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Arts And Drama Audio Books

Arts And Drama Audio Books



Browse thousands of best-selling arts and drama audio book titles at www.AudioBookOne.net

Browse thousands of best-selling arts and drama audio book titles at www.AudioBookOne.net



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    Arts And Drama Audio Books Arts And Drama Audio Books Document Transcript

    • www.AudioBookOne.net
    • Arts & Drama
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama12 Books That Changed the World Helen Hayes: My Life in Three ActsAuthor AuthorMelvyn Bragg Helen Hayes with Katherine HatchReader ReaderPatricia Hodge, Hugh Ross, James MacArthurRobert Powell & Bill BinghamPrice Price$ 16.75 $ 16.95Twelve Books that Changed the World presents a rich variety During her long career, Helen Hayes moved among theof human endeavour and a great diversity of characters. worlds most famous and talented. She offers deft privateThere are also surprises. Here are famous books by Darwin, portraits of such personalities as Joan Crawford, CharlieNewton.. Chaplin, F. Scott Fitzgerald,...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6509 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6605All Shook Up: Music, Passion, and Politics Heres Johnny! My Memories of Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show, and 40 Years ofAuthorCarson Holloway Friendship AuthorReader Ed McMahonNadia May ReaderPrice Ed McMahon$ 14.95The national debate over popular musics effect on character Priceis both furious and confused. Carson Holloway is out to $ 12.95shatter the assumptions of pops critics and defenders alike,showing that music... Brilliant in front of the camera but shy in person, Johnny Carson seldom gave interviews. Only Ed McMahon, Carsonshttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7746 personal friend and showbiz sidekick for over forty years, can tell the stories t... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6226DukeAuthorRonald L. Davis Letters to a Young Artist AuthorReader Anna Deavere SmithAdams Morgan ReaderPrice Anna Deavere Smith$ 29.95In this illuminating biography, Ronald L. Davis focuses on PriceJohn Waynes human side, portraying a complex personality $ 12.95defined by insecurity as well as courage and strength. Davistraces Waynes stor... In the manner of Rilkes Letters to a Young Poet, Anna Deavere Smith advises her young artist on everything fromhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6146 how to stay healthy to tips for building a diverse network of friends and profession... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8158 Page 2 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & DramaLucille: The Life of Lucille Ball My Life As a 10-Year-Old Boy!Author AuthorKathleen Brady Nancy CartwrightReader ReaderC. M. Hébert Nancy CartwrightPrice Price$ 26.95 $ 14.95This biography presents the Lucille that her fans have never Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, reveals what itsknown, from her virtual abandonment in childhood, through like to be at the center of an American institution, one thather early vaudeville and Hollywood years, to her troubled reinvented the sitcom, rocked the networks to the core, andrelationship with Desi Arnaz. Brady gives us the thoughtful changed fore...and candid biography this great star deserves. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6839http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10162 RodinMarian McPartlands Jazz World: All inGood Time Author Frederic V. GrunfeldAuthorMarian McPartland Reader Simon VanceReaderMarian McPartland Price $ 49.95Price Auguste Rodin was not only the greatest sculptor but also one$ 12.95 of the most remarkable personalities of modern times.In this collection of musical portraits, jazz pianist and radio Grunfelds exhaustive biography documents artistic andhost Marian McPartland pays tribute to such legendary figures personal struggles against...as Benny Goodman, Bill Evans, Joe Morello, Paul Desmond, http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8141Alec Wilder, M...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8300 Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi HendrixMichelangelo AuthorAuthor Charles R. CrossGeorge Bull ReaderReader Lloyd JamesNadia May PricePrice $ 26.95$ 36.95 The image and lifestyle of Jimi Hendrix was larger-than-life,Michelangelo Buonarroti was a sculptor, architect, and painter but beyond this was a complex man who struggled to acceptof genius and a poet and writer of great accomplishment. In his role as an idol. This sensitive, meticulously-researchedall his work, Michelangelo impressed his contemporaries as a biography recounts the entire arc of Hendrix’s twenty-sevendivine genius... years, from pohttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6851 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6694 Page 3 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & DramaSteve Martin: The Magic YearsAuthorMorris WalkerReaderBarrett WhitenerPrice$ 16.95This is no ordinary celebrity biography pieced together by anoutsider. Steve Martin and author Morris Walker had a closerelationship growing up. They were class clowns together,charming the girls and the teachers with their wit andeventually going on the road as comedians. You’ll meet the...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7406 Page 4 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Poetry Arts & Drama / Poetry Page 5 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryIliad, The Allen Ginsberg Audio Collection, TheAuthor AuthorHomer Allen GinsbergReader ReaderFull Cast Production Allen GinsbergPrice Price$ 42.50 $ 14.00The first of Homers epic poems. Translated by Samuel Butler. A collection of poems by one of the greatest literary & cultural figures of the 20th century.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1864 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=855Adventures of Odysseus and The Tale of Believe MeTroy AuthorAuthor John R. AldenPadriac Colum ReaderReader Christopher HurtPratt, Sean PricePrice $ 16.95$ 14.50 "How did Arkman Noah/Provide for protozoa?" Its not oftenThe Iliad and the Odyssey are retold in a glorious saga. that an acclaimed historian is revealed to be the author of light verse, but John R. Alden here presents 1,707 couplets, quatrains, and ot...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10225 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5932Aeneid BurnAuthor AuthorVirgil Clint GaigeReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 18.75 $ 1.00The masterpiece of Romes greatest poet, Virgils Aeneid. The Enormity of Man and written words...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=33 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=638 Page 6 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryCanterbury Tales - Volume I, The Canterbury Tales, SelectedAuthor AuthorGeoffrey Chaucer Geoffrey ChaucerReader ReaderFull Cast Production David ButlerPrice Price$ 15.49 $ 59.50Without doubt, the greatest work of Geoffrey Chaucer. A This modern translation of these sometimes bawdy stories,brilliant picture of medieval life. written in the 14th century by the Father of English Poetry,http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=549 entertain while telling us about England before the Renaissance. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10257Canterbury Tales - Volume II, TheAuthor Celtic PoetsGeoffrey Chaucer Author Yeats, Wilde, Goldsmith,Reader Burns, Scott and othersFull Cast Production Reader Ralph CoshamPrice$ 15.49 PriceWithout doubt, the greatest work of Geoffrey Chaucer. A $ 9.50brilliant picture of medieval life. The poems of Yeats, Swift, Burns and other Celts.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=533 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10292Canterbury Tales - Volume III, TheAuthor Childs Christmas In Wales, AGeoffrey Chaucer Author Dylan ThomasReaderFull Cast Performance Reader Dylan ThomasPrice$ 15.49 PriceWithout doubt, the greatest work of Geoffrey Chaucer. A $ 9.95brilliant picture of medieval life. Whether sharing his wistful memory of a holiday spent withhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=119 people long past, or addressing the problem of our mortality, Thomas gives us great pleasure in our personal and common memories. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2001 Page 7 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryChilds Christmas in Wales, A Cockneys Kipling, AAuthor AuthorDylan Thomas Rudyard KiplingReader ReaderDylan Thomas David Ian DaviesPrice Price$ 10.25 $ 4.00It is now Thomas’ most widely known work, a wistful, tender, Ten enduring Kipling poems recited in the wonderful Cockneytouching, wide-eyed in wonder evocation of the sights, smells lilt.and sounds of a child’s Christmas in a seaside town in Wales. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=391http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8682 Dance, TheChristmas Collection, The AuthorAuthor Oriah Mountain DreamerVarious ReaderReader Oriah Mountain DreamerFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 19.95$ 11.99 "You have a true higher self and [The Dance] tells you how toOn this recording, Christmas past brings alive Christmas come from there all the time and be authentic and make apresent. lasting difference"http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=273 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5787Classic American Poetry Dante: Inferno, from The Divine ComedyAuthor AuthorVarious DanteReader ReaderFull Cast Production Heathcote WilliamsPrice Price$ 11.99 $ 18.75From the earliest poets of the 16th century to the present day. Dantes Hell is one of the most remarkable visions in Western literature. An allegory for his and future ages, it is, at thehttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=909 same time, an account of terrifying realism. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1265 Page 8 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryDepth Perception Dozen Red Roses, A: A BirthdayAuthor AuthorNot Known Christina RossettiReader ReaderNot Known Jenny AgutterPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 1.65Lush imagery and the mellifluous voice of the poet imbued A Birthday: Christina Rossetti’s joyful celebration that her onewith music and sounddesign. true love has arrived, read by Jenny Agutter...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1529 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7734Dozen Red Roses, A: 12 Valentines Poems Dozen Red Roses, A: Delight in DisorderAuthor AuthorVarious Robert HerrickReader ReaderVarious Bill WallisPrice Price$ 7.49 $ 1.65Twelve specially selected favourite love poems, read by Robert Herrick’s poetic tribute to his mistress’s beautifullyacclaimed actors Bill Wallis and Jenny Agutter... carefree style of dress...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5744 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8256Dozen Red Roses, A: 12 Valentines Poems Dozen Red Roses, A: From Paradise Lost(mp3) AuthorAuthor John MiltonVarious ReaderReader Jenny AgutterBill Wallis and Jenny Agutter PricePrice $ 1.65$ 7.49 A short section from Milton’s epic poem, expressing howTwelve specially selected favourite love poems, read by much sweeter the world is when you are with the one youacclaimed actors Bill Wallis and Jenny Agutter... love... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9900http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5172 Page 9 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryDozen Red Roses, A: From the Rubaiyat of Dozen Red Roses, A: My Love Is Like AOmar Khayyam Red, Red RoseAuthor AuthorEdward Fitzgerald Robert BurnsReader ReaderBill Wallis Bill WallisPrice Price$ 1.65 $ 1.65From The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: Some meditations on Robert Burns’s well-known poem celebrating the enduringlove from Edward Fitzgerald’s translation... power of true love, read by Bill Wallis..http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9522 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8800Dozen Red Roses, A: From The Song Of Dozen Red Roses, A: Shall I Compare TheeSolomon to a Summers DayAuthor AuthorAnon William ShakespeareReader ReaderJenny Agutter Bill WallisPrice Price$ 1.65 $ 1.65From The Song of Solomon: A beautiful extract from the Shakespeare’s most famous sonnet, in which he tries, andfamous biblical hymn to love.. fails, to find an apt comparison in nature, read by Bill Wallis..http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6626 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9621Dozen Red Roses, A: If Thou Must Love Me Dozen Red Roses, A: The Owl and The PussycatAuthorElizabeth Barrett Browning Author Edward LearReaderJenny Agutter Reader Jenny AgutterPrice$ 1.65 PriceElizabeth Barrett Browning’s plea to her lover to love her just $ 1.65for herself, and not for any qualities that may fade away.. Edward Lear’s much-loved comic poem, featuring the mosthttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6334 elegant fowl in literature and his beautiful feline friend... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10156 Page 10 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryDozen Red Roses, A: The Passionate Dylan Thomas at the BBCShepherd to His Love AuthorAuthor Dylan ThomasChristopher Marlowe ReaderReader Dylan ThomasBill Wallis PricePrice $ 18.49$ 1.65 Dylan Thomas reads his own prose and poetry in this uniqueThe Passionate Shepherd to His Love: Christopher Marlowe’s collection from the archives. He is widely regarded as one ofemotional appeal to his lady to run away with him... the 20th Centurys most influential lyrical poets. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6912http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9115Dozen Red Roses, A: The Sunne Rising English Verse: The Best of the Twentieth CenturyAuthorJohn Donne Author Various, Edited by Edward LeesonReaderBill Wallis Reader Julian Glover & Isla BlairPrice$ 1.65 Price $ 12.75John Donne’s famous poem about two lovers surprised by theastonishingly rapid arrival of sunrise... Representing the work of more than thirty poets, and extending from Thomas Hardy’s lines on the loss of Titanic tohttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9130 the present-day... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11314Dozen Red Roses, A: To His Coy MistressAuthor Great Poets of the Romantic AgeAndrew Marvell Author VariousReaderBill Wallis Reader Michael SheenPrice$ 1.65 PriceAndrew Marvell’s classic plea to his mistress to show her love $ 11.99for him while they are both still young and passionate... Some of the finest and most memorable works in the Englishhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6775 language. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=405 Page 11 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryGreen Fire Invitation, TheAuthor AuthorTallyessin Silverwolf Oriah Mountain DreamerReader ReaderTallyessin Silverwolf Oriah Mountain DreamerPrice Price$ 11.99 $ 16.95Magical Verse for the Wheel of the Year: 32 Seasonal A deeply spiritual works in which the author brings to life thePoems. In this enchanting collection modern-day bard wisdom of her beloved prose poem in such a passionate andTallyessin (winner of the Bardic Chair of Bath)... touching mannerhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6713 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6537Iliad, The Leaves of GrassAuthor AuthorHomer Walt WhitmanReader ReaderAnton Lesser Noah WatermanPrice Price$ 15.49 $ 36.95The Iliad tells the story of fifty critical days towards the end of Whitman succeeded in his ambition to create somethingthe Trojan war. uniquely American. His poems are woven into the very fabrichttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=320 of the American character, from his solemn dirge "O Captain! My Captain!" to the jo... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8114In Flanders Fields and Other Poems aboutWar Noel Coward Audio Collection, TheAuthor AuthorLieut.-Col. John McCrae and Noel CowardWilfred OwensReader ReaderRalph Cosham Simon JonesPrice Price$ 8.50 $ 19.95In WWI, possibly the most horrific modern war, two soldierpoets described inner impressions telling us much about war A perfect blend of vintage Noel Coward sure to be enjoyed byand the people who fight them. faithful fans and new listeners.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10293 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=86 Page 12 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryOdyssey, The Paradise LostAuthor AuthorHomer John MiltonReader ReaderJohn Lescault Anton LesserPrice Price$ 27.50 $ 15.49Homers Adventures of Odysseus. Translated by Samuel Paradise Lost is the greatest epic poem in the EnglishButler. language.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10265 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=31Odyssey, The Poems and Songs of Robert Burns, TheAuthor AuthorHomer Robert BurnsReader ReaderAnton Lesser John CairneyPrice Price$ 15.49 $ 12.75The thrilling tale of the wanderings of the hero Odysseus after This specially commissioned recording offers a wide-rangingthe end of the Trojan war. choice of Burnss songs and lyrical poems; and longerhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=527 poems... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11304Paradise Poets of the Great WarAuthorDante Author VariousReaderHeathcote Williams Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 18.75 Price $ 11.99The horrors of the Inferno and the trials of Purgatory are leftfar behind. Ultimately, in Paradise, Dante is granted a vision Here are the extraordinary writings of a generation who foughtof Gods Heavenly court - the angels, the Blessed Virgin and through a war of unprecedented destructive power, and whoGod Himself. had to find new voices.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=937 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1430 Page 13 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryPurgatory: Dante, from The Divine Comedy Song of Hiawatha, TheAuthor AuthorDante Henry Wadsworth LongfellowReader ReaderHeathcote Williams William HootkinsPrice Price$ 18.75 $ 15.49Purgatory is the second part of Dantes The Divine Comedy. The Song of Hiawatha was one of the most loved and quotedWe find the Poet, with his guide Virgil, ascending the terraces narrative poems of the 19th century.of the Mount of Purgatory inhabited by those doing penance. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=631http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=818 Sonnets, TheRubaiyat, The - Omar Khayyam Classicnarrated by David Ian Davies Author William ShakespeareAuthorDavid Ian Davies Reader Alex JenningsReaderDavid Ian Davies Price $ 15.49Price This new recording presents all 154 of Shakespeares$ 4.00 Sonnets, using the New Cambridge Shakespeare texts.The ethereal words of the great thinker Omar Khayyam. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1401http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=687 Under Milk WoodSeven Ages Author Dylan ThomasAuthorVarious Reader Dylan Thomas and CastReaderFull Cast Production Price $ 12.75Price Dylan Thomas wrote this as a radio play for voices and this is$ 11.99 the only recording ever made with Thomas in the cast. ThisAn Anthology of Poetry with Music. play is full of humour, a joyful sense of the goodness of life and love...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=479 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6915 Page 14 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / PoetryVoices of Black AmericaAuthorVariousReaderVariousPrice$ 11.99Historial recordings of poetry, humor and drama. 1908 - 1947.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=97War PoemsAuthorVariousReaderPaul McGann & RegineCandlerPrice$ 12.75This powerful and moving anthology includes poems of warfrom the eighteenth century to our own days in the longshadow...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11313 Page 15 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Dramatizations Arts & Drama / Dramatizations Page 16 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Dramatizations3 Skeleton Key A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 3: STINGERS LAMENTAuthorGeorge Toudouze/James Poe Author Sable JakReaderFull Cast Production Reader The Colonial Radio TheatrePrice$ 1.98 PriceOne isolated lighthouse. Three misfit men. Thousands upon $ 1.50thousands of ravenous flesh-eating RATS! Another murder, but Phil is not sure it was the intended victim.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=121 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8822A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 1:DEBUTANT IN DANGER A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 4: THE FAITHFUL WIFEAuthorSable Jak Author Sable JakReaderColonial Radio Theatre Reader The Colonial Radio TheatrePrice$ 1.50 PricePhil is hired to protect a Debutant .... from her mother. $ 1.50 A famous crime writer is being blackmailed and hires Phil.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9395 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5347A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 2: AQUEENS RANSOM A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 5 BRACELET OF BETRAYALAuthorSable Jak Author Sable JakReaderColonial Radio Theatre Reader Colonial Radio Theatre on thePrice Air$ 1.50 PriceA cat wearing a ruby necklace starts Phil on a new lead. $ 1.50 The ruby bracelet begins to cause more problems as severalhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9021 people claim ownership. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9667 Page 17 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsA PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 6: Agent, TheWAITING FOR REDEMPTION Part 1 AuthorAuthor K. Anderson YancySable Jak ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionColonial Radio Theatre on theAir PricePrice $ 9.95$ 1.50 An authors agent finds hes in for an outrageous night whenPhil begins to uncover clues about her husbands murder. Part his two Best Selling clients meet.1 of 2 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1104http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5534 Alan Bennett - Double BillA PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY. Episode 7: AuthorWAITING FOR REDEMPTION, Part 2 Alan BennettAuthorSable Jak Reader VariousReaderColonial Radio Theatre on the PriceAir $ 18.49Price In this brilliant forerunner to Bennetts series Talking Heads$ 1.50 monologues, Patricia Routledge plays Margaret Schofield. a woman whose existence revolves around the gossip andWAITING FOR REDEMPTION - Part 2: The final episode - as minutiae of office life..Phil solves her husbands murder. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5743http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8356 Alan Bennett - Three PlaysA VISIT WITH AESOP AuthorAuthor Alan BennettJ.T. Turner ReaderReader VariousThe Colonial Radio Theatre onthe Air PricePrice $ 24.49$ 5.95 Alan Bennetts three classic BBC Radio full-cast dramas;Its Aesops Fables - told by Aesop himself, in the highly Kafkas Dick, Forty Years On and An Englishman Abroad...entertaining production in the classic CRT style! http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5863http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6854 Page 18 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsAlan Bennett: Single Spies: An Englishman Antony & CleopatraAbroad & A Question of Attribution AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareAlan Bennett ReaderReader Full Cast PerformanceVarious PricePrice $ 18.49$ 18.49 Frances Barber and David Harewood star in ShakespearesA critically-acclaimed double bill of Alan Bennett plays, towering tale of great love, political intrigue and tragedy.originally performed at the National Theatre and adapted for http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2024BBC Radio 4...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9108 As You Like ItAmong The Roses Author William ShakespeareAuthorClint Gaige Reader Full Cast PerformanceReaderFull Cast Production Price $ 13.49Price Helena Bonham Carter stars as Rosalind with David$ 1.99 Morrissey as Orlando and Natasha Little as Celia inA Garden fairy tale. Shakespeares festive comedy. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=460http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=125 Badgers in My VestAntietam: The Lost Command AuthorAuthor John FletcherNot Known ReaderReader VariousFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 18.49$ 4.95 Badgers in my vest is a new, darkly funny play by anFull-cast tale of espionage, betrayal and romance set against acclaimed contemporary playwright, based on an incident inthe Civil War Battle of Antietam. Dylan Thomas life. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7143http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1023 Page 19 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsBernice Caesar & CleoAuthor AuthorEdgar Allen Poe One Act PlayersReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full CastPrice Price$ 9.95 $ 1.98A mans fascination with his wifes teeth ends with tragic A comic look at Julius Caesar, his closest confidant, hisconsequences. relationship with the Queen of Egypt and the Senators whohttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1162 plotted his assassination. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2041Blood Case of the Abducted Asphalt -- A GasAuthor Town Mystery: IN COLOR!Various Author Glenn CarlsonReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 16.25 PriceAn audio anthology of the most dramatic moments in $ 0.99American history.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7033 When all the roads go missing, PI Stanley Park races to save Vancouvers famous Grand Prix. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=105Brad Lansky and the Alien EngineerAuthor Case of the Abducted Asphalt: MondayJ.D. Venne Author Not KnownReaderFull Cast Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 5.00 Price"The Alien Engineer" is the second Brad Lansky adventure, $ 0.00captured in hi-fi stereo.