new stage life. The writers explore a wide range of concerns, fromkeeping love and sex alive, to letting children go, tocontemplating plastic surgery. The tales are true, the... Lives of The Artists Vol. 1 Author Giorgio Vasari, translated byLast Marlin, The George BullAuthor ReaderFred Waitzkin Nadia May PriceReader $ 36.95Lloyd James Vasari described the lives of great artists with striking immediacy conveyed through character sketches, anecdotes,Price and detailed recording of conversations. Volume one includes$ 19.95 Brunelleschi, da Vin...The Last Marlin is an unforgettable memoir of growing up in 1950s. Young Fred is a Jewish boy stretched betweenthe divergent values of parents who cannot tolerate oneanother. Fred’s father, Abe, is a brilliantly talented salesmanwhose relentless will drives him to succeed, whatever the... Page 10 of 89
  12. 12. BiographyLiving Biographies of Famous Women Living Biographies Of Religious LeadersAuthor AuthorHenry and Dana Lee Thomas Henry Thomas and Dana Lee ThomasReader ReaderPatricia S. Bailey Nadia MayPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 16.95The individuals in this book who played important roles in The great religious leaders whose lives and tenets arehistory and cover a range of accomplishments are: Cleopatra, presented here are: Jesus Christ, Moses, Isaiah, Zoroaster,Theodora, Joan of Arc, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Buddha, Confucius, John the Baptist, Paul, Muhammad,Christina, Madame de Maintenon, Charlotte Brontë, George Francis of Assisi, John Huss,...Eliot, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Florence Nightingale, Susan Long March to Freedom: Tom Hargroves Own Story of His Kidnapping by ColombianLiving Biographies of Great Painters Narco-GuerrillasAuthor AuthorHenry and Dana Lee Thomas Thomas R. HargroveReader ReaderPat Bottino Alan SklarPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 39.95Here are vivid stories of twenty painters who dreamed,struggled, and suffered so that they might give expression to Thomas Hargroves Long March to Freedom is a record oftheir divine gifts: Giotto, Michelangelo, Raphael, da Vinci, Hargroves eleven months as a hostage of ColombianTitian, Rubens, Rem... guerrillas and was the basis for the recent movie hit Proof of Life that starred Meg Ryan, ... Biographies Of Great Philosophers Man Called Cash, The: The Life, Love, andAuthor Faith of an American LegendHenry Thomas and Dana LeeThomas Author Steve TurnerReaderEdward Lewis Reader Rex LinnPrice$ 19.95 PriceThe twenty-one philosophical personalities who represent an $ 19.95adventure in thinking are: Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Epicurus,Marcus Aurelius, Thomas Aquinas, Francis Bacon, Descartes, Johnny Cash was a poor sharecroppers son from ArkansasSpinoza, Lock... who became one of the most influential figures in American music. In the 1950s he embarked on a music career that took him to the heights of ... Page 11 of 89
  13. 13. BiographyMan in Lower Ten, The Michael and NatashaAuthor AuthorMary Roberts Rinehart Rosemary and Donald CrawfordReader ReaderRebecca Burns Nadia MayPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 36.95When a man is murdered on a train between Washington and Michael and Natasha is based on the Grand Duke Michael,Pittsburgh, the evidence thoroughly and absolutely brother of Tsar Nicholas II, and the daughter of a Moscowincriminates three entirely different people. But only one of lawyer. Their scandalous love affair and elopement in 1912them can be guilty, and it ... was the talk of all Euro... & Me Miles to GoAuthor AuthorJohn Grogan Chris MurphyReader ReaderJohn Grogan Patrick LawlorPrice Price$ 16.75 $ 19.95The No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller about everyones Miles to Go is a frank and intimate exploration of Davissfavourite dog. Marley quickly grew into a barrelling, ninety- eccentric working life, drug habits, paranoia, depression, andseven pound steamroller of a Labrador retriever, a dog like no subsequent recovery. The book delves into the dynamics thatother... made Daviss ba... of Everything, The Most Dangerous Man in America, TheAuthor AuthorSimon Winchester Catherine Drinker BowenReader ReaderSimon Winchester Lois BettertonPrice Price$ 21.95 $ 19.95A scintillating account of the creation of the greatest The author chose to write "only what interested me" aboutmonument erected to living language. Benjamin Franklin. Scenes include Benjamin Franklins discoveries with electricity, his nine years in London, and, of course, his part in A... Page 12 of 89
