Southeast asian music


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Southeast asian music

  1. 1. Aubrey R. Salonga
  2. 2.  Philippines Singapore Thailand Brunei Laos Indonesia Cambodia Myanmar Vietnam East timor Malaysia
  3. 3. Essential Question: How is culturereflected in Southeast Asian music?
  4. 4. The music of Southeast Asia reflects different aspects of Asian culture through its timbre, rhythm, melody, texture, form and style.
  5. 5. Activity: Group workMake a report/collage for eachSoutheast Asian country usingpictures of fabrics, art work,architecture and other aspects ofculture. Relate how these aspectsof culture are influenced
  6. 6. by history such as foreign influences (Dutch in Indonesia, Chinese in Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand, Spain and America in the Philippines and India in Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia, Brunei).
  7. 7. Explore Activity: “Concoctions and Connections”
  8. 8. Match the picture withthe music: Choosefrom which country(Philippines,Indonesia, Thailand)
  9. 9. Indonesia: Dutch influences in the keroncong through the use of the cuk and cak and western instruments.
  10. 10. Thailand:Chinese influence can be seen in Thai architecture and Thai tonal language.Philippines:Rondalla were influenced by Spanish bandurilla.
  11. 11. The music of Southeast Asia is diverse because of the different geographical, historical and cultural influences in the region.
  12. 12. Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia have Chinese influences. While Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei have Hindu and Arabic Influences.
  13. 13. Thai Pi Phat (Gong ensemble)Thai Khruang Sai ( String ensemble)Indonesia gamelan( gong ensemble)Philippine-gangsa -kulintangan -rondalla
  14. 14. Aside from monarchy, the influence of colonization is evident in the music of the Philippine and Indonesia. Spanish influences in Philippine music can be seen in the sarswela, rondalla and tiples( boy’s choir)
  15. 15. American influences in popular music and bodabil theatre form.Dutch influences can be seen in keroncong, an instrumental ensemble of Indonesia that is
  16. 16. composed mainly of westernized instrument such as guitar, cuk(chuk) and cak(chak) which are small guitars, double bass, violin and flute.
  17. 17. This evident in the use of bamboo instrument( Philippine kalingga tongatong, patteteg, bungkaka and
  18. 18.  Malabon musikong bumbong as well as Indonesian sumatran bamboo instrument such as the anklung.
  19. 19.  LIC Angklung Ensemble - 2008 Performance at FBCE - YouTube.flv
  20. 20. Firm upActivity: Make a Venn diagramFind commonalities in terms of how the musical elements show similarities and differences in culture.
  21. 21. Spanish, American, Chest and head Japanese tone, mixed colonizers textures, diatonic major-minor Plucked lute scales (rondalla, Gongs, gangsa, keroncong), chest kulintang gamelan, and some head piphat, jews harp voice krung sai Indonesia( Nasal voice five/seven note pentatonicDutch scales) Chinesecolonizer influences
  22. 22. DEEPEN Activity: “Experiencing the music of Southeast Asia through Performance”
  23. 23. Learn selected folk songs from Southeast Asian countries:Thai festival song “Loi, Loi Khratong”
  24. 24. Wan pen__du-an sib song nam korNong tam ta-ling. Rao thang chai ying__sa-nuk kan ching wan loi gratongLoi-loi khratong loi-loi khratong loi gratong
  25. 25. kan laew-korchemnong kaew ogmarram wong Ram wongwanloi khratong.ramvongwanloi khratong Boon ja song hai rao suk jai boon ja song hai rao suk jai.
  26. 26. DAY5Discussion/ Lecture
  27. 27. Pesindhen (local Indonesian singer) using both chest and head voice. In the Philippines, there are many vocal timbres ( chest and head voice) associated with different traditions
  28. 28. and functions such asindegenous epicsinging examplehudhud,pasyon, choralsinging in thetiples, kundiman orPhilippine artsong, popular or jazzsinging.
  29. 29. In Thai, Lao and Cambodian there is such a thing as the mowlan or molam vocal tradition, a sort of epic singing similar to Philippine visayan balitaw wherein a man and woman debate in a sing –song manner.
  30. 30. Kulintang
  31. 31. Gamelanan ensemble of tuned percussion instrument that include metallophones, drums, gong and bamboo flutes.
  32. 32.  The Gamelan Music Of Indonesia. - YouTube.flv
  33. 33. Pi Phat Ensembleis a kind of ensemble in the classical music of Thailand, which features wind and percussion instruments
  34. 34.  Piphat Ensemble.flv
  35. 35.  Traditional music in Southeast Asia - YouTube.mp4
  36. 36. Philippines - kundiman, balitaw, salid ummay / gangsa, kulintang, bamb oo instruments, rondalla, marching band
  37. 37.  Thailand,Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam –molam, mawlun / kaen mouth organ, dan tranh, dan co, dan ty ba, pi phat, ching, ranat, ehru
  38. 38.  is a mouth organ of Lao origin whose pipes, which are usually made of bamboo, are connected with a small, hollowed-out hardwood reservoir into which air is blown, creating a sound similar to that of the violin.
  39. 39.  is a plucked zither of Vietnam. It has a wooden body and steel strings, each of which is supported by a bridge in the shape of an inverted "V."
  40. 40. Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei , Indonesia – pesinden/ gamelan, keroncongMyanmar – music bears Indian influences
  41. 41. Day6
  42. 42. Learn selected folk songs from Southeast Asian countries;Philippine welcome song “ Salidummay”
  43. 43. Tay bulan ti DiciembreNabomba-an ti kampyonheAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayKaasi ni darling koIntaray ti suldado
  44. 44. Ay ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayMarbakoma ti bantayParpabor-an a ti baybayAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayPareng no makitak payTi darling ko no di pay natay
  45. 45. Ay ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayKunak no U.S ArmyIn tagayam kabosormiAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayKunak no aniya ti aglibu-libom
  46. 46. In tagayam nga pikbomAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayIdinalpas iti gubatBabai ti kumamaAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diway
  47. 47. Kunak no U.S ArmyIn tagayam kabosormiAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diwayKunak no aniya ti aglibu-libomIn tagayam nga pikbomAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diway
  48. 48. Idinalpas iti gubatBabai ti kumamaAy ay SalidommaySalidommay diway(2x)
  49. 49.  SALIDOMMAY - Mabuhay Singers - YouTube.flv
  50. 50. DAY7
  51. 51. TRANSFER“Southeast Asian Soundscapes” Culminating ActivityPresent the individual and group performances of songs from Southeast Asian country.
  52. 52. Criteria:Clear tone quality 20%Correct expression 20%Correct style 20%Correct pitch 20%Correct rhythm 20% 100%
  55. 55. 1. Odmely2. nda trnha3. Gelanam4. Ablitwa5. dalRonla
  56. 56. 6. Khnae7. Pi atPh8. Sphtroic9. Micsu10. klanngu
  57. 57. 1. Which country bears there music more on Indian influences?Myanmar Philippines Indonesia Thailand
  58. 58. 2. A vocal tradition in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.Strophic Balitaw Slendro Molam
  59. 59. 3. A Philippine visayan song wherein a man and woman debate in a sing –song manner.Strophic Balitaw Kundiman Molam
  60. 60. 4. A repeating tune on different verses.Strophic Balitaw Kundiman Molam
  61. 61. 5. It is a Thai festival song.Palendag Kalaleng SalidummayLoi loi khratong
  62. 62. 6. 7.