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7182 Installment #1 of the Case. Try for FREE! http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=397 Page 20 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsCase of the Curious Etching: A Gas Town Creepy Love Stories, Part OneMystery - IN COLOR! AuthorAuthor Not KnownGlenn Carlson ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 2.00$ 0.99 Love stories of the haunted.FULL CAST. Vancouver BC Radio Detective Stanley Parkinvestigates the murder of...a radio detective! http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=674http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=607 Creepy Love Stories, Part TwoCase of the Curious Etching: Monday AuthorAuthor Not KnownNot Known ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 2.00$ 0.00 Love stories of the haunted.Installment #1 of the series. Try for FREE! http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=304http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1013 Curse of Dracula, TheCertain Justice, A AuthorAuthor Not KnownP.D. James ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionVarious PricePrice $ 4.95$ 18.49 Full-cast, very modern update of the classic Bram StokerPhilip Franks and Geraldine James star in the first full-cast novel.dramatisation of a P. D. James murder mystery for nine http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5197years...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6404 Page 21 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsDay of the Triffids, The Doctor Who at the BBC: The PlaysAuthor AuthorJohn Wyndham VariousReader ReaderVarious Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 22.25 $ 18.49John Wyndhams classic novel of mans struggle in a Tom Baker and Sophie Aldred appear in one of three full-castbesieged world is dramatised by Giles Cooper in this classic BBC radio dramas based around the real-life worlds of Doctor1968 recording. Who...contains adult themes and language...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5972 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6094Dead Bodys A Deal Breaker, A Dr CrippenAuthor AuthorHal Glatzer Not KnownReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 0.99 $ 1.00Hear LA sleuth Mark Markheim solve crime all whilst adroitly Traces the events leading up to and after one of Edwardianenunciating elaborate alliterations Londons most publicized crimeshttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=275 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5DELISA: DErivative LIfe SApien Dylan Thomas: Under Milk WoodAuthor AuthorK. Anderson Yancy Dylan ThomasReader ReaderVarious VariousPrice Price$ 9.95 $ 13.49When the U.S. Supreme Court determines the fate of This stunning release includes the highly acclaimed re-makegenetically engineered beings - whether theyre humans or of Dylans definitive play, Under Milk Wood...animals - humanity learns that the law is truly a double edged http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6041sword...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9475 Page 22 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsEmma (mp3) FATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 3 The Queer FeetAuthorJane Austen Author G.K. Chesterton. Dramatized by M J ElliottReaderFull Cast dramatization Reader The Colonial Radio TheatrePrice$ 24.49 PriceJane Austen’s engaging and infuriating heroine sparkles in $ 1.75this superb full-cast BBC Radio 4 dramatisation... Father Brown investigates a death at the Vernon Hotel.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10158 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9251Erotic Scenes In A Cheap Motel FATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 4 TheAuthorMichael Hemmington Arrow of Heaven AuthorReader G.K. Chesterton. Dramatized by M J ElliottFull Cast Production ReaderPrice The Colonial Radio Theatre$ 9.95Four couples explore the hopelessness of their invlovements Pricewithin the same motel room. $ 1.75http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=278 Father Brown comes to the aid of a man receiving threatening letters, but he is unable to prevent him from being killed with an arrow. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8575FATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 1 "TheBlue Cross"Author FATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 5 THEG.K. Chesterton. Dramatized THREE TOOLS OF DEATHby M.J. Elliott AuthorReader G.K. Chesterton. DramatizedThe Colonial Radio Theatre on by M.J. Elliottthe Air ReaderPrice$ 1.75 The Colonial Radio TheatreFather Brown is traveling to London to attend a meeting ofpriests, and he is carrying with him a priceless silver cross, Pricestudded with blue sapphires.Flambeau, the thief, plans to $ 1.75steal it. A man is murdered, a man confesses to the murder and ishttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5826 arrested, but Father Brown doesnt believe either claim. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6788 Page 23 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsFATHER BROWN Mysteries. Episode 7 THE Grave TalesPOINT OF A PIN AuthorAuthor Not KnownG.K. Chesterton. Dramatizedby M J Elliott ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionThe Colonial Radio Theatre PricePrice $ 2.00$ 2.25 Creepy tales from the cities of the dead.A labor dispute leads to murder. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=415http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8537 Great Moments in History: "Cake NoField, The Frosting"Author AuthorElizabeth Benjamin Jim CortReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 3.00 $ 0.79At the site of a 100-year-old massacre, unseen forces swirl Marie Antoinette goes on a picnic.about in the wind...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=598 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=4108Forty Years On Great Moments in History: "Encounter at Sea"AuthorAlan Bennett Author Jim CortReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 13.49 PriceAlan Bennett stars in a new production of his own acclaimed $ 0.79satirical comedy. A captain. A battleship. A pitch dark night.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=284 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8833 Page 24 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsGreat Moments in History: "Shakespeare at GUNS OF POWDER RIVERthe Globe" AuthorAuthor Jerry RobbinsJim Cort ReaderReader Colonial Radio TheatreFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 8.95$ 0.79 The popular radio series in its first feature length adventure!The Bard gets a jolly lesson in ye olde show biz. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=12203http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6658 HamletGreat Moments in History: "Standing Tall" AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareJim Cort ReaderReader Full Cast PerformanceFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 22.25$ 0.79 Michael Sheen, Kenneth Cranham and Juliet Stevenson starPrehistoric homo habilis takes a step towards the future. in the best-known and most powerful tragedy of modern times. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1549http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5205 Hamlet: BBC Radio Shakespeare (mp3Great Moments in History: "The Great Fish version)of Giza" AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareDigby Christian ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 22.25$ 0.79 Michael Sheen stars as Hamlet with Kenneth Cranham asFull-Cast. The great Tootenhotep unveils the 7-1/2th Wonder Claudius, Juliet Stevenson as Gertrude and Ellie Beaven asof the World! Ophelia in the best-known and most powerful tragedy of modern times...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1423 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9837 Page 25 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsHaunted South, The, Part One Henry IV - Part TwoAuthor AuthorNot Known William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 2.00 $ 18.49A journey to genuine haunted places of the American South. Father and son Julian and Jamie Glover star as King Henry and his son, Hal, in this powerful production, which also starshttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=30 Timothy West and Prunella Scales... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7967Haunted South, The, Part Two History Boys, TheAuthorNot Known Author Alan BennettReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 2.00 Price $ 18.49A journey to genuine haunted places of the American South. Alan Bennetts new, award-winning play as heard on BBC Radio 3 features the National Theatre cast...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=814 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2384Henry IV - Part One Hop FrogAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Author Edgar Allen PoeReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 24.49 Price $ 9.95Father and son Julian and Jamie Glover star as King Henryand Prince Hal in Shakespeares stirring history. A court jester seeks revenge against the king, who brutalized his love.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1765 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=864 Page 26 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsHorla, The Kafkas DickAuthor AuthorGuy de Maupassant Alan BennettReader ReaderFull Cast Production Alan BennettPrice Price$ 0.99 $ 13.49A tale of madness, or possession, or perhaps both. Alison Steadman, Richard Griffiths and Nigel Anthony star in this BBC radio 4 version of Alan Bennetts acclaimed comedyhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=4935 drama... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5537I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe Killist, TheAuthorDawson Nichols Author Emmett LoverdeReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 9.20 Price $ 1.98A horrific modern comedy which includes readings of severalPoe works. Based on the stage play. Farcical comedy tells the tale of the Killist, the meanest, toughest, orneryest gun in the old west.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8889 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1053Jane Eyre King LearAuthorCharlotte Bronte Author William ShakespeareReaderClaire Bloom, Sir Anthony ReaderQuayle & cast Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 12.75 Price $ 18.49Jane Eyre is the story of an unloved and penniless orphanwho triumphs over harsh treatment to become a spirited and Shakespeares bitter tragedy of loyalty, power and politics.independent young woman...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7550 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=569 Page 27 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsLady Windermeres Fan Masque Of The Red Death, TheAuthor AuthorOscar Wilde Edgar Allen PoeReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 11.99 $ 9.95Oscar Wildes first play confronts the hypocrisy of public When a prince deserts his subjects, death comes looking formorality. him.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=160 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=144Love Song Of..., The Merchant of Venice, TheAuthor AuthorLynn Rosen William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 1.75 $ 18.49Kelly and her mother huddle on a rainy NYC street fearing Shakespeares dramatic and complex comedy.they’ll never know enough about each otherhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=863 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=402Macbeth Midsummer Nights Dream, AAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 13.49 $ 18.49Richard Eyre directs Ken Stott as Macbeth and Phyllis Logan Sylvestra Le Touzel, Sam West and David Threlfall star inas Lady Macbeth in Shakespeares drama of greed and Shakespeares delightful comic fantasy.destiny. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1753http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=739 Page 28 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsMuch Ado About Nothing Peter PanAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare J. M. BarrieReader ReaderFull Cast Production VariousPrice Price$ 18.49 $ 18.49David Tennant stars as Benedick with Samantha Spiro as A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation of J. M. Barries tale ofBeatrice in Shakespeares merry comedy of wit, words and childhood adventure starring Toyah Willcox as Peter Pan andromance. Ron Moody as Captain Hookhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2081 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7099Odyssey, The Port AuthorityAuthor AuthorHomer Conor McPhersonReader ReaderFull Cast Performance Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 22.25 $ 11.99A BBC Radio 4 full-cast production of Homer’s epic seafaring Three men, Kevin, Dermot and Joe, stand and tell theiradventure, dramatised by award-winning poet Simon stories on a bare stage. They never meet. Or do they?Armitage and starring Tim McInnerny and Amanda Redman. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1679http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=163 POWDER RIVER - SEASON 4 - SneakPassion Poison & Petrification PreviewAuthor AuthorGeorge Bernard Shaw Jerry RobbinsReader ReaderFull Cast Production Colonial Radio Theatre on the AirPrice Price$ 0.99 $ 0.00Full-Cast. An indigestible tragic romantic comedy of love, MODERN RADIOS GREATEST WESTERN SERIESjealousy, betrayal and murder. RETURNS WITH ALL NEW EPISODES!http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1195 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9873 Page 29 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsPOWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 01: IN POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 04:CHICAGO THE SHOOTIN ARMAuthor AuthorJerry Robbins Jerry RobbinsReader ReaderThe Colonial Radio Theatre on The Colonial Radio Theate onthe Air the AirPrice Price$ 1.50 $ 1.50IN CHICAGO. Britt and Chad travel to Chicago where Doc is Doc wants to join Britt and Dawes in their search for thehospitalized. attackers of the raft.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11538 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6961POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 02: POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 05:REVELATIONS THE TOMAHAWK TRAILAuthor AuthorJerry Robbins Jerry RobbinsReader ReaderThe Colonial Radio Theatre on The Colonial Radio Theatre onthe Air the AirPrice Price$ 1.50 $ 1.50While in Chicago,Britt once again encounters Jenny White. Britt fears another uprising with the Sioux.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8316 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8160POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 03: POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 06 THEAMBUSH AT POWDER RIVER RIVER PIRATESAuthor AuthorJerry Robbins Jerry RobbinsReader ReaderThe Colonial Radio Theatre on The Colonial Radio Theatre onthe Air the AirPrice Price$ 1.50 $ 1.50A young lady is the sole survivor of an Indian attack on a raft Britt takes on the river pirates who have been attacking boatstraveling on the Powder. and homesteads along the Powder.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11772 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8389 Page 30 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsPOWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 07 THE POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 10:MAN IN THE IRON MASK END OF TRACKAuthor AuthorJerry Robbins Jerry RobbinsReader ReaderThe Colonial Radio Theatre on The Colonial Radio Theatre onthe Air the AirPrice Price$ 1.50 $ 1.50A mysterious visitor takes a room at Millies Hotel. Tragedy and death strike Clearmont, in this, the most dramatic episode of the Powder River series.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9706 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9735POWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 08: Ransom Of Red Chief, TheTHE RAILROAD AuthorAuthor O. HenryJerry Robbins ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionThe Colonial Radio Theatre onthe Air PricePrice $ 9.95$ 1.50 Two Kidnappers learn their plan is less than perfectThe railroad arrives in Clearmont, bring one thousand workersand trouble. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=553http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11750 Richard IIPOWDER RIVER Season 4. Episode 09: AuthorTHE BUFFALO William ShakespeareAuthorJerry Robbins Reader Full Cast PerformanceReaderThe Colonial Radio Theatre on Pricethe Air $ 18.49Price Samuel West stars as Richard II with Joss Ackland as John of$ 1.50 Gaunt in Shakespeares lyrically tragic history.While hunting buffalo for the railroad, peace with the Sioux is http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1308threatened.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7969 Page 31 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsRomeo & Juliet Rumpole and the Primrose PathAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare John MortimerReader ReaderFull Cast Performance Full Cast PerformancePrice Price$ 22.25 $ 18.49Douglas Henshall, Sophie Dahl and Susannah York star in In these episodes Rumpole is played by Timothy West, whilstShakespeares passionate story of doomed love. The full the part of She Who Must Be Obeyed is taken by his real-lifebeauty and meaning of some of the most lyrical lines ever wife, Prunella Scales.written can truly be heard. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=832http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2138 Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in BohemiaRoom With A View, A AuthorAuthor Sir Arthur Conan DoyleE.M. Forster ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 1.98$ 24.49 Full-Cast. Is it possible Holmes can be bested ... by a womanSheila Hancock stars in a BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation no less?of E. M. Forster’s glorious tale of love in Italy and England... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5165http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7799 Sherlock Holmes: The Final AdventureRose, A Chicago Valentine & Romance WithComedy Author Sir Arthur Conan DoyleAuthorK. Anderson Yancy Reader Full Cast ProductionReaderFull Cast Production Price $ 1.98Price Full-Cast. Holmes engages his arch enemy Professor$ 9.95 Moriarty in a deadly battle of witsDevastated by the end of her relationship, Rose reunites with http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7255her best friend from high school.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=908 Page 32 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsSherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band The Sign of the FourAuthor AuthorSir Arthur Conan Doyle Arthur Conan DoyleReader ReaderFull Cast Production VariousPrice Price$ 1.98 $ 18.49Full-Cast. Holmes and Watson investigate the terrible doings At the farthest reaches of the British Empire, four men swearat Stoke Moran manor an oath to keep a terrible secret, a secret drenched in bloodhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8459 which is the key to immense wealth... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8033Suitable Boy, A Theatre Royale: Private RoomsAuthorVikram Seth Author J.B.PriestleyReaderFull Cast Production Reader Ralph RichardsonPrice$ 24.49 Price $ 5.25A Suitable Boy is Vikram Seths epic love story set in India... itis as close as you can get to Dickens for the twentieth Theatre Royal: In this episode from the series, Ralphcentury. Richardson stars in a fully dramatised adaptation of thehttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9299 famous Private Rooms classic by J.B.Priestley... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9392Tempest, The Theatre Royale: The Happy HypocriteAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Author Max BeerbohnReaderFull Cast Production Reader Sir John GielgudPrice$ 18.49 Price $ 5.25Shakespeares magical, other-wordly final play. First broadcast as an half-hour radio programme in the 1950s, this performance captures the marvellous theatricalhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=359 style of post-war radio before the advent of television and offers the experience... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9566 Page 33 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsTNIV Complete Audio Bible Under Milk WoodAuthor AuthorInternational Bible Society Dylan ThomasReader ReaderMulti-Voice VariousPrice Price$ 39.99 $ 13.49A multi-voice audio recording of a fresh, new translation for A classic BBC Radio full-cast drama of Dylan Thomas poetictoday’s generation. play for voices starring Richard Burton...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10448 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8135Two Emma Toc, Writtle Vengeance in VegasAuthor AuthorTim Wander & Dennis Rookard Hal GlatzerReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 1.00 $ 0.99Personal recollections of the foundations of the BBC in an old Hear LA sleuth Mark Markheim solve crime all whilst adroitlyarmy hut in Essex. enunciating elaborate alliterationshttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=392 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6166Uncle Toms Cabin War and PeaceAuthor AuthorHarriet Beecher Stowe Leo TolstoyReader ReaderBuck Schirner VariousPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 36.75Published in 1852, Uncle Toms Cabin brought the Leo Tolstoys epic War and Peace chronicles one of the mostabolitionists message to the public conscience - no woman turbulent eras in Russian history, encompassing the dramabefore or since has so moved America to take action against and intensity of life during and after the Napoleonic Wars.an injustice. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5281http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10606 Page 34 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / DramatizationsWedding Dress, TheAuthorJacqueline SewaldReaderFull Cast ProductionPrice$ 9.95A womanss discovery of a haunted wedding dress leads to atragic end.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=945Who Launched The Lifeboat?AuthorJohn GlasscockReaderFull Cast ProductionPrice$ 1.00How was it that Lionel Lukin, living miles from the sea, cameto develop the Lifeboat?http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=493Wuthering HeightsAuthorEmily BronteReaderJ. CharlesPrice$ 24.95A classic of immense power, outlining the violent result ofthwarted passion.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10760 Page 35 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic Literature Arts & Drama / Classic Literature Page 36 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureA+ Audio Guide: Macbeth A+ Audio Guide: The Sun Also RisesAuthor AuthorDr. Mark Breitenberg Robert MurrayReader ReaderRoger Rees Frank DwyerPrice Price$ 6.98 $ 6.98A+ Audio is the innovative audio study guide series that will A+ Audio is the innovative audio study guide series that willhelp you better understand, appreciate, and enjoy great works help you better understand, appreciate, and enjoy great worksof literature. of literature.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6518 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7337A+ Audio Guide: The Great Gatsby Alexanders BridgeAuthor AuthorRichard Glatzer Willa CatherReader ReaderLawrence Pressman Marguerite GavinPrice Price$ 6.98 $ 9.95A+ Audio is the innovative audio study guide series that will Against a backdrop of delicate imagery, Willa Cather exploreshelp you better understand, appreciate, and enjoy great works the tough inner terrain of a man in mid-life crisis. Bartleyof literature. Alexander is a master bridge engineer at the height of hishttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6617 power, comfortable with success and all it brings. Yet he yearns for the lost vibrancy of his youth and so leads a... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9366A+ Audio Guide: The Poetry of WaltWhitman Arabian Nights, TheAuthor AuthorKirsten Silva Gruesz, Ph.D. Sir Richard BurtonReader ReaderPeter Strauss Philip MadocPrice Price$ 6.98 $ 15.49A+ Audio is the innovative audio study guide series that willhelp you better understand, appreciate, and enjoy great works Allow the Arabian Nights tales weave their enchantment.of literature.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5965 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=71 Page 37 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureAround the World in 80 Days Christmas Carol, AAuthor AuthorJules Verne Charles DickensReader ReaderDavid Colacci Ralph CoshamPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 10.50Classic story of a hasty world tour taken up on a gentelmens A wonderful reading of the story of Scrooge, Tiny Tim and theclub wager Ghosts of Christmas.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11072 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10258Barchester Towers Christmas Carol, AAuthor AuthorAnthony Trollope Charles DickensReader ReaderSimon Vance Richard WilsonPrice Price$ 36.95 $ 16.75This magnificent novel is a satirical comedy about the fight for The story of how the extraordinary events of Christmas Eveascendancy among the clergy in a cathedral city. The change the miserly Scrooge forever have made A Christmasformidable Mrs. Proudie, the oily Mr. Slope, and the Carol one of the greatest of all Christmas stories...flamboyant Signora Neroni are among the memorable http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5732characters vying to be the dominant voice in the quiet dioceseof Barchester.