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Dare to dream – small

  1. 1. A presentation to the Public Schoolby AST
  2. 2.  My Introduction His Big Fat Indian Wedding “Fresh of the Boat” Instate Tuition Giving Back to the Community Lessons Learned Just Do IT!
  3. 3.  My name is AST Lived in the US for 25 years, migrated from India Own a software company that makes Tracking Systems using RFID technologies Wife is a Pharmacist Kids -- All go to “The Public School” Motto #1: Be Kind Motto #2: Never Refuse Free Food
  4. 4. Let me show you the wedding of two NewYorkers recently held in the city of Surat, India
  5. 5.  MM and his family migrated in the late 80’s and brought nothing with them He attend AISD and was among the top students He wanted to attend college but was still in process of becoming a US Citizen No Instate tuition for him – Instate v/s out of state tuition is 10x difference
  6. 6.  He studied hard and got top marks Research and speaking to friends led him to a Houston Chronicle Reporter Ed Hegstrom who publicized his case amongst others After much lobbying, meetings, etc. the Texas Senate ruled that outstanding students of his immigration status would get Instate Tuition He was able to get Instate Tuition and also scholarships because of his leadership
  7. 7.  MM: He completed BS in Biology & Arabic Literature from UT Austin, MS in Physiology & Biophysics from Stony Brook University, Manager of the Biomedical Engineering Dept Dr. AM: She completed BS in French Linguistics & Chemistry from NYU, MD from Stony Brook University School of Medicine, currently doing Pediatric Residency Training at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City
  8. 8.  While in high school MM became the President of the Alief Youth Corps He felt very strongly about building something of lasting value for the community After engaging peers, community members, teachers etc. the team settled on developing a park in the neighborhood
  9. 9.  MM began by first selected a team comprising of other kids, parents, and other community members of the Alief Community Association They put together a plan and selected a site They then coordinated with City of Houston through the office of Harris County Commissioner Steve Raddick
  10. 10.  They raised money from public sources, private individuals and corporations, United Kids Way Foundation, and the City of Houston They worked on permits and legal issues They got architects, landscapers, contractors together and negotiated with them They did a neighborhood walk and gathered many many volunteers And then on one Weekend they just did it!!
  11. 11.  America is a land of great opportunity where everyone gets a chance If we get something we do need to give back Team is everything. One person can make a difference but does need a team to pull it off Ideas are good but you need execute beyond ideas People who are passionate about success get to the finish line
  12. 12. Community/Govt. Academics You Corporations Press
  13. 13.  Focus on an area of interest or passion Could be an area of future career, hobby, social work, or just a cause for bonding between friends Talk to the best and the brightest in that field Look for a consular or mentor….and aTEAM Pick a project NOW! Create a 2 year activity plan Execute
  14. 14.  Do a book/computer drive and build up one library in a rural area or developing Country Research an energy or water conservation project and intern with a company next summer Engage in cultural exchange program at an American- Indian Reservation & create a means of commerce for the people of that community Teach English to Mexican, Chinese, or Indian Sr. Citizens Volunteer for a political leader, a hospital, the Houston Zoo, or even the village school soccer team JUST DO IT!