  14. 14. BiographyMussolini Nature Notes for 1906Author AuthorJasper Ridley Edith HoldenReader ReaderNadia May Vanessa BenjaminPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 9.95Not the ridiculous bufoon that he is often depicted as, In January 1906, a sensitive woman naturalist, nature lover,Mussolini was a very able politician. This book describes his and accomplished artist began to chronicle all that sheupbringing in the violent society of Italy, his development into encountered while walking and bicycling around thea brilliant or... countryside of her native Eng... Dinner of Herbs One Ranger: A MemoirAuthor AuthorEfrem Zimbalist, Jr. H. Joaquin Jackson and David Marion WilkinsonReader ReaderEfrem Zimbalist, Jr. Rex LinnPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 23.95Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.’s memoir covers his family, student days, In this adventure-filled memoir, Joaquin Jackson recalls whattravels abroad, and careers in movies, television, and theater, is was like to be the Ranger who responded when riotsincluding his share in a Pulitzer Prize. Included is music by threatened, violence erupted, and criminals needed to behis violin virtuoso father and opera diva mother. brought to justice acros... It Ordinary ResurrectionsAuthor AuthorNorman Dietz Jonathan KozolReader ReaderNorman Dietz Dick HillPrice Price$ 12.95 $ 24.95Nailing It is a warm, knowing, and often hilarious A brilliant, hopeful, and inspiring book about the children ofcommemoration of small-town life during the Great the South Bronx.Depression of the 1930s. A celebration of the humor and of the human spirit, the ... Page 13 of 89
  15. 15. BiographyP. G. Wodehouse: The Authorised Pocahontas: My Own StoryBiography AuthorAuthor Capt. John SmithFrances Donaldson ReaderReader Jonathan ReeseFrederick Davidson PricePrice $ 12.95$ 26.95 This book explains the human problems of settlingMany people know and love the impeccable Jeeves and the Jamestown. Pocahontas not only saved John Smiths life, butinimitable Bertie Wooster. But what of their creator, Pelham saved all their lived by providing them with food and byGrenville Wodehouse? Was he really a traitor to his country alerting them of pending India...who broadcast danger... Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of GeorgiaParish Priest OKeeffeAuthor AuthorDouglas Brinkley and Julie M. Laurie LisleFensterReader ReaderJulie M. Fenster Grace ConlinPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 26.95Father Michael McGivney was a man to whom "family values" Georgia OKeeffe, one of the most original painters Americarepresented more than mere rhetoric, a man who has left: a has ever produced, left a remarkable legacy when she died.legacy of hope still celebrated around the world Her bold, brilliant canvasses had a stunning, profound, and lasting influence ... Odyssey, A Raoul WallenbergAuthorThomas Sowell Author Harvey RosenfeldReaderJeff Riggenbach Reader Michael KramerPrice$ 23.95 Price $ 23.95Here is the gritty, powerful story of Thomas Sowell’seducation in the school of hard knocks, as the journey took In wartime Hungary, Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberghim from Harlem to the Marines, the Ivy League, and a career issued countless "false" visas and documents which savedas a controversial writer, teacher, and economist in approximately 100,000 Jews from the Nazis. Aftergovernment and private industry. It is also a look at the Wallenbergs arrest by Russian milita...changing... Page 14 of 89
  16. 16. BiographyRight from the Beginning Short History of Myth, AAuthor AuthorPatrick J. Buchanan Karen ArmstrongReader ReaderMichael Wells Sandra BurrPrice Price$ 26.95 $ 24.95Right from the Beginning is the personal memoir of Pat The launch title of the groundbreaking publishing event, TheBuchanan, the story of how the most controversial Myths, and a brilliant, readable synthesis of the history ofconservative in America got where he is today and how he mythology and the function it serves to humanity, by thecame to believe as he does. bestselling writer..., The Sky of StoneAuthor AuthorPeter Collier &David Horowitz Homer HickamReader ReaderMichael Anthony Dick HillPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 24.95This is the story of an American dynasty: the father, who built In the summer of 61, Homer "Sonny" Hickam, a year ofthe fortune, the son who