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9221 Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court, ABrideshead Revisited AuthorAuthor Mark TwainEvelyn Waugh ReaderReader Stuart LangtonFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 23.95$ 22.25 A Yankee mechanic, knocked out in a fight, awakens at Camelot in A.D. 528. He saves himself from prison and deathA full-cast dramatisation of Evelyn Waughs great classic by posing as a magician and becoming minister to Kingstory of a lost golden age. Arthur. But when he attempts to help out the peasants, hehttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=96 meets opposition. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9843 Page 38 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureCrome Yellow Daisy MillerAuthor AuthorAldous Huxley Henry JamesReader ReaderRobert Whitfield Susan OMalleyPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 9.95Aldous Huxley here introduces us to an amiable group of Frederick Winterbourne, an American expatriate visiting atartists and intellectuals engaged in the most free-thinking talk Vevey, Switzerland, meets commonplace, newly rich Mrs.imaginable. Poetry, occultism, ancestral history, and Italian Miller from Schenectady, New York, her mischievous smallpainting are just a few of the subjects for discussion among son and her daughter, Daisy, an “inscrutable combination ofthe eccentrics drawn together at Crome, an... audacity and innocence.” The Millers have no perception ofhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9499 the... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9350Crucible, The Daniel DerondaAuthorArthur Miller Author George EliotReaderStuart Pankin, Jerome ReaderDempsey and cast Nadia MayPrice$ 12.75 Price $ 49.95Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. A community stands accusedof witchcraft, and in the mood of fear and recrimination that In Daniel Deronda, George Eliot left behind the world of thequickly develops men denounce their neighbours... Victorian middle classes that she explored so well inhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5202 Middlemarch. Eliot, with her hero Deronda, attempts to come to terms with the English Jews, a society within a society, which the people of her time seemed either oblivious to or... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5598Curious Case of Benjamin Button andOther Stories, The: by F. Scott FitzgeraldAuthor Death of Arthur, TheF. Scott Fitzgerald Author Sir Thomas MaloryReadervarious readers Reader Philip MadocPrice$ 12.95 PriceThis collection of stories, originally published in 1922, is the $ 15.49basis for an upcoming major motion picture starring Brad Pittand Cate Blanchett. The glorious but tragic story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5006 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=76 Page 39 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Part Diary of Samuel Pepys, TheII, The AuthorAuthor Samuel PepysEdward Gibbon ReaderReader Michael MaloneyPhilip Madoc with Neville Jason PricePrice $ 18.75$ 27.25 Perhaps the most well-known collection of reminiscences.Gibbons work occupies an immortal place in the pantheon ofhistorical masterpieces. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1610http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=346 Doctor ThorneDecline and Fall of the Roman Empire, The AuthorAuthor Anthony TrollopeEdward Gibbon ReaderReader Simon VanceNeville Jason PricePrice $ 36.95$ 27.25 Doctor Thorne adopts his niece Mary, keeping secret herOne of the greatest texts in the English language. illegitimate birth as he introduces her to the best local social circles. There she meets and falls in love with Frank Gresham, who is intent on marrying her despite her seeminghttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=411 poverty. Only Doctor Thorne knows that Mary is to inherit a... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8535Devoted Friend, TheAuthor Elsie in New York and The Purple DressOscar Wilde Author O. HenryReaderDavid Ian Davies Reader Susan McCarthy, David Thorn,Price and Bobbie Frohman$ 4.00 PriceChildrens story uses tragedy to underscore the gulf between $ 9.95devotion and selfishness. In “Elsie in New York,” Elsie is an innocent young woman whohttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1233 must look for work to make a living. Although she applies for several positions, do-gooders interfere. Thinking they are saving her soul, in actuality they point her to her destruction. In “The Purple Dress,” two young women clerks... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8738 Page 40 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureElusive Pimpernel, The Felix Holt, The RadicalAuthor AuthorBaroness Orczy George EliotReader ReaderJohanna Ward Nadia MayPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 33.95In this sequel to The Scarlet Pimpernel, Sir Percy Blakeney’s Two men vying for the hand of Esther, a young woman ofarch- enemy travels to England in pursuit of the impudent charm and virtue, are Felix Holt, an idealistic young artisan,enemy of the French Republic. Monsieur Chauvelin devises a and Harold Transome, the intelligent heir to an estate. She isdastardly plot to annihilate, once and for all, both Sir Percy drawn to Holt yet has dreams of marrying into a life ofand his beautiful wife, Marguerite. refinement.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5954 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9127Essential Dylan Thomas, The Flowering Wilderness: The Forsyte Chronicles (Book 8)AuthorDylan Thomas Author John GalsworthyReaderFull Cast Performance Reader David CasePrice$ 18.75 PriceIts intimate blend of poetry and drama made it an instant $ 16.95classic; and so it remains in this unmatched recording with a John Galsworthy devoted virtually his entire professionalperfect cast led by Richard Burton career to creating a fictional but entirely representative familyhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=87 of propertied Victorians, the Forsytes. Flowering Wilderness is the eighth novel in his Forsyte Chronicles, which has become established as one of the most popular and... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7544Farmer Giles of HamAuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien Framley Parsonage AuthorReader Anthony TrollopeDerek Jacobi ReaderPrice Simon Vance$ 12.75Farmer Giles of Ham is one of Tolkien’s most popular stories, Pricefull of wit and humour, set in the days when giants anddragons walked... $ 36.95http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11346 Mark Robarts, the new young vicar in the village, seeks high connections to further his career but is preyed upon to guarantee a substantial loan, which brings Mark to the brink of ruin. Meanwhile, romances are in bloom, including between Marks sister, Lucy, and Lord Lufton, with a marriage in... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9260 Page 41 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureGarden Party and Other Stories, The Glimpses of the Moon, TheAuthor AuthorKatherine Mansfield Edith WhartonReader ReaderMarguerite Gavin Anna FieldsPrice Price$ 14.95 $ 29.95The fifteen stories collected here demonstrate the genius of Nick Lansing and Susy Branch, a newly married couple withKatherine Mansfield, who was compared to Chekhov. These the right connections but little money, devise a shrewd plan toare not tales of violent incidents or dexterous plot but sponge off their wealthy friends, honeymooning in theirsensitive revelations of human behavior in ordinary situations. mansions and villas. How their plan unfolds is a charmingThe men, women, and children whom Mansfield portrays are... comedy of Eros.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9931 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9092Germinal Gullivers TravelsAuthor AuthorEmile Zola Jonathan SwiftReader ReaderFrederick Davidson Pamela GarelickPrice Price$ 33.95 $ 23.95In the Maheus family, the father and three of seven children Swift’s masterpiece of satire tells of the fantastic voyages ofwork brutal hours to extract coal far beneath the earth amid the Englishman Lemuel Gulliver, whose travels take him tohazards of landslides, fire, poisoned air, and poisoned lands where the inhabitants are only six inches tall as well ashealth. Then comes the idea of a workers’ revolt, and soon to lands where they are sixty feet high, where horses have thethe settlement is aflame. Zola chronicles the conflicts,... capacity to reason, and where animals are...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8899 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7529Gin Palace, The Hard TimesAuthor AuthorEmile Zola Charles DickensReader ReaderFrederick Davidson Frederick DavidsonPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 23.95This work is one of the most starkly realistic dissections of Thomas Gradgrind is an eminently practical man whomen and women possessed by sensuality and alcoholism believes in facts and statistics and has brought up his twoever attempted. children, Louisa and Tom, accordingly, suppressing thehttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11561 imaginative sides of their nature. They are raised without love and affection, and the consequences are devastating. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7568 Page 42 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureHeart of Darkness: Classic Edition Importance of Being Earnest, TheAuthor AuthorJoseph Conrad Oscar WildeReader ReaderFrederick Davidson Alec McCowen, Lynn Redgrave and castPrice Price$ 12.95 $ 11.99Marlow, the story’s narrator, tells his friends of an experience This elaborate fabrication proceeds smoothly untilin the British Congo where he once ran a river steamer for a Jack/Ernest falls in love and his fiancee’s mother discoverstrading company. He tells of the ivory traders’ cruel there is more – or, rather, less – to him than meets the eye.exploitation of the natives there. Chief among these is a http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6230greedy and treacherous European named Kurtz, a man whohas...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5439 Importance of Being Earnest, The AuthorHowards End Oscar WildeAuthorE. M. Forster Reader Full Cast PerformanceReaderNadia May Price $ 11.99Price This is one of the great recordings of a great play. John$ 23.95 Gielgud stars as Earnest and Edith Evans ..... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2106Howard’s End is a charming country house in Hertfordshirewhich becomes the object of an inheritance dispute betweenthe Wilcox family and the Schlegel sisters. Through romanticentanglements, disappearing wills, and sudden tragedy, theconflict over the house emerges as a symbolic struggle for... In Chancery: Book Two of The Forsyte Sagahttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7712 Author John GalsworthyHunchback of Notre Dame, The ReaderAuthor David CaseVictor Hugo Price $ 23.95ReaderFrederick Davidson In Chancery is the second novel in John Galsworthys epic Forsyte Saga, a brilliant social satire about an upper-class family. After suffering the death of her lover and abuse fromPrice her husband Soames, Irene Forsyte has finally left her$ 33.95 marriage for good. Though disgraced by her affair, she forms...Ugly and deformed but humble and loyal, Quasimodo is the http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8673hunchback living in the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Heis trapped between his love for a Gypsy girl and his love forthe archdeacon, his benefactor.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7915 Page 43 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureJack London Boxed Set Le Morte DArthur Vol. 2Author AuthorJack London Sir Thomas MaloryReader ReaderJohn Lee Frederick DavidsonPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 33.95This boxed set features Jack Londons thrilling classics, The "Le Morte dArthur remains an enchanted sea for the reader toCall of the Wild and White Fang. London’s adventurous swim about in, delighting at the random beauties of fifteenth-nature, intuitive feeling for animal life, and superb storytelling century prose."--Robert Gravesskills have given his tales an enduring place in the annals of http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9223American literature.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8556 Light That Failed, TheJohn Bulls Other Island Author Rudyard KiplingAuthorGeorge Bernard Shaw Reader David Thorn, Stuart Bennett,Reader Kevin Kennedy, Marilyn Rose,Christopher Benjamin, PatrickDuggan and cast Price $ 16.95Price$ 12.75 Well-known war correspondent and artist Dick Heldar returns to London and falls in love with his childhood sweetheart,When Thomas Broadbent, an Englishman, visits Ireland for Maisie. Then he learns he is going blind due to a war injury.the first time, he is accompanied by his friend Larry Doyle, an As his vision fails, he must choose between the love of aIrishman who is returning to his homeland after being away woman and the love of the men who stood by him at the front.for many years... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9863http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5338 Lives of the Twelve CaesarsLe Morte DArthur Vol. 1 AuthorAuthor SuetoniusSir Thomas Malory ReaderReader Derek JacobiFrederick Davidson PricePrice $ 27.25$ 29.95 Suetonius wrote Lives of the Twelve Caesars in the reign ofThis monumental work made the Arthurian cycle available for Vespasian around 70AD. He chronicled their extraordinarythe first time in English. careers, presenting perspicacious insights into the men ashttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7421 much as their reigns. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1788 Page 44 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureLost Prince, The Making of a Marchioness, The and Methods of Lady Walderhurst, TheAuthorFrances Hodgson Burnett Author Frances Hodgson BurnettReaderDavid Thorn Reader a full castPrice$ 23.95 PriceFrom the author of such children’s classics as The Secret $ 16.95Garden and A Little Princess comes this enchanting story of a This two-part adult fairytale by the author of The Secretyoung boy discovering his true destiny. Twelve-year-old Garden combines a charming Cinderella tale with an ironicMarco has spent his life traveling with his father in secrecy, look at class structure and the Edwardian marriage market inforbidden to speak about their country of origin,... turn-of-the-century London. Emily Fox-Seton is distantlyhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10455 related to aristocracy, but she is struggling to make ends... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5951Macbeth: BBC Radio Shakespeare (mp3) Mary BartonAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Author Elizabeth GaskellReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full cast ProductionPrice$ 13.49 PriceRichard Eyre directs Ken Stott as Macbeth and Phyllis Logan $ 24.49as Lady Macbeth in Shakespeares dramatic tale of greed and Gaskells powerful drama, adapted here for Womans Hour, isdestiny... regarded as one of the most important novels of its time...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7330 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9966Maid in Waiting Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, TheAuthor AuthorJohn Galsworthy Howard PyleReader ReaderDavid Case David CasePrice Price$ 19.95 $ 23.95<i>Maid in Waiting</i> is the beginning novel in the last trilogy Here are the beloved adventures of the mischievous heroof John Galsworthys Forsyte Chronicles. In this seventh Robin Hood and his brave and merry band of outlaws whoinstallment, the story continues of the lives and times, loves forged a chivalrous code to protect the oppressed and despoiland losses, fortunes and deaths of the fictional but entirely the oppressors. Breathtaking escapes, hilarious escapades,representative family of propertied Victorians,... and classic characters make this a favorite story everywhere.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6922 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7574 Page 45 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureMiddlemarch My AntoniaAuthor AuthorGeorge Eliot Willa CatherReader ReaderNadia May Jeff CummingsPrice Price$ 59.95 $ 16.95Middlemarch is a multilayered work centering around two One of the outstanding novels in the canon of Americanexpertly constructed characters: Dorothea Brooke, an literature, My Ántonia tells of the life of early Americanidealistic young woman who traps herself into a loveless pioneers in the vast frontier farmlands of Nebraska. Infusedmarriage, and Tertius Lydgate, an ambitious young doctor. with a gracious passion for the land, it renders a deeplyThis work is epic in scope and unsurpassed in its depiction of moving portrait of a community and the free-spirited girl at...human nature. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5122http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9440 Nicholas NicklebyMoll Flanders AuthorAuthor Charles DickensDaniel Defoe ReaderReader Robert WhitfieldNadia May PricePrice $ 59.95$ 23.95 Nicholas, the hearty young hero, takes us on a journeyFrom her birth in Newgate Prison, where her mother is under through nineteenth-century England in a delightful series ofsentence of death for theft, to her final position of wealth, Moll adventures accompanied by some of Dickens’s bestFlanders demonstrates a spirit of industry and an indomitable swaggering scoundrels and most unforgettable eccentrics.will. One of the earliest social novels of English life, Moll http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7457Flanders features one of the most lively,...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6350 Ninety-ThreeMoveable Feast, A Author Victor HugoAuthorErnest Hemingway Reader Frederick DavidsonReaderJames Naughton Price $ 26.95Price$ 17.95 It is 1793, France, the year of the guillotine. Already Louis XVI has been sentenced to the scaffold, and terror reigns. InIf you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young Ninety-Three, Victor Hugo’s inspired last novel, thatman, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays tumultuous year’s events are woven into an epic masterpiecewith you, for Paris is a moveable feast... which captures brilliantly the moment that shaped the...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6067 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9671 Page 46 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureOedipus The King One Of OursAuthor AuthorSophocles Willa CatherReader ReaderFull Cast Production Kristen UnderwoodPrice Price$ 11.99 $ 26.95In this new translation, performed by an outstanding cast led Claude Wheeler, the sensitive, aspiring protagonist of thisby Michael Sheen, the searing inevitablity facing Oedipus novel, resembles the youngest son of a peculiarly Americanproves as shocking as it was 2.500 years ago when it was fairy tale. His fortune is ready-made for him, but he refuses tofirst presented. settle for it. Alienated from his crass father and pious mother,http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1434 all but rejected by a wife who reserves her... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7003Oliver Twist Oresteia, TheAuthorCharles Dickens Author AeschylusReaderFull Cast Production Reader a full castPrice$ 18.49 Price $ 12.95Tim McInnerny stars as the murderous Bill Sikes with PamFerris as Mrs Mann and Edward Long as Oliver in a BBC Aeschylus here dramatizes the myth of the curse on the royalRadio 4 full-cast dramatisation of one of Dickens best known house of Argos. The action begins when King Agamemnon,novels. returning victorious from the Trojan War, is treacherouslyhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5991 slain by his wife. It end http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6933One More River Other House, TheAuthorJohn Galsworthy Author Henry JamesReaderDavid Case Reader Frederick DavidsonPrice$ 19.95 Price $ 16.95Clare Charwell has just fled her sadistic husband in Ceylonand boarded a ship back to England. On the boat, she meets This terse and startling novel is the story of a struggle forthe charming Tony Croom, who falls madly in love with her. possession and of its devastating consequences. ThreeThough Clare’s relationship with Tony is platonic, her women seek to secure the affections of one man, while he, inhusband has been secretly gathering “evidence” to accuse turn, tries to satisfy them all. But in the middle of this contesther of... of wills stands his unwitting and vulnerable young...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8750 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5695 Page 47 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteraturePainted Veil, The Peter SimpleAuthor AuthorW. Somerset Maugham Frederick MarryatReader ReaderKate Reading Frederick DavidsonPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 33.95Set in the 1920s, The Painted Veil is the story of the beautiful In this seminal story of naval life during the Napoleonic War,but love-starved Kitty Fane. When her husband discovers her Frederick Marryat’s young hero embarks upon a life at seaadulterous affair, he forces her to accompany him to the heart and finds it to be a rough school indeed. Peter Simple is aof a cholera epidemic, where she is compelled by her towering tale from the great age of sail, filled with keen wit,awakening conscience to reassess her life and learn how... vivid characters, and gripping adventure.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6491 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6392Pensées Plutarch - Greek LivesAuthor AuthorBlaise Pascal PlutarchReader ReaderWilliam Sutherland Nicholas Farrell with Steve HodsonPrice Price$ 23.95 $ 27.25Pensées (Thoughts) is a collection of Pascal’s notes and Plutarchs unique insight into the great men of the Ancientideas for a book in defense of faith in a rational world. These World through his biographies.fragments give evidence of a profoundly original thinker who http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=65has resolved his conflict between a scientific mind demandingproof and a spiritual position maintained by faith.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5823 Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature, ThePersian War, The AuthorAuthor Elizabeth KantorHerodotus ReaderReader James AdamsRoy Marsden PricePrice $ 16.95$ 15.49 These days, English professors teach anything and everything but classic English literature. They prefer toHerodotus tells the heroic tale of the Greeks resistance to the indoctrinate their students in Marxism and feminism andvast invading force assembled by Xerxes, King of Persia. propagandize against our “oppressive” Western culture. Takehttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1012 a fascinating tour through our great literature, in all its politically... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9543 Page 48 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteraturePrairie, The Rogues Life, AAuthor AuthorJames Fenimore Cooper Wilkie CollinsReader ReaderNoah Waterman Bernard MayesPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 14.95Natty Bumppo in his ninetieth year is still competent as a Mr. Frank Softly was sent to one of the most fashionable andfrontiersman and trapper. He is drawn into conflict with society famous of the great public schools. He said, “I ran away threein the form of an immigrant party led by the surly Ishmael times, and was flogged three times. I made four aristocraticBush. Once again this great man of nature is called upon to connections, I learnt to play at cricket, to hate rich people. . .exhibit his courage and resourcefulness to rescue... and to receive kicks and serious advice...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6025 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5111Reef, The Roman LivesAuthor AuthorEdith Wharton PlutarchReader ReaderKristen Underwood Nicholas FarrellPrice Price$ 19.95 $ 27.25Anna Leath, an American widow living in France, has Though he was Greek, Plutarch wrote his Lives in the firstengaged in a love affair with George Darrow, a diplomat. century, a world dominated by the Roman Empire. Here heHowever, when Darrow is on his way to consolidate marriage considers some of the major figures who had left their stamp.plans at Anna’s French chateau, he encounters Sophy Viner, http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1940who is as sprightly and spontaneous as Anna is restrainedand demure....http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8953 Romeo And Juliet: BBC Radio Shakepeare (mp3)Return of the Native, The AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareThomas Hardy ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionNadia May PricePrice $ 22.25$ 26.95 Douglas Henshall stars as Romeo with Sophie Dahl as Juliet and Susannah York as Lady Capulet in ShakespearesClym Yeobright, a diamond merchant in Paris, returns to his passionate story of doomed love...home in Egdon where he falls in love with the sensuousEustacia Vye. She marries him, hoping he will take her away http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8502to Paris. But Eustacia’s dreams of escape are not to berealized. Clym Yeobright, the returning native, cannot bringher...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9405 Page 49 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureRomola Seven Pillars of WisdomAuthor AuthorGeorge Eliot T E LawrenceReader ReaderNadia May Jim NortonPrice Price$ 39.95 $ 15.49In this novel, Eliot re-creates the upheavals of fifteenth- Although Lawrence of Arabia died in 1935, the story of his lifecentury Florence through the noble and courageous Romola, has captured the imagination of succeeding generations.who finds herself increasingly disillusioned by the career of http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1121Savonarola and repelled by her unscrupulous, self-indulgenthusband.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5245 Silas Marner AuthorScarlet Pimpernel, The George EliotAuthorBaroness Orczy Reader John PeakesReaderRalph Cosham Price $ 24.95Price Silas Marners redemption and restoration endorses the$ 16.95 goodness in people... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8245“Who is this man, this Scarlet Pimpernel?” Each day thisquestion grew more pressing to the rulers of the FrenchRevolution. Only this man, this maddeningly elusive figure,threatened their total power, defying the vast network offanatics, informers, and secret agents that the Revolution Silver Spoon, Thespread... Authorhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7952 John Galsworthy ReaderSea Wolf, The David CaseAuthorJack London Price $ 19.95Reader “But, however much or little ‘A Modern Comedy’ may beDick Hill deemed to reflect the spirit of an Age, it continues in the main to relate the tale of life which sprang from the meeting of Soames and Irene in a Bournemouth drawing-room in 1881….Price ”—John Galsworthy$ 24.95 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11789A sophisticated man is thrust into the dangerous world of asealing sailorhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7711 Page 50 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureSmall House at Allington, The Story of Dr. Dolittle, TheAuthor AuthorAnthony Trollope Hugh LoftingReader ReaderSimon Vance Nadia MayPrice Price$ 43.95 $ 9.95Squire Dale, the embittered old bachelor who lives in the Doctor Dolittle, a little, lovable, old doctor, has so manygreat house at Allington, has loaned the nearby small house animal pets that his people patients will not come to him anyrent free to his widowed sister-in-law and her two daughters, more. In fact, he likes the animals better, and he can talk toLily and Bell. The action centers on the strained relations them, too! Soon his fame spreads all over the world and whenbetween the two houses and on the romantic entanglements... the monkeys in Africa are stricken with an...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9196 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8985Smith of Wootton Major/Leaf By Niggle Swan SongAuthor AuthorJ. R. R. Tolkien John GalsworthyReader ReaderDerek Jacobi David CasePrice Price$ 15.49 $ 19.95Smith of Wooton Major tells of the preparation of the Great In his old age, Soames Forsyte has mellowed into a patientCake to mark the Feast of Good Children and the magical... and benign figure, guarding with especial tenderness thehttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11344 welfare of his daughter, Fleur. But all his watchfulness and devotion are powerless to avert the tragedy when Fleur revives her old love affair with Jon Forsyte. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9442Song of Roland, TheAuthorUnknown Tale of Two Cities, A AuthorReader Charles Dickensa full cast ReaderPrice Buck Schirner$ 12.95The audiodrama of this twelfth-century French epic allows Pricelisteners to hear the story as they might have in medieval $ 24.95time, when a traveling troubador would recite the poem in thevillage square. It describes the heroic exploits of Roland and The doctor has just been released, demented, when the storythe campaign of Charlemagne. Fired by the religious... opens. He is brought to England where he gradually recovershttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6501 his health and his sanity. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11045 Page 51 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureTales of the Fish Patrol Therese RaquinAuthor AuthorJack London Emile ZolaReader ReaderJonathan Reese Traci SvendsgaardPrice Price$ 12.95 $ 21.95These seven stories are based on Jack London’s youthful In a dingy apartment on the Passage du Pont-Neuf in Paris,adventures as an oyster pirate. In the early 1900s, San Thérèse Raquin is trapped in a loveless marriage to her sicklyFrancisco Bay was plagued by oyster pirates who plundered cousin, Camille. The numbing tedium of her life is suddenlyin broad daylight. At sixteen, London’s common sense shattered when she embarks on a turbulent affair with hersuggested he change sides. Thus he joined the Fish Patrol. husband’s earthy friend Laurent. But their passion for...Catching the... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8897http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10325 Three Musketeers, TheTalisman, The AuthorAuthor Alexandre DumasSir Walter Scott ReaderReader Simon VanceRobert Whitfield PricePrice $ 43.95$ 23.95 This historical romance, perhaps the greatest cloak-and-The Crusaders, led by Richard I of England, are encamped in sword story ever written, relates the adventures of fourthe Holy Land and torn by the dissensions and jealousies of fictional swashbuckling heroes and their escapades againstthe leaders, including Coeur de Lion himself and Philip of the master of intrigue, Cardinal Richelieu, and theFrance. quintessential wicked woman, Lady de Winter.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9042 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8297Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The Three Musketeers, TheAuthor AuthorAnne Bront Alexandre DumasReader ReaderFrederick Davidson and Nadia Michael PageMayPrice Price$ 29.95 $ 29.95A beautiful woman with a young child and a mysterious past The young and headstrong DArtagnan, having proven histakes up residence at Wildfell Hall and becomes the bravery by dueling with each, becomes a friend of Athos,passionate focus of attention of a young unmarried country Porthos, and Aramis, members of the Kings Musketeers.gentleman, in this tragic tale that reveals the secret violence http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10556in a society considered well-mannered.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10161 Page 52 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureTo Let: Book Three of The Forsyte Saga Treasure IslandAuthor AuthorJohn Galsworthy Robert Louis StevensonReader ReaderDavid Case Michael PagePrice Price$ 19.95 $ 24.95In To Let, Jon and Fleur, now both nineteen years old, fall in The timeless adventure classic of young Jim Hawkins andlove. However, when Jolyon informs his son of the past feud Captain Flints treasure.between the families, Jon decides that he cannot marry Fleur. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10812Meanwhile, Soames learns that his second wife, Annette, hasbeen unfaithful to him, and the Forsyte family...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5549 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea AuthorTouchstone, The Jules VerneAuthorEdith Wharton Reader Frederick DavidsonReaderGrace Conlin Price $ 11.50Price The year 1866 was marked by a mysterious and inexplicable$ 12.95 phenomenon. For some time, sea vessels had been threatened by “an enormous thing,” a long phosphorescentStephen Glennard, a young lawyer, sells a package of love object, infinitely larger and more rapid in its movements thanletters, written to him over the years by distinguished novelist a whale—until Captain Nemo put his submarine, the Nautilus,Margaret Aubyn, to raise money to pay for his forthcoming into...wedding to another woman. After the wedding, his secret http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9062comes back to haunt him, and when he confesses to hiswife,...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9905 Under Western Eyes AuthorTragedy of Puddnhead Wilson, The Joseph ConradAuthorMark Twain Reader Geoffrey HowardReadervarious readers Price $ 23.95Price Under Western Eyes, Conrad’s novel of political treachery$ 14.95 and oppression, begins with a bomb that kills a hated Russian minister of police, along with innocent bystanders. A youngIn this book that implicitly condemns slavery, David Wilson is student named Razumov hides the perpetrator, then betrayscalled “Pudd’nhead” by the townspeople, who fail to him and becomes a spy among his exiled comrades. Heunderstand his combination of wisdom and eccentricity. He faces...redeems himself by solving a murder mystery and a case of http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9210transposed identities.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11799 Page 53 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureVicar of Wakefield, The WaldenAuthor AuthorOliver Goldsmith Henry David ThoreauReader ReaderDavid Thorn with a full William Hopesupporting castPrice Price$ 16.95 $ 18.75Country vicar Dr. Primrose has a good heart, a good family In 1845 Henry David Thoreau, one of the principal Newand a good income, but suddenly, his idyllic life is cruelly England Transcendentalists, left the small town of Concorddevastated by a series of misfortunes. Despite all the for the country. Beside the lake of Walden, he built himself acalamity, however, he never loses sight of Christian morality, log cabin.and this eventually brings him justice and the restoration... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1234http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9278 War and PeaceVillette AuthorAuthor Leo TolstoyCharlotte Brontë ReaderReader Frederick DavidsonNadia May PricePrice $ 59.95$ 36.95 War and Peace is at once an epic of the Napoleonic wars, aLucy Snowe is a stoic young Englishwoman. Beset by philosophical study, and a celebration of the Russian spirit.adverse circumstances, on a momentary whim she travels to Out of this complex narrative emerges a profoundBelgium to seek her livelihood as a teacher in a girls’ examination of each individual’s place in the historicalboarding school. There, surrounded by giddy pupils, under process. War and Peace is an affirmation of life itself.the control of the cunning school matron, wooed by an... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9495http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5715 Warden, TheVoyage Out, The AuthorAuthor Anthony TrollopeVirginia Woolf ReaderReader Simon VanceNadia May PricePrice $ 16.95$ 26.95 Anthony Trollope’s classic novel centers on Mr. Harding, aThe Voyage Out opens as a group of lively, eccentric British clergyman of great personal integrity whose charitable incometourists embark on a sea voyage from London to a resort in far exceeds the purpose for which it was intended. OnSouth America. The focus soon turns to Rachel Vinrace, a discovering this, young John Bold determines to expose whatshy, awkward young woman headed on a voyage of self- he regards as an abuse of privilege, despite the fact that he...discovery through love, illness, and, finally, death. A wry and... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7957http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5217 Page 54 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Classic LiteratureWay of All Flesh, TheAuthorSamuel ButlerReaderFrederick DavidsonPrice$ 29.95Every generation finds in The Way of All Flesh a reaffirmationof youth’s rightful struggle against the tyranny of harshparents and its admirable will for freedom of personalexpression. This is a fascinating character study of a youngman who survives the influence of a hateful, hypocritical...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6447White Monkey, The: Book 4 in The ForsyteChroniclesAuthorJohn GalsworthyReaderDavid CasePrice$ 19.95In this opening novel of the second trilogy in the ForsyteChronicles, Fleur and Michael Mont begin to question theirmarriage when a love triangle develops between them andtheir mutual friend, author Wilfred Desert.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9866Wings of the Dove, TheAuthorHenry JamesReaderNadia MayPrice$ 36.95What befalls a star-crossed triangle of friends and lovers inthis novel illustrates exquisitely what happens when a woman’s desire for both her lover and riches makes the object of heraffection question his own true worth in her eyes.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9465 Page 55 of 67
