The Benefits of a San Diego Police Auctions


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The Benefits of a San Diego Police Auctions

  1. 1. THE BENEFITS OF San Diego Police AUCTIONS
  2. 2. San Diego police auctions offer opportunities for the general public to get great deals on a wide variety of property, including vehicles and other big ticket items. How does a police department get this property? Items for auction come from several sources: surplus inventory and materials the department no longer needs, personal property seized in conjunction of a crime, evidence used in court cases or unclaimed found property that was turned into the police. Held on an ongoing basis, San Diego police auctions provide a host of benefits:
  3. 3. • Diversity of Items -- Because the items come from confiscated, forfeited or surplus property, anything goes when it comes to what an auction attendee will find. Examples include household items, electronics, tools, antiques and collectibles, commercial property, cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and more. • Below Market Prices -- Opportunity for reduced prices exists with San Diego police auctions. Police departments aren’t in the business of selling property. So, their prime objective is to reduce their inventory, even if it means selling items at a significant discount.
  4. 4. • Professional, Proven Process – Online auction sites provide sophisticated software to manage the bidding process. However, participants are on their own when buying items. San Diego police auctions are conducted by professional auction services that act as an agent of the department. The auction house controls every aspect of the auction, from advertising, describing items, managing inspection periods, handling the bidding process and more. • Multiple Ways to Bid – San Diego police auctions are typically conducted as simulcast events, meaning online bidding takes place at the same time as live bidding. Online and live bidders compete with each other with the bidder placing the highest bid winning the item.
  5. 5. • Item Inspection – All property at a San Diego police auction can be inspected prior to the live event. By inspecting items, bidders can make informed decisions about the true market value. It’s important to note all items sold at auction are sold “as-is, where-is.” This means neither the police department nor auction house will provide you with any guarantees or warranties on items you win.
  6. 6. • Publicized Terms – Before participating in a San Diego police auction, you can visit the auction services website for specific requirements for bidding. The site will provide an online registration form for bidding, which is almost always free for police auctions. However, you will likely have to provide a credit card and the auction service will place a hold on that card. The amount held can be anywhere between twenty and a couple hundred dollars, depending on the auction. This hold, which will be released at the end of the auction, is used to encourage serious bidder participation. • Reduced Risk – With an opportunity to thoroughly inspect items, you minimize the risk you’ll get a lemon. If you bid on eBay, you can’t inspect an item. You’re relying entirely on the seller’s description. In a San Diego police auction, any inaccurate description provided by the auction service allows the winning bidder to get a refund.
  7. 7. Held on a regular basis, San Diego police auctions present wonderful opportunities for bidders to get great deals on all kinds of property. In addition to the potential below-market prices, diverse selections, easy of bidding and reduced buying risks, police auctions generate a lot of excitement and keep bidders coming back!
  8. 8. About the Author Deb Weidenhamer is President of McCormack Auction Company, San Diego’s premier real estate and auction company. Visit us at http://www. or call (619) 447-1196 for more information about San Diego Police Auctions.