cleansed the name, the brothers who college behind him, is dreaming of sandy beaches and rocketmanipulated both the name and the fortune to their own ends, ships.and the cou... SpookRunning in the Family AuthorAuthor Mary RoachMichael Ondaatje ReaderReader Bernadette QuigleyMichael Ondaatje PricePrice $ 24.95$ 9.95 The bestselling author of Stiff: The Curious Lives of HumanIn the late 1970s, Michael Ondaatje, author of The English Cadavers now trains her considerable wit and curiosity on thePatient, returned to his native island of Sri Lanka. Recording human soul.his journey through the drug-like heat and intoxicating of that “pendant off the ear of India,” Ondaatjesimultaneously retraces the baroque mythology of his... Page 15 of 89
  17. 17. BiographyStuffed: Adventures Of A Restaurant Family Timothy Leary: A BiographyAuthor AuthorPatricia Volk Robert GreenfieldReader ReaderBarbara Rosenblat Patrick LaworPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 46.95This funny and charming memoir tells about a bigger-than-life To a generation in revolt in the 1960s, Dr. Timothy Leary wasNew York family that owned fourteen restaurants, including its guru. The brilliant psychologist became obsessed with theMorgens in the garment district. Sharing life and good food effects of psychedelic drugs while teaching at Harvard.for three gener... Timothy Leary is the first major biography of one of the most controversial figures in postwar America. Down the Wall of Sound: The Riseand Fall of Phil Spector WilberforceAuthor AuthorMick Brown John PollockReader ReaderRay Porter Frederick Davidson PricePrice$ 33.95 $ 29.95Phil Spector, once an outsider despised by his peers, learned William Wilberforce is chiefly remembered as the reformerall about music and quickly became the top producer of early who campaigned for the abolition of the slave trade inrock and roll. Hit followed hit, all with his signature “wall of England. He was at the heart of British politics for over fortysound.” But the boy-man who owned pop culture spiraled into years during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars.paranoid isolation and peculiar behavior. He lived just long enough to see the passage of the act to... Minutes from NormalAuthorKaren HughesReaderRobert Hughes Karen HughesPrice$ 24.95An inside look at the life of President Bush’s most respectedaide and confidante. Page 16 of 89
  18. 18. Biography / TV & Film Biography / TV & Film Page 17 of 89
  19. 19. Biography / TV & FilmEamonn Holmes - This is my Life Laugh and LiveAuthor AuthorEamonn Holmes Douglas FairbanksReader ReaderEamonn Holmes Walter CostelloPrice Price$ 13.25 $ 12.95Known for his honesty, his humour and his no-nonsense Silent film star Douglas Fairbanks revealed his formula fortalking, Eamonn Holmes has become a housewives favourite happiness and zeal for life in this self-help bestseller originallyand one of the nations most-loved television and radio published in 1917. Chapters include: Energy, Success andpresenters... Laughter; Ho... Ronald Reagan Changed My Life Lucky Man: A MemoirAuthor AuthorPeter Robinson Michael J. FoxReader ReaderPeter Robinson Michael J. FoxPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 17.95An account of one mans profound respect and affection for a Combining his trademark ironic sensibility and keen sense ofpresident who changed his life. the absurd, Michael J. Fox recounts his life, from his childhood in a small town in Canada to his meteoric rise in film and television. Should Have Been at WorkAuthor Natasha - The Biography of Natalie WoodDes Lynam Author Suzanne FinstadReaderDes Lynam Reader Lana WoodPrice$ 12.75 PriceI Should Have Been at Work is the frank and opinionated $ 24.95story of the man behind the myth. Famously guarded abouthis private life... The biography of legendary film actress Natalie Wood. Page 18 of 89
  20. 20. Biography / TV & FilmPoliticians, Partisans, and ParasitesAuthorTucker CarlsonReaderTucker CarlsonPrice$ 24.95Tucker Carlson loosens his signature bowtie and cracks wiseon all things political. Yates InterviewAuthorBBC AudiobooksReaderReggie YatesPrice$ 0.00Reggie Yates talking about his experiences of working on DrWho. MovesAuthorSylvester StalloneReaderRobb WebbPrice$ 14.95Get ready to build your body right. Go the distance with SlyMoves. Page 19 of 89
  21. 21. Biography / Business Biography / Business Page 20 of 89