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    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / ShakespeareAll The Worlds A Stage: Shakespeares CoriolanusSpeeches AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionVarious PricePrice $ 18.49$ 9.75 Samuel West and Susannah York star in Shakespeares greatAn anthology of Shakespearian speeches performed by the tragedy of power and pride.worlds leading actors. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1243http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9922 CymbelineAlls Well That Ends Well AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare ReaderReader Full Cast ProductionFull Cast Production PricePrice $ 11.95$ 18.49 One of Shakespeares final works, Cymbeline uses virtuosoSian Phillips, Emma Fielding and Miriam Margolyes star in theatrical and poetic means to dramatize a story of marriageShakespeares comedy of men behaving badly and women imperiled by mistrust and rebuilt in the context of internationaldoing it for themselves. confllict.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=707 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=146As You Like It Great Historical Shakespeare RecordingsAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare VariousReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 10.95 $ 11.99A quintessential Shakespearean comedy, complete with a In this remarkable anthology of historical recordings are manyloquacious clown. of the great artists of the past.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=634 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1907 Page 57 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / ShakespeareHamlet Julius CaesarAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 18.75 $ 12.95The first in Shakespeares great series of four tragedies. Julius Caesar is one of Shakespeares most popular and polished works.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=613 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=923Hamlet King LearAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderDavid Ian Davies Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 5.00 $ 15.49Shakespeares classic as dramatized by renowned vocal The story of a foolish and self-indulgent king who learns theactor David I. Davies value of self-knowledge.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=292 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=138Julius Caesar King Richard IIIAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 18.49 $ 15.49Political intrigue and fierce battle rage in this tense and Kenneth Branagh heads an outstanding cast in playing one ofdynamic production in which a country is torn apart under the Shakespeares strongest characters. The eighth production inlegacy of Julius Caesar, the colossus. the widely admired series of Shakespeare plays.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9439 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1552 Page 58 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / ShakespeareMacbeth Midsummer Nights DreamAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 15.49 $ 15.49Iin Macbeth Shakespeare has chosen for his tragic hero a This blends several kinds of comedy with a powerfulman guilty of the most terrible crime imaginable to a atmosphere of magic and mystery and a satisfying set ofJacobean audience, that of regicide - the murder of a king. contrasts - between city and country, reason and imagination,http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1500 love and infatuation. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1585Macbeth Midsummer Nights Dream, AAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Author William ShakespeareReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast ProductionPrice$ 12.95 Price $ 12.95Macbeth is among the most powerful of Shakespearestragedies, a dark but fascinating glimpse into the soul of evil, A joyous celebration of love, language, and life itself, Aset in medieval Scotland. Midsummer Nights Dream is Shakespeare at his lyrical best.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=2088 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1713Measure for Measure Much Ado About NothingAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderFull-Cast Production Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 11.95 $ 10.95When a young woman is offered the choice of saving a mans A full-cast performance of one of the greatest verbal sparringlife at the price of her own chastity, what should she do? matches in all of literature.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11583 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1471 Page 59 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / ShakespeareOthello Shakespeares SonnetsAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare ShakespeareReader ReaderFull-Cast Production David ButlerPrice Price$ 22.25 $ 10.50The stormy passions of Shakespeares tragedy resonate with All 154 of the Shakespeares sonnets are beautifully read.powerful emotion in this BBC radio 3 production.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9677 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=10294Othello Shakespeares Speeches: Hamlet - Act III, Scene IAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Author William ShakespeareReaderFull Cast Performance Reader Michael RedgravePrice$ 15.49 PriceThe second in Shakespeares greate sequence of four $ 1.65tragedies. To be or not to be - that is the question…http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1642 http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7187Romeo and Juliet Shakespeares Speeches: Henry V - Act IV,AuthorWilliam Shakespeare Scene III AuthorReader William ShakespeareFull Cast Production ReaderPrice Richard Burton$ 15.49Shakespeares play is filled with wit, tenderness, dramatic Pricevariety and poetic beauty. $ 1.65http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=499 Richard Burtons rich and resonant voice delivers Henry Vs address to his army on the eve of Agincourt! http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=6033 Page 60 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / ShakespeareShakespeares Speeches: King Lear - Act II, Shakespeares Speeches: Richard III - Act I,Scene IV Scene IAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderAlec Guiness Ian HolmPrice Price$ 1.65 $ 1.65Alec Guinnesss performance as King Lear stirs the listener in Ian Holm delivers King Richard IIIs soliloquy, bringingthis recording from the BBC Sound Archives. Shakespeares wonderful lines, full of pyschological insight,http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7810 vividly to life. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5716Shakespeares Speeches: Macbeth - Act I,Scene VII Shakespeares Speeches: Romeo and Juliet - Act I, Scene IIIAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Author William ShakespeareReaderPeggy Ashcroft Reader Fay ComptonPrice$ 1.65 Price $ 1.65From the BBC Sound Archives, one of Shakespeares mostfamous and memorable speeches, with Paul Scofield and This impassioned speech is beautifully spoken by FayPeggy Ashcroft as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, bringing Compton in this BBC Sound archives recording.these ominous words vividly to life. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8989http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5022 Shakespeares Speeches: The Merchant OfShakespeares Speeches: Macbeth - Act II, Venice - Act IV, Scene IScene II AuthorAuthor William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare ReaderReader Hannah GordonDenis Quilley PricePrice $ 1.65$ 1.65 In this recording from the BBC Sound Archives, HannahWith Denis Quilley as Macbeth, this recording from the BBC Gordon is Shakespeares wise Portia.Sound Archives brings Shakespeares memorable words to http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9957life.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9120 Page 61 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / ShakespeareSonnets, The Twelfth NightAuthor AuthorWilliam Shakespeare William ShakespeareReader ReaderSir John Gielgud Full Cast ProductionPrice Price$ 10.95 $ 11.99As read by the legendary Sir John Gielgud-- perhaps the Modem audiences, critics and directors seem better attunedgreatest interpreter of the Bard we shall ever know-- the to its delicate counterpointing of romance and realism, to itssonnets in this selection come alive... ambivalent ending and to the poetic suggestiveness ofhttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1696 Festes songs. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1734Tempest, The William Shakespeare: Great Speeches andAuthor SoliloquiesWilliam Shakespeare Author William ShakespeareReaderFull Cast Production Reader Full Cast PerformancePrice$ 11.99 PriceThe wronged Duke raises a tempest to shipwreck his oldopponents on his island so that he can ensure justice is done. $ 11.99http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=890 Many of Shakespeares greatest and best-loved speeches are brought together in this superb collection, performed by outstanding artists. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=574Tempest, TheAuthorWilliam Shakespeare Winters Tale, The AuthorReader William ShakespeareA Full Cast Performance ReaderPrice Full Cast Recording$ 12.95Audiences the world over still thrill to The Tempests dark Pricecomedy and magical fantasy. $ 11.95http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1150 The Winters Tale was one of the very last plays Shakespeare wrote, a moving romance whose themes are sin, forgiveness, death, rebirth, and the power of Time and Nature to heal all wounds. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=740 Page 62 of 67
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    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / Music RelatedClassical Music 101: A Complete Guide toLearning and Loving Classical MusicAuthorFred PlotkinReaderFred PlotkinPrice$ 36.95In clear and entertaining prose, Plotkin explores a thousandyears of music, introduces listeners to the great works, andprofiles in depth many significant composers. Classical Music101 is a high...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7007Guitar: An American LifeAuthorTim BrookesReaderTim BrookesPrice$ 23.95What was it about a small, humble folk instrument thatallowed it to become an American icon? The guitar is "wall-to-wall popular in the United States," says Brookes in thischronicle of the guitar...http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7654Story of Classical Music, TheAuthorDarren HenleyReaderAled JonesPrice$ 15.49The lives and music of the great composers of classical musicunfold in this entertaining account, introduced by singer andpresenter Aled Jones.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1210 Page 64 of 67
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    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / BiographicalAlan Bennett - Untold Stories Part 3: FlashbackWritten On The Body AuthorAuthor David BarryAlan Bennett ReaderReader David BarryAlan Bennett PricePrice $ 10.25$ 18.49 Nearly five decades of theatrical anecdotes as David BarryAlan Bennett reads five more extracts from Untold Stones, his {Frankie Abbott in Please, Sir!) recalls working with the likesmajor collection of new writings Untold Stories. Alan Bennetts of Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh...first major collection of prose since his bestselling Writing http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9413Home.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7140 Hymn: Alan Bennett And The Medici String QuartetAlan Bennett - Untold Stories Part 4: ACommon Assault Author Alan Bennett and GeorgeAuthor FentonAlan Bennett Reader Alan BennettReaderAlan Bennett Price $ 7.49Price Recorded live for BBC Radio 4, Hymn is a memoir of music in$ 18.49 childhood, written by Alan Bennett and George FentonAlan Bennett reads three further chapters from Untold Stones, http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7627his major collection of new writings.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7151 Interview with Maeve BinchyAlan Bennett at the BBC Author Maeve BinchyAuthorAlan Bennett Reader Maeve BinchyReaderAlan Bennett Price $ 0.00Price Maeve talks about hearing her work on audio, narrated by her$ 18.49 cousin and friend Kate Binchy...Alan Bennett presents highlights from his remarkable career http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=5949at the BBC.http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=1062 Page 66 of 67
    • www.AudioBookOne.net Arts & Drama / BiographicalInvincible Rembrandt 400Author AuthorVince Papale and Chad Neil MacGregorMillmanReader ReaderMel Foster Neil MacGregorPrice Price$ 24.95 $ 7.49The tie-in to the Disney Pictures release starring Mark Neil MacGregor, the Director of the British Museum, marksWahlberg - the true story of the NFL’s oldest rookie... the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt’s birth in BBC R3’shttp://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8106 Sunday Feature ‘Rembrandt 400’... http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=11774John Peel Remembered: Home TruthsSpecial Robin Hood BBC TV: The Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisbourne) InterviewAuthorVarious Author Richard ArmitageReaderVarious Reader Richard ArmitagePrice$ 7.25 Price $ 0.00A special tribute edition of Home Truths, hosted by TomRobinson, including a visit to John Peels family at Peel *Stop Press* BBCs Robin Hood audiobook downloadAcres... available in January ! Meanwhile, listen to Richard Armitage,http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9329 who plays Guy of Gisbourne, talk about his character.. http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=7025Michael Palin Diaries 1969-1979: ThePython Years Soldiers Promise, A AuthorAuthorMichael Palin Daniel Hendrex and Wes Smith ReaderReaderMichael Palin Lee Sellers PricePrice$ 16.99 $ 17.95MICHAEL PALINs diaries begin in the late 1960s and tell how The heroic true stroy of an American soldier and an Iraqi boy.Python emerged and triumphed. Enjoying an unlikely cultstatus early on, the group then proceeded to tour in the http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=8183United States and Canada..http://www.audiobookone.net/Title.aspx?titleId=9721 Page 67 of 67