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Ace Hardware Shop_A Visit

  1. 1. The Simpson’s house in Dubai
  2. 2. Why did we shift to Dubai...look at the condition of the house you have got! @*#! ..why the hell did I marry her Darling, getting a house in Dubai is difficult. I was lucky to get one in the China Cluster
  3. 3. Bring the items in the list to beautify & repair the house.
  4. 4. It would be difficult to Where to find all this ? find everything at one place You might have to go to Abu Dhabi, Bur Dubai, Deira, Where would I get all Sharjah, Oman… These items in Dubai?
  5. 5. I have gone mad Searching for all Friend in need this stuff Wait ! …You can get everything at… Ace Hardware Ace Hardware.. …I think I have heard Yes… this name in USA…. Let me share Are you sure I will some Facts About get everything Ace Hardware
  6. 6. Millions of customers worldwide shop Ace for its helpful service and Extensive product offering, including 65,000 products to help beautify, repair or invest in their homes
  7. 7. There are currently more than 4,600 Ace stores in all 50 states and U.S. territories, and more than 70 countries on six continents
  8. 8. As a retailer-owned cooperative, Ace Hardware is wholly owned by its independently operated store owners
  9. 9. Ranks in top 50 in the world. more than 4,600 retail stores and approximately 80,000 store associates employed by Ace retailers.
  10. 10. Mission Statement Ace Hardware Corporation’s mission is to provide consistent and superior customer satisfaction in the communities we serve, revolutionize the independent segment of our industry and be the market leader in the convenience hardware / home improvement market
  11. 11. The History
  12. 12. The History
  13. 13. At Festival City, Dubai Was easy to locate
  14. 14. Spacious Parking Lot
  15. 15. This is huge
  16. 16. Hmmm... I may get all the items
  17. 17. Indians everywhere!
  18. 18. Entry Summer 9AM to 10 PM Offer!! All Week. ..that's Good I would really need a map to locate my items
  19. 19. There it is… Store Directory
  20. 20. Lets start with Paint The map near the entrance really helps
  21. 21. Proper spacing between Sections. ….Neat and Clean
  22. 22. Good variety of colors… She likes Blue
  23. 23. Create Testing areas for Products
  24. 24. Product Brochure, Displays for more information
  25. 25. Paint brushes and other painting tools kept together
  26. 26. Ace packaging is designed to inform and educate consumers in their buying decisions, enabling consumers to match products to their specific hardware needs.
  27. 27. Wallpapers… nice!!
  28. 28. She would have loved this place
  29. 29. They have got every thing…Wow..
  30. 30. Kids would have loved this  Money Saved
  31. 31. Let’s buy something for the pets
  32. 32. The Pets would love this
  33. 33. I can For My Garden
  34. 34. The effective use of each tool is demonstrated in the video.. and we can test the tools also …. this is good
  35. 35. …we can take expensive equipments on rent… This.. is cool
  36. 36. All that shopping has made me hungry  Costly…
  37. 37. Exit Paid the Bill …. Let’s get the feedback form
  38. 38. Yes it was . ...Hard Work You did a very good job dear Thanks' Ace
  39. 39. Create…
  40. 40. Vision 21 :Instrumental to Ace’s growth is its Vision 21 strategic plan that details a program for making Ace the dominant hardline retailer in the convenience market. In cooperation with each independent retailer, the strategy utilizes advanced technology, improved store design and top- notch managerial and retail programs for its retailers.
  41. 41. More than 1.6 million square feet of new Ace retail space added.
  42. 42. Communicate…
  43. 43. Communicate Ace’s national television, radio and print campaigns, along with spokesperson John Madden, work together to promote the ―Ace – The Helpful Place‖ brand.
  44. 44. Communicate • Ace’s informative and fun Web site — — exemplifies the company’s commitment to being the most helpful hardware store on the planet. • Among features on the site are Lou Manfredini’s ―Ask Lou‖ interactive Q&A section and ―Answers@Ace,‖ where consumers can research product information and retrieve step- by-step, illustrated directions for home improvement projects.
  45. 45. Deliver…
  46. 46. Deliver Ace start-up assistance for Franchisee : • Finding the right location. • Store set-up and design, including store planning, visual merchandising and pricing strategy development. • Product selection with category management tools and inventory management best practices. Ace's comprehensive training covers strategies for: • Effective store management. • Managing each revenue center. • Purchasing and inventory. • Effective marketing techniques. • Implementing superior customer service. • Financial management and back-office procedures. • GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN
  47. 47. Sustain…
  48. 48. Sustain • Knowledgeable CSE & Friendly Customer Service Representatives • Special Offer Announcements • Feedback Form • Suggestion Box • Dedicated Call Center • Ace products carry Ace’s Satisfaction Guarantee with a ―no hassle return policy‖
  49. 49. Sustain • Ace’s best customers for their loyalty. :Customer awards include a free subscription to Ace’s quarterly magazine, Ace Homeplace, advanced notification of sales or special • Promotions and special item level discounts on select products. • To further promote the Ace name to consumers, Ace’s preferred customer program, the • Helpful Hardware Club (HHC), was launched in 1997. Nearly 2,000 retailers currently • Offer the program to more than eight million customers nationwide. • HHC is designed to increase customer visits and transaction sizes while improving retention and rewarding.
  50. 50. Community Programs
  51. 51. Scope for Improvement • Website still under construction • No Special emphasis for collecting Customer Feedback • Announcements are not audible • As the store is vast, water dispensers should be kept at convenient locations • The ceiling was not covered by means of false ceiling, this gave a sense of insecurity.
  52. 52. Scope for Improvement • Furniture at children’s area should be more round so as to be safer • Taxi should be made available to the customer upon exit • Public calling facility should be made available within ACE premises • Temporary baby sitting facilities should be provided • Air Ventilation needs to be improved
  53. 53. Thanks By:Numero Uno