  22. 22. Biography / BusinessBanker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and theBattle against World PovertyAuthorMuhammad YunusReaderRay PorterPrice$ 16.95One day Muhammad Yunus loaned $27 from his own pocketto forty-two stool makers living in a tiny village in Bangladesh.Seeing the profound effect of a little credit for the very poor,Yunus changed his life to establish the Grameen Bank, whichprovides miniscule loans to the poor of Bangladesh. Wrong, Never in DoubtAuthorDonny Deutsch and PeterKnoblerReaderPeter KnoblerPrice$ 19.95Often Wrong, Never in Doubt is an inspirational book fromone of Americas most colorful and exciting entrepreneurs. Helays out the core principles that propelled him to createtremendous wealth... Says Elephants Cant Dance?AuthorLou GerstnerReaderEdward HerrmannPrice$ 18.95This is Lou Gerstners extraordinary story of IBMs historicturnaround. Page 21 of 89
  23. 23. Biography / Arts & Drama Biography / Arts & Drama Page 22 of 89
  24. 24. Biography / Arts & DramaAn Englishman Abroad Flying ColorsAuthor AuthorAlan Bennett Tim LefensReader ReaderVarious Grover GardnerPrice Price$ 13.49 $ 16.95Michael Gambon and Penelope Wilton star as Guy Burgess When artist Tim Lefens walked into the care center for peopleand Coral Browne in this BBC Radio Full-cast drama based with cerebral palsy, he had a life-changing experience.on a real-life chance encounter Because of his passion and determination, he and his student- artists emerged to... Conan Doyle - A Life From Pieces To WeightAuthorHesketh Pearson Author 50 CentReaderTim Pigott-Smith Reader J. D. WilliamsPrice$ 11.99 Price $ 13.95In his comprehensive biography, Pearson considers howDoyles life is reflected in his books. Get Rich or Die Tryin - Thats what this book is about... Bridges Hoffnung at LargeAuthorStephen King Author Judith Liddell-KingReaderStephen King Reader Humphrey LytteltonPrice$ 7.95 Price $ 18.49Stephen King accepts the 2003 National Book Awards inFiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Young Peoples Literature with Humphrey Lyttelton presents a compilation of extracts andgrace and wit. interviews celebrating the life and work of Gerard Hoffnung Page 23 of 89
  25. 25. Biography / Arts & DramaJane Austen - A Biography Life and Works of Beethoven, TheAuthor AuthorElizabeth Jenkins Jeremy SiepmannReader ReaderTeresa Gallagher Jeremy SiepmannPrice Price$ 11.99 $ 18.75A highly enjoyable account of the life of Jane Austen. The story of Beethoven, widely believed to be the greatest composer who ever lived. in 90 Minutes Life and Works of Chopin, TheAuthor AuthorPaul Strathern Jeremy SiepmannReader ReaderRobert Whitfield Jeremy SiepmannPrice Price$ 9.95 $ 18.75In Kafka in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert Regarded one of the most mesmeric performers of his day,account of Kafkas life and ideas, and explains their influence he lives on in his music.on literature and on mans struggle to understand his place in wo... Life of Oscar Wilde, TheLife and Work of Marcel Proust Author Hesketh PearsonAuthorNeville Jason Reader Simon Russell BealeReaderNeville Jason Price $ 15.49Price$ 15.49 The remarkable and tragic story of Oscar Wilde, legendary wit and conversationalist, author of perhaps the most perfectThis first audio-biography of Marcel Proust tells the story of comedy in the English of the worlds most original and admired literary geniuses. Page 24 of 89
  26. 26. Biography / Arts & DramaLife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Year in the Life of William Shakespeare 1599, AAuthorPerry Keenlyside Author James ShapiroReaderFull Cast Production Reader James ShapiroPrice$ 15.49 PriceThis is the poignant and compelling story of perhaps the most $ 19.95naturally gifted musical genius of all time. An intimate history of Shakespeare, following him through a single year that changed not only his fortunes but the course of literature for many generations to come... of the Great Artists, TheAuthorGiorgio VasariReaderNeville JasonPrice$ 27.25The Lives of the Great Artists was the first trulycomprehensive history of art., TheAuthorAlan JacobsReaderAlan JacobsPrice$ 25.95The White Witch, Aslan, fauns and talking beasts is now partof the collective imagination. This works attempts to unearththe secrets behind the first Narnian, C.S.Lewis himself Page 25 of 89
  27. 27. Biography / Historical Biography / Historical Page 26 of 89
