Effective Online Lead Generation with Pardot


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In this presentation learn how to nurture your leads until they are sales-ready.
How to enhance your website with search tracking, landing pages, and lead capture forms. Being perceived as a thought leader, rather than a spammer. Automating the process of nurturing a potential buyer through their investigation process. How to track what your prospects are doing on your website

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  • Email MarketingEmail blasting, drip marketing, auto responders, and an Outlook plug-in allow marketing and sales teams to effectively reach their prospects.Landing Page/Form CreationBuild landing pages and forms with intuitive drag-and-drop builders. Integrate them with your existing web site for lead generation.CRM IntegrationNative integrations withsalesforce.com, NetSuite, andSugarCRM. Other CRM systems can be integrated via Pardot's web services API.Reporting & AnalyticsDetermine which marketing assets are converting the most visitors into prospects and allocate marketing spend accordingly.AutomationTake the manual labor out of lead assignment, segmentation, and nurturing by automating your most common marketing and sales processes.Lead ScoringAutomatically score and grade your prospects and follow up with only those meeting your ideal customer profile.Sales Team AlertsAutomatically notify your sales teams of significant prospect and visitor activity.ConnectorsLink to other business applications such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Social Profiling, Twilio, and LinkedIn.
  • Effective Online Lead Generation with Pardot

    1. 1. Effective Online Lead Generation <br />Are there enough qualified leads in your pipeline?<br />
    2. 2. Audaxium: How we help companies<br />Help improve:<br />Marketing<br />Sales<br />Operations<br />Customer Loyalty <br />Examples of our services… <br />Netsuite CRM/ERP<br />Pardot Online Marketing<br />Web Store Implementations<br />
    3. 3. Marketing Challenges in 2010<br />Sales 2.0 (pull marketing vs. push marketing)<br />64% of C-level execs use internet to search for products<br />54% of buyers are doing more research online than before<br />80% of inbound leads never have a meaningful conversation<br />Decision-makers are in hiding<br />Voicemail<br />Spam filters<br />Marketing teams are busy – never enough time in the day<br />
    4. 4. Do you know where your prospects come from?<br />Which lead source strategies work?<br />Where do you need to spend your time & money?<br />Which strategies are converting into sales?<br />Your Email<br />Your Blog<br />Paid Search<br />Natural Search<br />Site Referral<br />Social Media<br />
    5. 5. Pardot Conversion Funnel<br /><ul><li>80% of leads are not ready for a sales call</li></ul>Web Visitors<br />ENGAGING LANDING PAGES<br />Your leads are scored & graded using rules <br />AUTOMATE NURTURING PROGRAMS<br />Drip e-mail programs & dynamic web content <br />SALES-READY NOTIFICATION<br />Alert Sales Reps when leads become sales-ready<br />
    6. 6. Drip Program – lead nurturing automation<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />
    7. 7. Pardot Overview<br />Email Marketing<br />Landing Page & Form Creation<br />CRM Integration<br />Reporting & Web Analytics<br />Nurturing Automation<br />Lead Scoring<br />Link to other systems<br />Sales Team Alerts<br />
    8. 8. Pardot Web Marketing Process<br />ATTRACT<br />ENGAGE<br />NURTURE<br />DELIVER<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />4<br />Bring leads to your website with e-mail automation<br />Deliver compelling web content and landing pages <br />Easily determine who your most active leads are<br />Hand off nurtured prospect to the sales team<br />Micro-level tracking allows you to individually track all links and calls to action in your emails and easily view which prospects take action<br />Easily create landing pages and forms with drag and drop wizards. Intelligent dynamic content can be delivered to specific visitors <br />Track visitor activity on your website, use automated drip programs to send your lead the right info to become a prospect<br />Automated lead scoring, rules and segmentation make it easy to pass hot leads to a sales person and provide them with data to help sell <br />
    9. 9. Using Pardot E-mails<br />Sending e-mails with Pardot provides more visibility on how your lead reacts to the e-mail you sent them<br />Did the lead open the e-mail?<br />Did the lead pick on a link in the e-mail? Which link?<br />Did the lead go to the landing page? Fill out the form?<br />Did they watch the video or view a white paper?<br />Where did they go and what did they do after that?<br />Result: You can determine if your e-mails are effective and how leads use them<br />
    10. 10. Raise your conversion rate with Landing Pages<br />Know where visitor came from with Lead SourceTracking<br />Multivariate Testing of page content & graphics<br />Track if visitor watched a video or read the white paper <br />Dynamic content displayed for different lead types<br />Web form provides Progressive Profiling of your visitors<br />Automation rules for Segmenting and Lead Scoring <br />Submitting the form will launch lead into a Drip Program<br />
    11. 11. Nurture and Profile your leads<br />Lead Source: Signed up for our Newsletter<br />Having filled out a web form Pardot now has the lead’s contact details and automatically tracks and rates their web interaction<br />Visitor activity on the website<br />Visited the site more than 5 times<br />Read two Simulation White Papers<br />Watched a related Video<br />Picks on the Simulation links from newsletter e-mails<br />Has read a related blog post<br />Searched for ‘FEA’ on the site<br />Read a related success story<br />Checked out the Simulation Promotion in July<br />Result: Pardot determines they are interested in Simulation and alerts a Sales Rep<br />
    12. 12. Act on intelligence from Pardot<br />Pardot Automation and Profile Segmentation provides sales people with better leads to follow<br />Get real-time alerts of visitor/lead activity on your desktop<br />With automation rules leads are assigned to sales people at the right time when a lead shows the right buying signals<br />Know what a lead is interested in or has investigated before speaking to them<br />Make phone calls easier when you know what a lead has reviewed on your website<br />Result: Allows for better conversations with your leads when they are ready to buy<br />
    13. 13. In summary…<br />Sales 2.0 (pull marketing vs. push marketing)<br />75% of leads will buy “something” within 24 months<br />Beat your competitors at the nurturing process<br />Be perceived as a thought leader rather than a spammer<br />Decision-makers are in hiding<br />When they’re ready to shop, capture them before your competitors do<br />Marketing teams are busy – never enough time in the day<br />Automate, automate, automate<br />
    14. 14. Download our Web Marketing Guide White Paper to learn more<br />Go to www.audaxium.com<br />