Audience Evolution How Does The Audience Find Your Media? – Online Marketing Summit Feb 2012


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Audience Evolution How Does The Audience Find Your Media? Presentation given by PR Newswire Global Director of Emerging Media, Michael Pranikoff, at the Online Marketing Summit 2/7/12 in San Diego.

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  • The 1960s were noteworthy for cementing TV as THE communications medium and introducing a new technology that one could argue is already a relic in today’s world
  • ThenNowBuying DecisionsDriven by the funnel: Awareness, Consideration, Preference, ChoiceDriven by information, which is filtered by personal recommendationInfluenceSales peopleSearch engines, social networks, family, friends and expertsToolsDirect mail, e-mail lists, advertising, direct salesContent, SCO & SEO, our personal social graphsTimingDriven by the company’s cycles and schedulesCompletely at the whim of the consumer
  • SEO is the foundation of social media. You cannot today put your stuff out on line and think social media is going to do it. Counted has to be found first before it can be shared. Think how you can drive through search.
  • When we as communicators distribute news online, we are often looking at raising the visibility of an issue or campaign. Visibility is one of those things that we have measured for a long time in clips and hits.
  • Brands create more opportunities for engagement. The real secret to social media success is to create something that you what to share with your friend and is consistent with your brand message. Does it pass the “I gotta share this!” Test, the answer is usually, NO. If people want to share it people will write about it or copy it.
  • Send your news release out on a wire service. When you do so, make sure you are doing correct SEO properties, to drive back where you want them to go.
  • Audience Evolution How Does The Audience Find Your Media? – Online Marketing Summit Feb 2012

    1. 1. Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire Twitter / @mpranikoffFollow The Conversation on Twitter #OMS12
    2. 2. Disclaimer:I am not a Guru. I am not an Expert.All tips, recommendations, and ideas are from reading,exploring, and learning anyway that I can. I consider myselfa B+ Student at best.
    3. 3. Source:
    4. 4. PR Newswire is the global leader in innovative communications and marketing services, enabling organizations to connect and engage with their target audiences worldwide.
    5. 5. Engage opportunity across all channels Social Web sites Search Mobile Video sharing CONTENT Blogs Microblogs Print Broadcast
    6. 6. Engage opportunity with all key audiences Investors The Media Decision Bloggers Makers CONTENT Influencers Consumers Shareholders
    7. 7. “In 1965, 80 percent of adults could bereached with three 60 second TV spots.Today it requires117 prime timeCommercials to produce the same result”(Jim Stengel, CMO, P&G)
    8. 8. Source: Google
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    10. 10. The Emerging Media Landscape User Generated Editorial Consumer Business
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Website News Email Release Social Print media Communications Channel ComplexityTradeshow Video s Photos / Visualization Search s Blog
    13. 13. Finding The Right BalanceSource:
    14. 14. Wouldn’t It Be Nice If it Were This Easy?
    15. 15. + EarnedReach Paid Owned - - + Control
    16. 16. Financial Metrics:• ROI• Paid, Earned, Owned Media Value• Sales Metrics that can be linked to activity.Non-Financial Metrics:• Growth of communities• Visibility of Communities and Content• Engagement Metrics – Like, Google+’s, Shares
    17. 17. Principles to CommunicatingYour Message Today• Make your content Accessible• Make your content Easy To View• Make your content Easy To Use
    18. 18. Building the Foundation
    19. 19.  94% of users tested clicked on a first page search result. *  Only 6% of users clicked to the second page of search results. *  The #1 ranking result garnered around 33% of the total clicks. *  A separate study showed that 39% of search users link search ranking to company prominence. *** - Chitika, Inc.** - JupiterResearch
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    22. 22. VisibilityPhoto credit:
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    24. 24. more multimedia = more views Increase in average online views per press release, when multimedia elements are added.Source: PR Newswire web analytics.
    25. 25. Using multimedia in your releases increases journalist and public engagementAccording to internal sample research comparing press releases that contain multimedia with those that do not.
    26. 26. Visibility + Engagement = Increased Sharing of Content Rarely Frequently Shared Shared • Free Trials • New Data • Product Info • Funny • Product • Infographics Documentation • Survey ResultsSource: HubSpot
    27. 27. Where should I go today?
    28. 28. Make Your Content Directional
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32. Michael Pranikoff Global Director, Emerging Media PR Newswire Twitter / @mpranikoffFollow The Conversation on Twitter #OMS12