  28. 28. Biography / HistoricalAn Unfinished Life Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why: True Stories of Miraculous EnduranceAuthorRobert Dallek and Sudden Death AuthorReader Laurence GonzalesRichard McGonagle ReaderPrice Stefan Rudnicki$ 30.25The first single-volume life of John F. Kennedy to be written in Pricenearly four decades. $ 19.95 After her plane crashes, a seventeen-year-old girl spends eleven days walking through the Peruvian jungle. Against all odds, with no food, shelter, or equipment, she gets out. A better equipped gro...Call To Conscience, A: The Landmark of Dr Martin Luther King, JrAuthorMartin Luther King JR Einstein AuthorReader Walter IsaacsonMartin Luther King JR ReaderPrice Edward Herrmann$ 4.98A Call to Conscience is a milestone collection of Dr. Kings Pricemost influential and best-known speeches. Compiled by $ 17.95Stanford historian Dr. Clayborne Carson. How did Einsteins mind work? What made him a genius? Isaacsons biography shows how his scientific imagination sprang from the rebellious nature of his personality., The: A True Story of Abductionby Indians on the Texas FrontierAuthor Einstein (Unabridged)Scott Zesch Author Walter IsaacsonReaderGrover Gardner Reader Edward HerrmannPrice$ 23.95 PriceBased on the life experiences of his great-great-great-uncle $ 29.95and his extensive research, Scott Zesch paints a vivid portraitof life on the Texas frontier in The Captured and offers one of How did Einsteins mind work? What made him a genius?the few ... Isaacsons biography shows how his scientific imagniation sprang from the rebellious nature of his personality. Page 27 of 89
  29. 29. Biography / HistoricalElizabeth Isaac NewtonAuthor AuthorDavid Starkey James GleickReader ReaderPatricia Hodge Allan CordunerPrice Price$ 12.75 $ 16.95An abused child, yet confident of her destiny to reign, a In this original, sweeping, and intimate biography, Gleickwoman in a man’s world, passionately sexual yet... moves between a comprehensive historical portrait and a dramatic focus on Newtons significant letters and unpublished notebooks. - A Very Short IntroductionAuthor Isaac Newtons New PhysicsAnthony Storr Author Dr. Gordon BrittanReaderNeville Jason Reader Edwin NewmanPrice$ 15.49 PriceAnthony Storr investigates the status of Freuds legacy today. $ 12.95 Isaac Newton (1642-1727) achieved momentous breakthroughs in three areas: mathematics (the calculus), a theory of colors, and gravitational attraction. His first insights in each of these areas occ...Gunpowder Plot, The Fraser John Adams (Abridged) AuthorReaderRobert Powell David McCulloughPrice Reader$ 15.99 Edward HerrmannDramatically recreating the conditions and motives thatsurrounded the fateful night of 5 November 1605, Antinia PriceFraser unravels the tangled web of religion and politics that $ 21.95spawned the plot. In this powerful, epic biography, David McCullough unfolds the adventurous life-journey of John Adams, the brilliant, fiercely independent, often irascible, always honest Yankee patriot. Page 28 of 89
  30. 30. Biography / HistoricalJohn Adams (Unabridged) Nick Adams Stories, TheAuthor AuthorDavid McCullough Ernest HemingwayReader ReaderNelson Runger Stacy KeachPrice Price$ 60.95 $ 17.95In this powerful, epic biography, David McCullough unfolds The famous "Nick Adams" stories show a memorablethe adventurous life-journey of John Adams, the brilliant, character growing from child to adolescent to soldier, veteran,fiercely independent, often irascible, always honest Yankee writer, and parent -- a sequence closely paralleling the eventspatriot. of Hemingways life. of a Woman Homesteader Six Wives: The Queens of Henry VIIIAuthor AuthorElinore Pruitt Stewart David StarkeyReader ReaderKate Fleming Patricia HodgePrice Price$ 15.50 $ 16.99In 1909 Elinore Pruitt took a job with a rancher near Burnt The first of his wives was Catherine of Aragon, the piousFork, Wyoming. This was the beginning of the eloquent letters Catholic princess who suffered years of miscarriages...narrated in this remarkable audiobook. Stalin: The Court of the Red TsarMap That Changed the World, The AuthorAuthor Simon Sebag MontefioreSimon Winchester ReaderReader John NettlesSimon Winchester PricePrice $ 18.99$ 21.95 An amazing insight into the life of one of histories greatestFrom the author of the bestselling The Professor and the villains...Madman comes the fascinating story of the father of modern Page 29 of 89
  31. 31. Biography / Comedy Biography / Comedy Page 30 of 89
