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Presentation given by PR Newswire Global Director of Emerging Media – Michael Pranikoff – at the Tokyo #NetPRDay2013 event held on July 10, 2013. The idea of EC = MC was originated by Tom Foremski back in 2010. Today, 3 years later, this idea has gone global with the ideas around Content Marketing and that companies can reach their audiences today more directly than ever before and in more authentic and organic ways. This presentation focuses on the Japanese markets and how media consumption habits around the world are coming closer together.

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  • Today’s companies and organizations are exploding with content – content of all shapes and sizes. As companies and organizations create more and more content, reaching audiences becomes harder and harder. We have to look at why we are creating all of this content and what we hope to achieve with each piece. Each piece is not a strategy in and of itself, but must fit into a larger overall strategy. Creating content for the sake of content is not a good reason to create it. How does each piece fit in getting a reaction or action taken by your audience.
  • The access that the Japanese population has today to content is one of the greatest in the worldThe access to content, in multiple forms, makes it easier than ever to reach a wide audience or to get very specific with the audience that you want to reach. However, that access that is unprecedented – never before in human history have we had access to so much information at our fingertips (literally) – but that also means that our audiences have more choices of the content that they want to see....or experience. Reaching YOUR audience today is actually more difficult than ever before.
  • We see the media landscape shifting very quickly.How are companies shifting their strategies to change how they produce contentHow are companies shifting their strategies to how they engage their audiences on the changing media paradigm
  • The number of digital subscribers to the Financial Times today exceeds over 5 Million people. With more than a quarter of those subscriptions to mobile devices and an additional 2.7 million + subscribers via FT Web apps
  • They have a very short attention span.They love large images. (Think mobile Facebook or Pinterest feed) Watches a lot of short video clips. (Vimeo & YouTube)Will not read long winded headlines, descriptions or captions.Slow-loading website will be abandoned. (5 seconds is the average cutoff)Can make buying decision research from anywhere, anytime.Highly influenced by online and social trends.
  • Let’s look at the value exchange. For a brand, content is the currency. For the audience, personal information is the currency.  The value exchange happens when the content a brand continuously delivers establishes its worth to its audience and in turn the audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves and provide permission to the brand to establish a relationship with them, to invite them to take an action.
  • Today, a connected audience is an engaged audience. If you are really using your stories to connect your audience with your brand, then you need to be able to capture their intentions. You need to be able to lead your audience to what’s next on the journey….but in order to do that you need to know where you want them to go next when you are planning your content strategy.
  • The Classic Story Arc as we know it currently concludes it’s life span today in a period of 72 – 96 hours….and we think this is beginning to shorten. This requires marketers to separate our channels of Paid, Earned, and Owned and in this instance, relies fully on earned media to further our message.
  • We now move to a new way of telling our story. Here, we are now mixing our media – mixing the Paid, The Owned, and the Earned media inflections. In this scenario, we are now able to control more of the message. We keep adding more pieces to the story and at the same time using a mix of channels and media types – from text to imagery to video.
  • More advanced/sophisticated content strategies should map to “desired outcome”
  • However, 73% of brands report that they are experimenting with video channels such as YouTube. This kind of content can be very beneficial to brands if done in the right way. According to Invodo, in the fourth quarter of 2012 57% of consumers responded to a survey saying that they are more confident about a product when there is a video of the product that they are looking to purchase, and therefore more likely to purchase.
  • Content must be mapped to business objectives – whether you are simply looking to position yourself as a thought leader or you are looking to drive more tangible results, your content strategy must support your business objectives so that you are driving results that will have an impact on your organization.  
  • Content must be appealing – If your content isn’t interesting, engaging, useful or appealing to your audience, they won’t care. They won’t read it; they won’t share it; they won’t act on it. It will just be more noise.  
  • Content should include specific ‘Calls to Action’ – Whether the “Calls to Action” are focused on sharing the content or asking the audience to provide you with information in exchange for the content or lead to an immediate sales opportunity, CTAs are critical to measuring the results of your content marketing efforts. If you have a benchmark like State Farm did, you can measure against that. 
  • Content has to be easily found by your audience - Search engines and social networks play a huge role in the ability to drive content marketing, but so does syndication. When your content is visible on websites that your audiences rely on for information, the content is credible. 
  • EC = MC: Every Company Is A Media Company – Tokyo NetPRDay 2013

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    2. Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire Twitter / @mpranikoff
    3. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide
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    5. We have the distribution & syndication network to AMPLIFY your content. Our products & services help you continually ENGAGE your target audiences. We have the resources to make your content more VISIBLE.