  32. 32. Biography / ComedyHancock - A Comedy Genius Ustinov at EightyAuthor AuthorRussell Davies Peter UstinovReader ReaderVarious Peter Ustinov and John BirdPrice Price$ 18.49 $ 13.49Two tributes to one of the greatest comics of our time, As heard on BBC Radio 4, Peter Ustinov discusses his lifepresented by Denis Norden and Paul Merton and career. EndingsAuthorJim NortonReaderJim NortonPrice$ 17.95Comedian Jim Norton is dirty...really dirty...the kind of dirtythat makes The Aristocrats look like a knock-knock joke. World of Kenneth Williams, TheAuthorKenneth WilliamsReaderDavid BensonPrice$ 18.49Whether he was a sad, self-obsessed man or a torturedcomic genius, Williams had a unique talent, which Bensoncaptures incredibly well in this one-off insight into Williamsprivate life Page 31 of 89
  33. 33. Biography / Radio Shows Biography / Radio Shows Page 32 of 89
  34. 34. Biography / Radio ShowsJohn Peel Remembered: Margrave of theMarshesAuthorJohn and Sheila PeelReaderMichael Angelis & CarolynPicklesPrice$ 7.25The BBC Radio 4 serialisation of Margrave of the Marshes,read by Michael Angelis and Carolyn Pickles... Page 33 of 89
  35. 35. Biography / True Crime Biography / True Crime Page 34 of 89
  36. 36. Biography / True CrimeBetween Good And EvilAuthorRoger I. DepueReaderDavid PovallPrice$ 20.99A master criminal profilers hunt for societys most violentpredators. ConoverReaderTed ConoverPrice$ 24.95Ted Conover becomes a corrections officer at Sing Sing toget the inside story., TheAuthorGary DelsohnReaderGary DelsohnPrice$ 11.75Lifts the lid off todays legal system with details more shockingthan any fictional TV show Page 35 of 89
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  38. 38. Biography / JournalismAlistair Cooke at the BBC ArroganceAuthor AuthorNick Clarke Bernard GoldbergReader ReaderVarious Bernard GoldbergPrice Price$ 18.49 $ 22.49A specially compiled collection charting the career of veteran In Arrogance, Goldberg punctures the bubble in which thejournalist Alistair Cooke. media elites live and work. of these People California Characters: An Array of Amazing PeopleAuthorFergal Keane Author Charles HillingerReaderFergal Keane Reader Dennis McKeePrice$ 16.99 PriceAt the heart of Fergal Keanes story is a descent into and $ 19.95recovery from alcoholism, a different kind of war, but as much California Characters is a collection of stories about unusualpart of the journey of the last 25 years as the bullets and individuals profiled by Hillinger. Characters like Down thebombs... Road Dugan, Sweetwater Clyde, Dr. Tinkerpaw, Spaceship Ruthie, and Warmly Ormly will delight, amuse, and perhaps inspire the listener with their tales and reasons why... HostageAuthor Chain Gang, TheMicah Garen, Marie-HeleneCarleton Author Richard McCordReaderMicah Garen, Marie-HeleneCarleton Reader Richard McCordPrice$ 15.95 PriceA rare and powerful story of hope, love, survival, and thestruggle to bring back alive a hostage in Iraq. $ 23.95 “I’m afraid they’re going to get me,” said Frank Wood, publisher of the Green Bay News-Chronicle, in a phone call to colleague Richard McCord. Wood could not hold out much longer against a devouring giant, the Gannett Company. McCord, as a publisher of the Santa Fe Reporter, had successfully... Page 37 of 89
  39. 39. Biography / JournalismCharles Hillingers America: People and Mighty Heart, APlaces in All 50 States AuthorAuthor Mariane PearlCharles Hillinger ReaderReader Mariane PearlDennis McKee PricePrice $ 17.95$ 19.95 A Mighty Heart is both a portrait of a partnership built on the“Charles Hillinger’s America is not the crisis-ridden, ideals of love, truth, and justice and a crucial look at theargumentative, highly politicized country that we read about methods and structure of the Al Qaeda network.on the front pages. It’s much more neighborly. . . it’s much to our real lives, too. If some historian of the future wantsto know what we Americans were like in the second... Reporting Live AuthorGive Me A Break Lesley StahlAuthorJohn Stossel Reader Lesley StahlReader PriceJohn Stossel $ 15.95Price Filled with stories of heads of state, network moguls, competing journalists, celebrities, and family members,$ 16.95 Reporting Live is a funny, real, knowledgeable audiobook.John Strossel says, "Give me a break "... California: Stories from All 58CountiesAuthorCharles HillingerReaderJeff RiggenbachPrice$ 19.95The California revealed here is not the stereotypical land ofmovie stars, sensational trials, or tourist snapshots butinstead a remarkable patchwork of out-of-the-way places andeveryday people. “Essential for all California libraries.” –Library Journal Page 38 of 89
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