    6. 79.5% of the Japanese Population Is Online Today Source: Internet World Stats
    7. UserGeneratedEditorial Consumer Business The Emerging Media Landscape
    8. Financial Times has more Digital Subscribers Than Newspaper Buyers Source: Brand Republic July 27, 2012
    9. 102.7 Million People Age 13+ Use Mobile Devices in Japan Source: Internet World Stats
    10. 30% Have a Smartphone with Internet + Data Subscription
    11. Mobile Internet Traffic 18% USA 25%Asia 30% Africa Source: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    12. The Future Is Now Content Drives Them All OWNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA PAID MEDIA SOCIAL + SEARCH + MOBILE A brand pays to place ad or content in a channel to drive conversation forward. Publicity gained through influencer promotion, including shares, likes & tweets. Brand published content to drive earned media and sustain buzz around brand. • Advertising • Events • Direct Marketing • Press pickup • Blog mention • Social sharing • Word of mouth • Company blogs • Company website • Company social accounts
    13. + + - - Reach Control Earned Paid Owned
    14. Paid Media Traditional Ads Owned Media Corporate Content Earned Media Organic Converged Media Promoted Sponsored Branded That Is Shared Based on Altimeter Group Research
    15. 86% Of People Skip Television Commercials Source: Content Marketing Institute 2012
    16. April 26, 2013 26 44% of Direct Mail Is Never Opened Source: Content Marketing Institute 2012
    17. The creation and sharing of high quality, valuable content by the brand to engage current & potential audience and influencers. Content Marketing Content Marketing will AMPLIFY your existing media campaigns, increase VISIBILITY and drive ENGAGEMENT leading to your desired outcome. CHOICE PREFERENCE CONSIDERATION AWARENESS
    18. The value exchange BRAND Currency = Content AUDIENCE Currency = Personal Info Jane Smith 555-555-5555 CEO, XYZ Corp. The brand continuously delivers relevant content & establishes its worth to the audience The audience trusts the brand enough to identify themselves & grant permission for engagement
    20. 3 Out Of 5 Searches Are Done Via Mobile Devices Today Source: Google The New Multiscreen World – August 2012
    21. Source:
    22. Search On A Smartphone Every Day Search from Product Information Consume News Via Their Mobile Device Watch Video Once A Month Watch Video Every Day Multitask 68% 57% 51% 59% 63% 53% 76% 76% 16% 25% 80% 86% Source: Google Our Mobile Planet June 2012
    24. Classic Story Arc x = time y = tension opening scene climax dénouement Earned Media beginning middle end Adapted from Lou Hoffman - 72 Hours – 96 Hours
    25. The News Story ARC…..Story Spike x = time y = change Old Way New Way future storytelling fodder Adapted from Lou Hoffman -
    26. We Need To Create Proactive Messaging Proactive Messaging Should Be Created With Optimization Proactive Messaging Also Means Creating Content That Is Directional
    27. Map your content to the customer’s buying process
    28. The Human Brain Processes Visual Information 60,000 Times Faster Than Text
    29. * The number of stories with downloadable files such as PDFs, PPTs, DOCs is significantly fewer than those without, however the data shows the potential for very high visibility when such assets are included along with other multimedia assets. Source: PR Newswire Web Analytics, June 2012 More Multimedia = More Views
    30. Using multimedia in your releases increases journalist and public engagement According to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.
    31. Content such as Blog Posts & YouTube videos Educate Customers to the point where they’re ready to buy 57% More confidant of making a purchase online
    32. Online distributions with photos Customized Multimedia with Multiple Pieces of Content Engagement Platforms That Allow for Continuous Updates Photo (image such as photo, logo or infographic) Photo + Video + Audio + PDFs + Dedicated Page Photo + Dynamic Video + Dedicated HTML Page + Strategic Placement We Need To syndicate content IN Multiple Formats
    33. Content Must Be Mapped To Business Objectives
    34. Content Must Be Appealing
    35. Content Must Be Easy To Be Found
    36. Publish a steady stream of content Keep it relevant & interesting TRUST RELIABILITY DELIGHT
    37. 1 CONVERGENCE of Paid/Earned/Owned is blurring lines between corporate content from how it’s created to who and how it is being curated. 2 SYNDICATION through a variety of channels is critical in achieving audience engagement. 3 CONVERSATION around your message organically is the first step to effective content marketing to ensure it’s seen, searched, and shared. 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS
    38. 1 CONVERGENCE of Paid/Earned/Owned is blurring lines between PR, Advertising & Marketing 2 SYNDICATION through a variety of channels is critical in achieving organic audience engagement. 3 AUTHORITY is created through content within context which is easily curated by your target audience and algorithms. 3 KEY TAKEAWAYS